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Topic: List of German rural districts

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  List, The National System of Political Economy, Book I, Chapter 7: Library of Economics and Liberty
German husbandry long remained in a barbarous condition, notwithstanding that the influence of towns and monasteries on the districts in their immediate vicinity could not be ignored.
The misfortunes of the German nation were completed by the inventions of gunpowder and of the art of printing, the revival of the Roman law, the Reformation, and lastly the discovery of America and of the new route to India.
The foundation for the revival of German nationality was undoubtedly laid by the Governments themselves, by their conscientious devotion of the proceeds of the secularised Church lands to the uses of education and instruction, of art and science, of morality and objects of public utility.
www.econlib.org /library/ypdbooks/list/lstNPE7.html   (3467 words)

 Statement by Molotov on German Attrocities in Occupied USSR, 1941
Often the rural population, including old folk, women and children, is evicted from its houses immediately after the German occupation and compelled to seek shelter in dugouts and trenches in the forest, or simply in the open.
During their retreat, the Germans drove to the rear the populations of the villages of Ershovo, Skokovo and Funkovo, in the Zvenigorod District, and the village of Yessipovo, in the Solnechnogorsk District.
In the district center of Volovo, in the Kursk Region, where the Germans stayed four hours, a German officer dashed the head of the two-year-old son of a woman named Boikova against a wall and killed him because he was crying.
www.ess.uwe.ac.uk /documents/german_attrocities_ussr.htm   (6113 words)

 Districts of Germany - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
German districts (Kreise) are administrative units in Germany.
The districts are at an intermediate level of administration between the Länder (German states) and the local / municipal levels (Gemeinden).
The district parliament, the Kreistag, is the legislative body of the district and is responsible for local self-administration.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_German_districts   (313 words)

 Historic Rural Resources in Mecklenburg County
The intent of this project in identifying and evaluating significant rural properties was not to highlight one particular period of time, group of people, or geographic area of the county.
And as mills began to be constructed farther from Charlotte, the impact on the rural areas of Mecklenburg County was tremendous.
By 1940, the decline was 27.4 percent from the 1910 peak of 4,339 farms.
www.cmhpf.org /properties/ruralresources.html   (4503 words)

Germans contributed substantially to its growth: By 1841, 28 percent of the total population was German; 10 years earlier the figure was only 5 percent, By 1850, when Cincinnati was known as the "Queen City of the West," the German community (including those born in America) made up half its population.
German involvement in the labor movement did not sit well with nativists, who, in the last decades of the 19th century, were again seeking support for anti-immigration laws.
German Americans, the societies members insisted, were neither "mongrels with a divided allegiance" nor "hyphenates." In keeping with this goal, they named their organization after Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a hero of the War of Independence.
www.theseverts.net /German.htm   (13046 words)

 sociology - Germany
From 1949 to 1990, Germany was divided into the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany and the German capital of Berlin was divided into East Berlin and West Berlin.
While German culture flourished, and German science retained its world-leading position, the 1920s were more characterised by hyperinflation brought on by the post-war economic hardship, which in Germany's case may have been aggravated by the conditions and reparations required by the Treaty of Versailles.
The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe, and remains one of the most popular foreign languages taught worldwide, in Europe it is the second most popular language after English.
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Germany   (4640 words)

 The Center for Rural Pennsylvania
The rural forums were a great opportunity for the Center's Board members to learn your thoughts on defining "rural" for Pennsylvania and we will depend heavily on your comments as we work to develop that designation.
The rural farm population, however, declined with each Census, regardless of definition, showing that fewer and fewer people are living in households on farms in the commonwealth.
A comparison of school tax payments by rural and urban residents shows that in 2001, using equalized mills, which is the total taxes collected divided by total market values, rural areas had a millage rate of 19.0 while urban areas had a slightly higher rate of 20.8 mills.
www.ruralpa.org /news1102.html   (3592 words)

 Top20Germany.com - Your Top20 Guide to Germany!
Jürgen Trittin (from the German Greens) as the Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, reached an agreement with energy companies on the gradual shut down of the country's nineteen nuclear power plants and a cessation of civil usage of nuclear power by 2020.
The German government declaring climate protection as a key policy issue, announced a carbon dioxide reduction target by the year 2005 compared to 1990 by 25% ([3], pdf).
9% of the population is not ethnically German.
www.top20germany.com   (4938 words)

 ED.gov   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Decisions that school districts and states are making right now will determine whether technology becomes a wedge that divides the advantaged from the disadvantaged communities or a bridge that closes opportunity gaps.
Rural schools face problems of installing expensive infrastructure across vast distances, persuading the private sector to serve a small population base, and overcoming what Mordessa Corbin called "attitudinal isolation" among their citizens.
Rural school districts around the country are forming consortia or collaboratives-not just with other K-12 districts, but also with higher education, business, and even health care providers-to give them greater leverage in regional decisions about access and infrastructure.
www.ed.gov /about/offices/list/os/technology/plan/makehappen/intro.html   (2609 words)

 Coordinated Community Responses to Domestic Violence in Six Communities: Beyond the Justice System
We developed a list of site selection criteria to fulfill the study objectives based on a review of the relevant literature and discussions with HHS and members of the project's advisory group composed of representatives of federal agencies with responsibilities in the area of domestic violence.
Because the cases will come from all nine districts in the city, the domestic violence unit will be able to prosecute domestic violence cases from throughout the city and provide more consistent treatment to victims.
For example, women from the outlying rural areas are often reluctant to go to a shelter in an urban area of Jackson County.
www.urban.org /publications/406727.html   (17338 words)

