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Topic: Lingayen

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  The Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan
On the south it is bounded by the province and Diocese of Tarlac, and on the north and northwest by the Lingayen Gulf and the Diocese of San Fernando, La Union.
Lingayen Gulf was the headquarters of the Chinese pirate Limahong who came even ahead of the Spanish forces.
The Diocese of Lingayen was erected on May 19, 1928, comprising the entire province of Pangasinan.
www.cbcponline.net /lingayen-dagupan   (844 words)

  Lingayen Gulf   (Site not responding. Last check: )
During the assault group's trip to Lingayen from January 4 - 12th a total of 24 ships were sunk and 67 damaged by kamikazie attacks.
Sunk in Lingayen Gulf was USS Long DD-209 and USS Hovey (DD-208 / DMS-11).
Lingayen Gulf is peaceful, with mainly local fishing boats using the Gulf only.
www.pacificwrecks.com /provinces/philippines_lingayen_gulf.html   (161 words)

 Lingayen Gulf information - Search.com
The Lingayen Gulf is an extension of the South China Sea on Luzon in the Philippines.
It is framed by the provinces of Pangasinan and La Union and sits between the Zambales Mountains and the Cordillera Central.
Lingayen, the capital of Pangasinan also lies on the shores of the gulf.
www.search.com /reference/Lingayen_Gulf   (192 words)

 Lingayen Agri-Food Supply official website
"It was the Chinese who introduced bagoong-making to the people of the Philippines.  After centuries of perfection, Lingayen bagoong is said to be the best bagoong found in the Philippines, and it is exported to many countries" according to the Manila Times.
Lingayen bagoong and patis are available at your local Asian supermarket or neighborhood Filipino store.
For authorized international distribution and sales inquires please contact:
www.lingayen.com   (66 words)

 Lingayen Page
Lingayen is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pangasinan on the island of Luzon in the Philippines.
The town was the site of the amphibious landing of U.S. liberation forces under General Douglas MacArthur on 8-9 January 1945, from which U.S. forces punctured the Japanese defenses on Luzon Island and rescued American and allied prisoners of war interned at the University of Sto.
Lingayen is the birthplace of former President Fidel V. Ramos.
pasyalan.net /pangasinan/lingayen   (171 words)

 The Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan
On the south it is bounded by the province and Diocese of Tarlac, and on the north and northwest by the Lingayen Gulf and the Diocese of San Fernando, La Union.
Lingayen Gulf was the headquarters of the Chinese pirate Limahong who came even ahead of the Spanish forces.
The Diocese of Lingayen was erected on May 19, 1928, comprising the entire province of Pangasinan.
www.cbcponline.org /lingayen-dagupan   (844 words)

 Balancing Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability In the Lingayen Gulf
With the massive exploitation of the Lingayen Gulf by commercial fisheries, artisan fishers and peasants who depend on the Gulf to provide food for themselves and their family are struggling to compete for marine resources, resorting to Malthusian overfishing (Dayton, et al.
The Lingayen Gulf suffers from microbial contamination (from untreated sewage), fertilizer and pesticide runoff, mining waste, siltation, industrial and municipal waste water discharge, and solid wastes that are adversely affecting the reef system (Guarin, 1991; Soegiarto, 1994).
The situation in the Lingayen Gulf is so complex that there cannot be a single source of the problems that were presented in the technological aspects portion of this report.
darwin.bio.uci.edu /~sustain/suscoasts/nlegaspi.html   (8272 words)

 Sun.Star Pangasinan - Lowly fishers urge: Save Lingayen Gulf from exploitation
LINGAYEN -- Some 11,000 marginal fishermen from at least 11 coastal areas in the province urged the Provincial Government to move in protecting the Lingayen Gulf against exploitation from unscrupulous traders who make millions of pesos through unlawful means while taking provisions from the historic water.
The Lingayen Gulf is in a state of depletion and degradation due to natural and man-made activities leading to the destruction of coastal resources, hence, has been declared as an environmentally critical area, the lowly fishermen claimed.
The program is geared to serve as model for the conservation and promotion of the Lingayen Gulf as a prime fishing zone as well as center of navigation and eco-tourism development in the Ilogos Region.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/pan/2004/10/07/news/lowly.fishers.urge.save.lingayen.gulf.from.exploitation.html   (435 words)

