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Topic: List of ECW Champions

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

 ECW Tag Team Championship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In September 1994 ECW left the National Wrestling Alliance and was renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling, and the titles were then known as the Extreme Championship Wrestling World Tag Team Championships.
The ECW Tag Team Championship was the tag team championship contested in Eastern Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling between June 1992 and March 2001.
They were champions for 283 days, from when they won the titles in a tournament final on June 23, 1992 until they lost the belts to Tony Stetson and Larry Winters on April 2, 1993. /wiki/ECW_Tag-Team_Championship   (530 words)

 Extreme Championship Wrestling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The teaming was successful, as the Players won the ECW Tag Team Championships on January 9, 2000 and March 12, 2000.
ECW on TNN was cancelled in October 2000 (with the final episode airing on October 6, 2000) in favor of RAW jumping over to the network.
Kurt Angle was at the ECW Arena the night that Sandman was "crucified." Angle, who was fresh off of his 1996 Summer Olympic gold medal win was brought to ECW by Taz. /wiki/Extreme_Championship_Wrestling   (7235 words)

 IGN: The Hardcore Revolutionaries Volume 2
Today's interviewee is Tommy Dreamer, one half of ECW's Tag Team Champions and one of the key figures in Extreme Championship Wrestling both in the ring and behind the scenes.
And then when all of the ECW wrestlers came [to Acclaim] to take pictures and everything, they were all astounded by the videogame and how it had such great details and simple little nuances.
IGN64: You seem to be the most avid videogame player out of all the ECW talent we've come across. /articles/073/073487p1.html   (1063 words)

 The Wrestling Oratory: Leaving Its Mark
ECW was known as the pioneer of the modern "hardcore" style of wrestling, and Public Enemy's matches embodied this style.
ECW at this time was known as the greatest wrestling promotion that you had never heard of and weren't watching.
Tag team wrestling in WCW saw the introduction of the Outsiders, who although extremely popular with the fans, were in actuality a HORRIBLE tag team. /index.php?archive=2145   (2600 words)

 The Wrestling Oratory: Leaving Its Mark
As a tag team the combination of Roma and Anderson was more than acceptable, their ring work was fine and Anderson’s mike skills were as developed as ever, it was as representatives of the Horsemen that the team fell short of expectations (And in case you’re not sure who I’m blaming — It’s Roma!).
Due to years of teaming in the AWA before they jumped ship to Titanland their tag team continuity was second to none, and when they were given the opportunity to showcase their ability they consistently delivered.
This team is a prime illustration of how exciting the temporary tag team ploy can be when it is used sparingly, rather than as a way to occupy directionless singles stars. /index.php?archive=549   (5325 words)

 NEWSBOARD - PTW Presents "The Eruption" (Jersey City, NJ) 1/11/03
This was to be a 3 way tag team dance but due to the tactics of the Holy Rollers, PTW officials have made the decision to allow the Backseat Boys a chance for revenge against the Holy Rollers and their menacing bodyguard Church.
As far as the Tag Team Championships that were to be decided in a 2 show tournament starting with "The Inaugural Brawl" on November 16, 2002 some changes have been made.
The third team who was to advance will be granted a shot at whomever the Tag Team Champions are at a future date to be announced. /nm/publish/news_1775.html   (581 words)

The team changed its name to The Sheepherders and began wrestling a violent and bloody style that was popularised by ECW.
The Bushwhackers are one of the most famous and loved tag teams of all time.
They began wrestling in the National Wrestling Alliance in the mid 80's and beat many of the top teams there. /bc/sscwfc/bush.html   (317 words)

 Wrestling With Attitude
ECW announcer Joey Styles posted the following statement on the ECW web site on Saturday: “First of all, anyone who believes that Candido and Sytch are taking a month long tropical hiatus must also believe that Kane and the Undertaker do indeed have supernatural powers.
The list of television stations that air our weekly program has grown year after year, and we will be producing six pay-per-views in 1999, up from four in 1998.
Leaving ECW was not a decision that came without a lot of time and thought. /wwa121598.htm   (839 words)

 List of ECW Tag Team Champions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the wrestlers who have held the ECW Tag Team Championship /wiki/List_of_ECW_Tag-Team_Champions   (302 words)

ECW History: After several months of competing both on his own as himself and under masks as the Young Dragons, Whipwreck continued to wrestle for ECW, while Lauria soon lost interest and left.
WHAT THE HELL WERE THOSE PEOPLE SMOKING!?) and went on to win the ECW Tag Team Championships in an Eight Team Tourney held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City (I think it was New York) by defeating the Full Blooded Italians.
Mikey had gone from ECW looking for a new home, and he was back with the same problem he had matter how hard he wrestled, and no matter how bad he wanted it, he was just going to be treading water. /MikeyBio.html   (4338 words)

