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Topic: Licking River

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In the News (Thu 21 Jun 18)

  The Nature Conservancy in Kentucky - Licking River
The Licking River, along with some of its tributaries, is a rare example of native muskie streams.
The Lower Licking River watershed has a varied geography and a wide range of plant and animal species living in some of the most highly valued habitat in the region.
Indiana Bats and Gray Bats are residents of the watershed, as are Henslow's Sparrows, Bobolinks, and Sharp-Shinned Hawks.
www.nature.org /wherewework/northamerica/states/kentucky/preserves/art10920.html   (733 words)

 Licking River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The river is considered by environmentalists to provide a unique ecosystem in the region.
The Licking River is refered to by some as a "Devils river" because it flows north like only a few rivers in the world (such as the Nile), although it actually flows northwest.
The river was used as the south-western border of the original Mason County and is the southwest border of Fleming and Rowan counties today.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Licking_River   (575 words)

 Kentucky Professional Paddlesports Association
Once the Kentucky River bed, the Elkhorn's geologic stories are revealed by its 200-foot shear limestone cliffs; its numerous fault lines; its scenic vegetative splendor giant Sycamores, Water Maples and Oaks; major springs, caves and karst features, all of which inspired artist Paul Sawyier's early 20th century paintings.
The Licking River served as the main thoroughfare for Northern Indian Tribes to attack settlers in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.
L stood for Licking (of the river fame), os is a Latin word for mouth, anti is Greek for opposite, and ville is French for city.
www.kyppa.org /Features.htm   (1242 words)

 Water Resources of Licking County, AEX-480.45-97
The Licking River is the principal stream in the county.
It forms at the confluence of the North Fork of the Licking River and the South Fork of the Licking River and Raccoon Creek at Newark.
Licking County's primary ground-water source is the thick valley fill deposits that stretch from south of St. Louisville and continue south through Heath.
ohioline.osu.edu /aex-fact/0480_45.html   (2709 words)

The bacteria tests were part of a first-ever comprehensive study of the Licking River and its tributaries, conducted this year by more than 100 volun teers in 22 counties.
The Licking River Watershed Watch, a project largely run by volunteers with help from state agencies, studied the river and creeks that feed it from North ern Kentucky to Magoffin Coun ty and from Lewis County west.
The highest level was from the river in Harrison County, where a water sample contained 100,000 colonies of fecal coliform per 100 milliliters of water, or 500 times higher than the standard considered safe for swimming.
www.kypost.com /news/1998/lick111298.html   (946 words)

 Licking River. The Columbia Gazetteer of North America. 2000
Licking River, E and N Ky., c.320 mi/515 km long; rises in SE Magoffin co., E Ky.; flows NW past Salyersville and West Liberty, through Cave Run L. reservoir, receives North Fork from E, then South Fork from S at Falmouth, enters Ohio R. at Covington and Newport, opposite Cincinnati, Ohio.
The Licking was an important means of travel for Native Americans and pioneers and later a busy trade route.
In 1780, at the river’s mouth, George Rogers Clark’s frontiersmen gathered for their march up the Little Miami; the battle of Blue Licks (1782) occurred in the Licking valley.
www.bartleby.com /69/56/L04056.html   (141 words)

 Muskingum River Parkway
The Muskingum River is formed by the confluence of the Walhonding and Tuscarawas rivers in Coshocton, Ohio.
Dissolved limestone in the river is used by the mussels in constructing their shells.
It is the largest river lying solely within Ohio, draining an area equal to one-fifth of the entire state.
www.yourradioplace.com /tourism/muskriver.htm   (1046 words)

 Ghost Towns of Licking County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Licking County is located just east of Franklin County and is the home of Newark, Granville, and Pataskala.
The furnace was the first industry in Licking County, and it continued operating for the next forty years.
Located half a mile south of St. Louisville at the intersection of the North Fork of the Licking River and S.R. It replaced Houston Mills and operated from 1828 through 1837.
www.forgottenoh.com /GhostTowns/lickingco.html   (1863 words)

 Licking County, Ohio History
At Newark it divides; one branch turning directly to the east, in the valley of Licking river, and one branch extending northwesterly, through what was evidently, at one period, a broad lake, and in which now flows the south branch of the Licking, with a reversed current to join the main stream at Newark.
North of the Licking, and between the North fork and Rocky fork, are similar hills in Mary Ann township, rising to a height sufficient to catch the lower coal, and, in Newton township, to the horizon of the carboniferous conglomerate, which is here mainly represented by a stratum of silicious iron ore.
At the Licking Narrows, in the glens of the Rocky fork- and on the tall peaks along that stream generally; and on the eastern bank of North fork, as well as on the south side of Licking river, cedar, pine, hemlock, laurel and other evergreens peculiar to mountainous regions, prevailed to a considerable extent.
www.heritagepursuit.com /Licking/LickingFile1.htm   (18213 words)

