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Topic: Limburg

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  Limburg, a European Province
Limburg is both a Dutch province and a European region with a highly distinct character.
The social and economic trends which affected the province in recent decades generated a process of change and renewal which has enabled Limburg to transform the drawbacks of its national peripheral location into advantages inherent in its European settings.
Today, Limburg is a European province par excellence and is the metaphorical hand which the Netherlands extends towards Europe.
www.limburg.nl /en/html/algemeen/Limburg/aeuropeanprovince.asp   (99 words)

  Limburg (Netherlands) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Limburg got its name from the fortified castle known as Limbourg, situated on the small river Vesdre in the Ardennes, nowadays in the Belgian province of Liège.
Limburg was also the scene of many a bloody battle during the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648), in which the Netherlands threw off Spanish rule.
Limburg's surface is largely formed by deposits from this Meuse river, consisting of river clay, fertile loessial soil and large deposits of pebblestone, currently being quarried for the construction industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Limburg_(Netherlands)   (1346 words)

 Limburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Limburg (Netherlands), in the south of the Netherlands.
Limburg (Belgium), in the Flanders region of Belgium.
Since Limburg is located in Flanders and the Netherlands, the official language in Limburg is Dutch, but Limburgish language, which has many divergent dialects, is spoken almost throughout the region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Limburg   (470 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Diocese of Limburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
By the Sperrgesetz, the clergy of Limburg found themselves deprived of salaries, while the bishop, after suffering fines and distraints for filling parishes without giving to the Government the newly prescribed notification, was, in 1876, expelled from office by the civil authority, and exiled.
The Diocese of Limburg includes the Prussian civil district of Wiesbaden in the Province of Hesse-Nassau, with the exception of that part of the city of Frankfort-on-the-Main which belongs to the Diocese of Fulda and four towns in the Grand Duchy of Hesse.
The institutions of the diocese are: the theological seminary at Limburg, with 18 students; the colleges for boys at Hadamar and Montabaur, each having about 100 pupils; the St. Joseph school for boys at Marienhausen; the asylum for idiots at Aulhausen; the Schola Gregoriana and the diocesan museum at Limburg.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09260a.htm   (1541 words)

 Limburg (Province, Belgium)
At the end of the Ancient Regime, the region limited by Liège, Maastricht and Aachen was divided among several feudal states: the County of Loon (in French, Looz), the Principality of Liège, the Duchy of Limburg, the domains of Valkenburg and 's Hertogenrad (belonging to Limburg) and the County of Dalhem.
The Dutch Limburg is still related to the historical Duchy of Limburg but the Belgian Limburg does not include a single piece of land formerly belonging to the Duchy, being mostly made of the former County of Loon.
The new arms of Limburg were derived from the arms of the Duchy of Limburg, with the addition of a Ducal coronet over the lion and of an escutcheon with the colours of Loon.
www.fotw.net /flags/be-vli.html   (1058 words)

 AllRefer.com - Limburg, province, Netherlands (Benelux Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Rich in historic antiquities, the province takes its name from the former duchy of Limburg, which comprised the southern part of the modern province, including Maastricht, and an eastern portion of modern LiEge prov.
Limburg prov., as established in 1815, did not correspond to the borders of the old duchy.
The Dutch-Belgian treaty of 1839 divided the territory, which was incorporated with the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/LimburgNet.html   (351 words)

 International Civic Heraldry-Belgium-Limburg (Province)
Henry, count of Limburg was mentioned Duke of Limburg in 1101, but this title was taken from him in 1106 again.
The new arms still show the lion of Limburg, with an escutcheon with the arms of the former County of Loon, as the largest part of the province belonged to Loon in the Middle Ages.
Hasselt is the capital of the province, Tongeren the seat of the oldest High Court of Limburg.
www.ngw.nl /int/bel/prov/limburg.htm   (377 words)

 Limburg (Netherlands) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Limburg is the southern-most of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands, located in the south-east of the country.
As such, the name of the new province derived from the old duchy of Limburg that had existed until 1648 within the triangle Maastricht - Liège - Aachen.
Limburgish is spoken by an estimated 1.6 million people in both Belgian and Dutch Limburg.
www.carpentersville.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Limburg_(Netherlands)   (865 words)

