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Topic: List of English districts by population

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  List of largest United Kingdom settlements by population
The population given is for the administrative area of Greater London (that is the 32 London Boroughs and City of London only and not the entire Greater London Urban Area identified by the ONS) as this would include places like Watford and Woking which are distinct and separate towns.
Metropolitan district, minus Sutton Coldfield, which is counted as a separate settlement, plus areas in the north of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull (Castle Bromwich etc.).
Population of entire West Midlands conurbation is 2,284,093 (2005 estimate).
www.jgames.co.uk /title/List_of_largest_United_Kingdom_settlements_by_population   (898 words)

 Designation of Abbott Districts
Concentrated poverty districts in which students are consistently attaining acceptable achievement may not be designated an Abbott District, though their ability to offer a sound educational program in the face of substantial obstacles should be celebrated and shared with other districts.
To qualify as an urban aid district, the municipality must be of a certain size or density, have a certain number of children whose families are on welfare, have public housing, and a higher tax rate or lower property valuation per capita.
Districts that do not meet the Abbott criteria, but may be eligible for "sliding scale remedies," shall be required to demonstrate financial inability to provide such remedies and to demonstrate educational inadequacies relative to those needs.
www.nj.gov /njded/abbotts/regs/criteria.htm   (2586 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Main Page
In the 2003–04 season the club lost their League status when they were relegated from the Third Division, and have since remained in the Conference.
The District of Saskatchewan was a former regional administrative district of Canadas Northwest Territories.
The 1968 National Convention of the U.S. Democratic Party was held at International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois, from August 26 to August 29, 1968, for the purposes of choosing the Democratic nominee for the 1968 U.S. presidential election.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia   (4120 words)

  List of English districts by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Usage note: The areas listed are extremely varied in character, from distinct towns and cities, to slices of suburbia, to rural districts.
The primary usage of the word city in British English is based on urban areas, rather than local authority boundaries as is the case in American English.
See also: List of English cities by population - List of English counties by population - List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population - List of English districts by area - List of English districts by ethnic diversity - List of English districts by population density
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_English_districts_by_population   (213 words)

 List of English cities by population - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The populations are 2001 census figures from the Office for National Statistics, using the Key Statistics for Urban Areas figures [1], that attempt to divorce the populations of towns and cities from the Local Authority district(s) that they are contained within.
These figures are not the population of City Councils, for these see List of English districts by population.
See also: List of English districts by population - List of English counties by population - List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population - List of English districts by area - List of English districts by ethnic diversity
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_English_cities_by_population   (486 words)

 Regional Core Health Data System - Country Profile: SAINT VICENT AND THE GRENADINES
An age- or age-group-specific fertility rate is calculated as the ratio of annual births to women of a given age or age-group to the population of women of the same age or age-group, in the same year, for a given country, territory, or geographic area.
Population data correspond to mid-year estimated values, obtained by linear interpolation of the corresponding United Nations fertility medium-variant quinquennial population projections.
Indeed, anemia in pregnancy has been listed as one of the main concerns among obstetrical patients admitted to the Kingstown General Hospital: 2.0% of 12,290 total admissions to the maternity ward in the 1992–1995 period were seen for this problem.
www.paho.org /english/sha/prflsvg.htm   (10671 words)

 DGEQ - The delimitation of municipal electoral districts
Municipalities having less than 20,000 inhabitants that choose to divide their territories into electoral districts are first required to pass a by-law in compliance with chapters III and IV of Title 1 of the Act respecting elections and referendums in municipalities.
The districts must be delimited in such a manner as to ensure fair and balanced representation of the electors.
The municipal council must adopt a resolution to pass a by-law dividing the municipal territory into electoral districts after January 1 of the calendar year preceding that in which a general election must be held.
www.dgeq.qc.ca /en/delimiting_districts.asp   (954 words)

 English Language Proficiency
Data on English language proficiency equip us to better understand 'where we are' and help enable us to develop plans to identify problems areas and improve on English language proficiency.
For individual schools and school districts, and in some cases state education systems, it is feasible to administer tests to students to determine English language proficiency.
The data on ability to speak English represent the person's own perception about his or her own ability or, because census questionnaires are usually completed by one household member, the responses may represent the perception of another household member.
www.proximityone.com /elp.htm   (1940 words)

