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Topic: List of Basque Presidents

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  Category:Lists of office-holders - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda
List of Presidents of the British Virgin Islands
List of Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Category:Lists_of_office-holders   (218 words)

 List of Basque Presidents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The President of the Basque Country is referred to as Lehendakari (literally, "firstlier") in Basque, or Eusko Jaurlaritzako Lehendakari ("President of the Basque Government"); the Spanish title is Presidente del Gobierno Vasco.
Before the establishment of Standard Basque in the 1970s, it was spelled Euzko Jaurlaritzaren Lendakari.
In the Basque language, they are used for other presidents, like the President of the French Republic or the President of Navarre, and the neologism lehendakari is reserved for the Basque one.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Basque_Presidents   (228 words)

 Batua and Euskaltzaindia 44
Basque would then be one of the oldest languages of the region and possibly the original Iberian tongue.
However, in spite of all this energetic activity in favor of the Basque language, the number of native speakers in existence today is still uncomfortably small, for although the number of new speakers is growing, thanks to HABE and the ikastolak, no new natives are generated by this process.
Perhaps young Basque people are actually concerned enough about the survival of their language that they will assume the personal responsibility for passing it on to the next generation.
basque.unr.edu /09/9.3/9.3.44t/   (3072 words)

 [No title]
list of the Apostolic Prefects of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon lists of the Catholic hierarchs in Bulgaria and Cyprus in the 20th century lists of the Catholic superiors of Baghdad and Mosul and of the Syrian Catholic Archeparchs of Baghdad and Mosul additional information on the Catholic bishops of Kamyanets, Lutsk and Zhytomir.
Angela Broekhof, Librarian Province of Overijssel list of Commissioners of the King/Queen in Overijssel Maria Bucher, Tiroler Landesarchiv Lists of Statthalter and Landeshauptleute of Tirol 1871 - 1918 Ben Cahoon list of the Governors of São João Baptista de Ajudá list of the Carib representatives to the Dominica Legislative Council.
Elisabeth Loinig, Landesarchiv Niederösterreich lists of Statthalter and Landmarshälle of Niederösterreich 1848 - 1918.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/Rotunda/2209/Providers.html   (937 words)

 International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
U.S. presidents and secretaries of state have assumed tough mediating roles only after the two sides have narrowed their differences.
President Clinton rolled up his sleeves and worked into the early morning hours in a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to get Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak into an agreement.
FEB 9: President Vladimir Putin's Cabinet on Wednesday faced a vote of no-confidence in the lower house of parliament over a social welfare reform that triggered massive street protests, but leaders of the Kremlin-controlled parliament majority said the motion would fail.
independent-bangladesh.com /news/feb/10/10022005ap.htm#A13   (7217 words)

 Pravda.RU Does Russia Advance Toward Legalized Nazism?
President, we ask you to give a political estimate to the newly-registered party and put an end to all attempts of racists and xenophobes to legalize their activity and come to power.
President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan spoke highly of relations with Russia at the meeting with the delegation of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia headed by chairman of the Armenia-Russia group of deputies Nikolai Ryzhkov.
What is more, President Kuchma, who was the key initiator of the plant’s closure, had to admit that in a year since the Chernobyl plant closure, the “number of problems connected with the closure didn’t decrase at all.” More details...
newsfromrussia.com /cis/2002/10/16/38218.html   (2638 words)

 Muslim American Society
For many survivors and the families of those killed, the public reopening of wound still fresh was too much to bear, and they eschewed the ceremonies to grieve in private.
Meanwhile, in central Madrid, King Juan Carlos and Zapatero opened a park of remembrance where 192 olive and cypress trees will pay lasting tribute to the 191 victims and a policeman who was killed in April last year when the attack's suspected masterminds blew themselves up as officers raided their flat.
conference, grouping former presidents and heads of state of democratic countries, on Friday presented the "Madrid Agenda", a series of recommendations aimed at combating terrorism.
www.masnet.org /news.asp?id=2261   (1164 words)

