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In the News (Mon 23 Apr 18)

  The Shiva Linga - Images of Cosmic Manhood in Art and Mythology
Primarily, the glowing, flaming linga was a pillar of fire, connecting heaven and earth.
The Linga as Phallus: This is depicted in the tale of the curse of sage Bhrigu, and Shiva's violation of the chaste wives of the ascetics in the forest.
The linga is not just the organ of generation, but a sign of the progenitor and the essence of cosmic manhood manifested in the microcosm.
www.exoticindiaart.com /article/shivalinga   (6828 words)

  The Three Goddesses
The five main types of lingas are: the svayambhu-linga, which shows itself in a natural way; the bindulinga, which is as one contemplates it; the pratishta linga, which is installed through proper mantras; the cara, which is also termed abhyatmika', and the gurulinga, which is the idol of Shiva.
Dange mentions that the rasa-linga is meant for the Brahmins; the bana (arrow) linga for Ksatriyas; svama (golden) linga for the Vaishyas; sailaja (stone) lingafor the Sudras; while the sphatika (crystal) linga is for all the varnas.
Pandey wrote that 'these lingas had the portrait of the teachers earned in them, seems to find support from the fact that there are two lingas with portraits of Lakuli sculpted in front One of these is in the temple of Naklesvara and the other is that of Rajarajesvara, both at Karvan in Baroda state.
threegoddesses.com /Rutabagas_files/shivalinga.html   (2271 words)

 Shiva Lingam
Lingam or Linga (Sanskrit: Gender as in purusha-linga : Phallus) is used as a symbol for the worship of the Hindu God Shiva (Siva).
Thus, it is Shiva, the destructive form of the Almighty, who is represented by the Lingam or Phallus, which is manifestly the CREATIVE or generative power of Man. This points to an origin of the tradition of using the Lingam as a divine symbol that is utterly sublime in its philosophical underpinnings.
Lingas are usually of stone (either carved or naturally existing, svayambhu, such as shaped by a swift-flowing river), but may also be of metal, precious gems, crystal, wood, earth or transitory materials such as ice.
www.thaiexotictreasures.com /shiva_lingam.html   (1107 words)

 Shivalinga (Shivling)
The linga is therefore associated with the sexual union of Shiva and Parvati, which results in creation.
Linga is derived from the Sanskrit word lingam, which comes from li meaning, "to dissolve" and gam "to move on".
Although the Vedas are contemptuous of the linga because of its association with the phallus, later literature like the Puranas and tantric texts laud phallic worship.
www.gurjari.net /ico/Mystica/html/shivalinga.htm   (701 words)

 Banalingas from the Narmadanadi   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The stationary stone lingas worshipped in temples are required to have features like tri-sutra markings and division of the linga shaft into the four-sided Brahma-bhaga (hidden under the ground) the eight sided Vishnu-bhaga (concealed by the yoni or pedestal), and the circular Rudra-bhaga (which is seen and is worshipped, and hence called puja-bhaga).
With regard to the lingas of all varieties except bana-linga, bigger the size the greater the acceptability as it is also the case with rudraksha beads, which are sacred to Siva.
The linga which was worshipped by Vishnu is distinguished by the marks of conch-shell, discus, lotus, mace, the jewels on the chest (sri-vatsa and kaustubha) or the foot-prints of Vishnu.
www.salagram.net /sstp-Bana-lingas.html   (3854 words)

 Lingam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Siva-Linga is a symbol of Lord Siva.
The linga is a tangible piece of stone, and a symbol of God.
Linga, symbol of Shiva, God who is formless, attributeless and omnipresent.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Linga   (1657 words)

 Shiva Linga,Shiva Lingam,Sivalingam,Shivalingam,Siva Linga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Shiva Linga is the holy symbol of Lord Shiva that is considered sacred by the devotees of Lord Shiva.
Correspondence of Linga and Yoni in a Shiva Linga is therefore interpreted as the representation of the process of copulation.
Puranas, especially the Vamana Purana, Shiva Purana, Linga Purana, Skanda Purana, Matsya Purana and Visva-Sara-Prakasha attribute the origin of Shiva Linga to the curse of sages leading to the separation of and installation of the phallus of Lord Shiva on earth.
www.mahashivratri.org /shiva-linga.html   (677 words)

 Lingayat Company Home
The five codes are Lingachara (daily worship of the Sivalinga), sadachara (attention to vocation and duty), Sivachara (acknowledging Siva as the one God and equality among members), bhrityachara (humility towards all creatures) and ganachara (defense of the community and its tenets).
The eight shields are guru, Linga, jangama (wandering monk), paduka (water from bathing the Linga or guru's feet), prasada (sacred offering), vibhuti (holy ash), rudraksha (holy beads) and mantra (Namah Sivaya).
The holy Samadhi(Aikya Mantapa) of Basavanna with Linga, which is believed to be self-born (Swayambhu), is situated in the place of confluence.
www.lingayat.com /alingayat/alingayat.asp   (1004 words)

