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Topic: Liberty Party

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  Liberty Party - LoveToKnow 1911
LIBERTY PARTY, the first political party organized in the United States to oppose the spread and restrict the political power of slavery, and the lineal precursor of the Free Soil and Republican parties.
The Whigs, therefore, blamed the Liberty Party for Democratic success and the annexation of Texas; but - quite apart from the issue of political ethics - it is almost certain that though Clay's chances were injured by the Liberty ticket, they were injured much more outside the Liberty ranks, by his own quibbles.
The Liberty Party, abandoning therefore its independent nominations, joined in the first convention and nominations of the Free Soil Party (q.v.), thereby practically losing its identity, although it continued until after the organization of the Republican Party to maintain something of a semiindependent organization.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Liberty_Party   (1039 words)

 Liberty Party
At a state convention in Warsaw, New York on November 13, 1839, James G. Birney, an abolitionist crusader and one-time Alabama slave-holder, was tentatively nominated the Liberty Party’s candidacy for president, with Francis J. Lemoyne for vice president.
Since 1840 the Liberty party had gained recruits and newspaper support and was becoming a threat to the two major parties in close northern states, where it aimed to swing the balance of power.
In 1848, although the Liberty party had nominated John P. Hale and Leicester King, the party leaders urged the members to vote for candidates of the newly organized Free Soil party instead.
www.course-notes.org /parties/liberty.htm   (403 words)

 Liberty Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
James G. Birney of Bay City was the party's candidate for president in 1840 and 1844, and ran for governor in 1843 and 1845.
The party merged with the Free Soil Party in 1848.
This party is documented in the papers of Lucian H. Jones, Nathan M Thomas, Seymour Boughton Treadwell, and Theodore Foster.
www.umich.edu /~bhl/bhl/mhchome/parties/liberty.htm   (79 words)

 Bryce, The American Commonwealth, vol. 2 ToC: The Online Library of Liberty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
Liberty Fund, was established to foster thought and encourage discourse on the nature of individual liberty, limited and constitutional government, and the free market.
The Republican party, which had started by proclaiming the right of Congress to restrict slavery and had subsequently denounced the Dred Scott decision, was of course throughout the Civil War the defender of the Union and the assertor of federal authority, stretched, as was unavoidable, to lengths previously unheard of.
Parties go on contending because their members have formed habits of joint action, and have contracted hatreds and prejudices, and also because the leaders find their advantage in using these habits and playing on these prejudices.
oll.libertyfund.org /Home3/HTML.php?recordID=0004.02   (14547 words)

 LIBERTY PARTY - Online Information article about LIBERTY PARTY
Liberty men with other anti-slavery men in state politics—was nominated for the presidency.
The Liberty Party, abandoning there-fore its independent nominations, joined in the first convention and nominations of the Free Soil Party (q.v.), thereby practically losing its identity, although it continued until after the organizationof the Republican Party to maintain something of a semi-independent organization.
The Liberty Party has the unique honour among third=parties in the United States of seeing its principles rapidly adopted and realized.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /LEO_LOB/LIBERTY_PARTY.html   (1702 words)

 Compromise of 1850, Liberty Party, Free Soil Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
The chief political effect of the compromise was its hastening of the breakup of the Whig party.
The entry of the antislavery forces into politics was signaled by the establishment of the Liberty party, which held its founding convention at Warsaw, NY, and nominated James G. Birney, a native of Kentucky and a former slaveholder, for president, and Thomas Earle for vice-president.
Liberty party conventions were subsequently held in Ohio and other states in the Northwest.
www.owlnet.rice.edu /~mwfriedm/terms/le11.html   (607 words)

 Liberty – The Party in Portland
Liberty's past experiences with the usually trivial task of getting credentialed were less than inspiring.* I'm happy to say that this year was different.
The statement was characteristic of a pattern of moderation that the party evinced throughout the weekend.
We've reduced our own party bureaucracy to allow our candidates to express their own viewpoints while holding true to our statement of principles." That is a fair statement of what happened, and it probably accords with the reason many delegates voted the way they did.
www.libertyunbound.com /archive/2006_09/quealy-party.html   (4932 words)

 [No title]
Ideally, the Liberty Party calls for the legalization of all drugs on campus, but we realize that this is outside of the jurisdiction of the Michigan Student Assembly.
The Liberty Party also calls on MSA to organize speaking engagements and events dealing with the issues of drug legalization, drug prohibition, and the effects of drugs on the body.
The Liberty Party abhors the unorthodox procedures of MSA meetings, the disorganization of the assembly, and the inability of its leadership to properly follow procedures (including Robert's Rules of Order).
www.umich.edu /~inform/liberty.html   (1218 words)

 Liberty Party - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Liberty Party, first antislavery political party in the United States.
It was formed in 1839 by a group of individuals who broke away from the...
In 1844 the Whig party, whose leaders were the statesmen Daniel Webster and Henry Clay, nominated Clay for president.
uk.encarta.msn.com /Liberty_Party.html   (113 words)

