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Topic: Linker

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  HP OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The I64 linker contributes sections to code segments that contain calls to code outside the image, outside the code segment but to another segment within the image, or to code that can't be reached with a normal branch instruction inside the segment (called a trampoline).
The linker uses a trampoline when when the branch-to-code instruction in the same segment (calculated in 128 bit or 16 byte bundles) is more than 21-bit signed offset.
In the map, is used to label the linker contributions to this section.
h71000.www7.hp.com /doc/83final/4548/4548pro_007.html   (2606 words)

 Linker scripts
The main purpose of the linker script is to describe how the sections in the input files should be mapped into the output file, and to control the memory layout of the output file.
The syntax for expressions in the linker script language is identical to that of C expressions.
The linker recognizes the standard C set of arithmetic operators, with the standard bindings and precedence levels; see Table 1: Arithmetic operators with precedence levels and bindings associations.
h30097.www3.hp.com /demos/ossc/doc/cygnus_doc-99r1/html/5_ut/b_Usingld/ldLinker_scripts.html   (7518 words)

 Linker - Mono
The linker is a tool one can use to only ship the minimal possible set of functions that a set of programs might require to run as opposed to the full libraries.
The linker has been written by Jb Evain (http://evain.net/blog/) during the Summer Of Code 2006.
By using the linker, you can reduce the size of what you have to distribute to your users.
www.mono-project.com /Linker   (159 words)

Sharply but with care, Linker lays bare the development of this strategy and the challenge it poses to a liberal understanding of our constitutional and social order.
[Linker] takes us through the theocons’s involvement in (and reaction to) some current social issues and events -- the Terri Schiavo case, stem-cell research, the Darwin debate, gay marriage and their central concern: abortion.
Damon Linker is intimately familiar with the rise of the theocons.
www.damonlinker.com   (899 words)

 Using LD, the GNU linker - Command Language
The linker needs the value of the start address, and the lengths of memory regions, in order to do any linking at all; these values are computed as soon as possible when the linker reads in the command file.
When a linker expression is evaluated and assigned to a variable, it is given either an absolute or a relocatable type.
The linker tries to put off the evaluation of an assignment until all the terms in the source expression are known (see section Evaluation).
www.gnu.org /software/binutils/manual/ld-2.9.1/html_chapter/ld_3.html   (6239 words)

 Keil LX51 Enhanced Linker/Locator
The LX51 linker processes object files created by the Keil C51 Compiler, CX51 Compiler, A51 Assembler, AX51 Assembler, and the Intel PL/M-51 Compiler and ASM-51 Assembler and generates an absolute OMF2 object module.
The LX51 linker provides the SROM memory class that is used to handle segments or memory classes that are stored in ROM but copied to RAM for execution.
The LX51 linker creates special symbols that can be used to obtain address and length information for segments or classes used in an application.
www.keil.com /c51/lx51.asp   (307 words)

 Enhancing Applications by Directing Linker Symbol Processing
By default, the dynamic linker also performs the so-called "lazy binding" of the symbols in the shared libraries: It does not search for those symbols and does not bind to them until the application actually uses them.
However, if you use a linker mapfile that makes all or most of the symbols in your application local in scope, the symbol information for such local symbols in a stripped binary is really gone: It is not available at runtime, so no one can extract it.
The most practical way to use a linker mapfile for an application is to reduce the scope of the application's symbols.
developers.sun.com /solaris/articles/linker_mapfiles.html   (2949 words)

 SMAL32 Manual, The SMAL Linker
As a linker, the assembler may process object library files in addition to simple object files; such object library files must be encoded in the SMAL32 object library sublanguage.
A SMAL linker control program consists of an optional sequence of linker controls, followed by a sequence of object specifications which name the files to be linked, followed by an optional common specification.
In this case, linker control directives must be used to inform the assembler, as a linker, which external symbols are to be exported by or imported to the resulting object file.
www.cs.uiowa.edu /~jones/cross/smal32/linker.html   (2605 words)

