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Topic: List of CBC television stations

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 List of CBC television stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a list of television stations which are owned by or regional affiliates of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Note: CHBC Kelowna, owned by Canwest Global, disaffiliated from the CBC on February 27, becoming a CH station.
The affiliation change was approved by the CRTC in February of 2005. /wiki/List_of_CBC_television_stations   (185 words)

 Decision CRTC 2000-1
The CBC holds separate licences for each of these undertakings and conditions with respect to the licences of the network and 15 of the owned and operated television stations are set out in the Appendix to this decision.
Listed within the top 100 films of Variety magazine's list of top grossing films in the United States and Canada, within the 10-year period preceding the date the film is broadcast by the licensee.
The CBC acknowledged that it was in breach of the condition for the week in question, and explained that safeguards had been put in place to ensure that it would not happen in the future. /archive/eng/Decisions/2000/DB2000-1.HTM   (9613 words)

Live Television from around the world - Live television broadcasts are available from a number of countries including Belgium, Croatia, Canada, France, Germany, United States and the UK from this site.
San Francisco Community Television Corporation (CTC) - established by the city and county to promote and encourage the use of access television.
Rutland Region Community Television - Rutland, VT - channel 15 is a public, education, and government access station. /cwi/L3/o0040i.htm   (1468 words)

CBKT is the television call sign for the CBC's television station in Regina, Saskatchewan.
During the 1980s the station branded as "CBC 9&4", signifying that they were on channel nine and cable four in Regina, as well as on channel four in Moose Jaw.
In 1968, CBC bought CHRE and CHAB and made the Regina station the main station. /wiki/en/cb/CBKT.htm   (246 words)

 CBC Unplugged MetaFilter
CBC could afford to take the gamble because 1) it fit with their mandate (for instance "contribute to shared national consciousness and identity") and 2) if couldn't get companies to buy ad-time they could still eat the loss of revenue and justify it to the board of directors.
CBC does an admirable job of biting the hands that feed it, far better than we can expect from toadying corporations who must, because they are businesses, put the bottom-line first and all else -- including quality journalism -- a distant second.
The CBC is Canada's public broadcaster-- it is funded partially by the federal government (the rest of its revenue comes from advertising, although the radio services are ad-free) but operates at arm's length, with a board of directors appointed by the government. /mefi/44473   (7883 words)

 CBC/Radio-Canada - CBC Television Responds to National Post
The following is CBC Television's Letter to the Editor in response to a recent column by the National Post's John Ivison on the House of Commons debate on the Department of Canadian Heritage.
So far in 2004-2005, CBC Television's share is again tracking ahead of last year (prime time currently running at 7% share this season versus, for instance, Global TV at 8.7%).
CBC Television is one platform out of 18 that CBC/Radio-Canada, operates. /newsreleases/20041119.shtml   (988 words)

 CBMT-TV - Psychology Central
By the end of 1953, Canada had about a dozen television stations either licensed or under construction, and American competition was about to arrive in Montreal with the construction of WCAX-TV (channel 3 in Burlington, Vermont, transmitting from the top of Mount Mansfield) and WIRI-TV (now WPTZ, channel 5 in Plattsburgh, New York).
CBMT is the CBC's television station in Montreal, Quebec.
When they were unscrambled on C-Band, many Americans with the dishes tuned into CBMT for a variety of news, entertainment and sports -- particularly CBC's Olympic broadcasts, which gave a different perspective than NBC's American broadcasts. /psypsych/CBMT   (524 words)

 CBC Radio - News & Current Affairs
For a complete list of CBC Radio One and Two programs, radio schedules, live streaming RealAudio, and frequencies in your area, click here.
CBC Radio's award winning current affairs programs keep Canadians in touch with their country and the rest of the world.
CBC Radio is the largest news gathering organization in Canada. /news/radionews/newscast.html   (361 words)

 c h a n d r a s u t r a: I support a stronger CBC
When you tune into CTV or another commercially owned Canadian television station you are likely to see the same stories you'd see in parts of the US because that's where their content is coming from.
You only have to see who runs CBC (the number of big company CEO on the board, the number of members who hold the Order of Canada, etc) to worry about its independence and its ability to criticise the establishment.
The other thing I'm against is the importation of cheap, crass, meaningless US cultural products (television shows and news products) that replaces locally produced content. /chandra/2004/06/i_support_a_str.html   (1463 words)

