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Topic: List of Kings of Greece

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  List of Presidents of Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the Presidents of Greece.
Though the President of Greece is the Head of State of the Greek nation, he holds very little power and is largely a figurehead.
The Prime Minister of Greece is the active chief executive of the Greek government.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Presidents_of_Greece   (129 words)

 List of Kings of Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of the Kings of Greece, formally known by the title of King of The Hellenes.
In the modern Kingdom of the Hellenes, established in 1832 after Greece attained independence from the Ottoman empire (1830), under a Bavarian dynasty, the title of Diadochos was 'revived' as particular princely style for the heir apparent to the constitutional royal throne, as unique as dauphin in France (but not linked to any territory).
List of Greek heads of state and government
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Kings_of_Greece   (177 words)

 GREECE - LoveToKnow Article on GREECE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The climate of Greece, like that of the other countries of the Balkan peninsula, is liable to greater extremes of heat and cold than prevail in Spain and Italy; the difference is due to the general Climate, contour of the peninsula, which assimilates its climatic conditions to those of the European mainland.
Greece is renowned for the clearness of its climate; fogs and mists are almost unknown.
Greece is a constitutional monarchy; hereditary in the ma line, or, in case of its extinction, in the female.
95.1911encyclopedia.org /G/GR/GREECE.htm   (19279 words)

 The Kings of Greece
King William George I* was born in 1845.
King Constantine I succeeded George I in 1913.
The King, who was a simple man, reportedly thought little of his wife Queen Mary's collection of objets d'art- with the exception of a small figurine of Lady Godiva.
www.angelfire.com /celeb/millers/greece1.html   (721 words)

 The Periphery of Francia: Spain, Britain, Eastern Europe, & Scandinavia
The Kings of Bohemia, Hungary, and Poland, 845-1795
the King of Castile and León responsible for the conquest of the heartland of Islâmic Spain: Andalusia.
King Egbert of Wessex, who had spent time in exile at the court of Charlemagne, came to be considered the first true King of England.
www.friesian.com /perifran.htm   (11163 words)

 Greeks and Macedonians
The kings of the Molossi (another people not regarded as fully Hellenic) were descended from Achilles himself via Pyrrhus son of Neoptolemus: their very names proved it.
The king of Macedon would be asked to send representatives, just as the king of Persia did, when the Greek states though this desirable or even when he himself did.
The work of the Argead kings who had long tried to work toward bridging it, and the work of Alexander who was himself the result of the long process (though, as we saw, he did not try to force it on beyond what was acceptable), was to take perhaps another century to reach fruition.
www.historyofmacedonia.org /AncientMacedonia/badian.html   (5786 words)

 Greek numismatics - Modern coins
When King Paul ascended to the throne in 1947, a full scale Communist-led guerrila war was in progress and large areas of the land were under their control.
Under the leadership of the new king and Field Marshall Papagos, plus the timely American aid given under the Truman doctrine, the Communists were defeated and the task of reconstruction began.
King Paul I of the Hellenes died on March 6, 1964.
www.greekcoins.info   (666 words)

Son of Ludwig I of Bavaria; elected king 1832; deposed, died 1867
Son of Christian IX of Denmark; elected king 1863; assassinated
KŌNSTANTINOS II Son of Paulos; in exile from 1967; deposed
www-personal.umich.edu /~imladjov/GreekRulers.htm   (58 words)

Mycenae was the center of power in the Archaic period, and the excavated ruins sculpt the top of a rocky hill protected by the famous Cyclopean walls.
Mycenae was founded by Perseus, and the Mycenaean culture dominated Bronze Age Greece with its legents, art, and ideas from 1600 BC until 1100 BC.
Mycenaean culture is the source of ancient epics and legends such as the dynasty of Atreids, the labours of Hercules, the Trojan war, the Thyestian Feast, and Agamemnon's tragic life and death.
www.greeklandscapes.com /greece/mycenae.html   (774 words)

 The History Guy: The War List
This is a pretty watered-down, basic description of this rivalry, but these two nations have fought many, many wars, and William's conquest of England was the starting point for many of the earlier ones.
King Henry VIII of England won a favorable peace from France after winning the Battle of the Spurs on August 16, 1513.
In North America the colonial aspect of the conflict was known as King William's War.
www.historyguy.com /War_list.html   (4061 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
ancestry of Angle kings and the Balthae Dynasty ………………………………...........
Kings of Gododdin and the British "North Country" [i.e.: Lothian, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Rheged, Lancaster, Elmet, etc. ] ………………………………...........................................................
Kings of Ulster [IIB], the Erin kings ………………………………..............................
hometown.aol.com /rdavidh218/britishroyalty.html   (643 words)