 Runtime Linker in Performance Optimization for Solaris
This paper describes some of the features of the runtime linker that can be used in development of computationally intensive applications for Solaris.
However, some features of the Solaris runtime linker allow use of different optimized libraries on different architectures, transparent to the user, within a single version of the application.
The runtime linker resolves the library path relative to the binary that uses the library.
developers.sun.com /solaris/articles/linker.html   (2343 words)

 Beginner's Guide to Linkers
Now that we've covered the very basics of the operation of a linker, we can plough on to describe some more complicating details—roughly in the order that these features were historically added to linkers.
As the linker trundles through its collection of object files to be joined together, it builds a list of the symbols it hasn't been able to resolve yet.
Instead, the linker records the name of symbol and which library it is supposed to come from in the executable file instead.
www.lurklurk.org /linkers/linkers.html   (5549 words)

 Linker Machines
Linker Machines brings over 50 years of experience in manufacturing food processing equipment to the sausage producer.
Linker Machines believes that a machine is only as good as the service that supports it.
Linker Machines attends those exhibitions as well as the exhibition for the Ohio Association of Meat Processors (OAMP).
www.meatandpoultryonline.com /storefronts/linker.html   (288 words)

 Linker Wireless: For Everything WiFi
Linker Wireless’s solution was exclusively designed for the public access WLAN market, and thus contains features such as auto provisioning, remote software upgrades and management, IPSec-based security, and location-based and personalized settings, all in a plug-n-play design.
Linker Wireless’s solutions enable service providers to cost-effectively deploy and provision public access WLANs and generate new revenue streams with property owners.
Linker Wireless’s system also has queuing algorithms that enable service providers to prioritize streams of VIP customers over free trial or infrequent users, if desired.
www.linkerwireless.com /FAQ.html   (1711 words)

 Linker and Libraries Guide
The precise execution-time behavior of the runtime linker is not specified.
If the runtime linker is fixing a function's procedure linkage table entry and a signal arrives, the signal handling code must be able to call the original function with predictable and correct results.
The runtime linker determines the absolute addresses of the destinations and modifies the global offset table's memory image accordingly.
www.hgc.edu /webgen/sysdocs/C/solaris_9/SUNWdev/LLM/p57.html   (886 words)

 Untitled Document: Scripts
Normally, the linker will place files and sections matched by wildcards in the order in which they are seen during the link.
The linker normally sets the attributes of an output section based on the input sections which map into it.
If you specify a linker input file which the linker can not recognize as an object file or an archive file, it will try to read the file as a linker script.
sources.redhat.com /binutils/docs-2.10/ld_3.html   (8529 words)

 UAB Article Linker FAQ
In cases where Article Linker can only take you to the journal's table of contents or a database home page, you will have to browse the table of contents to locate the issue and article you need; or, search the database to retrieve the full-text article.
Article Linker provides an article level link even though the full-text of the article is not available.
Sometimes the coverage dates are not supplied in the library's data and Article Linker will provide an article link with the hope that the library has access to that date range.
www.uab.edu /lister/articlelinkerfaq.htm   (504 words)

 Using LD, the GNU linker
The linker supports a plethora of command-line options, but in actual practice few of them are used in any particular context.
It causes the linker to create a table which may be used at runtime to relocate any data which was statically initialized to pointer values.
When the linker asks for the symbol table of an object file, it calls through a memory pointer to the routine from the relevant BFD back end which reads and converts the table into a canonical form.
www.gnu.org /software/binutils/manual/ld-2.9.1/html_mono/ld.html   (14054 words)

 linker | Programmers' Tools
A free linker, which takes COFF object files and a Res file and creates Exe or Dll files able to run under Windows.
This is a full featured but "reduced baggage" linker which keeps files to a minimum.
The ultimate purpose is to write a free and portable linker to go with NASM, which can link all the NASM output formats into any one of a number of possible executable formats, so that the pair provide a portable assembler and linker for Intel CPUs on any OS.
programmerstools.org /taxonomy/term/26   (159 words)