 Liberty party - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
LIBERTY PARTY [Liberty party] in U.S. history, an antislavery political organization founded in 1840.
It was formed by those abolitionists, under the leadership of James G. Birney and Gerrit Smith, who repudiated William Lloyd Garrison's nonpolitical stand.
The spirit of liberty an the spirit of religion.(two sides of Republican Party)
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-libertyp.html   (290 words)

 States' Liberty Party - States' Rights & Religious Principles
The free exercise of religion is a privilege and immunity guaranteed to citizens by the Fourteenth Amendment, but the ban on Congress from establishing religion is a federal policy and prohibition of rights that cannot be applied to the Fourteenth Amendment, and therefore, the States.
From these two clauses the 1947 court created a new law prohibiting the States from establishing a religion, and from this is derived the exclusive school ban on prayer, the Ten Commandments and other restrictions on religion.
The States' Liberty Party and Liberty Party of California are not affiliated with any other party, organization or government.
www.liberty-ca.org   (1552 words)

 Letter of Gerrit Smith, to the Liberty Party of New Hampshire.
You confederated with the Whig Party and the Independent Democratic Party to elect General Wilson to Congress, notwithstanding you knew, that he was a member of the Whig Party; and that he had put forth great and unrepented-of efforts to get Henry Clay into the Presidency, and himself into a command in the Mexican army.
Nevertheless, every true Liberty Party man scouts the idea, that his Party was organized for the tame and worthless purpose of preventing the extension of slavery; or for any lower purpose than that of uprooting and scattering the whole system of American slavery.
It is the very policy, that ruined the antimasonic party, and the policy that the Whigs urged in the National Election, and entirely contrary to the first principles of the Liberty Party.
libwww.syr.edu /digital/collections/g/GerritSmith/452.htm   (3874 words)

 The Liberty party.
The Liberty Party, on the contrary, is emphatically a religious Party.
Doubtless, the Liberty Party will again be considerable in point of numbers - and, this too, by the time of the next Presidential Election, unless it should, ere that, become the prey of some new seductive influence.
The Liberty Party is indispensable, if it is only, that it may continue to teach, as it has ever taught, that national parties are fast working the ruin of this country.
libwww.syr.edu /digital/collections/g/GerritSmith/465.htm   (3624 words)

 Liberty Party (United States) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Liberty Party was a political party in the United States during the Second Party System in 1840.
The party was an early advocate of the abolitionist cause.
The Liberty Party nominated James G. Birney for President in 1840 and 1844.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_Liberty_Party   (167 words)

 LIBERTY! . Chronicle of the Revolution . Boston 1774 | PBS
King George III and Parliament responded decisively this week to The Boston Tea Party by closing the city port.
For his part, Franklin stood stoically through the ordeal, but was heard to mutter "I shall make your king a little man for this," to Wedderburn as both left the council at the end of the day.
The tea party, Franklin's roasting in Parliament and now the closing of Boston harbor exemplify the hardening of positions on both sides of the Atlantic.
www.pbs.org /ktca/liberty/chronicle_boston1774.html   (328 words)

 Liberty Union Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Liberty Union Party of Vermont originated in the People's Party movement of the late 1960's and defines itself as a nonviolent socialist party.
The Liberty Union Party lost its major party status in 1994, but requalified in 2004 due to Auditor of Accounts candidate Jerry Levy's six percent showing.
Mal Herbert, the party's current candidate for Lieutenant Governor, was the Vice Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA in 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liberty_Union_Party   (242 words)

 Liberty Platform 1844
Resolved, That the Liberty party, placing itself upon this broad principle, will demand the absolute and unqualified divorce of the general government from slavery, and also the restoration of equality of rights among men in every state where the party exists or may exist.
Resolved, That the practice of the general government, which prevails in the slave states, of employing slaves upon the public works, instead of free laborers, and paying aristocratic masters, with a view to secure or reward political services, is utterly indefensible and ought to be abandoned.
Resolved, That this convention recommend to the friends of liberty in all those free states where any inequality of rights and privileges exists on account of color, to employ their utmost energies to remove all such remnants and effects of the slave system.
www.geocities.com /CollegePark/Quad/6460/doct/844lib.html   (636 words)

 Free-Soil party — Infoplease.com
Free-Soil party, in U.S. history, political party that came into existence in 1847–48 chiefly because of rising opposition to the extension of slavery into any of the territories newly acquired from Mexico.
The party polled nearly 300,000 votes and, by giving New York state to the Whigs, was a decisive factor in making Zachary Taylor president.
Liberty party - Liberty party, in U.S. history, an antislavery political organization founded in 1840.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0819616.html   (379 words)

 American Christian Liberty Society - Party Platforms
Democratic Party - Had key role in implementing 42 USC §666 - Requiring states to mandate the use of SSN for all licensed activities.
New Party - Other socialist positions indicate that they encourage use of a increased government control which would support the wide use of universal identifiers.
Republican Party - Had key role in implementing 42 USC §666 - Requiring states to mandate the use of SSN for all licensed activities.
www.christianliberty.org /art/platforms.html   (290 words)