 Sun.Star Pangasinan - Lingayen bridge reopens
LINGAYEN -- The rebuilt Domalandan Bridge here was inaugurated and opened again to motorists after almost six years of reconstruction work.
Agbayani said Saturday was a historic day for the people of Lingayen not only because they are celebrating the annual fiesta but most of all, the Domalandan bridge has opened again.
She said her mother, who is a native of Binalonan town, was actually born in Lingayen in 1915 where the hospital was located as there no hospital then in Binalonan.
www.sunstar.com.ph /static/pan/2007/01/07/news/lingayen.bridge.reopens.html   (467 words)

 Geography & History
This is especially evident in the Lingayen Gulf, as man is single-handedly destroying the coastal area.
This is to say that in the Lingayen Gulf, efforts must be made to slow down the destruction and depletion of the many organisms that live there.
This is particularly true for the Lingayen Gulf area as the people are accustomed to fishing as their livelihood.
darwin.bio.uci.edu /~sustain/suscoasts/mnondarakse.html   (3884 words)

 The Fall of the Philippines-Chapter 8
Included in the Lingayen Force were between 80 and 100 light and heavy tanks distributed between the 4th and 7th Tank Regiments.
The vessels that reached Lingayen Gulf on the night of 21 December were organized in three separate convoys.
The southern edge of the gulf where the landing was expected and where the bulk of the artillery was emplaced, was in the 21st Division sector.
www.army.mil /CMH/books/wwii/5-2/5-2_8.htm   (8599 words)

 The Provincial Profile of Pangasinan
However, he was also forced out of Lingayen leaving only the Limahong Channel, a tunnel dug for six months that served as his escape route as the only lasting legacy of his failed attempt.
The Americans also landed in San Fabian in the Lingayen Gulf in 1945, which signaled the beginning of the liberation of the island of Luzon from the Japanese.
Lingayen was once the primary center of commerce in the province and had a thriving Chinese community to direct its trade.
www.geocities.com /lppsec/pp/pangasinan.htm   (1664 words)

 Unregulated Fish Pen and Cage Operations Mess Up Coastal Ecosystems
The writer of this series traveled to fishing villages along the Lingayen Gulf and explores the various issues related both to environmental degradation and social equity that resulted in the massive fish kills.
This May, it was the turn of Dagupan City, Lingayen and Binmaley to suffer the "curse" of the dead fish.
The change in water quality is exemplified by the case of Bolinao where the threefold-increase in fish pen and fish cage structures has resulted in a corresponding increase in nutrient levels of ammonia, which is mostly released from the nitrogen in feeds, as well as those of nitrite, nitrate and phosphate.
www.pcij.org /stories/2002/aquaculture.html   (2324 words)

Lat 16° 1' 0N Long 120° 13' 60E Located at the center of Lingayen Gulf.
Dagupan and San Fabian are located to the east.
On January 9, 1945 the US Army 6th Army, XIV Corps 40th Division landed at Lingayen, then moved inland to the south, and westward towards Sual.
www.pacificwrecks.com /provinces/philippines_lingayen.html   (163 words)

 Local Government Unit: Municipality of Lingayen
This town that faces the historic Lingayen Gulf has finally arisen from long-time stoicism and is at the threshold of flourishing commerce and modern living.
Lingayen is likewise a favorite site for various national and international events such as sports and conventions.
Lingayen boasts of newly-built Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center, a sports complex of international standards.
elgu2.ncc.gov.ph /lingayen   (172 words)