 Wrestling Observer - headlines
Heidenreich is half of the WWE tag-team champions, teaming with Road Warrior Animal as the new Legion of Doom.
The tag book is published by ECW Press, the same company for whom I am co-authoring the autobiography of “Cowboy” Bill Watts.
Tag teams are not the level of attraction they used to be. /wo/news/headlines?aID=14153   (713 words)

Thats three tag teams right there, and one is a weekly wrestler, and if chose to do it, the team of Heidenreich & Animal could fight for a weekly tag team title.
With the instability of the Monthly Division, in the best interest of keeping a tag team division a float, I decide it would be best for weekly to have some sort of tag team titles, which is why the eWa World Tag Team Titles are now part of the weekly crew.
That was the start of bringing tag team wrestling back to weekly. /ewazone/rnsview.html   (732 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling
Tag team wrestling was still at it high back in the early part of 2000 and the late 90s with the Acolytes, New Age Outlaws, and who can forget the "Rock and Sock Connection." The TLC serious with The Hardyz, Dudleys and Edge and Christain produced some of the best matches every seen.
MNM is a fun team to watch but without credible tag teams to face it will only a matter of time before their gimmick dries up like every other team in the company right now.
Are We On The Verge Of A Tag Team Revival? /columns/misc/shawns01.html   (1633 words)

 Bushwhackers, WWF Wrestling Superstars
Here is the list of championships the Sheepherders have won and the teams they beat for them.
The Sheepherders beat Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and Ted DiBiase in one of the greatest UWF tag title matches ever.
Longtime fans remember a different side of "Cousin Butch" and "Cousin Luke." When Williams and Miller, along with third partner Jonathon Boyd, wrestled as the Sheepherders they were one of the most violent teams in the history of wrestling. /bushwhackers/more.html   (326 words)

 WWE Backlash - 04/27/03
I like being introduced as 'one-half of the world tag team champions, Rob.
Tag to RVD, lots of kicks in the corner, finished with a seated dropkick to the face.
Rob Van Dam and Kane (champions) with Chief Morley as special referee: I know that I am excited to see if Rob Van Dam and Kane can again buck the odds and retain their world tag team championship belts. /guest/schrist/20030427backlash.htm   (3955 words)

- Cactus Jack teamed with Mikey Whipwreck, and they relieved the Public Enemy of the ECW Tag Team Title on August 27, 1994.
- Mankind teamed with Kane to regain the WWF tag team title on the July 13, 1998 episode of "Raw," again defeating the New Age Outlaws.
They dethroned the WCWA Tag Team Champions, Jeff Jarrett and Kerry Von Erich, on May 19, 1989. /wwerulezzz/mickfoley.msnw   (1668 words)

 FW Central - Where does the devil lay....
Inside the locker room set aside for major singles and tag team wrestlers is both members of the IWA Television Tag Team champions in the form of the "Taskmaster" Eddie Maim and The "Messiah" Zell Hunter.
Zell: I'm going to take the GXW Crusierweight title from that two mined fluke and show him one properly defends a title like that, but what I'm really going to do is ask Wang out on a date.
Both men are getting ready for their match of the night against whoever the company decides to. /fwc/showthread.php?t=4604   (665 words)

ECW World Title History book is has been moved to its own page
ECW -- Pay-Per-Views, Television shows (Hardcore TV and ECW on TNN), Special Events, Customs, ECW Title History Ed.I, and More
Team champions and what was the name(s) of the team(s) they /muhammadshrek15   (377 words)

 Reader Submission: July Birthdays
Used to feud with a young Paul Ellering in the old AWA, also former AWA Tag Team title holder with the late "Adorable" Adrian Adonis.
09 - Kevin Nash - was discovered by Dusty Rhodes, originally debuted as Oz in a match against Ron Simmons in WCW, has held World and Tag Team titles in both WWE & WCW.
WWF @ Stateline, NV - July 29, 1995 WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna defeated Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith Who would have imagined out of these 4 talented grapplers the only one not taken too soon would be the one known as the Narcissus /reader_page10.htm   (1583 words)

