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 Lieutenant governor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Canada, the Lieutenant Governor is the Queen's representative in a province, much as the Governor General is her representative in the nation.
In the Isle of Man, the Lieutenant Governor was until 1980 the presiding officer of the Legislative Council and of Tynwald Court (the Legislative Council and the House of Keys in joint session), but both roles have been transferred to the President of Tynwald.
In Australia, the Lieutenant Governor is the subordinate of the Governor of a state. /wiki/Lieutenant_governor

 Office of the Lt. Governor - Office of the Lt. Governor: Responsibilites
The Lieutenant Governor of the State of California is a statewide constitutional officer elected separately from the Governor.
Lieutenant Governor Bustamante proposed the formation of a "Red Team" to streamline the planning process, cut through red tape, and speed up the establishment of the new UC Merced campus.
Lieutenant Governor Bustamante was appointed by President Clinton on January 4, 2000, to serve as a member of the U.S. Census Monitoring Board. /office_of/responsibilities/respon.asp

 The Office of Governor M. Jodi Rell
Governor M. Jodi Rell today received an on-site report of isolated river flooding around the state and of steps being taken to prepare for more serious flooding if heavy rains hit the state over the next 24 to 48 hours.
Select here to listen to Governor Rell speak on her decision to call a special session of the Connecticut General Assembly to deal with the issue of campaign finance reform.
Governor Rell's order follows the announcement that security on the New York City subway system was being increased following a specific but unconfirmed threat. /governorrell/site/default.asp

 Isle of Man Government Chief Secretary's Office - The Office of the Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the Queen, on the advice of the Lord Chancellor and assisted by the Isle of Man Chief Minister, for a term of five years.
The Lieutenant Governor is also responsible for the appointment of the Captain of each of the Island’s 17 Parishes; this is an 800 year-old office, and is the only Manx honour that can be bestowed upon an Islander, normally for a lifetime.
The Lieutenant Governor is responsible for making recommendations, on behalf of Isle of Man residents, for Honours and Awards that are announced in Her Majesty The Queen's New Year and Birthday Honours lists - see Honours Nomination form under Biography. /cso/crown/office_gov.xml

 Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant Governor is the representative of Her Majesty The Queen of Canada in the Province of British Columbia, and as such, takes precedence over everyone in the province except the Sovereign.
The Lieutenant Governor personifies the Crown, which is both the apex and the unifying link in the constitutional and political structure of the province &; executive, legislative, and judicial.
The Lieutenant Governor, although not elected to speak for the majority in our democratic Parliamentary system, cannot wield political power in practice, yet it must be realized that the Lieutenant Governor is the source of the power of the government of the day. /office/role.htm

 Prince Edward Island: The Office of Lieutenant Governor
In the early years of Confederation, Lieutenant Governors were agents of the Federal Government, and were expected to advise the Provincial Government as to the intent of Federal legislation and to ensure that Provincial legislation was within the legislative power assigned to the Province by section 92 of the British North America Act.
The Lieutenant Governor is an important element in both the Legislative and Executive Government of the Province, and summons, prorogues, and dissolves the Legislative Assembly, as well as reads the Speech from the Throne at the Opening of each Session.
The Lieutenant Governor is appointed by the Governor General, on the advice of the Prime Minister of Canada, for a period of not less than five years. /lg/about.php3

 Dirk Kempthorne, The Governor of the State of Idaho
Governor Dirk Kempthorne today submitted five design concepts to the U.S. Mint for the Idaho quarter, which will be released in 2007 as part of the 50 State Quarters Program.
Governor Dirk Kempthorne today celebrated the dedication of a new Correctional Officer Training facility at the Police Officer Standards and Training complex on the Idaho State Police campus in Meridian.
Governor Dirk Kempthorne today joined students, faculty, staff, and community leaders to celebrate the opening of two new buildings on the campuses of the University of Idaho in Moscow and North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene.

 Texas Lieutenant Governor :: David Dewhurst
By statute, the Lieutenant Governor is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees: the Legislative Budget Board, the Legislative Council, the Legislative Audit Committee and the Legislative Education Board.
As in most states, the Lieutenant Governor in Texas assumes the powers and duties of the Governor when the Governor is unable to serve or is absent from the state.
The Lieutenant Governor in Texas is unique in that he is part of both the Executive and Legislative branches. /Duties

 Governor's Office - Meet Lt. Governor Toni Jennings
Toni Jennings became Florida’s 16th Lieutenant Governor on March 3, 2003 when Governor Jeb Bush asked her to bring her experience and background in business, education and public policy to his administration.
Governor Jennings is a frequent visitor to schools throughout the state, inspiring teachers and students alike in the pursuit of the highest standards of literacy.
Governor Jennings began her career in public service in 1976 when she was elected to the first of two terms in the Florida House of Representatives. /myflorida/government/meetgovernor/jennings.html

