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Topic: List of Manitoba rivers

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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of rivers in Canada
The list of rivers in Canada is organized by drainage basin (new format) and province (old format to be removed).
This is a list of rivers in Saskatchewan.
This is a list of rivers in Canada: List of Alberta rivers List of British Columbia rivers List of Manitoba rivers List of New Brunswick rivers List of Newfoundland and Labrador rivers List of Northwest Territories rivers List of Nova Scotia rivers List of Nunavut rivers List of Ontario rivers...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-rivers-in-Canada   (773 words)

  Red River of the North   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is called the Red River of the North in order to distinguish it from another Red River (a tributary of the Mississippi River that forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma).
That province's capital, Winnipeg, is at its confluence with the Assiniboine River.
The Red River is one of the remnants of the ancient Lake Agassiz.
www.bidprobe.com /en/wikipedia/r/re/red_river_of_the_north.html   (212 words)

 special:allpaglist of indi   (Site not responding. Last check: )
List of Judicial Committees of the Privy Council & House of Lords cases
List of List of famous gay, lesbian, or bisexual philosophers
List of Lords Justices of Appeal of England and Wales
www.yourencyclopedia.net /Special:Allpages/List_of_Indi.html   (458 words)

 Theodore Roosevelt National Park Geology
Rivers meandered through broad, shallow valleys across the western Dakotas and eastern Montana plains.
Although the rivers changed their courses many times, when the Pliocene Epoch came to a close about two million years ago, one of these rivers existed in almost the same position as the modern Little Missouri River.
This river flowed northward to merge first with the ancestral Yellowstone River near Williston, North Dakota, and then merged with the Missouri River, continuing northeastward through Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Hudson Bay.
www.nps.gov /thro/tr_rocks.htm   (1102 words)

Manitoba is located in the longitudinal centre of Canada, although it is considered part of Western Canada.
The first European to reach present-day central and southern Manitoba was Sir Thomas Button, who travelled upstream along the Nelson River and Lake Winnipeg in 1612 and may have reached somewhere along the edge of the prairies where he reported of seeing a buffalo.
John A. Macdonald introduced the Manitoba Act in the Canadian House of Commons and pretended that the question of province or territory was of no significance.
www.dejavu.org /cgi-bin/get.cgi?ver=93&url=http%3A%2F%2Farticles.gourt.com%2F%3Farticle%3DManitoba%26type%3Den   (3662 words)

 The Atlas of Canada - Rivers
Runoff is that part of precipitation that flows toward the rivers or streams on the ground surface or within the soil (subsurface runoff or interflow).
The discharge of a stream or river is derived from Canadian water level measurements at the furthest-downstream gauging station, and is converted to streamflow discharge in cubic feet per second or cubic metres per second.
The river in Canada with the greatest annual discharge is the St. Lawrence River at 9 850 cubic metres per second.
atlas.nrcan.gc.ca /site/english/learningresources/facts/rivers.html   (472 words)

 Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 9: Laprade-Mass Liturgy | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
The climate of Manitoba is bracing and healthy.
The region which has become the province of Manitoba was discovered and settled in a way by the Sieur de Laverendrye, between 1732 and 1739.
The outcome of this was a list of demands from the federal authorities, practically all of which were granted, the concessions being embodied in the Manitoba Act.
www.ccel.org /search?category=definitions&qu=M&term=Manitoba   (882 words)

 Manitoba Wildlife Federation
Carp are abundant everywhere in the rivers and run into the lower reaches of smaller streams during late May to spawn.
Manitoba Environment monitors these rivers and the fish in them for the presence of pollutants.
Most fishing in the rivers is done with natural baits such as worms, dead or live minnows, crayfish, and leeches, fished on or near the bottom.
www.mwf.mb.ca /fishwpg.htm   (1540 words)

 Hunting Manitoba Canada, Big Game Outfitters, Bear Hunts, Canadian Moose Hunts, Caribou, Whitetail Deer, ...
Manitoba is equivalent in land mass to the state of Texas and the total number of bow hunters that purchase an archery whitetail deer tag in Manitoba every year is roughly 3,200, muzzleloader hunting licences sales are roughly 6,000 and rifle whitetail deer hunt licences sold are roughly 35,000.
Manitoba's Interlake is known as one of the top staging areas in the world for hundreds of thousands of waterfowl during the fall waterfowl migration.
Manitoba's Interlake is renowned for multiple species of waterfowl including the Canadian Goose, Greater Canada Goose and Lesser Canada Goose, Snow and Blue Geese and over a dozen species of duck, including Mallard, Pintail, Blue-Winged Teal, Green-Winged Teal, Gadwall, Canvasback, Gadwalls, American Widgeon, and Redhead ducks.
www.manitobahunts.com /index.htm   (1554 words)

 Endangered Species
The piping plover is a small shorebird listed as "threatened" in 1985.
inhabit barren sand and gravel shores of rivers and lakes.
The pallid sturgeon was fairly common in the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers in North Dakota as late as the 1950s, but biologists believe fewer than 250 of the fish remain.
www.fws.gov /northdakotafieldoffice/endspecies/endangered_species.htm   (696 words)

