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Topic: List of Irish newspapers

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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  Research Guide: Irish News & Newspapers - Boston College
This searchable database of Irish newspapers lists files currently held by the National Library of Ireland, the British Library, public libraries, universities, archives and newspaper offices.
Among the library's collections are UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present, and a wide range of UK and Irish popular periodicals.
This is an "alphabetical listing and description of publications in Ireland in all fields" published with varying frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, annually).
www.bc.edu /libraries/research/guides/s-irishnews   (670 words)

 List of newspapers in Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Below is a list of newspapers published in Ireland.
The Connacht Tribune - Despite its title, this newspaper is primarily Galway based.
Newsplan - Irish newspaper index and archives maintained by the National Library of Ireland
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Irish_newspapers   (342 words)

 [No title]
The Irish have been at the centre of the development of Canada since the arrival of the Europeans.
Brother Maher, an Irish Canadian from New Brunswick, was the Superior of the Presentation Brothers in Canada and the first non-Jesuit principal of the prestigious Brebeuf College School in Toronto.
Born in Scotland to Irish parents, John McDermott moved to Toronto with his family at an early age and was educated at the famous St. Michael's Choir School.
www.geocities.com /brebeufalumni/irishcanadianlist.html   (1704 words)

 Irish Studies Collection - Boston College
The Irish studies collection at the O'Neill Library includes a wide range of materials supporting the Irish Studies Program and the research needs of its faculty.
The expanding Irish music offerings at Boston College have led to a comprehensive collecting strategy for newly-released traditional Irish music recordings, complementing the collections in the Irish Music Center in the John J. Burns Library.
The publication Irish Serials in the Boston College Libraries is a complete, searchable database of Irish interest journals and newspapers at Boston College.
www.bc.edu /libraries/resources/collections/s-irish   (944 words)

 CPL St. Patrick's Day
Irish "aid societies" such as the Hibernian Society were formed in New York.
In 1860 Col. Michael Corcoran was court marshaled for refusing to lead the New York 69th Volunteers known as the "Irish Brigade" in a parade honoring the visiting Prince of Wales.
The bravery of the "Irish Brigade" at the battles of Antietam and Fredericksburg, brought Irish Americans new respectability.
www.chipublib.org /shamrock/stpatscelebrate.html   (1486 words)

 Irish Language, Gaelic, Music, Poetry, Songs, Games, Culture
Irish Gaelic was the first vernacular language in Europe to develop a written form (in the 6th Century AD), I hope you come to enjoy the language and culture of Ireland.
The Irish have always been known for a keen sense of humor.
Irish Music selections spanning several centuries all brought together in a pleasant setting.
www.irishpage.com   (973 words)

 The Ontrario Irish Mailing List
This list is for the whole province of Ontario, including the old County of Ontario.
This list will be a place where we discuss those traditions that include holidays, recipes, music, weddings, births, funerals/wakes, etc. Hopefully, in our discourse we will find where the tradition started and which are pure Irish, which are Ontario Irish or which are just Ontario related.
This list is for the discussion of the Genealogy, Culture and History of the Irish people who lived and/or passed through the province of Ontario, including the county of Ontario.
www.connorsgenealogy.com /OntarioIrish   (615 words)

 Irish in New York City   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This ongoing transcription gives the personal ads placed by friends and families who were seeking lost Irish immigrants in America.
This ongoing transcription presents news snippets from the 19th-century NYC newspaper, The Irish-American.
This ongoing transcription presents news snippets from Ireland, courtesy of the 19th-century NYC newspaper, The Irish-American.
www.irishinnyc.freeservers.com   (1130 words)

 IRL Newspapers
By 1750 newspapers included notices of marriages and deaths with increasing frequency.
The National Library of Ireland, List of Newspapers on Microfilm (Typescript; FHL book Q 941.83/D1 A3n; film 990,403 item 7; computer number 0170368) provides a bibliography of the National Library's newspaper holdings.
A Census of British Newspapers and Periodicals, 1620-1800.
www.irishgenealogy.com /ireland/IRL-newspapers.htm   (388 words)

 BOOK, MAP & RESOURCE LIST - Ireland, Irish, Eire, Northern Ireland - Genealogy & History
Irish Records even includes the names and addresses of custodians of records throughout the thirty-two counties of Ireland.
The Irish famine was a catastrophe of immense proportions.
Since the returns include the names of small landowners as well as large-owners of modest acres as well as great estates-they stand as a census of a significant proportion of the population of Ireland in 1876 and no doubt contain the names of many people who were related to emigrants of an earlier period.
www.globalgenealogy.com /countries/ireland   (4232 words)