 Shiva Jyotirlinga worship page
It is a belief that whosoever worships this holy Swayambhu Siva Linga with true faith is blessed by the grace of Lord Siva himself.
The linga is white and is considered Swayambhu, or self-manifested.
The main linga is in the shape of an elephant trunk, with tusks on each side and a figure of a spider at the bottom.
www.jyotirlinga.com /svayam.html   (1238 words)

 crystallotus.com - Lingum - convergence of knowledge- acupressure angkorvat atma aum banaras chakras damaru esoteric ...
The Linga is referred to as “Vaykta-Avaykta” meaning it is neither of the manifest world nor is it totaly unmanifest.
The Shiva Linga is the perfect balance between the two, being neither of this world nor that.
The Shiva Linga it is elliptical in shape, only half the ellipse is visible to us, showing that this created world is only a part of God and there is much more to Him beyond this created world.
www.crystallotus.com /Lingum/Lingum.htm   (753 words)

 Linga Purana - Spiritual Literature Of India - Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita And Other Scriptures Of India
It was from the linga that the primordial egg (anda), the origin of the universe, had been created.
The Linga Purana next describes the rituals that have to be followed in worshipping Shiva’s linga.
At the confluence of the Varuna and the Ganga, Brahma established a linga known as Sangameshvara.
www.bharatadesam.com /spiritual/linga_purana.php   (12148 words)

 Linga Longa Guest House in White River
Linga Longa Guest House is situated in White River, Mpumalanga Province.
Linga Longa Guest House is an ideal destination for business or leisure.
The people of Mpumalanga, White River and your hosts at Linga Longa Guest House, wait to welcome you with African warmth to their home.
www.lingalongabb.co.za /index.htm   (149 words)

 ARTICLE : More on definition and origin of Shiv linga   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Mahabharat (XII.195.15) describes linga as the vehicle, or body of the transmigrating psyche (that which passes from one birth to the next).
Abhinav Gupta in his Tantra- Aaloka (V.54) explains Linga as "linam- gamyate - This whole (universe) is dissolved (linam) in that, and this whole (universe) is perceived (gamyate) as residing within that".
Brahma Upanishad speaks of 3 types of linga that should be made object of meditation: Adho linga at the base of spine (Mulaadhaar chakra), Shikhin linga at the crown of the head (Sahasraar chakra) and Jyotir (light) linga at the center of the forehead (Aajnyaa or Guru chakra).
www.hindunet.org /srh_home/1996_9/msg00047.html   (371 words)

Traditional form of worship of Linga involved pouring milk over the erect phallic shaft of the Lingam, symbolizing the semen or the 'milk of life' dripping down the female clitoris.
In some TANTRIC versions of Linga Puja, both male and female humans participate in the ritual, with the male copulating with the female yoni and interrupts his coitus at the point of ejaculation of semen.
The Linga or the Phallus refers to the erect male penis, although it could refer to the the clitoris of a female vagina.
www.nudeyoga.org /PUNDAI/LINGAM/LINGAYOGA.HTML   (2943 words)

 Shiva Linga
The Linga is made of fl or white stone and is often rounded at both top and bottom.
The Linga is one of the most popular and powerful symbols in Hinduism, next only to the symbol of Aum or Om.
In most of the Indian temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is the Linga which is the main idol in the santum sanctorum instead of an idol in human form, which is the norm in the case of all other Hindu deities.
www.artandcraftsofindia.com /read/shiva_linga.htm   (233 words)

 Linga Purana - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In this Purana, Shiva directly tells sometimes the importance of worship of Linga and the correct rituals to be followed during the puja of the linga.
The linga or the phallus, the giver of life is one of the shapes which represents the nature of the shapless.
It is in the union of the linga and the yoni that divinity, or the power to create is most directly apparent in Man. There cannot be procreation without such union and there cannot be divine manifestation without their cosmic equivalent.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Linga_Purana   (707 words)

 ShivaBalaYogi - His Life & Words | meditation -  dhyana - yoga - elightenment  self realization Swamiji ...
A linga is a stone, generally with a round and slightly long shape, that is a form of Shiva, the God who ultimately is the Soul within each being.
It was revealed to him that this was the linga to be installed in the meditation temple and that it could be found in the Narmada River near the Omkareshwara temple.
The linga is of heavy and very dense stone, but a reasonably strong person should have been able to lift it off the ground.
www.shiva.org /SHIVABALAYOGI-Linga_Devi.htm   (584 words)

 Parada Shiva Linga
Lord Shiva, who is the easiest to please, has always been accorded the highest place of reverence in the Hindu religion.
For ages He is been worshiped in the form of a deity image or a Linga.
It is hard to find a town or village in India where His Shivalinga is not worshipped.
www.astrojyoti.com /paradshivalinga.htm   (951 words)

