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Topic: License plates in Germany

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  License Plates from the Federal Republic of Germany
License Plates from the Federal Republic of Germany
During the time from May 8, 1945 to May 23, 1949 the ten states of the later Federal Republic of Germany have been administrated by the military administration of the western allied forces from the USA, UK and France.
During the years 1945 to 1947 the American, British and French military adminstration brought their own diferent license plate for each zone systems on the roads.
www.hegis.de /fed__rep__of_germany.htm   (288 words)

  Rick Kretschmer's License Plates - Frequently Asked Questions
A license plate or part of a license plate that has been intentionally stamped in the reverse direction than usual, causing the serial number or other features to be lower than the rest of the plate.
Prior to U.S. license plates being standardized to 6 inches high by 12 inches wide in 1956, some states issued their plates in varying widths depending on the number of digits in the serial number.
These are typically plates with names or other words embossed on real state license plate blanks, but which were intended only to be given out or sold as souvenirs and were never valid for registration purposes.
www.ricksplates.com /faqs.htm   (9778 words)

  License plates in Germany
License plates can be bought which are valid all year round or between 2 to 11 months within any 12 months.
The lower sticker is the official "seal" of registration — indeed, at the beginning of the 20th century, plates were authorised with ink and a stamp.
The present license plate format, used since 1994, uses fl print on a white background and first provides information about the country where the car is registered, in the form of a D (for Deutschland) on the blue strip on the left, like many European Union license plates.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/l/li/license_plates_in_germany.html   (926 words)

 Top Literature - License plates in Germany
Germany's second largest city Hamburg (HH, Hansestadt Hamburg, because of its membership in the Hanseatic League) or the west German district Ammerland (WST, Westerstede is the capital of the district).
Cars with seasonal number plates have two numbers at the end of the plate indicating the months between which they are registered to drive, with the licence being valid from the start of the upper month until the end of the lower month.
Red plates may be attached to cars which are changing hands, such as the test run of unregistered cars, and the liability insurance is connected to the plate, not a specific car.
encyclopedia.topliterature.com /?title=License_plates_in_Germany   (2966 words)

 License plate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A license plate (or licence plate), number plate or registration plate is a small plate attached to a vehicle.
The current plates are of the 1992 standard, which consist of the one-character provincial abbreviation, a letter of the Latin alphabet, and five number or letters of the alphabet (e.g.
License plates in Japan are either white with green text, or the reverse.
www.centipedia.com /index.php?title=License_plate&action=creativecommons   (1248 words)

 Germany from A-Z
The Laichinger Tiefenhohle is a vertical cave and the deepest cave in Germany.
Germany has several MOUNTAINS including the Harz Mountains in the center, the Hessian Mountains, and the Weser and Leine Mountains in the western and central.
Germany has a population of nearly 83 million people and is one of the most heavily populated in the world.
www.geocities.com /mamihabc/Germany.html   (3304 words)

 Rick Kretschmer's License Plates - Grading
The most important thing to know when grading license plates is that the age and scarcity of the plate are not factors in determining a grade.
A 1925 plate or a 1965 plate or a 2005 plate would all have to be in the same condition to be assigned the same grade.
An excellent condition plate would be nearly flawless in condition, but would have some very minor signs of use such as light marks around the bolt holes from having been attached to a vehicle.
www.ricksplates.com /grading.htm   (1097 words)

 LicensePlates.cc: The license plate collector’s portal.
Plates - Comprehensive history of British Columbia license plates, 1904 to present.
Paul Wingert's License Plates - Gallery focusing on motorcycle plates of Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories; plates of all types from Turks and Caicos Islands; 1952 motorcycle plates of Canada.
USSR License Plates - Comprehensive gallery of license plates issued in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics between 1959 and 1981.
www.licenseplates.cc /links.php   (2674 words)

 Canadian Forces License Plates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The license plates issued for domestic use are generally issued only to DND (Department of National Defense) owned vehicles whereas those issued abroad are generally issued to both military vehicles and personnel.
The Ontario plates are undated permanent plates in a characteristic white on brown color with a double crown.
The Canadian Forces in Germany plates have undergone several design changes from when they were first introduced in 1957 (before that they used British Zone plates).
www.canplates.com /canforces.html   (576 words)

 German Auto License Plates, Custom Germany Euro Auto Brand License Plate -LICENSEPLATES.TV
We can replicate almost any license plate from a picture or photocopy.
www.licenseplates.tv /cat/plates_for_german_br_45.html?osCsid=e93803a2a2f92ec007ac12445f30291b   (432 words)