 Wrestling news 7/17/01 - @forums
Obviously now because of the ECW involvement, none of this will occur.
The original plan for the WCW invasion (before ECW got involved) was to have the Linda McMahon divorce settlement on 7/23 stating that the WWF and WCW would be split right down the middle, with WWF wrestlers being divided equally among the two promotions, with WCW getting RAW, and the WWF would have Smackdown.
There was going to be a draft on the 7/30 edition of RAW, where this would have been decided. /showthread.php?t=60493   (1205 words) > Fantasy > ECW Massacre
It will be a historic night for ECW and the Tag Team Titles, and a chance to give thanks for the life of Ted Petty.
We were screwed out of our tag team titles this past Thursday on Carnage and we think the least we deserve is to be in the Ted Petty Tag Team Tournament this Saturday.” Heyman, “I cannot argue that you were screwed out of your tag team titles this past Thursday.
Rhyno mounts Rob Van Dam and lands a flurry of punches to the face of the ECW Champion. /articles/fantasy/735.shtml?vo=1   (8229 words)

 ECW TNN Results - Wrestling -
Doring said that all the teams in ECW wanted a shot at the new tag team champions because of all the benefits that came with it.
-Mikey Whipwreck said that he had been an ECW TV Champion, ECW Tag Team Champion, and ECW World Heavyweight Champion and tonight all his friends would return when he beat Rob Van Dam.
The TV Champion then put him out with the five-star frog splash for the win. /wrestlepalace/ECW_TNN   (620 words)

 The Columbia Chronicle Online 10/11/99: Benjamin Trecroci's Chair Shots!
Also, this past week, WCW announced that they have signed a new creative team to direct the storylines and characterizations of the wrestlers.
While many of the wrestlers will stay on for a while or until their contracts run out, their days in the WCW are numbered.
Also, Public Enemy, who have worn out their welcome everywhere they’ve gone, as well as the Insane Clown Posse who are expected to jump to ECW- were all given their walking papers. /back/1999_fall/99oct11/sports2.html   (596 words)

 Two new ECW DVDs coming out... - @forums
As of October 23rd, two new ECW DVDs are coming is ECW - Best of Cactus Jack, and the other is ECW - Best of the Dudley Boyz.
There is no questions that The Dudley Boyz rank among the greatest and most hardcore tag teams to ever compete in the sport of professional wrestling.
While wrestling fans around the world now sing their praises, it was right here in Extreme Championship Wrestling that the Dudley Boyz were forged, in blood, in violence, and in hard work. /showthread.php?t=76753   (446 words)

 Rocco Rock
The two teams continued to feud for the rest of the year, trying to gain ground in the competitive ECW Tag-Team division.
However, the team would soon come to a rough end, as Ted Petty passed away at the age of 49 on September 21st, 2002, on his way to another wrestling event.
They changed their names in the X Wrestling Federation, teaming as the South Philly Posse, where they were teamed with Jasmin St. Claire. /Wrestling/bios/roccorock.html   (5883 words)

 The Dudley Boyz coming to All Japan - Puroresu Forum
Former WWE/F, WCW, and ECW Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz, may soon show up in foreigner-heavy All Japan, according to the words of D-Von Dudley himself.
D-Von said on today's edition of the LAW radio show that he and Bubba Ray and close to inking a deal with All Japan that would see the Dudleyz return to Japan for the first time since appearing on in FMW tour as part of the FMW/ECW relationship in late 1998.
Wow, Tag-team wrestlers wrestling in an environment that actually has other established teams. /forum/showthread.php?t=4492   (307 words)

 Mike Awesome
Awesome continued to be a major factor in ECW during the first months of 2000, including teaming with Raven in March to beat Tanaka & Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Tag-Team Titles.
Both former ECW wrestlers gave it their all, taking a few serious bumps here and there, and ended up fighting around the ambulance, where Bigelow missed a punch, breaking one of the windows instead.
After wrestling some for the PWF in '89, teaming occassionally with Bret Sawyer, Awesome moved around, appearing in various federations, including a brief stint in the USWA under the tutelage of Nate the Rat, a manager there. /Wrestling/bios/awesome.html   (4583 words)

During that time, Frankie shined in high profile matches against some of wrestling's greatest teams including 7-time WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian, ECW Tag Team Champions Doring and Roadkill, and 8-time UPW Tag Team Champions The Ballard Brothers.
The storied war over the coveted UPW Tag Team Titles between Hardkore Inc. and The Ballard Brothers will culminate on February 20 as the feuding factions take each other to the limit and beyond in a hellacious Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC) Match.
He and his former tag team partner Nova (Evolution) held the UPW Tag Team Titles for nearly an entire year. /weeklywire/040124.htm   (1489 words)

 ECW - The Best of the Dudley Boyz
ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) has been the target of many who find the sport of pro wrestling repulsive and violent since it is the most graphic and extreme of all the pro wrestling leagues.
Eight time ECW Tag Team Champions, this program contains a history of the Boyz and their greatest matches.
ECW - The Best of the Dudley Boyz (2001) /m/ecw_the_best_of_the_dudley_boyz/about.php   (390 words)

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