 Chapter 14 - The Consecration of Shiva-linga and Description of the Four Classes of Avadhutas
Whether the Linga is placed on a Gauri-patta or not, the worshipper should, for the successful attainment of his desires, worship it devoutly (24).
Rubbing the linga with a piece of cloth and placing it on its seat, Ganesha and other Deities should be worshipped according to the rules prescribed for their worship (31).
Repeating the Mula Mantra, one-third of the Linga should be set in a hollow made in a piece of stone or in a masonry hole (65).
www.sacred-texts.com /tantra/maha/maha14.htm   (5623 words)

 [No title]
Both of them returned having not seen the end or the beginning, and they then symbolised him as a pillar of stone for all of mankind to worship (which is called the shiva linga).
But whatever be the case, and whichever group be true and from wherever the Kaaba was brought, both groups agree that the Kaaba is the sign of god, that which Mohammad the prophet kissed and that which every pilgrim to mecca kisses.
Due to this great potence of shiva to create and destroy, some followers wrongly associate the shiva linga to be the phallic symbol.
members.tripod.com /~ajaysat/shiva.html   (2017 words)

 Fundas on the Shiva Linga and Hinduism
There is another symbolic story to shiva linga, To denote the infinity of the supreme god.
Some claim that this could be a shiva linga, while others take offence to it.
It might be interesting to note here, that in the ancient days, there were travellers from Arabia to Hind to find and discover the country and sciences.
www.geocities.com /ajaysaty/shiva.html   (2038 words)

 Vishnu Purana: Preface: 11. The Linga Puráńa
"Where Maheśwara, present in the Agni Linga, explained (the objects of life) virtue, wealth, pleasure, and final liberation at the end of the Agni Kalpa, that Puráńa, consisting of eleven thousand stanzas, was called the Lainga by Brahmá himself
It is said to have been originally composed by Brahmá; and the primitive Linga is a pillar of radiance,
Upon the Linga the sacred monosyllable Om is visible, and the Vedas proceed from it, by which Brahms and Vishńu become enlightened, and acknowledge and eulogize the superior might and glory of Śiva.
www.sacred-texts.com /hin/vp/vp015.htm   (644 words)

 Swami Siva Kalki and the Swayambhu Linga
The librarian there produced two prime reference sources from which Wilson learnt of a special classification of linga, the Swayambhuwa, which are mounted on pedestals of natural stone.
Speaking with a lot of emotion he confirmed that "the linga transformed my entire life and infused an almost celestial feeling which I never knew I was capable of experiencing."
The Swayambhu Linga has filled a large vacuum and given me the strength to be at peace with myself and my brethren.
kataragama.org /sivakalki.htm   (1297 words)

 Commentaries on Mahavaakyas
He explains that the outer cover of the egg-shaped LINGA is the Anda or Prakrithi, the female principle and the inner Rasa or essence is the Pinda or Purusha or the male principle.
Shiva is the Light of Life and, as such, this statement corresponds to the mark or Linga of the eternal life principle.
The Linga is the egg-shaped total Cosmos in which exists the Andas, the egg-shaped living cells, the Pindas, the egg-shaped human embryos as well as the egg-shaped innumerable universes, Brahmaanda.
www.eaisai.com /baba/docs/mahavakya.html   (3024 words)

 Shiva Linga and Phallus Worship
Shiva Linga is a wide spread Indian Phallic figure.
Shiva, the lord of erect Phallus (urdhvalinga), is traced to the ithyphallic figure of Indus Valley civilization or to the phallic images found more generally in prehistoric India.
The epics and Puranas tell how a great fire appeared from the cosmic waters, and from this flame Linga Shiva emerged to claim supremacy and worship over Brahma and Vishnu, when he was castrated because he seduced sages’ wives in the pine forests of Himalayas.
www.vepachedu.org /linga.htm   (730 words)

 Compagnie Linga
In 1993, Linga was offered to take permanent residence at the Octogone Theater in Pully/Lausanne (CH), an important national theater.
Their works, their physical and unconventional style have made the fame of the company, hosted in Europe's, South America's and Middle East's most important festivals and theaters.
He danced with the Hamburg Opera, and then as a soloist with the Staatstheater Gelsenkirchen, the National Ballet of Portugal, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Stadttheater Bern and the BĂ©jart Ballet Lausanne.
www.linga.ch /compagnie.php?langue=en&PHPSESSID=574806594f4d197d1d8ee9fd7fa221d2   (376 words)

 SIVA LINGA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The Linga's expanding Omkar merges the soul in Spirit's fountain
The Linga vibrates the eternal Aum from its center
The Linga appears to hasten man's inner spiritual birth
personal.riverusers.com /~innerguide/SivaLinga.html   (204 words)

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