 Linker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
If there are any linker errors, they will be displayed in a window for you to peruse when the link is completed.
You can also create a file for linker input and specify the file name after a -f option.
If you are using any of the predicates in list.plm, misc.plm or any of the other libraries, you will need to add that file to your project and/or link it in as well.
www.amzi.com /manuals/amzi7/pro/pug_linker.htm   (440 words)

 Linker (RePast Documentation v. 2.0)
It will use Linker to create links with the other Nodes in the network.
Makes a link between the specified Node using the specified Edge and a Node chosen at random from the probability map, and calls this Linker's update method with this random node and a value of 1 as the arguments.
Makes a link between the specified Node using the specified Edge and a Node chosen at random from the probability map and calls this Linker's update method with this random node and the specified value as arguments.
supportweb.cs.bham.ac.uk /docs/java/repast/api/uchicago/src/sim/network/Linker.html   (605 words)

 JSL Readme   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The JavaScript Linker uses the Abstract Syntax Trees (ASTs) representation, which represents the lowest level of detail, to model the source code.
One of the main task for this project was to write a JavaCC compatible grammar that strictly follows the ECMA Specification.
The purpose of JavaScript Linker is to process HTML/JavaScript code base to prepare code for deployment by reducing file size, create source code documentation, obfuscate source code to protect intellectual property, and help gather source code metrics for source code analysis & improvements.
archive.dojotoolkit.org /nightly/tools/jslinker/docs/readme.html   (2769 words)

 Java Accessibility Documentation: Linker Example
Linker captures the Accessible hypertext information contained in the object underneath the mouse (the user the presses the F1 key), and displays a list of the the Accessible hyperlinks within that object in a table.
To run Linker with JDK1.2 you need to have obtained and installed JDK1.2.
Linker will query the object via the AccessibleHypertext interface, and display a table containing all of the AccessibleHyperlinks within that object.
java.sun.com /products/jfc/jaccess-1.1/doc/Linker.html   (427 words)

 Linker Scripts
This page explains the GDB dealing with the 68332, linker scripts, the crt0.S operation and a library called libmrm.a containing the basic functions needed by m68k-elf-gcc.
The linker script is passed to the gcc compiler with the -T command line option.
The SECTIONS command tells the linker how to map the input sections into output sections,...
www.davehylands.com /avi/linker_scripts.htm   (1639 words)

 linker Task
linker elements may be placed either as children of a cc element or the project element.
A linker element with an id attribute may be referenced by linker elements with refid or extends attributes.
May be specified in either decimal or hex.
ant-contrib.sourceforge.net /linker.html   (359 words)

 Serials Solutions - Article Linker™   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
When you or your patron finds a citation or reference to a specific article, Article Linker supplies the best available path to the content, anywhere in your collection.
Article Linker delivers the benefits and features that librarians and patrons desire most.
To obtain the price for Article Linker or any other Serials Solutions service, please complete our no-obligation Request for Quote.
www.serialssolutions.com /articlelinker.asp   (131 words)

 LWN: Optimizing Linker Load Times
Direct binding shortens the path the linker has to take to resolve a symbol by drawing it straight from whatever ELF object needs the symbol to the ELF object containing the symbol.
Normally the dynamic linker has to compute a hash value of a symbol and then use that to find the index in the symbol tables of the other libraries.
Future versions of the GNU linker and glibc may allow distributions to boot and load programs much faster, getting users to the desktop and on their applications in substantially less time.
lwn.net /Articles/192624   (3212 words)

 Link.Openly: Linker   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
See Customizing Link.Openly XML Linker to configurethe linker for your own format.
In LINKMODE, the linker attempts to fetch linkingMetadata from the Link.Openly Linking Databaseand apply the retrieved metadata and templates to the citations, insertingthe results into the XML output.
In URLMODE, the linker behaves the same way it behavesin LINKMODE, except only the resulting URL's are sent to the result box.
www.openly.com /link.openly/linker   (576 words)

 Linker Machines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Also, be sure to view the different Products and Services that we offer.
Linker actively attends many different trades shows to keep in contact with existing customers as well as meet new ones.
Linker Machines has produced America's Leading Sausage Equipment for over 50 years.
www.linkermachines.com   (202 words)

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