 Limburg, Netherlands
The former County (and later Duchy) of Limburg, to the east of the Maas, was declared by the Congress of Vienna in 1815 to be a province of the kingdom of the United Netherlands, which included the northern provinces of the Netherlands, Belgium and the old diocese of Liège.
Limburg remained a duchy until 1903, and this is perhaps why the Queen's Commissioner for Limburg is still called Governor and the arms of Limburg province incorporate those of the duchies of Gelderland and Limburg.
Apart from the towns Limburg is still largely an agricultural province, though since the end of the 19th century industry has come to play a predominant role in the economy.
www.planetware.com /netherlands/limburg-nl-lb-lb.htm   (268 words)

 AllRefer.com - Limburg, province, Belgium (Benelux Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Coal is mined, although in decreasing quantities, in the Campine region in the north.
Most of Limburg was included in the prince-bishopric of LiEge until 1792.
It became (1815) part of the Dutch province of Limburg, which was divided between Belgium and the Netherlands in 1839.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/L/LimburgBel.html   (234 words)

 Torpedo Attack on MV Limburg Causes Instant Panic in Washington
The second officer of the Limburg “thought he saw” a very fast moving small boat flash into the starboard side of the hull, but “felt nothing and saw no explosion".
If the sub that attacked the Limburg is operating alone, it is still capable of sinking five large supertankers all by itself.
The picture on the left is the hole blown in the hull of the MV Limburg last Sunday, but the picture on the right is of torpedo damage inflicted on the USS Liberty, an unarmed intelligence ship in international attacked by the Jewish State in 1967, killing 35 men and wounding 171.
www.geocities.com /subliminalsuggestion/limburg.html   (1440 words)

 Tourism Limburg
Forget your worries, break out of that daily routine and discover the healing effects of a vacation in Limburg.
Relaxing, taking it easy, unwinding… they are all synonymous with Limburg.
Everything that you want to know about our province is only a few mouse clicks away.
www.toerismelimburg.be /exec/108005/2152/ACTIVE_LANGUAGE_CODE=1   (46 words)

 firma regions
For water management in Limburg in general several interrelated issues can be specified under the general policy for natural and resilient water systems.
The most important governmental institutions related to the Maaswerken are the project organisation "De Maaswerken", the province of Limburg and the national Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries (LNV), and Transport and Public Works (V&W).
Watersnood in Limburg, van 1900 tot nu, Pieter Trompetter.
firma.cfpm.org /regions/regLimburg.htm   (1383 words)

 Limburg on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Most of Limburg was included in the prince-bishopric of Liège until 1792.
Attentat contre le Limburg le 6 octobre Le super-pétrolier français le Limburg a été attaqué en octobre au large des côtes.
Le pétrolier français Limburg, cible d'un attentat le 6 octobre, rappelle étrangement l'attentat contre l'USS Cole Al-Nach.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/l/limburgb1el.asp   (880 words)

 Pictures of Limburg - the Netherlands
The southern part of Limburg looks a bit over the border (and everything from far away is better).
This is a country-seat in the middle of Limburg, Kaldenbroek.
In South Limburg is a more hilly landscape, with small streams.
www.bamjam.net /Nederland/Limburg.html   (467 words)

 Provincie Limburg Local Customs - Travel Guide - VirtualTourist.com
"Limburg my fatherland, that's where I live; Limburg my fatherland, that's where it's beautifull." Usually the Dutch version is used even if the rest of the anthem is sung in Dialect, it's more better-known that way.
Though the Limburg dialect is not officially recognized as a language by the Dutch authority.
The OLS "Oud Limburgs Schuttersfeest" (Old Limburger Marksmanfest" is a competition among all the civic guards of the provinces of Limburg (the Dutch Limburg and the neighbouring Belgian Limburg).
www.virtualtourist.com /travel/Europe/Netherlands/Provincie_Limburg/Local_Customs-Provincie_Limburg-BR-1.html   (1167 words)

 Limburg at opensource encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Limburg is the name of two different adjoining provinces, one in the Netherlands and one in Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.
When the Belgians split away from the Northern Netherlands the province of Limburg was split in two.
Limburg an der Lahn, a city in Germany
www.wiki.tatet.com /Limburg.html   (130 words)

