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Topic: List of Melbourne railway stations

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 List of Melbourne railway stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stations listed in italics are "premium" stations that are manned first to last train by staff who provide extra assistance and information to commuters.
Branches from the City Loop at Spencer Street and Flagstaff stations.
There are also a further 19 stations on 3 heritage, volunteer-operated, tourist railways. /wiki/List_of_Melbourne_railway_stations

 Melbourne - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Melbourne has undergone a major urban 'revival', such that it is sometimes classed as being in a second tier of "world cities"; the GaWC study group in the UK ranks Melbourne, on the basis of relative availability of specialised "advanced services" as a "minor world city" comparable to cities such as Vancouver, Osaka, and Prague.
Melbourne is built on the land of the Kulin nation, the original Aboriginal inhabitants of the area.
Melbourne is a large commercial and industrial centre, with many of Australia's largest companies, and many multinational corporations (approximately one-third of the 100 largest multinationals operating in Australia as of 2002) headquartered there. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Melbourne

 Dictionary of Australian Biography We-Wy
In addition to the statue by Summers (q.v.) in memory of the two explorers near parliament house, Melbourne, there is a monument to Wills at Totnes, Devonshire.
When the Melbourne international exhibition was opened he walked in the procession through the avenue of nations alongside Mr Francis Henty, then the sole survivor of the brotherhood who founded Victoria.
In 1874 Wilson gave the university of Melbourne £30,000 which with accrued interest was expended on a building in the Gothic style now known as the Wilson Hall. /dictbiog/0-dict-biogWe-Wy.html

 Melbourne - Wikitravel
Melbourne’s public transport system "Metlink" is comprised of trams, trains and buses: trams service the central city and inner suburbs, trains service the suburbs, and buses where there are no tram or train tracks.
You Yangs Regional Park is 55 km south-west of Melbourne and 22 km north of Geelong.
Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. /en/Melbourne

 List of closed Melbourne railway stations at opensource encyclopedia
See List of Melbourne railway stations for a list of currently operating stations.
These former stations of the Melbourne railway system are now closed and are abandoned or have been demolished.
Also, Melbourne's two central stations were, or are being rebuilt: /List_of_closed_Melbourne_railway_stations.html

 List of closed Melbourne railway stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of former railway stations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Many of these stations are now abandoned or have been demolished.
These stations previously existed in slightly different locations, and/or at a higher or lower level (for example, originally at ground level then lowered into a cutting), to their modern-day counterparts. /wiki/List_of_closed_Melbourne_railway_stations   (701 words)

 Little Hills Press Travel Info VIC: Melbourne
Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is situated on the shores of Port Phillip Bay.
Melbourne has tree-lined boulevards, acres of parkland on the banks of the Yarra River, and parks and gardens galore in the suburbs.
Apart from their regular city service, the City Explorer Bus offers a number of different tours in the Melbourne area and to outlying regions, 9650 7000 to enquire further. /travel_information/   (7941 words)

 Melbourne - Wikitravel
Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria.
Melbourne is more-or-less centrally located on the coast of Victoria, and there are many natural and manmade attractions close enough to easily visit in a day's return drive.
Melbourne’s public transport system "Metlink" is comprised of trams, trains and buses: trams service the central city and inner suburbs, trains service the suburbs, and buses where there are no tram or train tracks. /en/Melbourne   (7487 words)

A large portion of Melbourne's residents were born overseas and immigrated giving the city a multicultural mix with a rich diversity of restaurant cuisines and ethnic festivals.
Melbourne also has a powerful annual line up of major sporting events including the Australian tennis open, both the car and motorcycle Australian Formula One grand prix, the Australian Rules Football grand final and internationally renowned horse races during the Spring Racing Carnival, the biggest race being the Melbourne Cup.
Melbourne theatres include Regent, Princess and Her Majesty's in the east end of the city and the State Theatre on St Kilda Road at Southbank just over the river from the city. /austtravel/vic/melbourn.html   (5124 words)

 Definition of Laburnum
Laburnum station]] to be rebuilt as part of the project.
It was named after the high vegetation of [[Laburnum]] bushes in the area.
It has its own [[Laburnum railway station, Melbournerailway station]], pri... /search/Laburnum.html   (5124 words)

 Port of Melbourne, Victoria
In 1851 the Colonial Architect and Melbourne city's surveyor proposed the cutting of canal across the swamp lands to relieve the congested river.
The Port of Melbourne was brought under the Melbourne Harbor Trust in 1876, which in 1978 became the Port of Melbourne Authority.
The Port of Melbourne has extended from Williamstown and Port Melbourne on Hobsons Bay, to the part of the Yarra River known as Queens Wharf, opposite William Street, central Melbourne. /ncas/multimedia/gazetteer/list/portofmelb.html   (1119 words)

The Railway having been diverted so as to at once relieve the manufacturing centre of the town and avoid the always extremely confusing and dangerous habit of combining the Main Industrial and Passenger Stations in one, the Authors have been enabled to successfully serve the Industrial, Market and passenger Traffic in three separate stations.
In the manuscript list of competitors that matches numbers with names, a notation about the entry given number 68 reads "found afterwards to be part of 36." The drawing assigned number 8 with the name W. Powries from Albury, New South Wales shows features identical to entry number 36.
In relation to the beauty of the City the Railway, as originally planned, destroys one of the finest wooded slopes on the site, and would always be in evidence from all view points of the city. /Reps/DOCS/lawparr.htm   (1479 words)