 CFYK-TV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also List of CBC television stations, CBC North.
CFYK is the television call sign for the CBC's television station in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.
This article related to Canadian broadcasting is a stub. /wiki/CFYK   (69 words)

 History of Nova Scotia, 1997 Jul-Sep
Here's the official list of stations which were permitted to be delivered by satellite, in Canada, as of this day.
When some stations expanded their schedule to 24-hour operation, there was, for them, no longer a time when the transmitter was turned on/off at the beginning/end of the day's schedule, but the formal "sign-on" announcement was still made once a day.
CBC Stereo programming is transmitted to more than twenty Canadian cities; this national service is transmitting via satellite to Canadian cable systems in areas where there are no CBC Stereo transmitters. /ns1625/nshist29.html   (6714 words)

 :::► Dictionary of Meaning ◄:::
As of 2002, the station only airs sporadic local programming and has dropped all use of local station IDs in favor of using only network IDs; and in recent budget cuts, has integrated its master control (as have all other owned stations) into Toronto's master control.
CBUT is the oldest television station in Western Canada, first going on the air on December 16, 1953.
From the station's launch until 1976, CBUT had broadcast mainly in English language English, with French language French-language shows aired on Sunday mornings; CBUT switched exclusively to English with the launch of CBUFT in 1976. /CBUT.html   (338 words)

 FCC, MB, Staff Reports on Children's Television
It also found that stations were complying with FCC requirements to identify each core program at the beginning of the airing of each program, and to publicize the existence and location of the station's Children's Television Programming reports.
In 1997, three television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC) requested clarification of the children's television educational and informational programming regulations that become effective on September 1, 1997.
The Commission opened a public notice period for filing comments on the separate letters submitted by the ABC, CBS and NBC television networks requesting continued, limited flexibility to preempt children's "core" programming, i.e., programming specifically designed to serve the educational needs of children, during the 1999-2000 television season. /mb/policy/cetv.html   (1019 words)

 CBC: The Fifth Estate - Sticks and Stones
Al Franken is a television writer and producer.
According to his website, O'Reilly began broadcasting at Fox news in 1996, and "The O'Reilly Factor," seen "weeknights on the Fox News Channel", continues to dominate the television news ratings, consistently ranking as the highest rated cable news show for more than two years.
His radio show, "The Radio Factor" is heard on more than 400 stations nationwide. /fifth/sticksandstones.html   (607 words)

 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Television Characters
For several years now I have been trying to compile a list of television programs that have included gay/lesbian/bisexual characters as a part of their regular (or semi-regular) casts.
For the purposes of this list, a character is described as `recurring' if he or she has appeared in at least three (3) episodes.
To be listed a character should have appeared in at least three episodes and be explicitly gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. /~wyatt/tv-characters.html   (1894 words)

 Patty Winter's Canadian Dramas Page
This CBC series about a mismatched duo of crimefighters (an RCMP corporal sent to Calgary after making enemies in Toronto, and a local ex-cop whom she gets out of jail in return for his help) ran for two seasons in 2002 and 2003.
Here's information about a number of Canadian television one-hour dramas from the 1990s (and now the 2000s!) that are either currently in production or at least still being aired in the U.S. or Canada.
Reruns of the show can be seen weekdays on CBC Country Canada, and four late nights a week on the W channel. /OH/candrama.html   (1483 words)

 Third Season Episodes
(It previously aired in the USA in 1999, and has aired on some WIC stations in Canada.) Below is the episode list with CBC's descriptions of each episode.
Emily of New Moon returns to CBC Television Sunday night with the first of twenty new episodes, based on the series by Lucy Maud Montgomery.
The third season of Emily began airing on CBC in January 2002. /TelevisionCity/Set/9033/episodes_3.htm   (1573 words)