It is the administrative centre of Lancashire, and is on the River Ribble.
Served by the River Ribble, Preston was one of the principal ports of Lancashire.
In 1974, county boroughs were abolished, and it became the larger part of the new non-metropolitan district of Preston in Lancashire, also including Fulwood, Lancashire and part of Preston Rural District.
www.simplifiedwiki.com /index.php?title=Preston&printable=yes   (3198 words)

 Czech Statistical Office
Each population census provides a basis for a correction of demographic statistics—that is, a correction of the size and structure of the population, as well as other statistics and registers.
The census district (enumeration unit) is an organizational and territorial unit which serves as a domain for the execution of a census.
The population numbers in individual municipalities of the Czech Republic shown by the preliminary results of the population and housing census of 2001 were compared with the results of demographic statistics and with the population registers maintained by the Ministry of the Interior.
unstats.un.org /unsd/demog/docs/symposium_42.htm   (1311 words)

 :::► Dictionary of Meaning www.mauspfeil.net ◄:::
List of English districts by area Ranked 118th - Admin HQ:
It is the smallest (in terms of area) normal unitary authority in mainland England (only the City of London is smaller), and is 345th of the 350 districts in terms of population.
The administrative county was made a district of Leicestershire in the local government reorganisation of 1974, but was restored to top-level authority status by popular demand on 1 April 1997.
www.mauspfeil.net /Rutland.html   (567 words)

 :::► Dictionary of Meaning www.mauspfeil.net ◄:::
List of English districts by area Ranked 84th
The current local government district was formed on April 1, 1998 by the merger of part of the 1974 districts of Malvern Hills and Leominster (district) Leominster.
In the census 2001 2001 census the popoulation of the Malvern Hills district was 35042 males and 37130 females, totalling 72172 people.
www.mauspfeil.net /Malvern_Hills_(district).html   (319 words)

 List of English districts by area - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of districts of England ordered by area.
The areas given are calculated from the Output Areas created for Census 2001 and made available on CD by the Office for National Statistics.
See also: List of English districts by population, List of English districts by population density, List of English districts by ethnic diversity
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_English_districts_by_area   (112 words)

 Talk:St Albans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I have removed the Abbey from the list of the notable buildings because the cathedral entry explains the cathedral was previously the abbey.
Except that in UK English not only have the stops in DC been abandoned as unnecessary and ugly adornments - just as it is no longer used in AC or DC, the electrical terms - but the separating comma has as well.
That you are patently unaware of the revered position that Fowler holds in the English language betrays your ignorance (and, indeed, the depth of your ignorance is laid bare by the fact you think it descriptive).
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:St_Albans   (1041 words)

 1917 Constitution of Mexico
Centers of population which at present either have no lands or water or which do not possess them in sufficient quantities for the needs of their inhabitants, shall be entitled to grants thereof, which shall be taken from adjacent properties, the rights of small landed holdings in operation being respected at all times.
The centers of population which, by law or in fact, possess a communal status shall have legal capacity to enjoy common possession of the lands, forests, and waters belonging to them or which have been or may be restored to them.
If the district judge resides in the same place as the responsible authority, the law shall specify the judge before whom the writ of amparo is to be presented, and that judge may provisionally suspend the act in question, in those cases and under the terms established in the same law.
www.ilstu.edu /class/hist263/docs/1917const.html   (14776 words)

 School Districts Flunk Education of Students With Disabilities
Districts with 30 or more special education students in the cohort were identified.
Districts "In Need of Assistance" will go through a review of instructional practices to ensure they are using proven, research-based methods and/or professional development.
Districts "In Need of Intervention" may also be required to redirect their federal IDEA funds, which totals $700 million statewide.
www.northcountrygazette.org /articles/100506DistrictsFlunk.html   (465 words)

 Bad Report Card For 12 Districts
The 12 districts cited for overall lack of progress for four consecutive years are among the state's largest and poorest school systems, enrolling children from communities such as Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven.
Other districts also were cited but do not yet face corrective measures because they are on the warning list for the first time.
One district, West Hartford, was on the academic warning list for the third year in a row because some specific groups of students missed proficiency standards.
www.mail-archive.com /kids_counsel-l@listserv.uconn.edu/msg00713.html   (523 words)

 Equal Population in Redistricting — ACE Electoral Knowledge Network
This is because representation by population is a central tenet of democracy, and, in countries that employ single-member districts, this rule translates into the principle of equal populations across districts.
This criterion was devised to produce equality of population halfway through the seven-year Australian districting cycle and to avoid wide discrepancies at the end of the delimitation cycle.
Equally populous districts can also be disregarded for "special geographic circumstances." Allowances for natural communities prompted English boundary commissioners in 1983 to leave the Isle of Wight with 95,000 electors as a single constituency, while respect for local London boundaries left suburban Surbiton with only 48,000 electors.
aceproject.org /ace-en/topics/bd/bdb/bdb05/bdb05a   (1082 words)

