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Topic: Life after death

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Matiya World - Life after Death
For Hindus, death is nobly referred to as mahaprasthana, the "great journey." When the lessons of this life have been learned and karmas reach a point of intensity, the soul leaves the physical body, which then returns its elements to the earth.
Knowing this, we approach death as a sadhana, as a spiritual opportunity, bringing a level of detachment which is difficult to achieve in the tumult of life and an urgency to strive more than ever in our search for the Divine Self.
After everything is settled, all personal possessions disposed of, then he begins meditation and awaits the fruitful hour, trying to exit through the highest chakra of the attainment of this life.
www.matiyapatidar.com /life_after_death.htm   (2618 words)

  Theosophy : Life After Death by C. W. Leadbeater : AnandGholap.net
Death is no darksome king of terrors, no skeleton with a scythe to cut short the thread of rife, but rather an angel bearing a golden key, with which he unlocks for us the door into a fuller and higher life than this.
So his life becomes more and more a life in a world of thought, and the counterpart of the world which he has left fades from his view, not that he has changed his location in space, but that his interest is shifting its centre.
The whole astral life is in fact a constant process of withdrawal, and when in course of time the soul reaches the limit of that plane, he dies to it in just the same way as he did to the physical plane.
www.anandgholap.net /Life_After_Death-CWL.htm   (13640 words)

 Life After Death - Paranormal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
We all should be open-minded skeptics and for psychic phenomena indicative of life after death, only accept the theory that there is survival of consciousness after physical death when theories along normal lines and/or ESP (psi) fail to account for all of the evidence.
In fact, with the paranormal as it relates to life after death, there clearly are many cases of both deliberate deception (as we would expect due to the nature of the subject) and where there are alternative explanations.
Even better evidence for life after death is the veridical NDE in which the person undergoing it acquires information not known to them prior that could not have been obtained by normal means and is later verified to be correct.
lifeafterdeath.info /Paranormal.htm   (6713 words)

 Amazon.com: Life After Death: Music: The Notorious B.I.G.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Released two weeks after he died, LIFE AFTER DEATH is the critically acclaimed second album of Brooklyn's own Notorious B.I.G., one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time.
What makes LIFE AFTER DEATH a must have album for anyone regardless of what kind of music you normally listen to, is that nine years after its release this album sounds as a fresh and as relevant as the day it debuted.
Life After shows Biggie's growth as an artist and man. The storytelling is very cinematic and compelling.
www.amazon.com /Life-After-Death-Notorious-B-I-G/dp/B0000039QA   (1915 words)

The fact that death is a sleep, a temporary state, appears from the way in which saints die, for they all have hope in Christ, and it can be seen in their uncorrupted and wonder-working relics.
Death of the soul is the removal of the grace of God from the soul, and death of the body is the separation of the soul from the body.
After Lazarus' soul left his body, it was received by the angels and carried to Abraham's bosom.
www.greekorthodoxchurch.org /life_after_death.html   (4637 words)

 Afterlife - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The afterlife (or life after death) is a generic term referring to a continuation of existence, typically spiritual and experiential, beyond this world, or after death.
Since death is (by definition) a permanent state, if a person can be "brought back to life" after being "killed", then they never experienced death in the first place, making the experiment impossible to perform.
Another afterlife concept which is found among Hindus, Rosicrucians, Spiritists, and Wiccans is reincarnation, as evolving humans life after life in the physical world, that is, acquiring a superior grade of consciousness and altruism by means of successive reincarnations.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Afterlife   (2757 words)

 Life After Death
After a while the doctors, walked out of the ward, both assistant doctors were standing about and trying to explain the stages of my illness and death, and the old nurse turned to the Icon, crossed herself and audibly expressed the accepted wish in such cases:
In daily life, people hide the negative sides of their personality and in some ways hide behind their good deeds in order to appear to others to be better than they actually are.
Your life is not yours and you must return." To which she responded, "But nobody loves me and nobody wants to take care of me." "This is true"; the voice answered, "and in the future nobody will care for you.
www.fatheralexander.org /booklets/english/life_after_death.htm   (16147 words)

 Welcome to IslamVision.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The life in this world is the only chance we have to prepare for the life in the next.
The life on the earth is temporary and we have no knowledge whatsoever of when it may end.
Then He will give a new life to all the people right from Adam to the last human being and Divine justice will be carried out whereby people will be rewarded or punished according to deeds committed by them in the life of the world.
www.islamvision.org /LifeAfterDeath.asp   (992 words)

 Amazon.ca: Life After Death: Books: The Notorious B.I.G.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The 2 CD set revels in death, especially on "Niggaz Bleed," "Somebody's Gotta Die," and "You're Nobody ('Til Somebody Kills You)," but it's painfully clear that this chestnut-cheeked, fun-loving father of two wanted to see his kids grow up on "Sky Is the Limit" and "Miss U," both of which point to the future.
Life After Death is the sophomore of the Late Notorious BIG.
'Life After Death' is an atmospheric two disc set of gangster rap, a nice but untimely way to cap off Bigs brief career.
www.amazon.ca /Life-After-Death-Notorious-B-I-G/dp/B0000039QA   (1445 words)