 The Cincinnati Post
Frequent checks on the Licking River over the last six days proved to be an education for John Warford, an eighth-grade science teacher in Lakeside Park, Ky.
The 310-mile journey focuses on the biology, ecology, geology and history of the river, with the trip beginning at the Licking's headwaters in Magoffin County and ending at its confluence with the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky.
The Licking River Watershed Watch, a citizen volunteer monitoring group, taught the teachers how to test the water so they could use those activities in their lesson plans.
www.cincypost.com /2003/06/20/river062003.html   (413 words)

The Ohio River in Cincinnati and the Licking River in Falmouth, Ky., are begining to recede after heavy rains earlier in the week caused their banks to swell.
The Ohio River level was at 49.2 feet as of 7 a.m.
The Licking River level at Falmouth was at 28 feet at 5:20 a.m.
www.cincypost.com /2002/mar/22/oriver032202.html   (310 words)

 Licking and Ohio Tributaries   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Licking River Region in Kentucky: Status and Trends This report covers the entire drainage area – or basin – of the Licking River and other streams north and east of the basin along the Ohio River.
In this report, the entire area is referred to as the Licking River region.
Licking River Watershed Watch - The mission of the Licking River Watershed Watch is to promote citizen stewardship, activism, and education throughout the watersheds of the Licking River region.
www.watersheds.ky.gov /basins/licking   (626 words)

 UGR > Day1 > Covington, Kentucky > Ohio River
The Ohio River was the dividing line between slavery and freedom until 1850.
By one of the last acts of the Congress under the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Territories were brought into the United States as free states.
The building of bridges across the Ohio River from Covington, Kentucky, to Cincinnati, Ohio, was delayed to prevent the enslaved from crossing the river to freedom on the other side.
www.blackvoicenews.com /ugr/days_02/day1_02/pages/ohio_river.shtml   (192 words)

 Licking River (Ohio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Via the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers, it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.
The Licking River is formed at Newark in Licking County by the confluence of its north and south forks:
In Licking County the North Fork collects the Otter Fork Licking River, which rises in Knox County and flows past Hartford; the Lake Fork Licking River; and the Clear Fork Licking River.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Licking_River_(Ohio)   (359 words)

In August 1778, John Filson and Robert Patterson, of Lexington, and Mathias Denman of New Jersey, purchased a tract of land on the north side of the Ohio River, opposite the mouth of the Licking River.
The first session of the county court was held in the town of Wilmington on the west side of the Licking River about 22 miles from the mouth and near the present town of Morningview.
This Licking River Indian trail was used by the British and Indians under the leadership of Captain Henry Bird in the raid on the central Kentucky settlements of Ruddle's and Martin's stations in 1780.
www.taylormillky.gov /index.asp?page=Home_History   (4959 words)

 Articles on Licking Mussels in Naturally Kentucky   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
This diversity may be attributed to the presence of at least three distinct mussel assemblages in different river systems, a diverse fish fauna (mussels are dependent on fishes to complete their life cycle), geological heterogeneity, and the numerous major rivers found within or along the state's border.
Originating in Magoffin County, the Licking River flows northwesterly approximately 496 km (308 miles) to its confluence with the Ohio River near Covington.
We assume that (1) only half of the 52 river miles visited provided suitable mussel habitat (mixed sand, gravel and cobble), (2) only one shoreline provided habitat (bedrock dominated the channel, and the other shoreline was comprised of boulders and cobble) and (3) mussels were stranded within a six-foot wide swath of shoreline.
www.jpf.org /LRV/musselsnaturally.htm   (1147 words)

 Varady's Research Archive :: Covington - Licking River   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Army Corp of Engineers built the Licking River levee after the flood of 1937 to protect Covington’s eastern neighborhoods from the predictable, if irregular, onslaught of river flooding.
A walk along Covington's Licking River levee from E 15th Street in Austinburg to Levassor in Wallace Woods (also exploring the riverbank trails east of levee entrance at the end of Oakland)
Besides the Licking River levee, Rosedale Park is Covington's only public park situated next to the Licking River.
phobos.simpletone.com /gallery/covington-licking   (420 words)