 Langevin (RI02) - Speech/Op-Ed - Testimony on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Last year, 500 school districts applied for the $30 million program, but only 58 districts received grants — leaving 442 school districts that have identified a need for this assistance and continue to be denied critical funding.
In many large districts, including the Santee school district in San Diego, the ratio is closer to 1 counselor for every 1000 students.
To take money away from public school districts when schools do not meet certain guidelines is to provide a disincentive to teachers to teach in the inner cities of America.
www.house.gov /apps/list/speech/ri02_langevin/sp032801education2.html   (1687 words)

 Questions and Answers about High Performing/Closing the Gap Schools and Districts
Schools and districts that met all applicable State standards in English language arts and mathematics in 2004-2005 and that made Adequate Yearly Progress in both 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 on all applicable English language arts, mathematics, science and graduation rate criteria were eligible to be recognized.
In addition, the school or district must have been accountable for 30 continuously enrolled students in at least two racial ethnic groups or at least one racial ethnic group and one of the following groups of students: low-income students, students with disabilities, or limited English proficient students.
Schools and districts that were below one or more State standards but improved their performance during the past three years on each applicable criterion and made Adequate Yearly Progress in 2002-2003, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 on all applicable English language arts, mathematics, science and/or graduation rate criteria were eligible to be recognized.
www.emsc.nysed.gov /irts/school-accountability/2006/qa.htm   (1252 words)

 Student Assignment in Elementary and Secondary Schools & Title VI
Although school districts must ensure that students are not assigned on the basis of race, color, or national origin, the law does not require that each school within a district have a racially balanced student population.
School districts are responsible for ensuring that students are not misclassified as being disabled and that misclassification does not result in students being inappropriately placed in special education programs.
School districts are required to educate students with disabilities with nondisabled students to the maximum extent appropriate.
www.ed.gov /about/offices/list/ocr/docs/tviassgn.html   (1016 words)

 Railways in Victorian England: An Introductin to Historical GIS
Included for each decennial census year (1851, 1861, etc.) and for each district were the size of the population, the area of the district, and the estimated decennial change in the population size that is attributable to migration.
The districts are ranked by size, but they cannot be compared further through the use of addition, subtraction, and so forth, as can be done with what we shall call numerical variables or attributes.
It is a random sample of districts that comprises 5 percent of the population of England and Wales in 1861.
www.mtholyoke.edu /courses/rschwart/rail/chap1_2.html   (5728 words)

 Defining the Limited-English Proficient Student Population.
The language-minority school-age population has now reached 9.9 million, according to data from the 1990 census, which defines language minority as those individuals living in households in which a language other than English is spoken.
As a subset of the language minority student population, the limited-English proficient student population has been estimated at anywhere from 1.355 million to 3.685 million, according to one source (Hopstock, P. and Bucaro, B., 1993) and from 5 to 7.
Limited English proficient: one who has a language background other than English, and his or her proficiency in English is such that the probability of the student's academic success in an English-only classroom is below that of an academically successful peer with an English-language background.
www.ncela.gwu.edu /pubs/directions/09.htm   (2947 words)

 No easy way off federal watch list - The Boston Globe
Lowell has 17 of its 23 schools on the list, and the district as a whole appears on a separate list of 156 school districts that have failed to meet state expectations on state tests.
But even suburban schools and districts are popping up on the list and some educators worry about whether putting the spotlight on schools that need improvement is harmful to students.
Bucco chalks up the school's placement on the list as growing pains for a school that is only four years old and is still trying to establish its identity and beliefs in how students should be taught.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2005/10/02/no_easy_way_off_federal_watch_list   (1150 words)

 OnPolitics (washingtonpost.com)
Voting districts that were predominantly white were more likely to have high technology including the optical scan system and lap top computers used for verification of voter eligibility.
Poorer counties, particularly those with significant people of color populations were more likely to use voting systems with higher spoilage rates than more affluent counties with significant white populations.
Hispanics were 57.4% of the population, but only 16.6% of the purge list; whites, 77.6% of the population but 17.6% of those purged.
washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/onpolitics/transcripts/ccrdraft060401.htm   (2209 words)

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