 List of Basque Presidents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Before the establishment of Standard Basque in the 1970s, it was spelled lendakari.
In the Basque language, they are also used for other presidents, like the President of the French Republic or the President of Navarre.
1979-1980: Ramón Rubial Cavia (a member of the Partido Socialista de Euskadi, he was actually president of the Basque Council, an multipartite organ preparing the restoration of Basque autonomy.)
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/list_of_basque_presidents   (232 words)

 Narco News Deconstructs the State Dept. "Terrorist" List
Although U.S. President George W. Bush did not mention Colombia in his post-attack remarks, his vow to defeat "every terrorist group within global reach" and defining of any government that "harbors or supports terrorism" as a "hostile regime" could not have been more thinly veiled in its threat upon Colombia and Latin America.
In a hypocritical slight of hand, the list singles out governments that support "terrorist" organizations, with nary a mention of governments that themselves engage in the exact same acts of violence and brutality that define terrorism.
Among the states it listed as backing terrorist groups are newfound "allies" in today's version of the "war on terrorism." They include Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Lebanon.
www.narconews.com /war2.html   (2653 words)

Basques were considered the most diligent and hard working of the herders, who viewed their stay in the American West as only a temporary sojourn, a land of purgatory in which to acquire one's nest egg before returning to France or Spain (Boyd, 1995).
Basques wanted a place they could call their own where they could play handball, a game enshrined in the Basque heritage.
Another strong point of the Basque Cultural Center, in relation to the preservation of the Basque culture, is the very large banquet room.
www.basqueclubs.com /Hizketa/hizketa12-1.htm   (2925 words)

 Pravda.RU:Alexander Gorobets: Ukraine is listed in Reporters Without Borders’ black list for the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The international organization of journalists Reporters Without Borders published a list of those countries, where assassinations of journalists took place in 2001.
Ukraine has been mentioned for the second time on the list together with Northern Ireland, Kosovo and the Basque country.
PRAVDA.Ru Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus presidents are in...
english.pravda.ru /main/2002/01/08/25031_.html   (418 words)

 Whiskey Bar: Learning Curve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This idea neglects the startling fact that the US was committed to a hot war for 14 years in Viet Nam with troop levels at over 500,000 for a period of time.
There were a great many countries in President Bush's coalition of the willing, but I believe the only nations that took a direct action were the US,UK, Australia, and Poland.
President Bush has claimed that no such connection could be established.
billmon.org /archives/000936.html   (5883 words)

 Basque in the Sun: IAML in San Sebastián, June 21-26, 1998
There is also a database of hire materials, listing all the items that are hired from different publishers, which is extremely useful.
The results of the elections were announced: President: Pamela Thompson; Vice-Presidents: Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, Joachim Jaenecke, John Roberts, and Kirsten Voss-Eliasson.
Mid-week excursions included trips to the amazing Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, and the Basque coast, while on the eve of the feast of St. John, we were taken to see some Basque dancers at Getaria, and a splendid concert of music by Victoria, followed by a feast of tapas, wine and beer.
sky.prohosting.com /acbm/en/review/26-3/IAML.htm   (1777 words)

 [No title]
He declared himself president of Nicaragua, the only American to proclaim himself head of state of a foreign country, and two more times the United States marines landed.
In 1980 Guatemalan President raised $500,000 for Ronald Reagan at a fund raiser in Denver.
Costa Rican president Oscar Arias proposed that all nations "freely choose their economic, social, and political systems." This also was unacceptable to the Reagan administration, since it would have allowed for popular elections, and subsequently FSLN candidates would have been reelected.
www.angelfire.com /ca3/jphuck/BOOK3Ch6.html   (7641 words)

 Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: March 14, 2004 - March 20, 2004 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
But the president's credibility and his ability to deliver on his promises should be the centerpiece of his campaign.
Indeed, the president's loss of credibility should be central to Kerry's attack on his stewardship of the country's security.
In fact, the president is reduced to a mix of taunt and begging, pleading with other countries not to abandon him.
www.talkingpointsmemo.com /archives/week_2004_03_14.php   (11826 words)

The worst thing is that there is also a problem of terrorism in Spain, but when the crimes of ETA [translator's note: the Basque terrorist group] are mentioned, one speaks of terrorism, while when the crimes of Hamas are mentioned, one speaks of militants, activists, resistance, struggle...
Zvi Alon is President of AABGU and Vivien Marion is the Executive Vice-President.
President Putin of Russia drove out one media giant, Vladimir Gussinsky, a couple of years ago, who used his TV station to speak out against the Kremlin's corruption.(4) Following that he arrested Khodorovsky, an oil billionaire, who similarly challenged Putin and paid for ads telling the truth about Putin's governance.
www.think-israel.org /dec03bloged.html   (19602 words)

 News Archive Summer 2000
Among the awardees were Center for Basque Studies’ Program Assistant, Kate Camino; head of the UNR Basque Library, Marcelino Ugalde; and Lisa Corcostegui, who heads the Zenbat Gara Dance Ensemble and is a Ph.D. student in Basque Studies.
The political and cultural repression of the Basque Country is matched by the social and emotional repression of the child protagonist.
Echeverria was proud of his Basque heritage, and was on the organizing committee of the first national Basque festival held in Sparks, Nevada in 1959.
basque.unr.edu /02/2.1t/   (2342 words)

 Thousands of NAMES for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia -
A short list of women's names culled from secondary sources ranging from the 12th to the 17th century.
The name lists are from the top first and last names from the 1990 US Census.
Full list of gang names in each state of the US This list of notable war heroes are outstanding examples of men of honorable service as chosen by their chain of command and their comrades in arms
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names.htm   (2897 words)

 globalinfo.org - May 3, SPAIN (#29609)
On the American continent, the most dangerous country is still Colombia, where five reporters were assassinated in 2003 for their coverage of corruption cases and of their complicity with armed groups -- right-wing paramilitaries or leftist guerrillas -- "which control or are vying for entire regions" of the country.
In that category are the armed Islamic militant groups in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Kashmir, Pakistan and the Philippines; the Colombians Carlos Castaño, leader of the right-wing paramilitaries, and Manuel Marulanda, head of the leftist FARC guerrillas; the Basque group ETA, and the heir to the crown of Saudi Arabia, prince Abdullah.
Also on that list are presidents Hu Jintao, of China, Kim Jong Il, of North Korea, Fidel Castro, of Cuba, Muammar Ghaddafi, of Libya, Pervez Musharraf, of Pakistan, Vladimir Putin, of Russia, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, and Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan.
www.globalinfo.org /eng/reader.asp?ArticleId=29609   (1171 words)

 NewsFromRussia.Com Russia and Germany agree on gas deal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
President Vladimir Putin on Monday unveiled a raft of social spending plans, but warned the Cabinet that overshooting the draft 2006 budget parameters could fuel already high inflation More details...
Russian President Vladimir Putin appointed a new head of the navy and presented awards to the crew of the AS-28 mini-sub and members of the rescue team, the Kremlin press service said Sunday More details...
President Vladimir Putin on Thursday signed an order rescinding Russia's signature of a border treaty with Estonia, the presidential press service said More details...
feeds.russianews.net /?rid=0af633811730b2dd&cat=723971d98160d438&f=1   (1538 words)

 Catholic History
The principal sittings of the congregation are held under the immediate presidency of the Pope.
This supreme court of inquisition proceeds against any who are deleted to it, and in former times used to hear appeals from the sentences of similar courts elsewhere, and to depute inquisitors to proceed to any place where they might appear to be needed.
Fourthly, Hefele gives a list of palpable misstatements and exaggerations which he has detected in Llorente's volumes.
friarsminor.org /xvii3-2.html   (1443 words)