 Manitoba Cottage Rentals & Cabin Rental, Cottage Canada - USA
The Manitoba Lowland encompasses the Red River Valley and the area of three large lakes—Winnipeg, Winnipegosis, and Manitoba.
The Red River enters Manitoba from the south and is joined by the muddy Assiniboine at the city of Winnipeg.
All these major rivers and many lesser ones converge on Lake Winnipeg, which in turn is drained through the Nelson River to Hudson Bay.
www.cottage-canada-usa.com /manitoba.htm   (651 words)

 Forts, Missions, and Rivers
This collection includes seven notebooks on Great Lakes tribes, however, the materials are not available for loan and the preliminary inventory list is not specific enough to identify exact materials for researchers to request a photocopy.
Listings are groups by present-day state and then alphabetically.
The text also includes portage and canoe routes, forts by region and travel route, trading companies, a sufficient bibliography, and a table listing 147 maps (though the maps are not included).
www.asu.edu /clas/history/h-amindian/bibs/forts.html   (636 words)

 EPA > Wetlands > Wetlands Reading List (Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12)
The goal of the list is to encourage students to explore and develop a respect, understanding and appreciation for wetlands.
The Charles River Watershed Association was founded in 1965 in response to increasing public concern over the environment and poor condition of the Charles River.
Comment: The mission of Lewis and Clark as explained in Lewis and Clark: Pioneering Naturalists was to explore the Missouri River and its principle streams and the waters of the Pacific for the purpose of commerce, to record the diverse vegetation and animal life, and to identify the aboriginal (Indian) nations.
www.epa.gov /OWOW/wetlands/science/readlist.html   (13473 words)

 List of rivers in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Alphabetical list of rivers in Canada)
The list of rivers in Canada is organized by drainage basin (new format) and province (old format to be removed).
'Rivers of Canada - How they shaped our country' from the Canadian Council for Geographic Education
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Alphabetical_list_of_rivers_in_Canada   (92 words)

 Hog Watch Manitoba News
Among the threats to the Red River is the discharge of sewage from several urban centres.
Ken Snelgrove, a University of Manitoba civil engineer who worked on the P sources part of the study, says no new testing was done to measure P levels in various water courses.
Since livestock production is increasing quickly in Manitoba, the researchers suggest the industry's contribution to P loading may also be increasing, a fact which underlines the importance of more research into ways to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering water supplies.
www.hogwatchmanitoba.org /news0307.html   (5044 words)

 Province of Manitoba: News Releases
Manitoba Water Stewardship’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises residents and cottage owners that the Winnipeg River has risen four feet at Nutimik Lake since early October and is now at its...
Manitoba Justice reports an operational review of the East St. Paul Police Department and a review of the province’s policy on appointing independent prosecutors have commenced and will be...
Manitoba Water Stewardship’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre advises there are several areas of concern for late autumn flooding in Manitoba.
news.gov.mb.ca /news/index.html   (717 words)

The climate of Manitoba is bracing and healthy.
The region which has become the province of Manitoba was discovered and settled in a way by the Sieur de Laverendrye, between 1732 and 1739.
The outcome of this was a list of demands from the federal authorities, practically all of which were granted, the concessions being embodied in the Manitoba Act.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/09602a.htm   (860 words)

 Hog Watch Manitoba News
Manitoba's Minister of Conservation says the provincial government has no desire to strip rural municipalities of their decision making authority when it comes to intensive livestock development.
Manitoba is revamping its land-use planning laws prompting concern among some rural councilors that proposed changes will give the province the final say on contentious agricultural projects.
Well water in one of Manitoba's densest hog-growing regions is at high risk of contamination, according to a new study that supports warnings governments were allowing too many barns in the wrong places in their haste to expand the industry.
www.hogwatchmanitoba.org /news0302.html   (7445 words)

 CBC British Columbia - Endangered rivers list released   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Vancouver– The Okanagan River tops the Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.'s annual list of most endangered rivers in the province.
Mark Angelo, the rivers chair for the council, says there are many things that can be done to help clean up the Fraser River.
Angelo says in spite of recent spending cuts, the government should be monitoring the province's rivers to maintain both environmental and human health.
vancouver.cbc.ca /regional/servlet/View?filename=bc_rivers020318   (175 words)

 Nelson River   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Nelson River is a river of north-central North America, in the Canadian province of Manitoba.
The river flows through the Canadian Shield out of Playgreen Lake at the northern tip of Lake Winnipeg, and flows through Cross Lake, Sipiwesk Lake, Split Lake, and Stephens Lake.
Since it drains Lake Winnipeg, it is the last part of the large Saskatchewan River system, as well as that of the Red River and Winnipeg River.
www.free-download-soft.com /info/unix-internet-servers-web-4m.html   (261 words)