 Newark and Licking County   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Newark located in Licking County, Ohio is in the Central part of the state.
Interstate Highway 70, U.S. 40 (National Road), and State Routes 16 and 161 cross the county east and west, and U.S. Route 62 and State Routes 13, 30, 37, 79, 586, and 661 run north and south.
The Indian Art Museum at Moundbuilders State Park displays some of the art achievements of the Moundbuilder Indians who inhabited the regions from 10,000 B.C. to 1600 A.D. Other Moundbuilders' earth-works are located at the Flint Ridge State Memorial and Museum and the Octagon State Memorial.
www.cotc.edu /aboutnewark/licking.asp   (175 words)

 Kayaking & Canoes
The mid section of the river runs through the heart of the Red River Gorge and is the most popular trip for visitors to the Gorge.
The North Fork of the Kentucky River originates in the mountains of southeastern Kentucky near Whitesburg and flows northwest, draining the counties of Letcher, Perry, Breathitt, and Lee.
From West Liberty, Kentucky the Licking Rivers run adjacent to SR 519 and runs into the Daniel Boone National Forest and to the dam that forms Cave Run Lake.
www.truenorthoutfitters.com /TNO_Menu/kayaking.html   (809 words)

 Licking River Bridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The first cable was drawn between the two bridge towers by an elaborate process that involved six horses, pulleys, rollers, drums and the hulls of steamboats moored in the river.
The wire suspension bridge was completed December 25, 1853 at a cost of $80,000, and was opened formally by the Covington mayor and George C Tarvin, who had directed the building.
Keys was injured but was pulled from the Licking River by Jack Harrison who witnessed the accident and jumped in to save Keys.
www.rootsweb.com /~kycampbe/lickingbridge.htm   (476 words)

 ESPN.com - Saugeye run underway on Licking River
The Dillon Falls region of the Licking River, located northwest of Zanesville, hosts an annual saugeye run from the Falls to the Dillon Lake Dam.
The Licking River's flow fluctuates often this time of year as Dillon Dam performs its flood control function.
Excluding the Falls, which are Class I and II rapids, the river is floatable by canoe or other small watercraft.
sports.espn.go.com /espn/print?id=2368709&type=story   (513 words)

 CNN.com - Weather - Hundreds evacuated as Licking River laps at Kentucky town - February 19, 2000
The river, a tributary that flows into the Ohio River at Cincinnati, rose rapidly early Saturday morning after heavy rains pelted the area Friday night.
The rising Ohio River is predicted to reach a flood stage of 52 feet on Sunday morning.
The rising rivers are a part of a late winter storm system that continued to affect several regions Saturday.
archives.cnn.com /2000/WEATHER/02/19/winterstorm.01   (933 words)

 All Internal - www.allinternal.com
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 Up a lazy Kentucky river
Hogle was impressed with the cleanliness of the six-mile stretch of river he paddled in Pendleton County.
Because the 320-mile-long river flows north, "that stuff happening up there is not ending up down here," Thaxton says.
The river, which is fed by Cave Run Lake near Morehead, supports more than 30 species of mussels.
www.enquirer.com /editions/2004/07/31/tem_satlede31.html   (792 words)

 Great Ohio River Flood at Cincinnati - March 1997
Little towns and villages without flood walls up and down the river from here are hurting from waters that rose to record hights in one day after hurricane like rains.
This is the river gauge on the Ohio side of the suspension bridge.
The river boat restaurants tied to the shore have no customers when the flood gates in the wall are closed.
www.battery-chargers.com /great_ohio_river_flood_2.htm   (585 words)

Pre-Wisconsin glacial ice in the Ohio River Valley impounded the Licking River in central Kentucky, leading to the development of a large lake in the obstructed valley.
Blockage of the Ohio River valley with the ice at the mouth of the Licking River would mean that all flow in the upper Ohio River system upstream of the Licking River would also have to pass over the Licking River spillways.
Spillways near Walton on the Boone-Kenton county line, and north of Sherman in Grant County, are proximal to the ice front and drained water from the Licking River basin into the Eagle Creek valley, a tributary of the modern Kentucky River system.
gsa.confex.com /gsa/2003SC/finalprogram/abstract_49396.htm   (489 words)

 The Licking River Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Sponsored by the Department of Literature and Language and the Art Department, the purpose of The Licking River Review is to showcase the best literary and art works submitted each year by NKU students, alumni, and emerging or established writers.
At least twenty-five per cent of the literary works (poems, one-act plays, short stories) published each year is student work; in the late fall, submissions of literary and art works are invited from students, writers, and artists throughout the region and nation.
The Licking River Review is published in early May. The editors of The Licking River Review are eligible for Editing Internship credits.
www.nku.edu /~litlang/publications/lickingriver.html   (233 words)

 Licking County, Ohio OH, county profile - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
Licking County is one of 88 counties in Ohio.
This was an increase of 5.07% from the 2000 census.
Licking County supported George W. Bush in the 2004 presidential election.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=17013   (509 words)

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