 World-Wide Web Resources - Broadcasting and Media
Reading List on Media and Society, bibliography of critical study of media and its implications on society.
Gebbie Press, media directory, listing all USA TV, radio stations, daily & weekly newspapers, magazines, and state press associations.
Museum of Broadcast Communications, pop culture and latter-day U.S. history through the lens of radio and television. /Subject/broadcasting.html   (393 words)

 The CBC and Hamilton - Raise the Hammer (ISSN: 1715-1554)
Given that this city is the largest underserved market in Canada, a fact that CBC highlights in their own research, expansion into Hamilton should be at the top of the priority list.
All of the Toronto-focussed television stations include the greater Hamilton area, and its 700,000+ citizens, as part of their local market for which they can sell advertising.
Just looking at TV, our national counterparts have at least three times the number of television stations. /index.asp?id=048   (1051 words)

 The Dead Letter Office: Television Stations That Aired FRIGHTENSTEIN
I didn't know if this would help at all but, I looked through the site and, made a list of all the television stations that were listed as airing the show:
I didn't realize that the list was to check for master tapes somewhere, I thought that it was just to complile some type of list as to where Frightenstein was broadcast.
Don't forget about the original station CHCH in Hamilton Ontario and as far as I know the most recent stations to broadcast the show Showcase and YTV both based out of Toronto. /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=2&t=000042   (341 words)

 Arts, Television, Networks
Daily television newscast that is shown to 12,000 middle, junior and senior high school students.
Television and radio programming on cable and satellite includes gospel music, vegetarian cuisine, weight loss, exercise, organic gardening, and Christian lifestyle topics..
Advent Television is a full digital television broadcast and technology company. /browse/Arts/Television/Networks   (556 words)

 Lodestone Catalog Links
It has a complete listing of classic and recent recordings, writings, and films, as well as a history and links to more sites related to Corwin.
Their program is nationally-syndicated to over 100 radio stations in 34 states and also is simulcast on the Internet in RealAudio.
The concept of "Buddy Shell, Metaphysical Private Investigator" was invented/stolen "on the spot" at Thousand Oaks Public Radio station KCLU, when the station's general manager asked Steve Carlson what he wanted to do on their "public" radio station. /links.htm   (2016 words)

 SBF Glossary: CB to CCW permit
The classics profession is proud of the fact that it was way ahead of the curve, on the bleeding edge, even, of information technology applications in the humanities.
Used on the Classics List to refer to posting content related to the list mission, as opposed to the usual political stuff.
Following the usual practice of Greek-letter societies, each chapter is designated by one, two, or three Greek letters (the first 24 chapters founded had one-letter names, the next 576 chapters had two-letter names, and the most recent chapters have three-letter names). /SBF/C03.html   (7556 words)

 List of Digital Television Stations Receivable in Canada
List of Digital Television Stations Receivable in Canada /kenneth.davies2/DTV-stns-can.htm   (16 words)

 Find TV news
RealVideo List of TV News on the web A long list of news only, from ABC, CBC and many other stations
TV Net -- World Television Very good list of broadcasters from around the world --their addresses, phone numbers and web sites
Web Times Weekly publication listing dates and times of live web broadcasts. /tv   (198 words)

 ArtsJournal: About Last Night
Carmela says that she "didn't feel like watching Casablanca anyway" and someone asks what the next movie on the list is. Janice picks up the piece of paper to read, "The Godfather." The looks on their faces are priceless.
I awoke without benefit of alarm at seven and set to refining my list, indicating which blogs had been updated most recently and posting excerpts from the best ones.
In light of the continuing crisis in New Orleans and on the Gulf Coast, we've decided to resume updating of "Live from Katrina," our list of stormblogs and other useful links. /aboutlastnight/archives20050828.shtml   (14327 words)

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