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Topic: List of Late Imperial Roman Consuls

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Consul was the highest elected office of the Roman Republic, which became an appointive office under the Empire.
Two consuls were elected each year, they served together with veto power over each other's actions, and the year of their service was known by their names.
For instance, the year we commonly call 59 BC was called by the Romans "the year of Caesar and Bibulus," since the two colleagues in the consulship were Julius Caesar and Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus.
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 Consul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The office of Consul is believed to date back to the traditional establishment of the Republic in 509 BC but the Succession of Consuls was not continuous in the 5th century.
Under the laws of the Republic, the minimum age of election to consul for patricians was 40 years of age, for plebeians 42.
Therefore, when the Roman Empire was divided into two halves on the death of Theodosius I, the emperor of each half acquired the right of appointing one of the consuls— although one emperor did allow his colleague to appoint both consuls for various reasons.
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 Roman Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Western Roman Empire was divided among the eldest son Constantine II and the youngest son Constans.
The Holy Roman Empire, an attempt to resurrect the Empire in the West, was established in 800 when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne as Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, though the empire and the imperial office did not become formalized for some decades.
But excluding these states claiming their heritage, the Roman state lasted (in some form) from the founding of Rome in 753 BC to the fall in 1461 of the Empire of Trebizond (a successor state and fragment of the Byzantine Empire which escaped conquest by the Ottomans in 1453), for a total of 2214 years.
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 Roman legion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Much of Roman history of this era is founded on legends, but it is believed that during the reign of Servius Tullius, was introduction of the census (the counting of the people).
The Notitia Dignitatum lists 25 legiones palatinae, 70 legiones comitatenses, 47 legiones pseudocomitatenses and 111 auxilia palatina in the field armies, and a further 47 legiones in the frontier armies.
In a Roman province with only one legion, the Legatus was also the provincial governor and in provinces with multiple legions, each legion had a Legatus and the provincial governor had overall command of them all.
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 Consul Resource Center - carlos garcia de alba and consul
Consuls executed both 1960 english ford consul religious and military duties; the reading of the auguries was an essential step before leading british consul general cronin armies into the field.
Under the Republic, the minimum 109e consul classic spares age carlos garcia de alba z and mexico and consul of election to consul for patricians was 40 years of age, for plebeians 42.
This rank was finally allowed british consul to lapse in the reign of Justinian I: first with the consul consul pepper seeds of Rome in 534, become an honorary consul general Decius Paulinus, then the consul of Constantinople german honorary consul canada in 541, Flavius Basilius Junior.
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Roman law continued, in a broader sense, to be applied throughout most of Europe until the end of the 18th century.
Roman religion in the empire tended more and more to center on the imperial house, and several emperors were deified after their deaths.
The Roman legion was one of the strongest aspects of the Roman army.
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 Consul - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
After the mythical expulsion of the last Etruscan King Tarquinius Superbus and the ending of the Roman Kingdom, all the powers and authority of the King were alledgedly given to the newly instituted Consulship.
In most accounts of Roman history, consular elections are detailed and usually mark the beginning of each year, as the Consuls were elected in January.
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 The Republic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
They defeated the Roman consul Silanus in 109 BC and in 107 BC another consul, Cassius, was trapped by the Helvetii and lost his army and his life.
As Roman conquests spread through the Mediterranean lands, even more men were required, and wealth and cheap corn poured back into Rome, much of it into the hands of entrepreneurs, who carved out vast areas for vegetables, vines, olives and sheep farming, all managed by slave labour.
Consuls were not to hold military command until, after their year of office, they went abroad as proconsuls, when their power could only be exercised in their respective province.
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 List of timelines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This page is a partial list of the timelines and chronologies, other lists can be found at List of reference tables.
This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Roman Lusitania and Gallaecia (3rd Century BC to 4th Century AC)
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Because of this network of roads, the amount of time necessary to travel between destinations in Europe did not decrease until the 19th century after the invention of steam power.
The Roman Empire also contributed its form of government, which influences various constitutions including those of most European countries, and that of the United States, whose framers remarked, in creating the Presidency, that they wanted to inaugurate an "Augustan Age." The modern world also inherited legal thinking from the Roman law, codified in Late Antiquity.
Governing a vast territory, the Romans developed the science of public administration to an extent never before conceived or necessary, creating an extensive civil service and formalized methods of tax collection.
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 Consuls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
During most of the Empire, the Emperors were often Consuls themselves, and thus the office remained within the central focus of the power of the Roman government.
That inaccuracy is a consequence of the fact that this list was compiled from a number of ancient authors, each of whom had varying sources and varying biases, and in the attempt to blend these traditional roll-calls together some data was inevitably muddled.
It is known, for instance, that the claim by the list that no Consuls were elected between 375 to 371 BCE is very likely wrong, and stated thus merely to pull previous names into consistent order.
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 Names and Naming Practices of Republican Rome
The family unit was the center of Roman life and the center of that family was the head of the household, the pater familias, who was the senior male in the family.
The consul Publius Cornelius Scipio Nasica was given the agnomen Serapio by a certain tribune because of the likeness to a particular dealer in sacrificial victims of that name(16).
This list was compiled from Livy's History of Rome and is a list of the consuls of Rome from 509 - 31 BCE, when the roman Consulate was replaced by the Emperor as the seat of power.
www.sca.org /heraldry/laurel/names/roman   (2071 words)

 Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
Mithridates and The Roman Conquests in the East, 90-61 BCE, excerpts from Appian, Mithridatic Wars, 114-119, and Plutarch, Life of Lucullus.
A CAD recreation of the Roman fort at Colonia Ulpia Traiana.
A Roman Harvest Sacrifice, from Cato, On Agriculture 134, 160 BCE [At enteract.com]
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/asbook09.html   (3375 words)

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