 Global Irish : entertainment_and_media/newspapers
Established in 1888, The Irish Catholic, a weekly newspaper, provides news and informed comment about the Church and social issues in Ireland and the world.
For all news thats irish in Northen Ireland
Waterford Today is the only Waterford Newspaper that DELIVERS to 98% of all urban housing in Waterford City, and bulk drop to Waterford County, South Kilkenny, Carrick-On-Suir, and New Ross, Co. Wexford.
www.globalirish.com /entertainment_and_media/newspapers/more3.htm   (296 words)

 Cyndi's List - Newspapers
Newspaper abstracts and extracts published in United States, Canadian and Irish newspapers prior to 1923.
List of newspapers on line by state then city with a link to the newspapers.
For the posting of newspaper articles in the public domain from Lewis County, Kentucky, newspapers that will help others in their genealogical research in Lewis County.
www.cyndislist.com /newspapr.htm   (3777 words)

 Irish Newspapers : Newspapers from Ireland : Irish News
Irish Newspapers : Newspapers from Ireland : Irish News
Irish newspapers for information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people and business.
Please EMAIL US if you know of any new online newspapers or those on our lists where the address has changed.
www.onlinenewspapers.com /ireland.htm   (89 words)

 GENUKI: Ireland
The fact that in 1922 the Republic of Ireland was created and six of the nine counties forming the province of Ulster (Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry, and Tyrone) voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, effects the location of various records.
Records from 1864 to 1922, for all Ireland, and from 1922 for the Republic are held at the Office of the Registrar General, Joyce House, 8-11 Lombard Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Scotch-Irish Mailing List (Scotch-Irish is a term that has come to be used in the United States to indicate all those who came from Northern Ireland who were not Gaelic Catholic Irish)
www.genuki.org.uk /big/irl   (2838 words)

 Irish Newspapers On-Line
Irish community at home and abroad, published in Galway.
Daily Irish news and analysis, published in Dublin.
South Inner City Dublin local newspaper produced by DIT journalism students.
www.egt.ie /misc/nuachtain.html   (51 words)

 ShutEmDown.com :: View topic - need to control the media!!! need a list??? here ya go RITE
This is a list of newspapers from around the world.
The following is a list of the 25 newspapers with the largest subscriber circulation as of October 2004, based on statistics reported by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, rounded to the nearest thousand.
A longer list of newspapers in the United States is also available.
shutemdown.com /bboard/viewtopic.php?t=525&...   (294 words)

 Irish FAQ: Tourism and the Web [2/10]
For matters concerning the archive as a whole, please refer to the archive description or contact the archiver.
Put a zero in front of Irish area codes if you are dialling from Ireland.
IRISH YOUTH HOSTEL ASSOCIATION, An Oige, Head Office, 61 Mountjoy Street, Dublin 7, Ireland.
www.cs.uu.nl /wais/html/na-dir/cultures/irish-faq/part02.html   (570 words)

 Eyes On Ireland - Irish Links Hybernia Celtic handmade photos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Irish Holocaust - The resilient Irish nation didn't starve because of potatoes.
Irish Artists A great website displaying the works of Irish Artists and Designers.
An Phoblacht - Irish Republican News - Sinn Fein's Newspaper.
www.irishphotos.com /links.html   (415 words)

 NYPL, The Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy
Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History, Local History and Genealogy is one of the largest genealogical and local history collections open to the public in this country, and, as such, it is one of the most heavily used divisions in the Library.
What follows is a selective list of resources available to family historians at The New York Public Library.
The Famine Immigrants: Lists of Irish Immigrants Arriving at the Port of New York, 1846-1851.
www.nypl.org /research/chss/lhg/research.html   (1877 words)

 Boston Massachusetts media contact list - contact Boston MA newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations at Easy Media ...
Create your media list of Boston, Massachusetts newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations.
Find web sites for Boston, Massachusetts newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations at Mondo Times, the worldwide media guide.
Select the media outlets you want to contact, then click 'Preview Your List' at the bottom of the page.
www.easymedialist.com /usa/city/boston.html   (178 words)