 Liberty Party Stores
Liberty Opportunities offers you the opportunity to start your own party store business with NO franchise fees and NO ongoing fees or percentages.
Join the thousands of entrepreneurs who have chosen Liberty to help them realize their dreams of owning a successful party store.
At Liberty Opportunities, we understand your desire to obtain the most accurate and dependable information available in order to make an informed buying decision.
www.libertypartystore.com /opportunity   (259 words)

The Free Soil Party had its roots in the Liberty Party, formed in Albany, New York in 1840.
Different factions of the party were arguing over the future of the party, and the result was the end of the Liberty Party.
Unlike the defunct Liberty Party, the Free Soil Party grew and gained in strength and influence.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/presidents_and_first_ladies/102356   (437 words)

 Liberty Magazine
I don't consider mentioning articles in Liberty, which I consider especially credible on LP matters, to be "spreading rumors." Every columnist writes about subjects regarding which they have no personal knowledge; I've never been to China, but sources I trust tell me it's a Communist dictatorship, and I say so in the articles I write.
But Liberty magazine, where Browne served as a senior editor for many years, and whose integrity has never been questioned by anyone, conducted a complete investigation of the ethics charges, including the examination of thousands of pages of official FEC documents.
He was the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000.
www.harrybrowne.org /2000/LibertyMag.htm   (8450 words)

 Wyoming Libertarian Party - Liberty Xpress
Liberty Xpress is the name of the 1973 Wayfarer motorhome that Richard Durney donated to the Wyoming Libertarian Party for the 1998 campaign.
Liberty Xpress is the name of your official campaign tourmobile, courtesy of Richard Durney of Basin.
From left to right, Wyoming Libertarian Party chair and candidate for State House from Converse County, Lewis Stock and a fine crop of future libertarians, U.S. House candidate Steve Richardson, and Margaret and Dave Dawson, gubernatorial candidate.
www.wyolp.org /libx.html   (1513 words)

 American Liberty Foundation - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-18)
On May 28, 2004, the American Liberty Foundation closed its doors and became the Downsize DC Foundation.
RCR took on what we consider the most important initiative in the libertarian movement since 1997 — a campaign to break the legal monopoly congressional incumbents and major parties have conferred upon themselves.
In an environment where political parties have had their power dramatically reduced by legislative fiat, and incumbents no longer have to compete with challengers to stay in office, we see the need for an alternative-mechanism for bringing about political change.
www.americanlibertyfoundation.org   (1430 words)

 Liberty party — Infoplease.com
The party remained strong in local elections in 1846, but in 1848 it withdrew its nominee, John P. Hale, and united with antislavery Whigs and Democrats to form the stronger
The Liberty and Free Soil Parties in the Northwest
Don King and Showtime's Robert Greenblatt attended the cabler's tailgate party Saturday at the Liberty Grill.
www.infoplease.com /ce6/history/A0829677.html   (324 words)

In that year, a third political party arose to challenge the dominance of the two major parties: the Democrats and the Whigs.
The new Liberty Party was built solidly on antislavery foundations.
Let’s place the Liberty Party vote in comparison with the votes of the two major parties.
www.bowdoin.edu /~prael/branch/ex2/ex2.html   (1020 words)

 Green Party | Workers' Liberty
Anyone who encountered the Green Party during the recent local elections will be aware of their incoherent and even janus-like politics, claiming to transcend “traditional” left-right divisions and appealing to everyone from Labour voters disillusioned with Blairism to Tories with a “social conscience”.
Beyond this, their stances on issues such as gay and lesbian rights, top-up fees and multinationals have meant that they've been able to attract a number of young people, disaffected by the mainstream parties, looking for a group which can voice their anger at the problems in our society.
Many socialists, trade unionists and campaigners who would usually vote Labour are thinking of supporting Respect, the Green Party or the Lib Dems as an alternative to Labour in the coming general election.
www.workersliberty.org /taxonomy/term/364   (478 words)

 States' Liberty Party
The States' Liberty Party will restore the union of States to it's 1791 grandeur with the repeal of the 17th amendment.
The States Liberty Party is a party of States' rights, not conservative or liberal policies.
Political or social ideologies and ideas consistent with Liberty Foundation principles (including those presented on this web site) are reserved to the States..
www.liberty-ca.org /at_a_glance.html   (432 words)

 RedOrbit - General - Statue of Liberty Party Honors Creator
The Statue of Liberty hosted a party Sunday honoring its creator, sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, for the 100th anniversary of his death.
Richard Riehm, the deputy mayor of Colmar, the city in France's Alsace region where Bartholdi was born, said the Statue of Liberty reminds people of the United States' contribution to liberty worldwide.
The ceremony took place on Liberty Island, where the statue was reopened to visitors two months ago after the Sept 11, 2001, terror attacks forced it to close.
www.redorbit.com /news/display/?id=90813   (384 words)

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