Via Limburg symbolises the co-operation between the provincial government of Limburg and the Directorate-General of Public Works and Water Management.
It is under this name that the two organisations are working on the construction of four roads in Limburg, namely national trunk road 73-south, national trunk road 74, and the secondary roads N280-east and N293 (Roermond east tangent).
The Via Limburg roads will mean considerable improvements to traffic safety and the accessibility of Limburg from 2008 onwards.
www.verkeerenwaterstaat.nl /?lc=uk&page=125   (307 words)

 Alfa Romeo Spiders
Limburg was his choice and now I know why.
There are more pictures in the Limburg gallery.
Thanx a bunch to Hans, Roni, Jaques and Cobi and their families and all the rest who made this such a memorable visit.
web.telia.com /~u40100700/limb.htm   (1878 words)

The province of Limburg borders at Germany and Belgium.
There are a few more cities and sights we have to visit in the South of Limburg.
Of course we'll have a look at the official Limburg site and get some tourist information about the province before we move on.
members.chello.nl /j.kersten21/limburg.htm   (133 words)

Tourists have been visiting South Limburg for more than a hundred years, and for very good reasons: the lovely countryside, tourist attractions, outstanding hotels and restaurants with a unique regional cuisine all exert a powerful pull.
The renowned South Limburg Hill Country and Valkenburg with its rolling countryside, the result of upheavals in the earth’s crust thousands of years ago, is a fantastic holiday destination where you will encounter typical Limburg dice-shaped farmsteads in yellow marlstone or half-timbered construction.
The northern part of the South Limburg region is known as the Western Mining Region (Westelijke Mijnstreek) or “Meuse Country” (Maasland).
www.vvvzuidlimburg.nl /index_en.aspx   (500 words)

 Limburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Limburg are a German company who create excellent fittings for a wide range of indoor tasks.
Their fittings will make a stunning difference to the look of a room, more often than not through their simplicity in appearance.
Limburg take pride in retaining their skills in glass blowing, and as such still create all their work by hand, allowing greater attention to detail and a uniqueness to each item they create.
www.wave.co.nz /~ism/limburg.htm   (81 words)

The attack on the Limburg prompted a warning by the
warned that the attack on the Limburg "was not an incidental strike at a passing tanker but..on the international
In the aftermath of the Limburg attack, as well as threats by al-Qaeda against oil infrastructure in the Persian
supertankers.topcities.com /part-2/id335.htm   (196 words)

 ipedia.com: Provinces of the Netherlands Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Republic's lands also included Drenthe (one of the 17, but without the autonomous status of the others), and parts of Brabant, Limburg and Flanders, which were considered to be "conquered lands" and were governed directly by the Staten-Generaal, the parliament.
This new unified state featured the provinces in their modern form, as non-autonomous subdivisions of the national state, and again numbering 17 provinces, though not all the same as the 16th century ones.
In 1839, with the independence of Belgium, the original single province of Limburg was divided amongst the two countries, each now having a province called Limburg.
www.ipedia.com /provinces_of_the_netherlands.html   (737 words)

 Deutsche Wappen (Gemeindewappen Kreiswappen) - German Civic Heraldry-LIMBURG AN DER LAHN
The seal is known since 1243 and showed the three towers and a small shield with the arms of the Counts of Isenburg, who ruled the town at the time.
In 1300 the Counts of Limburg acquired the city, and the above arms show the small shield with the arms of the Counts of Limburg.
In 1908 the arms of the counts Limburg were chosen above the arms of the other families.
www.ngw.nl /int/dld/l/limburg.htm   (260 words)

 Private Investigator Limburg Agency Detective BAKINER
Our Agency is serving in Limburg and in over 500 cities worldwide.
Few companies or security departments are Private Investigator Limburg packaging to an international ring with ties to Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia.
For example, it has been alleged that Martin Frankel orchestrated one of DUE DILEGINCE: It is what must be done to avoid civil suites for negligent actions.
www.bakiner.com /dw/eng/investigator_Limburg.html   (249 words)

 Limburg : Introduction | Frommers.com
Coming into Limburg from the north, you notice a gradual transformation taking place in the landscape.
Truth be told, the hills aren't that high, yet in a country where you can get a view just by standing on a match, Limburg has hidden depths.
Limburgers have a frontier vitality and relish the differences between themselves and their fellow countrymen north of the Maas.
www.frommers.com /destinations/limburg/3129010001.html   (178 words)

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