 ClevelandIrish.org Cleveland's Irish Cultural Festival - List of Food Vendors - Cleveland, OH Ohio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
leveland's Irish Cultural Festival is a non-profit, annual civic event, benefiting local and national charities and highlighting the many aspects of our Irish culture.
Throughout the extensive grounds you will find numerous exhibits and displays, 24 world class performers on nine stages, a vast collection of goods from the finest vendors in the country, and over 300 volunteers that combine to continue this legacy of love for the Irish and their heritage.
We cordially invite you to be a participating restaurant/caterer in this year's festival.
www.clevelandirish.org /food_informationforvendors_new.shtml   (190 words)

 International News Archives. SLA News Division Web Site.
If the paper you want to search isn't listed, try Other Sources for News Archives on the Web.
If you are recommending an archive, please include the URL of the newspaper *and* the URL of the archive.
The FT archive also has as much as 3 years' worth of archive material from over 3,000 major newspapers, periodicals, journals, newswires and press releases.
www.ibiblio.org /slanews/internet/intarchives.htm   (851 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How
These channels are available as free-to-air analogue broadcasts, as well as on digital, satellite and cable systems.
Typically this includes the 4 Irish terrestrial stations, the Northern Ireland version of the 4 main UK stations and about 7 other general enertainment or news services, mostly from the UK.
Digital cable service is available in many areas: this provides about 5 times as many channels.
www.irelandinformationguide.com /List_of_Irish_television_channels   (472 words)

 List of Irish newspapers biography .ms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The following is the list of newspapers published at some point on the island of Ireland.
The Irish Press (closed in the early 1990s)
(Irish) Socialist Worker Fortnightly organ of the Socialist Workers Party
www.biography.ms /List_of_Irish_newspapers.html   (137 words)

 List of Irish people   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This is a list of famous Irish people.
Perhaps because of the extent of Irish emigration, talented people of Irish birth or descent have become known throughout the world.
Edward Martyn - co-founder of the Irish Literary Theatre
list-of-irish-people.iqnaut.net   (607 words)

 Irish Resources
The items on this list are, like all things on the net, likely to change without notice.
This is the archive related to an e-mail list which has since closed down.
Irish Language songs with lyrics and rough melody.
english.glendale.cc.ca.us /irish.html   (1035 words)

 Books and Writers - Books and Writers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A Civil List pension was granted him in 1911.
The word dictionarius was used as early as 1225 for a list of Latin words, but was not generally in use in its modern sense until the 16thC
Son of the Irish Writer Alfred Perceval Graves and Amalia von Ranke.
g.msn.com /9SE/1?http://booksandwriters.co.uk/writer/N/newspapers-books-on.asp&&DI=6244&IG=8b2a16831f0047199a273aa0b70df5ee&POS=6&CM=WPU&CE=6&CS=AWP&SR=6   (8134 words)

 North American Irish publications
Here is a list of Irish-related magazines and newspapers published in the US and Canada.
Web: http://www.underbridge.com/scathan Irish America Magazine PO Box 209 Pearl River, NY 10965 editorial office: 432 Park Ave South Suite 1503 NY, NY 10016 ph.
Scottish and Irish coverage with some English and Welsh; international and local news plus features.
www.ceolas.org /IrishNet/publications/list.html   (665 words)

 Irish Times -> reviewed by 4imn.com
Listing of online Newspapers in Ireland: Irish Times.
Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all information provided.
Please visit the Irish Times's website to make sure that the information provided are still up-to-date.
www.4imn.com /reviews/832.htm   (34 words)

 Traditional Irish Music In the Airwaves
Irish Gaelic language and culture with Dr. Seamus Blake)
The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society, Inc. is a tax exempt IRS 501(c) (3) not-for-profit educational Corporation.
Donations made to The Shamrock Traditional Irish Music Society, Inc. are tax deductible.
www.shamrockirishmusic.org /id21.html   (161 words)

 Global Top 100 Newspapers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The New York Times on the Web: Daily international, national and local news coverage from the newspaper, breaking news updates, technology news, sports, reviews, crosswords, classified ad listings.
Ireland's biggest selling national newspaper with complete coverage of today's important Irish news, sport, business and entertainment stories.
Hong Kong's English language newspaper, bringing you daily news and business updates covering Hong Kong, Greater China and Asia.
www.allyoucanread.com /Top_100_Newspapers   (264 words)

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