  Luzon Mission - USS War Hawk - AP-168   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The invasion of Luzon began in the Lingayen Gulf on the western side of the island on 9 January 1945.
At 04:10 hours on the morning of 10 January 1945, the War Hawk was anchored in Lingayen Gulf where she was attacked in the dark by a "Shinyo" or Japanese suicide boat.
Lingayen Gulf is a fairly large gulf about midway on the west side of Luzon Island and located about 120 miles north northwest of Manila.
home.pacbell.net /lesds/WarHawk/Luzon.html   (716 words)

  Wikipedia: Pangasinan
Its capital is Lingayen and borders La Union and Benguet to the north, Nueva Vizcaya and Nueva Ecija to the east, and Zambales and Tarlac to the south.
To the west of Pangasinan is the South China Sea and the province encloses the Lingayen Gulf.
Lingayen Gulf was one of the strategic places during the Second World War.
www.factbook.org /wikipedia/en/p/pa/pangasinan.html   (489 words)

 Major Hubs 5 Major Destinations   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Pangasinan is a long, wide, verdant crescent bounded by the wild Zambales range to the west and to the east by the Cordilleras -- the formidable mountains that form the spine of the island of Luzon.
To the south, Pangasinan extends to the rice-and-sugar farmlands of Tarlac, and north to the crowning glory of Lingayen Gulf and the South China Sea.
However, he was also forced out of Lingayen leaving only the Limahong Channel, a tunnel dug for six months that served as his escape route as the only lasting legacy of his failed attempt.
www.asia-planet.net /philippines/lingayen-dagupan.htm   (726 words)

 GlobalPinoy, Travel - Pangasinan
Pangasinan adjourns Lingayen Gulf and is the point of departure for tourists traveling to the One Hundred Islands National Park, a remarkably varied collection of coral islets.
Lingayen Gulf was the landing area for both the Japanese invasion forces and the American liberators during World War II and many memorials have been erected in memory of these important historical events.
Lingayen Public Beach - One of the landing areas of the American Forces on January 9, 1945, that paved the way for the liberation of Northern Luzon.
www.globalpinoy.com /travel/province/pangasinan.php   (444 words)

 USS Robinson
Lingayen Gulf was, in effect, a perfect ‘back door’ to Manila for its would be liberators.
The Robbie, and all the vast flotilla of warships, transports and landing craft, settled in at anchor in the Gulf for the night, pleased with their day’s work, expecting a peaceful and relaxing night.
Robbie’s involvement in the Lingayen landings ended two uneventful days later when she departed the gulf with a convoy of empty transports headed for Leyte Gulf.
www.ussrobinson.org /Star_Five.htm   (1117 words)

 The Pangasinan Experience - Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of the landing areas of the American forces in 1945 that paved the way for the liberation of the island of Luzon, a park has been set up displaying old World War II relics.
The shrine of Nuestra Señora de Manaoag or "Apo Baket" is situated atop the hill.
Lingayen beach has the wide expanse of the provincial compound in front of it with the tree-lined Maramba Boulevard playing host to videoke bars, restos and canteens.
www2.mozcom.com /~urduja/travel/places.htm   (758 words)

 Lingayen - LoveToKnow 1911   (Site not responding. Last check: )
LINGAYEN, a town and the capital of the province of Pangasinan, Luzon, Philippine Islands, about i 10 m.
by W. of Manila, on the S. shore of the Gulf of Lingayen, and on a low and fertile island in the delta of the Agno river.
It has good government buildings, a fine church and plaza, the provincial high school and a girls' school conducted by Spanish Dominican friars.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Lingayen   (148 words)

Lingayen Gulf is over one hundred miles north of Manila.
This was in contrast to their earlier missions at Leyte, where the un-swept waters forced their support forces to stay so far from the beaches that they were ineffective.
Team Nine survivors were assigned to the USS Sands, APD-13, and on the morning or January 13 they left Lingayen Gulf bound for Pearl Harbor.
www.udtseal.org /luzon.html   (3042 words)