 The Seattle Times: Local News: Lt. Gov. Novoselic? Rocker likes how it sounds
Orchestra leader Vic Meyers was lieutenant governor for 20 years, in the 1930s and '40s, and later served another eight as secretary of state.
Grunge-rock pioneer Krist Novoselic says he may run for lieutenant governor in what would be the next step of a transition from rock star to politician.
But Novoselic is attracted by what he sees as the bully pulpit opportunities of lieutenant governor, a job whose biggest public role is presiding over the state Senate during the legislative session. /html/localnews/2001796487_krist19m.html

The lieutenant-governor, therefore, possesses all the formal, prerogative and discretionary powers exercised by the monarch or the governor general.
These include the duty to open, prorogue and dissolve the provincial Assembly; to assent to (or withhold assent from) provincial legislation and ORDERS-IN-COUNCIL; and to give prior approval to money bills. /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0004677

 Office of the Governor of Kansas: Governor Kathleen Sebelius
Governor Sebelius led the celebration of the official launch of the Kansas Quarter.
Governor seeking rural communities to participate in pilot project.
Governor Sebelius attended the 2005 Kansas State Fair.

 Office of Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant Governor must be at least 30 years of age, must have been a citizen of the United States 20 years, and must have resided in Mississippi for five years before his or her election.
The Office of the Lieutenant Governor of the State of Mississippi is located on the third floor of the New Capitol Building in Jackson.
Serve as Governor in the absence of the Governor. / News / Politics / Conventions / Massachusetts' Republican lieutenant governor links Kerry to Dukakis
In Massachusetts, candidates for governor and lieutenant governor run separately in the primary and as a ticket in the general election.
Dukakis has praised Kerry's time as lieutenant governor, saying he championed the state's response to rising crime rates and environmental problems such as acid rain.
''It's extremely important that I, as lieutenant governor, say 'Look, this is what Sen. Kerry was doing 25 years ago when he was in lock step with Gov. Dukakis and they raised taxes in a recession and put the Massachusetts economy right into the dump,''' Healey said. /news/politics/conventions/articles/2004/09/01/massachusetts_republican_lieutenant_governor_links_kerry_to_dukakis

 Lt. Governor Bruce Johnson
In 2004, he was chosen by Governor Taft to chair the Ohio Jobs Cabinet to streamline the state's services to businesses in order to promote job creation and foster the continued development of the state's workforce.
As the State's development director, Lt. Governor Johnson is responsible for overseeing the Ohio Department of Development.
In 2004, Lt. Governor Johnson created the Ohio Business Development Coalition as a non-profit sales and marketing partner to help show the world that Ohio is an excellent place to do business.

 State of Illinois - Pat Quinn, Lt. Governor - Illinois River Coordinating Council
Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn and the Friends of the Chicago River host the annual Chicago River Summit and also sponsor other events each year dedicated to exploring and cleaning-up this cherished waterway.
The Illinois River Coordinating Council- chaired by Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn - is a diverse group of citizens, grassroots and not-for-profit organizations, federal and state agencies, sportsmen, and river enthusiasts who manage the planning and funding of Illinois River Watershed conservation and restoration activities.
March 2004 marked the conclusion of the struggle of a large group of Illinois conservationists, led by Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, to save Plum Island, a rare winter habitat of the bald eagle in the Illinois River – immediately north of Starved Rock State Park.
Governor Kathleen Sebelius stepped outside her regular role as the state's chief executive and into a new role as radio show performer on a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion from the Kansas State Fair on Saturday, September 10, 2005.
Governor Sebelius accepted an invitation from host Garrison Keillor to join him as a member of the cast of "Guy Noir, Private Eye" when he brought his popular radio show to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson in early September.
It was Governor's day at the Kansas State Fair on Friday, September 9, 2005, and Governor Kathleen Sebelius led the ceremony to launch the new Kansas Quarter.

 The Texas State Senate: Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst
Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst also worked with the Senate to expand mentoring programs, to improve homeland security, and to pass a massive transportation bill that will provide additional funding for trauma centers and will reduce highway congestion.
Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is a native Texan, proud veteran and successful businessman and rancher.
Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst also worked to lower escalating homeowners' insurance premiums by gathering bipartisan support for a bill to regulate homeowners' insurance. /75r/ltgov/ltgov.htm

 Lieutenant Governors of Texas - Texas State Library
James W. Flanagan was elected lieutenant governor in 1869, but in 1870, the Legislature appointed him to the U.S. Senate.
In August of 1867, General Philip H. Sheridan, commander of the 5th military district, removed Governor Throckmorton, Lt. Governor Jones, and other Texas officials from office, labeling them "impediments to reconstruction." Elisha M. Pease was made the provisional governor, but during his term there was no lieutenant governor, and the legislature did not meet.
On December 28, 2000 Bill Ratliff was chosen by the Senate to serve as lieutenant governor. /ref/abouttx/ltgov.html