 BMW World - License Plates Germany
The plates have a blue field on the left with the European flag and the country abbreviation D (Deutschland).
Since 1985, front license plates have a hexagonal seal to indicate that the vehicle has passed an exhaust emissions test.
The last license plate issue prior to 1994 occurred in 1956.
www.bmwworld.com /pl8s/germany.htm   (229 words)

 European License Plates - German License Plates - Euro-Plates
Red plates may be attached to cars which are changing hands, such as the test run of unregistered cars, and the liability insurance is connected to the plate, not a specific car.
They are allowed to use one set of plates on any of their cars under the condition that they keep a strict record of use.
The plates are the only ones which do not have the blue Euro strip on the left; the owner does not need to be a German resident to register the car.
www.autoplates.com /euromeanings.htm   (2167 words)

 Standard European License Plates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The governments of these zones issued various types of license plates (the most common type had white lettering on fl background).
Temporary plates for export vehicles: Red tab on the right side showing (with fl lettering) the year and month when the car had to leave the country.
These plates are only issued by the insurance-companies because no taxes must be paid on such vehicles.
www.concentric.net /~Llcollin/plates/history.htm   (322 words)

 eBay Guides - DMV clear California License Plates 1951 1956 1963 YOM
Yes, it has happened to me. They said although this plate number is available, the numbering format (by modern standards) applies to a truck and can't be registered on a car.
The department may consult with an organization of old car hobbyists in determining whether the date of year of the license plate to be used corresponds to the model year date when the vehicle was manufactured.
(d) Whenever any person who has been authorized to utilize the special license plates applies to the department for transfer of the plates to another vehicle, a transfer fee of twelve dollars ($12) shall be charged in addition to all other appropriate fees.
reviews.ebay.com /DMV-clear-California-License-Plates-1951-1956-1963-YOM_W0QQugidZ10000000000961771   (3012 words)

 Long Island Volkswagen Club: German Vanity Plates?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
I lived in Germany in 1987 and 1988, and I don't recall having seen vanity plates on the cars.
These are "seasonal" plates, meaning that the car (probably a 1976 vw - yes there are custom plates in Germany!) is registered only june thru september to save on taxes and insurance.
The pink stickers show the due date for the inspection (round: safety - rear plate, hexagonal: emissions - front plate), the number in the middle is the year, the number on top is the month the car is due.
www.livc.net /ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000418;p=1   (540 words)

 License plates for sale or trade - Germany
Please do not hesitate to request a photo of any plate you might have interest in.
**** Note to current German plates: All seals on plates are present and undamaged unless otherwise mentioned.
Stickered police plates are tough to dig up.
home.comcast.net /~qwavair/tradegermany.htm   (336 words)

 Industrial Laser Solutions - Luminescent license plates
If the license plate could shine from within, for example, it would make the entire unit highly visible, and of course this would eliminate the external lights.
The translucent front casing, on which the license details are positioned, is formed from a 2mm-thick sheet of polycarbonate.
The construction is complete on the outside by the actual license plate details, a laminate of other special reflective and translucent film from 3M and the carrier from Bayer.
ils.pennnet.com /display_article/274678/39/ARTCL/none/none/Luminescent_license_plates   (765 words)

 Free License Lookup Number Plate Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
the vehicle license plate number or vehicle identification number (vin number).
search returns the license plate or vin number of vehicle registered to a...
search name, address from license plate number, insurance status, license number from name and address, driving history, identifiers, license type,...
number-plate.mmseek.co.uk /free+license+lookup+number+plate.htm   (233 words)

 Funny Dutch License plates
The problem of finding out which license plates do and which do not exist was solved by Dik T. Winter who managed to get his hands on the plate-issuing policy of the Dutch government.
If you are a license plate collector then the collectors sites from Francoplaque and De Nummerplaat (in Dutch) might be interesting for you.
Lists that tie plates to the cities or regions of their origin are available for plates from Germany: [1], [2] and Spain: [1].
ifarm.nl /plates   (1111 words)

 Standard European License Plates
The governments of these zones issued various types of license plates (the most common type had white lettering on fl background).
Temporary plates for export vehicles: Red tab on the right side showing (with fl lettering) the year and month when the car had to leave the country.
These plates are only issued by the insurance-companies because no taxes must be paid on such vehicles.
www.shgraphics.com /history.htm   (322 words)

 grtpl8s - your new German front license plate
All our license plates are embossed on original blank plates (like the real German plates) or are genuine real expired license plates.
My BMW finally arrived from Germany so as promised, here is a link to the picture with your plate on it.
The plate you sent me got banged up but I am going to have it pressed and put it back on the TT when it is fixed, it has "character" now...
www.grtpl8s.com /htm/testimonials.html   (3597 words)