 Lingayen proposed as heritage site | Sunday Punch
LINGAYEN - A noted historian in Pangasinan has proposed the conversion of the whole town of Lingayen as a heritage site.
In proposing that the whole town of Lingayen be made as heritage site, Basa has sought the restoration and preservation of the old building beside the Lingayen Municipal Hall, which was the first provincial building in Pangasinan under Spanish rule.
Quintos was a lawyer and gobernadorcillo of the old sangley community of Lingayen in the 1850s whose daughter Brigida, married Don Lorenzo Alberto Alonso of Laguna, parents of Teodora de Quintos Alonso who, in turn, married Francisco Mercado y Rizal, the parents of the national hero and his siblings.
sundaypunch.prepys.com /archives/2006/11/19/lingayen-as-heritage-site-proposed   (497 words)

 Aklasan Ng Charismatic Pinoys: Andres Malong
Sa gulo ng nagliliyab na Lingayen, buhay pa at lumalaban ang frayle at ang mga kakamping mga taga-Pangasinan sa simbahan nang pakalatin ni Malong ang mga kampon sa pali-paligid na baranggay upang yakaging sumali sa pagtapos ng paghahari ng Espanyol.
Sa magkasunod na pagwasak sa Lingayen at sa Dagupan, lalong dumanak ang mga sumanib kay Malong, at humigit sa 8,000 ang hukbo niya.
Lingayen din ang nasa-isip ni Malong at tinangka niyang iwasto ang una niyang kamalian duon, nuong huli na.
www.elaput.org /chrmlong.htm   (4452 words)

 World War II Islands
On her voyage from Lingayen Gulf back Leyte, she continued her charmed life through air attacks occurring sporadically.
Lingayen Gulf is over one hundred miles north of Manila.
On 9 January 1945 she was in Lingayen Gulf for the initial landings.
navy.memorieshop.com /Adair/Cruise-Book/Lingayen-Gulf.html   (2314 words)

 Nestea - Love the Beach   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A tunnel dug by Chinese corsair, Limahong, that served as his escape route towards the Lingayen Gulf.
A thanksgiving festival celebrating the rich harvest of seafood in the province.
A commemoration of the liberation of Pangasinan from the Japanese invasion led by General Douglas MacArthur in January 9, 1945.
www.lakbay.net /lovethebeach/viewdetails.asp?placeid=49   (428 words)

 Lingayen, Dagupan still at 'war' over MacArthur return - INQUIRER.net, Philippine News for Filipinos
LINGAYEN, Pangasinan--Sixty-two years after Gen. Douglas McArthur made his historic return to the Philippines, residents of this town as well as of Dagupan City are still debating where MacArthur actually landed.
MacArthur and his forces landed on Jan. 9, 1945 on the shores of the Lingayen Gulf to start the US military's campaign to recapture Luzon from the Japanese.
Old residents of Lingayen insist that MacArthur and his troops landed on their town's shores while Dagupeños claim that the general landed in their city, as there are photographs showing him walking on the streets of Dagupan.
newsinfo.inquirer.net /inquirerheadlines/regions/view_article.php?article_id=42382   (506 words)

 March 1945   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The whole move was an unusual one in that we left all our heavy equipment, vehicles, tents, cots, etc., at Mindoro and effected a trade with the squadron into whose area we moved, this being the first time in our history that such a complete exchange of campsites had occurred.
The camp area we moved into is situated about one-quarter of a mile from the west end of Lingayen Strip and extends from the beach to about 600 yards inland, bordered by a road leading to the town of Lingayen.
Social activities in the squadron more or less began with a dance given by the Filipino members of the school faculty of Lingayen to which the 9th was cordially invited.
www.flyingknights.net /unit/mar45.htm   (1557 words)

 [No title]
TESDA Lingayen wanted to set up an IT centre to offer computer courses in their area, which was not served by any other organisation.
The EWB representative in the Philippines, Ryan Ferrer and an EWB representative from Canada, Louis Dorval, met with TESDA Lingayen in July 2001 to determine the feasibility of the venture.
Due to the importance of sustainability of the project economically and socially, a committee is stuck in the local government to overlook and maintain the project.
www.amic.org.sg /ict/external/awards/0301a3pps03.htm   (3195 words)

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