 Rural schools at a disadvantage in the current education-reform climate | csmonitor.com
Rural schools in 13 states need particularly urgent attention, warned the rural-education group that wrote the report.
Maine, the nation's second most rural state, ranks 13th in the new report's list of the 13 states with the most vulnerable rural schools.
Largely rural Mississippi ranks No. 1 because it has the nation's largest share of students eligible for free or reduced-price lunches (a rough proxy for poverty), the nation's second-lowest per capita rural income, and the third-lowest penetration of computers in the classroom.
www.csmonitor.com /2003/0218/p18s01-lepr.html   (673 words)

 Ancestry.com - Ancestors in German Archives
Government-generated records are found primarily in German and Polish government archives, although archives in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and the Ukraine also preserve records of German emigrants, their ancestors, and descendants.
Urban districts are independent cities in which a branch office of the state government enforces state regulations or provides state-sponsored services for persons living within such cities.
District archives preserve records created on this lowest level of state government, and, in the absence of community or town archives, may preserve records created by village or town governments within their historical jurisdiction.
www.ancestry.netscape.com /library/view/ancmag/1671.asp   (1939 words)

 Latvia Districts
The cities are all geographically situated in the districts of the same name, except for Jūrmala, which is in Riga district.
A 1998 document issued by the European Council, titled "Structure and working of local and regional democracy: Latvia: Situation in 1998" says, "the administrative subdivisions of the Republic of Latvia are the regions and municipalities: the great agglomerations, the towns and the pagasts (rural districts).
Daugavpils district and city (now in Latgale planning region) were in Zemgale province; Dobele district (now in Zemgale) and Tukums (now in Riga) were in Kurzeme province; and Limbaži and Ogre districts (now in Riga) were in Vidzeme.
www.statoids.com /ulv.html   (561 words)

 Rwanda Provinces
These are subdivided into thirty districts, according to a map on the Minaloc (Ministry of Local Government) website.
Among the reasons given for the change were the reduction of ethnic divisions and the suppression of reminders of the 1994 genocide.
The provinces are divided into thirty districts, which are subdivided into 418 secteurs administratifs (administrative sectors), which are further subdivided into 9,165 cellules (cells).
www.statoids.com /urw.html   (607 words)

In what district officials call an act of goodwill, their board of directors agreed to eliminate their ability to use eminent domain in the plan's coastal area and to only purchase property from willing sellers.
The Rural Lands proposed fiscal municipal model assumes continuation of the same revenue streams currently being received by the County to pay for their LCP mandated substandard levels of protective service imposed upon providers CDF, HMBFD and SMC Sheriff Department.
The residents of the Rural Lands are unwilling to continue to suffer the tyrannical apartheid policies imposed upon them by this dysfunctional urban Board of Supervisors that serves at the pleasure of the Committee for Green Foothills and Sierra Club.
www.cwposse.org /5thcolumn/webtool20/pages/Home.shtml   (4547 words)

 OneWorld U.S. Home / Today's News - Maoist Rebels Hijack Development in Nepal
More recently, a mayor of Prithvinarayan municipality of Gorkha district, 120 miles west of Kathmandu, was abducted and later released under similar conditions.
In Bhojpur district, 400 miles north-east of the capital, VDC secretary Uma Ghimire is looking after eight VDCs.
Her counterparts in Rolpa and Rukum districts are similarly overburdened.
us.oneworld.net /article/view/72082/1   (794 words)

 Teens tackle Chinese course 10/07/06
A group of 10 Washburn Rural students are among 42 students in seven Kansas school districts learning Mandarin Chinese from Yi this year.
Culbertson previously took German but thought she would try something different this year.
Other districts could benefit from federal grants that would allow them to hire their own instructors.
www.cjonline.com /stories/100706/loc_distancelearn.shtml   (752 words)

 National Register of Historic Places Research Page
The following is a comprehensive list of all multiple property documentation through February 2001 accepted by or listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
While the MPS format is especially useful for evaluating properties' eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, MPS documents also are a valuable resource for planning, heritage education, and tourism.
German Catholic Churches and Cemeteries of Lawrence County TR Grundy County MRA
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/research/mpslist.htm   (4243 words)

 List archives at LISTSERV.UC.EDU
List job openings for health education graduates (231 subscribers)
List audience will be two co-editors-in-chief of the College's (3 subscribers)
Distribution List for Faculty in Adult Health Department in CON (23 subscribers)
listserv.uc.edu /archives/index.html   (2332 words)

 IndianNGOs.com - A Professional Research and Networking Organisation
Eastern India District Of The Church Of The Nazarene International
Society for Advancement Of Rural Economy Education & Kutir
Society For Upliftment Of Deprived Class Of Rural Areas
www.indianngos.com /districts/kolkata_list.htm   (262 words)

 Fact Sheet Index
Fire Protection in Rural Areas: Dry Hydrants for Ponds, AEX-422-98
Responsibilities of Persons Involved in Initiating Rural Zoning Action, CDFS-304
Emerald Ash Borer Diagnostic Check-Off List, HYG-2049-05 (pdf)
ohioline.osu.edu /lines/fs-list.html   (3612 words)

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