 License Plate - Car Forums and Automotive Chat
However, we have been reaching at mornings 7º C which probably for you will not be cold weather (Germans are common to snow and rain) but Spanish guys are more common to sunny days and hot, so when you have here 7º C we gets literally frozen.
To order an European platen license is necessary register the car in the country of the platen license.
If you invent a platen license with numbers it is like you were inventing a document and using a government form or property to do that.
www.automotiveforums.com /t84771-license_plate.html   (4036 words)

 International Campaign for Tibet: Documents: Download Form For Virginia's New Friends of Tibet license plate
These new plates were created to help Tibetan refugee families ensure the survival of their culture, and future proceeds from Virginia's Friends of Tibet plates will go to helping Tibetan refugees preserve their endangered culture.
Even though the Friends of Tibet plates have been authorized and their design has been approved, the DMV requires every new plate's sponsor to collect a minimum of 350 applications before they will issue any new special license plate.
As the sponsor of the Friends of Tibet special license plate, CTAC is required to collect all applications and application fees.
www.savetibet.org /documents/document.php?id=100   (860 words)

 Car License Plates Change in Germany
U.S. Army Europe's vehicle registration division is working to lower the profile of American vehicles by replacing U.S. forces license plates with standard German plates.
Vehicle registration began issuing the new plates in December and will continue phasing them in during the next two years.
To obtain the new plates, USAREUR personnel must visit their local vehicle registration office and re-register their vehicle.
www.military.com /MilitaryReport/0,12914,91261,00.html   (101 words)

 Audi TT Stuff-Accessories-German Euro License Plates, German Plate Frames
License plates are direct from Germany and are available in either matching front and back plate pairs or individually.
Each plate can contain up to 9 characters including spaces and dashes.
Comes complete with a separate German Euro size license plate frame for easy mounting to any car.
www.ttstuff.com /europlates.php   (98 words)

 Stars and Stripes: USAREUR begins issuing German license plates
The new plates, designed as a force-protection measure to help American-owned vehicles blend in, are being issued in Mannheim, Heidelberg and Kaiserslautern, according to a U.S. Army Europe spokesman.
Once their local vehicle registration office is issued new plates, new residents to Germany will be the first to get the German plate.
As with German plates, the first letters of the license plate will reflect the city in which they were issued.
www.estripes.com /article.asp?section=104&article=34833&archive=true   (501 words)

 License Plate Collection of Mark Goodwin - Germany 3
Current series US Forces plate in smaller style to fit American vehicles.
1990 series passenger plate used shortly after reunification conforms to the DDR numbering system but uses West German dies and manufacturing.
Only a town seal was placed on these plates which were replaced with German plates using the present code system.
home.comcast.net /~markgoodwin6/germany3.htm   (139 words)

 WWII 1942 US, Canada, World License Plates Page - Brian's Military Jeeps of WW2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Here are photographs of the plates that were issued in the first full year of US involvement in WWII.
There were different values all the way from 42¢ to $5.00 depending on the month issued.
License Plate Restoration and Repaint by The Tag Dr.
members.aol.com /brimiljeep/WebPages/1942LicensePlatePage.html   (312 words)

 Germany - Hitchwiki
In Germany there are no speed limits on many highways.
In Germany, trucks aren't allowed to drive on weekends from Saturday 10 PM to Sunday 10 PM or on public holidays.
In Germany license plates start with an abbreviation of the region where the car is registered.
hitchwiki.org /Germany   (351 words)

 European License Plates - Down for Maintenance : Custom European License Plates
If you have a question about your pending order please email us at info@customeuropeanplates.com.
All of our German and European license plates are professionally produced and embossed with your customized text.
European license plates are the perfect accessory for your Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW or Volkswagen
www.customeuropeanplates.com /articles.php?tPath=10   (114 words)

 Platesmenistan: Links Mega-List
Mike 'n' Keith's Great Ohio License Plate Hunt - these guys' search to figure out the probability of seeing all Ohio tags must be seen to be believed
National Drivers License and Auto Registration Directory - a one-stop archive of the agencies that handle automobile titles and registration across the U.S.; perfect if you want to find out t he owner of a license plate
The License Plate Game - a well-designed way to connect states or provinces with their corresponding license plates; this grew out of the old ro ad trip game
cache.cow.net /~friedman/l-all.html   (1982 words)

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