 Islam Guide: Life After Death
The question of whether there is life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science, as science is concerned only with classification and analysis of sense data.
Actually, if there is no life after death, the very belief in God becomes meaningless or even if one believes in God, it would be n unjust and indifferent God, having once created man and now not being concerned with his fate.
The belief in life after death not only guarantees success in the Hereafter but also makes this world full of peace and happiness by making individuals most responsible and dutiful in their activities.
www.islam-guide.com /life-after-death-by-wamy.htm   (1939 words)

 Life After Death: A Homily by St. John the Wonderworker
After its separation from the body it continues to live, to exist, to have awareness.
But just as at the hour of death the dead body is surrounded by relatives and friends, so also is the soul, which abandons the body and is directed towards its heavenly homeland, accompanied by the spiritual beings related to it.
When, during the course of life, the passions have been banished from the heart and the virtues opposed to them have been planted, then no matter what seductive thing you might present, the soul, having no kind of sympathy for it, passes by it, turning away from it with disgust.
www.orthodoxinfo.com /death/lifeafterdeath.aspx   (4018 words)

The holy Fathers who have lived a life equal to the angels on earth and have been initiated by visions and dreams and wonders into the life of the eternal torment of the ungodly and sinners, as also described in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, "have nowhere explained a purifying temporary fire".
The first is at the time of Baptism, the second is after Baptism through conversion and mourning during the present life, and the third after death, through prayers and beneficences and whatever the Church of Christ performs.
Remission after death too is arduous, because it is closely connected with repentance "and a conscience that is contrite and suffers from insufficiency of good", but it is free of punishment, since it is not possible for remission and punishment to exist at the same time.
www.pelagia.org /htm/b24.en.life_after_death.05.htm   (12480 words)

 Life After Death
After a death experience, Reverend Ware says his Spirit-Soul body detached itself from his physical body (starting at his head), and floated to an upright standing position.
Lorraine had a death experience where she found herself in a dark whirlpool, called the River of Death.
After a week, the little boy leaves the hospital on grandad's shoulder, and tells his mom he saw Jesus.
hills.ccsf.cc.ca.us /~jinouy01/lifeafterdeath/index.html   (1272 words)

 "All About" Life After Death - Bible Basics Series
Their lives on earth are not as important to them as the life they are preparing for after they die.
Physical death is the end of physical life as we know it is. There is no human science available to restore physical life once all the vital signs have collapsed.
The other death we are faced with is a physical death (the end of physical life as we know it) where the physical body returns to the dust from where it came.
www.siscom.net /~direct/eternity/index.htm   (5874 words)

 Life After Death?
One cross-cultural study was designed to contrast the phenomena according to a model of postmortem survival versus a model of death as extinction (Osis and Haraldsson, 1986).
When death approaches us or our dear ones, the research findings mentioned above might be useful to these believers and, possibly, to some others, especially if they themselves have experienced phenomena suggestive of afterlife.
Siegel, R.K. The psychology of life after death.
www.aspr.com /osis.html   (2523 words)

 Is There Life After Death? - Christian Forums
For life to be eternal we will need the same conditions to be perpetual for there to be such a thing as eternal life.
Death is not something in particular, its the absense of life.
While we are in agreement on the natural function of life you have ignored, life as a principle, life in the absolute sense, that as God has it.
www.christianforums.com /t82321   (4760 words)

 The New Book - Life After Death
Random House is pleased to publish the beautifully written seriocomic new novel by acclaimed poet and writer Carol Muske-Dukes, LIFE AFTER DEATH (Random House; $23.95; June 19, 2001).
Afier Russell's death, Boyd begins to find out who he really was and what her own feelings about him really are.
With a lonely undertaker, a very serious embalmer, a mother-in-law who refuses to face the truth, and her four-year-old daughter, Boyd begins to reclaim her life and to understand that endings often turn out to be beginnings.
www.carolmuskedukes.com /life_after_death.htm   (322 words)

 Life After Death - By Yanki Tauber   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Life's pleasures are many and varied, but they can be divided into two general categories: the satisfaction of a personal need or desire, or the achievement of a certain impact on the lives of others.
If life, to you, is getting the most you can of its resources for yourself, you have a limited time in which to get as much as you can, and then the fat lady sings and the curtain falls.
Sarah devoted her life to the creation of the first Jewish family; the story of Rebecca's selection demonstrates how Sarah's successor embodied the ideals upon which Sarah founded the Jewish home.
www.chabad.org /library/article.asp?AID=2716   (1275 words)

