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Topic: Linear A

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  Ancient Scripts: Linear A
As time goes on, it appears that the linear hieroglyphic system evolved into Linear A. Linear A has roughly 90 symbols, thus most likely a syllabary much like Linear B.
However, Linear A has resisted all attempts at decipherment because its underlying language is still unknown and probably will remain obscure since it doesn't seem to relate to any other surviving language in Europe or Western Asia.
Linear B and Cypriot both exhibit considerable similarity to Linear A. Because of its time depth, Linear A appears to be the immediate ancestor to both of these writing systems.
www.ancientscripts.com /lineara.html   (274 words)

  Linear A script
Linear A, also undeciphered, is thought to have evolved from the hieroglyphic script, and Linear B probably evolved from Linear A, though the relationship between the two scripts is unclear.
Linear A is mixed script consisting of 60 phonetic symbols representing syllables and 60 sematographic symbols representing sounds and concrete objects or abstract ideas.
Linear A was written in horizontal lines running from left to right on clay tablets which were probably used for keeping records of transactions.
www.omniglot.com /writing/lineara.htm   (222 words)

  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Linear A   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Linear A is an undeciphered script used in ancient Crete.
While the related writing named Linear B was deciphered in the 1950s by Michael Ventris as representing an ancient form of Greek, Linear A remained unsolved.
Though the two scripts share many of the same symbols, using the syllables associated with Linear B in Linear A writings produces words that are unrelated to any known language.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/li/Linear_A   (180 words)

 Linear B syllabary - the ancient script of Crete
He realised that the inscriptions represented three different writing systems: a 'hieroglyphic' script, Linear A and Linear B. The hieroglphic script appears only on seal stones and has yet to be deciphered.
Evans also discovered a number of parallels between the Cypriot script, which had been deciphered, and Linear B. This indicated that the language represented by Linear B was an ancient form of Greek, but he wasn't prepared to accept this, being convinced that Linear B was used to write Minoan, a language unrelated to Greek.
Linear B was used between about 1500 and 1200 BC to write a form of Greek known as Mycenaean, named after Mycenae, where Agamemnon is said to have ruled.
www.omniglot.com /writing/linearb.htm   (496 words)

  S17 - Phaestos Disc   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Linear A writing depicted on the disc has yet to be deciphered, although its successor, Linear B was deciphered and found to be a form of early Greek.
Linear A was used solely by the Minoan people, and many scholars believe that when it is deciphered, it will provide clues needed to solidify the theory of the origin of the Minoan people.
The Linear A Linear script of the Phaestos disc was replaced around 1380 by Linear B, and many clay tablets of it have been found.
www.artfromgreece.com /stories/s17.html   (233 words)

  Linear A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Linear A is an undeciphered script used in ancient Crete.
A related script, Linear B, was deciphered in the 1950s by Michael Ventris as representing an ancient form of Greek.
Around the same time, M. Tsikritsis, a Greek computer scientist and a text analysis specialist used a statistical and machine comparison of Linear A and Linear B symbols to conclude that Linear A was an early aeolic dialect of Greek, and essentially a form of Linear B with a variety of archaisms.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Linear_A   (1326 words)

 Linear equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A linear equation is an equation involving only the sum of constants or products of constants and the first power of a variable.
Because of the linear property above, the solutions of linear equations of this kind can in general be described as a superposition of other solutions of the same equation.
While they arise quite naturally when modeling many phenomena, they are particularly useful since many non-linear equations may be reduced to linear equations by assuming that quantities of interest vary to only a small extent from some "background" state.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Linear_equation   (914 words)

 Linear A - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Linear A, system of writing on tablets dating from the second millennium bc that were discovered at Pílos (Pylos) and other Mycenaean sites.
Linear Programming, mathematical and operations-research technique, used in administrative and economic planning to maximize the linear functions of...
Linear Algebra, branch of mathematics that is concerned with systems of linear equations, linear transformations, vectors and vector spaces, and...
ca.encarta.msn.com /Linear+A.html   (134 words)

 Archaeology Wordsmith
The name refers specifically to the standard incised linear decoration which was pairs of parallel lines forming spirals, meanders, chevrons, etc. There was farming of emmer wheat and barley and the keeping of domestic animals such as cattle.
Sir Arthur Evans named the Linear A and B scripts such to distinguish them from the hieroglyphic which preceded them; Linear A is the earlier of the two.
linear pottery is characterized by incised and sometimes painted pottery (3/4 spherical bowl) with linear designs (curvilinear, zigzag, spiral, and meander patterns), polished stone shoe-last adzes, and a microlithic stone industry.
www.reference-wordsmith.com /cgi-bin/lookup.cgi?exact=1&terms=linear   (1077 words)

 kairatos editions Αντώνης Θωμ. Βασιλάκης. Linear A, Linear B.
Linear A, Linear B. At first, the Minoans were using a kind of writing which was similar to the hieroglyphics of Egypt.
Linear writing was invented, because they wanted to have the linear representation of the object and not its image.
We understood the way of writing the Greek hieroglyphics, Linear A and Linear B, when the Greek newspaper “Kyriakatiki Kathimerini” published an article, which included the text and the translation of the hieroglyphic inscription that is on the smaller ring of the two rings from the Aedonia treasure.
www.kairatos.com.gr /linear1.htm   (1889 words)

 Herodotus' Corner   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Linear A has not been deciphered, due to the facts that we do not know the language that it is based on, and very few varied examples of it have been found.
Linear B is another Greek script, and it appears to be based on Linear A. The earliest examples of Linear B come from the Greek mainland, but the script has also been found on several o the Greek islands.
Linear B is a syllabary form of writing, and does not have a true alphaet.
www.musesrealm.net /herodotus4.html   (481 words)

 Linear B and Linear A compared   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The lower object is a tablet inscribed in the Linear B script.
Above is a closeup of a large Linear B tablet from the Mycenaean site of Pylos.
Mycenaeans also painted Linear B signs on storage and transport jars, such as this one which contained wine or olive oil.
ccwf.cc.utexas.edu /~perlman/myth/linb.htm   (292 words)

 The Linear B Tablets and Mycenaean Organization
Linear B is a principally syllabic script written with some 89 different signs which have been deciphered as representing both bare vowels (i.e.
The second form of Linear B text consists of painted inscriptions on ceramic vessels, for the most part large, coarse stirrup jars on whose shoulders between one and three words were painted before the vessels were intentionally fired.
The Linear B evidence suggests that the koreter was a local official in charge of one of the sixteen major administrative units within the Pylian kingdom, and the prokoreter was evidently his deputy.
projectsx.dartmouth.edu /history/bronze_age/lessons/les/25.html   (2791 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for linear   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Linear A was in extensive use during the middle period of the Minoan civilization (c.
Linear B was an adaptation of Linear A, used by the Mycenaean civilization of mainland Greece to write...
Expressed as the linear equation = +, the values of and are chosen so that the line meets the curve at the chosen location, or value of, and the slope of the line equals the rate of...
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=linear&StartAt=1   (944 words)

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