After Mussolini conquered Ethiopia in 1936, one King of Italy was briefly, and fatally, associated with this as the Emperor of Ethiopia.
The thus "anointed" Kings of France later stoutly maintained that their authority was directly from God, without the mediation of either the Emperor or the Pope (both of whom had different ideas).
Henry of Guise was of the house of Anjou and Lorraine, descendants of King John II of France.
www.friesian.com /francia.htm   (14323 words)

 Ancient Greece
The history of Greece began with the Stone Age hunters and early farmers.
Greece was then invaded by the Dorians in approximately 1100 BC.
The citizens of Greece were given the ability to vote for their leaders and their laws.
www.cedarville.edu /dept/ed/resource/schools/chca/othergrades/greecetd/greece1.htm   (1276 words)

 Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Government
And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.
These kings who "have received no kingdom as yet" are princes, and are most surely part of the existing European Council of Princes, who act as constitutional advisors to the European Union.
Church Age: The European Council of Princes consisting of 33 Merovingian kings was created as the occult hierarchy of Europe; Merovingians view themselves as divine because they descended from the fallen angels of Genesis 6.
watch.pair.com /new-government.html   (11429 words)

 Mycenae and the Bronze Age of Greece
We have letters, found in the Hittite royal archives at Hattusas, addressed to the king of the land of Ahhiyawa and calling him "brother" and putting him on a par with the kings of Babylon and the pharaoh of Egypt.
Also beyond the citadel walls were the graves of the earliest kings of Mycenae and their families, dating to the beginning of the Late Helladic I period (ca.
The latest kings and queens at Mycenae were buried in what are known as tholos tombs.
www.odysseyadventures.ca /articles/mycenae/article_mycenae.htm   (8564 words)

 sociology - Category:Lists of office-holders
List of Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda
List of leaders of the Republic of China
List of Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Category:Lists_of_office-holders   (144 words)

 Did the Phoenicians Introduce the Idea of Interest to Greece and Italy; and if so When?
The only practices that survived into classical Greece were those which took on a life of their own independently of the palaces — some myth and ritual, technologies and possibly sharecropping arrangements miniaturized and "privatized" in the context of the self‑sufficient family oikos and, in a few cases, temples.
The list of Anatolians indebted (and often in arrears) to Assyrians by far exceeds that of Assyrians in debt to Anatolians." This probably also would have been the case with the Phoenicians and Phoenicians in Greece.
However, archaic Greece and Italy had no centralized rulers to proclaim such debt cancellations — or, where kings existed as in Rome, they were overthrown by aristocratic families hardly eager to cancel their populations' debts.
phoenicia.org /interest.htm   (11526 words)

 the Doors of Greece
While the king was away, Nectanebus, with the aid of wax dolls and other magical means, transported himself into the queen's bedroom disguised as the god Ammon, to whose blandishments Olympias naturally felt bound to accede.
We are not told of King Philip's reaction on returning to discover the fait accompli; and indeed other accounts suggest that he and the queen merely employed an astrologer to tell the new-born child's fortune.
Dimly, we hear of other visiting Chaldean travellers to Greece: Soudines, for instance, a visitor to the court of Attalus I, King of Pergamum, who compiled lunar tables which were used for centuries, and one of the earliest lapidaries, associating various precious stones with certain planets and signs.
www.meta-religion.com /Esoterism/Astrology/through_the_doors_of_greece.htm   (4665 words)

 A-List Insider Guide: Mainland Greece
Almost every famous ancient site in Greece is in the Peloponnese - the awesome Mycenaean palaces of Kings Agamemnon and Nestor at Mycenae and Pylos (Pilos); the mysterious thick-walled Mycenaean fortress at Tiryns; the magnificent classical temples at Corinth, Nemea, Vassae, and Olympia; and the monumental theaters at Argos and Epidaurus, still used for performances.
Greece generally has hot dry summers and mild wet winters.
Codeine, which is commonly found in headache preparations, is banned in Greece and you may face prosecution if you bring it into the country.
www.luxurytravelmagazine.com /store/pdetails4274.php   (331 words)

 Ancient History Web Sites   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Cultures represented are the Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Early Islam and Medieval Europe.
Listing of a number of links dealing with Egyptology including various field reports and images.
The Perseus project at Tufts University is a multimedia digital library on Ancient Greece which includes primary and secondary texts and images.
www.lib.washington.edu /subject/History/tm/ancient.html   (546 words)

 Greece Central School District - Summer Reading List   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
King Arthur's story, told from the viewpoints of four women in his life.
Betrayed by the woman he loved, a king decides to take a bride for only one night-and to kill her the next day.
In 1906, sixteen-year-old Mattie, determined to attend college and be a writer against the wishes of her father and fiancé, takes a job at a summer inn where she discovers the truth about the death of a guest.
www.greece.k12.ny.us /summerread/list/high.htm   (6896 words)