Since 1990s the list of beneficiaries was extended to ex-communist countries, which rejected a totalitarian political system and centrally administered economy, based on state ownership.
In 1991, President George Bush, Sr., decided not to continue the war till the victorious end, because his advisers convinced him that it would result in the withdrawal of some allies from a broad international coalition against Hussein.
Nor were Basque terrorists, living in the richest province of Spain, killing those who held differing views on the status of Basque country.
www.tocquevillian.com /articles/print/p0123.html   (3138 words)

 Chronicles of Oklahoma
I, myself will be in Washington at the end of July, and if he would start for France at the end of this summer, after having received his leave of absence, I would be very glad to travel with him.
He was not of the breed, however to sit and silently endure injustice and when his every endeavor met with rebuff, he appealed to the President.
An interesting letter illustrating the business acumen of Bonneville even in the bestowal of a gift is the one where he presents a pair of carriage horses to his wife on her birthday.
digital.library.okstate.edu /chronicles/v006/v006p129.html   (3167 words)

Among the leading world figures who feature on the list are Ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i of the Islamic Republic, Presidents Fidel Castro of Cuba, Jiang Zemin of China, Kim Jong-Il of North Korea, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, along with Libyan revolutionary leader Moammar Kadhafi.
Also mentioned are Afghan Taliban’s supreme leader Mollah Mohamed Omar, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, as well as the leaders of several former Soviet republics.
In Africa, the list includes Angolan President Eduardo dos Santos, the newly-installed Joseph Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and Francois Compaore, the brother of the Burkina Faso president.
www.iran-press-service.com /articles_2001/apr_2001/rsf_press_30401.htm   (559 words)

 BikeAbout: Spain Sites on the 'Net
The Executive Branch consists of the king, a president and two vice presidents, the Council of Ministers and the Council of State.
The president is proposed by the king and elected by the National Assembly.
The Council of Ministers is appointed by the president.
www.bikeabout.org /resource/spain.htm   (754 words)

The IOC President is elected by the IOC members by secret ballot for an initial term of eight years, renewable once for four additional years.
The President presides over all activities of the IOC, acting as its permanent representative.
The current President, since 16 July 2001, is Jacques Rogge, of Belgium.
www.olympic.org /uk/organisation/ioc/index_uk.asp   (344 words)

 Daddy, Papa and Me   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I was proud of my Anglo heritage too, the presidents and signers of independence i was descended from through my mother.
For the moment she does, she won't be that happy extremely bright girl with amazing artistic ability and social skills.
She won't be the girl from the mixed Black Creole, Basque, Anglo, Native American, Christian/Mormon etc family heritage and upbringing.
www.lathefamily.org /warren3/blogs/001203.shtml   (1537 words)

 IAU Newsletter - Vol.4 No 3, July 1998
If we only look at the list of conferences organised by the UN and its agencies, there has been a tremendous acceleration in the past decade or so.
Their purpose would be to establish a state-of-the art report on higher education in all the regions of the world, to promote innovative training and research projects, to strengthen international cooperation and to stress higher education’s contribution to the culture of peace.
Wataru Mori, President of IAU, Flavio Fava de Moraes, IAU Vice President and Michel Falise, Chair of IAU’s Finance and Development Committee, Franz Eberhard and Eva Egron-Polak, respectively the Secretary General and the Director of Cooperation at IAU.
www.unesco.org /iau/newsletters/iaunew43.html   (5487 words)

Despite an impressive list of supporters it soon became clear that this was supported primarily by Tolerane.Org, The National Conference for Community and Justice, Interfaith Alliance, Tulsa Global Alliance and Deliberative Democracy.
Wilson being sent), it is curious that neither his office nor the president’s were privy to the fruits of Mr.
That person, The President, is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and he or she needs the plain truth.
justbarkingmad.com   (8032 words)

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