 Updates 2000 Jan.-Mar.: hydroelectric dams destroying Manitoba Cree rivers
Manitoba Hydro is a good neighbor; we are respectful of the environment and responsive to the communities in which we operate.
Manitoba Hydro also is a dependable trading partner with Minnesota power suppliers, and plays a key role in meeting some of the electricity needs of residential and commercial users in Minnesota, providing, clean, low-cost renewable enrrgy.
Manitoba Hydro president Bob Brennan said the Crown corporation is considering three proposals, any one of which could see construction start sometime in the next six to eight years.
www.alphacdc.com /treaty/hydro_2000-1-3.html   (9756 words)

 Manitoba Hydro
The museum is a volunteer organization composed of retired members of Manitoba Hydro and the electrical industry.
The Manitoba Electrical Museum and Education Centre is located at 680 Harrow Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba at the site of the Harrow Terminal Station.
*Manitoba Hydro is a licensee of the Trademark and Official Mark.
www.hydro.mb.ca /about_us/electrical_museum.shtml   (850 words)

This intersection is also known as the historic site of the 1919 General Strike, and has the reputation as the windiest spot in Canada (it has to do with the way the business towers funnel the prevailing winds).
Going north on Main from the Portage-Main junction will bring you to the City Hall, the Exchange District, the Manitoba Centennial Centre (including the Manitoba Theatre Centre), the Manitoba Museum, and on into the North End, once a mosaic of cultures and still dotted with bulbous Ukrainian church domes and authentic delis.
On the east side of the Red River, across the Provencher Bridge, is the old French-Canadian settlement of St. Boniface.
www.choicehotels.com /ires/en-US/html/CityInfoFrommers?hotel=CN396&evid=126379&catid=2248&city_code=YWG&sid=SobM.ESOaMgSNLg.3   (984 words)

 Canada Reading List
Tales of derring-do from noted adventurer, white-water rafting down the South Nahanni and Fraser rivers of British Columbia and the NWT.
Heart-rending account of the enforced fostering of Metis children in Manitoba during the 1950s.
Dry, humorous account of the ninety-year life of one Daisy Goodwill, born in humble circumstances in Manitoba.
www.uni-mannheim.de /users/bibsplit/anglistik/can_bks.html   (2712 words)

 Top Ten Endangered Canadian Rivers Named
To highlight rivers at risk, the groups announced their second annual list of the country's ten most endangered rivers today.
Transboundary rivers like the Red, Milk, and Taku offer an opportunity for neighbors like Canada and the U.S. to cooperate in conserving and protecting rivers that are important to both nations.
Most of the rivers on the list seem to be located close to urban centers.
news.nationalgeographic.com /news/2003/07/0707_030707_canadarivers.html   (507 words)

 Atikaki / Manitoba-Ontario Woodland Caribou - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Property names are listed in the language in which they have been submitted by the State Party.
First Nations in Manitoba and Ontario have proposed creating an interprovincial wilderness area that will safeguard one of the planet’s most significant remaining boreal forest areas.
Four rivers carve through the area, with associated cliffs, waterfalls and rapids.
whc.unesco.org /en/tentativelists/1936   (889 words)

 Cyndi's List - Canada - Alberta
List of available publications on geographical names including policy documents and manuals, gazetteers, glossaries, newsletters and brochures.
Map and Listing of placename locations via section, township and range by which the placename can be found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Western Ontario.
A list of addresses for genealogical and historical societies in the province.
www.cyndislist.com /alberta.htm   (3181 words)

 RecyclingCenter.CityFind.info - Manitoba Recycling Centers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The list of drop-off locations is also readily available in the website.
How to refinance your home mortgage in Rivers, Manitoba at the best rate with good, bad or ugly credit...
How to get over 400% higher returns on your idle cash or retirement funds in Rivers, Manitoba safely secured by real estate...
recyclingcenter.cityfind.info /Manitoba/Rivers/index.php3   (305 words)

 BOOK, CD & VIDEO LIST - - Manitoba, Canada - Genealogy & History Books & CDs and videos. book, cd, video.
Historical and geographical facsimile maps, selected to show the main events and cultural processes that were importwant in the growth of the whole or any part of the area from the time of the earliest map, made in 1612, to 1969.
Also included is a listing of over fifteen hundred lakes and rivers with their location, size and general information.
The table lists the distance that each place in British North America is to the nearest railway station or port.
www.globalgenealogy.com /countries/canada/manitoba/resources/index.htm   (1601 words)

 Manitoba Birding News
Our plan was to check the riparian habitat along the Souris and Antler Rivers in the extreme southwest corner of Manitoba and the wetland habitat at the Gainsborough dam in Saskatchewan.
Along the Souris River valley we also saw 2 Sharp-tailed Grouse, 7 Eastern Bluebird, 2 Loggerhead Shrike, 2 Orchard Oriole and, in the non-bird category, a number of Fox Squirrels.
We finally arrived at Ambroise Provincial Park, on the edge of Lake Manitoba (the second-largest lake in the province; Lake Winnipeg is first).
www.web-nat.com /bic/manitoba.html   (2599 words)

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