 CVCO - Overbooked: Ancient Greece Booklist
PW Born of god and king, and hidden as a girl until Odysseus discovers him, Achilles becomes the Greeks' greatest warrior at Troy.
PW A young girl, the sole survivor of a pirate raid of an island kingdom in ancient Greece, reinvents herself as the island's princess.
High King Agamemnon gathers the army again, but for the fleet to sail, the gods require the life of Agamemnon's eldest daughter, Iphigenia.
www.overbooked.org /booklists/place/greece.html   (1171 words)

 The Amazing Ancient World - Premier Ancient Civilization Internet Book ACT I - PART II - GREECE
Maintaining a large number of slaves year around in ancient Greece would have been uneconomical because the cultivation of the crops grown there called for short periods of intense labor punctuated by long stretches of inactivity, during which slaves would have to be fed even while they had no work to do.
The Athenians, who would dominate Greece culturally and politically through the fifth century BC and through part of the fourth, regarded the wars against Persia as their greatest and most characteristic moment.
In The Histories, he describes the expansion of the Persian Empire under its kings Cyrus, Cambyses and Darius, culminating in king Xerxes' expedition against the Greeks, which met with disaster in the naval engagement at Salamis and the battles at Plataea and Mycale.
www.omnibusol.com /angreece.html   (9528 words)

 Summer Reading Lists >Instructional Services Department   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
List is in alphabetic order by author's last name.
A rising student is one that will be starting that grade in the new school year.
Set in a time of palaces, kings, wizards, and wishes, this is the story of twelve-year-old Morwenna.
www.fcps.edu /DIS/readlist/6.htm   (3433 words)

 Anatolia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In such instances, I have either listed the most significant among local conditions, or simply indicated a general period of local conditions.
At a much later era, Bithynia was the heartland of Byzantine opposition to the Latin Empire in the 13th century (see Nicaea), and the cradle of Ottoman power, during the 14th century CE.
It may seem peculiar to provide a separate listing for the capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, but this city - one of the truly great cities of the world - is historically interesting in it's own right.
www.hostkingdom.net /turkey.html   (2597 words)

 Amazon.com: Ionian Vision : Greece in Asia Minor, 1919-1922: Books: Michael Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This expulsion was the result of Greece's occupation of Smyrna and attacks upon the Turkish nationalist armies led by Mustafa Kemal (Kemal Ataturk).
In this effort, Greece was led at first by the liberal nationalist Eleftherios Venizelos, and encouraged, but not supported economically or militarily, by the Western Allies, especially England under the leadership of Lloyd George.
Smith is admirably detached and dispassionate about the role of Britain, which encouraged Greece out of a mixture of romanticism and imperialist calculation, and as a result of the same calculation, failed to carry through in supporting what it had encouraged.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0472085697?v=glance   (2509 words)

 Greece: Shaw's Outline of Ancient History
Ptolemy Keraunos son of Ptolemy I Soter by Eurydice was proclaimed king of Macedonia by the army in 280 and was killed by the Gauls along with his army, in 279 BCE
Demetrios IPoliorcetes (the Besieger) 306-283 In 291 King Demetrius laid siege to Thebes and demolished the city walls Diod.
He was the author of the first 'universal history', beginning with the mythical origins of Greece up until 356 BCE in 29 books However this was distinctly a history of Greece not a history of the world; called 'universal' as it was PanHellenic.
www.juyayay.com /outline/greece   (5307 words)

 1st King's Dragoon Guards [UK]
O'Donnell, I. 1st King's Dragoon Guards : extracts from the regimental records, army despatches, and other papers connected with the history of the regiment from the formation in 1685 to 1920.
A short history of 1st King's Dragoon Guards : from the regimental records, army despatches, and other papers connected with the history of the regiment from its formation in 1685 to 1929.
King's Dragoon Guards : 250th anniversary of the raising of the regiment, 1685-1935.
www.regiments.org /regiments/uk/cav/DG1kdg.htm   (506 words)

 Welcome to the official web site of His Majesty King Kigeli V   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The levels are 1, 1, 3, 5 respectively and hence Tambour and Crown goes to royals and those of rank of PM or Grand Chamberlain.
The Royal Order is awarded by His Majesty King Kigeli V of Rwanda, and the certificate is signed by HM and the Chancellor of the Royal House, H. Boniface Benzinge.
Specifications for the Insignia as depicted on the left (taken from the latest statues) are described as: "The Badge of Our Royal Order of the Lion is a gold lion rampant on a red enamel cartouche, centered on a gold cross, the arms composed of conjoined wavy rays".
www.king-kigeli.com /misc/m_monarchy.htm   (893 words)

 Cyndi's List - Greece
Mailing lists are interactive e-mail forums that are free for you to subscribe to and participate in.
The list will address concerns regarding Hellenes finding long lost friends, family, or connections in Greece or elsewhere around the world and for research concerning their Hellenic family trees.
A listing of the 1,167 tombstones in the Jewish cemetery of Rhodes.
www.cyndislist.com /greece.htm   (1088 words)

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