 The Case for Life After Death
For the existence of life after death is not on the one hand a logical tautology: its contradiction does not entail a contradiction, as a Euclidean theorem does.
The first reason for believing in life after death is simply that there is no compelling reason not to, no objection to it that cannot be answered.
It is the life of the organs, of the body; not that which lives but that by which we live.
www.leaderu.com /truth/1truth28.html   (3527 words)

 Life After Death
Life and death are like a small fl dot in the midst of an infinitely expanding, illuminated eternity.
The Bible speaks volumes about life after death and presents the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who entered human life from eternity and came back from death.
he first reason life exists after death is that we are an analogy of the divine.
www.whatgodintended.com /content/god-life-after-death.asp?tv=ah13   (1318 words)

 Life After Death
The Birth Called Death: From the age of 7 to the age of 22, Kathie Jordan's deceased brother came to her at nighttime, pulled her from her body, and guided her to Heaven.
In these nighttime journeys, she was taught about the purpose of life in the body, the meaning of death, and about the soul's progress in the afterlife.
The sole objective of the ISS is to disseminate the scientific proof of survival death on a global level.
www.after-death.com /links/lad.htm   (1241 words)

 Life After Death
Keep in mind that a belief in life after death does not require a belief in ghosts and that a belief in ghosts and other spirits does not logically entail a belief that mediums, spiritualists, and channelers can make contact with them or any other spiritual essence.
A psychologist who has spent much of her professional life in sympathetic attempts to explore claims of parapsychology looks at the psychology and biology of near-death experiences.
There is no doubt that people have such experiences; the issue is how they should be interpreted and whether they provide convincing evidence for a life after death.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~sch/beliefs/b-death.htm   (547 words)

 Life after death - Reincarnation, divinity, judgement after death
If life after death can be proven, then faith is unnecessary.
In its Hindu roots, reincarnation is the cycle of a person, after dying, returning as just about anything cow, crow, or cockroach..
Old family and acquaintances appear and beckon, but the person is told that it is not his time yet, and he returns to the world of the living, sanguine about his "experience" and no longer fearing death.
www.findyourfate.com /deathmeter/lifeafter.htm   (533 words)

 Life After Death: Resurrection, Judgment, Heaven and Hell?
Hinduism, other Oriental religions, and the New Age Movement, teach that, after death, we simply are reborn in a different form (higher or lower, depending on how we lived).
Death was a punishment for sin, and that death passes to all people.
Disease, like death, is a result of sin being in the world; hence it is a consequence of Satan's victory.
www.biblestudylessons.com /cgi-bin/gospel_way/life_after_death.php   (2295 words)

 Is there life after death?
The Bible tells us that there is not only life after death, but eternal life so glorious that “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).
Life on earth is a test – a preparation for what is to come.
If we accept the death of Jesus Christ as payment for our sinful rebellion against God, we are guaranteed not only a meaningful life on earth, but also everlasting life in the presence of Christ.
www.gotquestions.org /is-there-life-after-death.html   (1158 words)

 Life after Death
The question whether there is a life after death does not fall under the jurisdiction of science, as science is concerned only with classification and analysis of data.
Actually, if there is no life after death, the very belief in God becomes irrelevant, or even if one believes in God, that would be an unjust and indifferent God: having once created man and not concerned with his fate.
The belief in life after death not only guarantees success in the Hereafter but also makes this world full of peace and happiness by making individuals most responsible and dutiful in their activities.
www.islam101.com /dawah/04_life_death.html   (1513 words)

 Life After Death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Life After Death is the second album by East Coast rapper Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls), released on March 25, 1997 (see 1997 in music).
A double album that acts as a sequel of sorts to Ready to Die (1994, see 1994 in music), Life After Death received a great deal of critical praise, if not quite on the same level as his classic debut Ready to Die.
Though released in the wake of B.I.G.'s fatal shooting, Life After Death signaled a stylistic change in gangsta rap as it crossed over to the commercial mainstream.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Life_After_Death   (722 words)

 Is There Life After Death? - Local News - NBC10.com | WCAU
He was a skeptic about the issue of life after death until he was confronted with a story he couldn't explain away.
After the 7-year-old girl was resuscitated, she started drawing pictures.
After she was resuscitated, the patient insisted she had risen out of her body and floated up around the hospital where she saw a blue tennis shoe on the third floor ledge.
www.nbc10.com /news/3253894/detail.html   (644 words)

 Life After Death   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Almost immediately, the snags "came to life." Birds perched patiently waiting their turns on the feeders, and during the nesting season cardinals sang from the highest branches.
A few years later I found a kindred spirit when I overheard a woman in a wild bird store describe her "ghost tree." It turned out to be a snag.
Fungi and other decomposers return the stuff that trees are made of — organic matter and minerals — to the soil, where it can be reincorporated into new trees.
www.greenworks.tv /woodchuckcafe/archives/feature_lifeafterdeath.asp   (658 words)

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