 Role and Duties of the Lieutenant Governor
The Lieutenant-Governor is appointed by the Governor General, on the advice of the Prime Minister of Canada, for a period of not less than five years.
The Lieutenant-Governor is the representative of the Queen in the Province and exercises
A standard was approved by the Governor General in 1980 for all Lieutenant-Governors. /govhouse/duties.html

 Candidate for lieutenant governor wants to restructure position
The Republican candidate said he thinks the governor and lieutenant governor should be elected on the same ticket, just as the president and vice president are, and that the lieutenant governor should focus on economic development.
The constitutional duties of the lieutenant governor include presiding over the state Senate and waiting in the wings to replace a dead or incapacitated governor.
South Carolina is among 18 states nationwide where the governor and lieutenant governor are elected separately, according to the National Lieutenant Governors Association. /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051011/APN/510110964

 Governor of California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The California Constitution provides that all the powers of the governor fall to the lieutenant governor whenever the governor is unable to execute the office, including when the governor is not in the State of California; the lieutenant governor often signs or vetoes legislation and makes political appointments whenever the governor leaves the state.
Governors are elected by the majority vote of those voters voting within the state during an election for the office, and serve terms of four years when they prevail, with a limit of two terms.
If a governor is challenged, by any group of citizens within a state, prior to the next scheduled gubernatorial election, the state can hold a recall election to remove a governor, provided enough signatures are collected and all are verified by the election recorder's office, also each signator must be a valid registered voter. /wiki/Governor_of_California   (855 words)

 Secretary of State's Web Page
governor and lieutenant governor are out of state, the Secretary must fill in for and perform all of the functions of the governor.
The Office of the Secretary of State is an elected state office, second in line of succession behind the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.
keeper of the Great Seal of the State of New Mexico, and affixes the seal to all commissions issued in the name of the Governor.   (855 words)

Governor Jennette Bradley is the first African-American woman to be elected as Lt. Governor in Ohio and in the nation’s history.
Governor Bradley also serves as Director for the Commerce Department and as the Governor’s liaison to county and local governments, to small businesses and as policy advisor for urban initiatives, community development and housing programs.
Governor Jennette Bradley is married to Michael C. Taylor and they reside in Columbus. /admn/BradleyBio.htm   (855 words)

Elected as lieutenant governor on November 2, 1943 and re-elected November 5, 1946.
White became governor on October 6, 1910 because Governor Hughes resigned office to be associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Hill succeeded Cleveland as governor, McCarthy was elected president of the senate, January 6, 1885. /governor/ltgov/past_history.htm   (855 words)

 State of South Dakota Lieutenant Governor's Web Site featuring Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard.
I am honored to serve as your South Dakota lieutenant governor and am pleased to be an enthusiastic partner and supporter of our governor, Mike Rounds.
State of South Dakota Lieutenant Governor's Web Site featuring Lieutenant Governor Dennis Daugaard.
Governor Rounds and I believe strongly in the wisdom of consensus-building and in citizen participation. /   (855 words)

 Office of the Lieutenant Governor : Inquiries
To invite the Lieutenant Governor to attend your event, please mail a signed letter on your organization's letterhead a minimum of six weeks prior to the date of the event.
Upon request, the Lieutenant Governor sends greetings to Albertans celebrating birthdays of 80 or more in intervals of 5 years and to couples celebrating wedding anniversaries of 50 years or more.
We follow certain guidelines (for example, a school must be celebrations its 100th anniversary to be recognized by the Lieutenant Governor) and need six weeks notice to prepare a message. /index_2.cfm?choice=inquiries   (855 words)

 Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Win Rockefeller
August 11 – Lt. Governor Win Rockefeller discussed topics such as the lieutenant governor’s duties, the Constitution and his health during a tour of the State Capitol by about 30 members of Leadership Paragould Thursday.
Rockefeller spoke of some of his duties as lieutenant governor before opening the floor to questions.
Rockefeller announced July 19 that he was vacating the governor’s race because he has been diagnosed with an unclassified myeloproliferative disorder, a blood cancer that could lead to leukemia and will require a bone marrow transplant. /ltgov   (855 words)

 North Carolina Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Welcome to the official Web page of the Office of Lieutenant Governor.
On this site you will find information about the history of the Lieutenant Governor’s office, official duties, my biography, and my top priorities.
Governor Bev Perdue launches statewide billboard campaign for: "North Carolina: America's most military friendly state"   (855 words)

 Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Honours and Awards Award for Outstanding Service to Rural Saskatchewan
The Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan Heritage Architecture Excellence Award was established in 2002 by the Saskatchewan Architectural Heritage Society (SAHS).
Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for the Regina Men’s Bonspiel
For more information about the award, please contact the SAHS office in Regina by phone at (306) 359-0933, by fax at (306) 359-3899, or by email at /heritage.htm   (855 words)

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