 On this Day...
The Victorian Railways announce plans to electrify and convert the gauge to 5ft 3in for the line between Upper Ferntree Gully and Belgrave.75 Harold Hewett, The Sun and Brighton MP John Rossiter lobby the Minister of Transport and Parliament to retain the narrow gauge railway beyond Belgrave.
The Railway celebrated the 40th anniversary of the reopening of the railway from Belgrave to Menzies Creek.
The Gembrook Railway League petition Parliament to retain the Upper Ferntree Gully to Gembrook railway. /fan/heritage/on_this_day.htm   (5573 words)

 City of Melbourne, FL - City Council Minutes, February 27, 2001
If the proposed changes are approved on the area west of the railroad tracks, staff would propose that the land use designation on those properties on the north side of Lincoln Avenue be changed from commercial to mixed-use commercial/low or medium density residential to provide greater consistency with the Comprehensive Plan.
It is proposed that the project be funded by a transfer of $150,000 from retained earnings, an existing cash balance in the project budget of $24,091, and a $400,000 bond issue.
Gabriel added that she pulled the variances on the homes constructed in the city and found that all of the lots, except for one, were larger than 60'. /meet/ccarchive/022701.htm   (12884 words)

 work : Melbourne Indymedia
Melbourne Indymedia is a website produced by grassroots media makers offering non-corporate coverage of struggles, actions and celebrations.
Radio commentator Joseph Toscano said before the Case was underway that the amount demanded by the ACTU was not demanding in the slightest, as his mathematical calculations revealed that the obscene bonus paid to one CEO could easily cover the cost of the proposed pay rise for around 100,000 minimum wage workers.
This year, as attacks on unions are set to increase with Liberal control of the senate, unions are calling to make poverty history. /features/work   (1418 words)

With the publication of the Bibliography of Railway Philately this seemed to be repetitious and superfluous.
For the most part the notes are concerned with postmarks used on the travelling post offices and at railway station offices, but other information is given where it is thought to be helpful.
CACHET DE GARE: Postmark used at railway station office (of which there are a great variety of types: Bureaux Annexes des Gares, Bureaux de Quartiers, etc., etc.) /tonygoodbody/abbrev.htm   (2522 words)

 List of reference tables at opensource encyclopedia
This is a list of reference tables, similar to the collection of reference tables found at the back of almanacs, dictionaries and encyclopedias (or an index of them, if they're scattered throughout the work).
List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century /en/List_of_reference_tables.html   (895 words)

 When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy : Melbourne Indymedia
Extending search and interrogation powers to state police at transport hubs: People at bus stops, taxi ranks, railway stations, and airports can and will be subjected to random searches and the subjective judgment of police.
The numbers of dissenters swell as the list of issues angering Australians grows: the unpopular war on terror, the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the mandatory detention of refugees seeking asylum, the new industrial relations legislation that removes workers’ rights, and the privatization of Telstra.
Listed below are the 10 latest comments of 6 posted about this article. /news/2005/10/96406.php   (2883 words)

 Railway Map of Victoria
Railway maps of Sydney and Melbourne by B. Graham
Railway maps of New South Wales by Rolfe Bozier.
I have not included the Melbourne and Ballarat areas; this is because they are too detailed for a map of this scale. /~johnc/railmap.htm   (498 words)

 The Railways
A.W. Pearse wrote "Failure of state ownership of railways and companies in Canada, Argentina and Sweden" published in Melbourne in 1909 (HE1/B3).
The economics of the railways is covered from the initial raising of capital in the 1840s, amalgamations of the railway companies in the late 19th century to the nationalisation debate, competition with road transport and line closures in the 20th century.
There is a letter to an MP from "a Scotchman" regarding the "regulation" of Sunday travel on the railways, (HE1(42)/133) and a statement of opposition from Eton School masters to the proposed extension of the Great Western Railway from Slough to Windsor (HE1(42)/102). /library/pamphlets/Transport/transportpamphletpages/the_railways.htm   (1585 words)

Melbourne is capital city of the state of Victoria.
Pocket sized folding map of Melbourne, with all tram, train and bus routes, fare zones, route descriptions, outer suburban services, general information, index of suburbs.
Population of Melbourne and suburbs is about 3 million. /articles/melbourne.html   (1887 words)

 boynton: April 2004 Archives
One of the pages returned was this List of closed Melbourne railway stations which was an intersting diversion.
Paisley sounds like a place for a psychadelic trip, but where were Barker and Shenley and Roystead - the latter names I have noticed while riding my bike on the old outer circle rail trail, which seems to be the fate of old rail lines.
Good to know that the City of Chromatic Dissolution gets a guernsey in this list of City nicknames although I must confess to never having heard Melbourne referred to by this particular moniker. /archives/2004_04.html   (3905 words)

 Full List
Metre gauge steam is shown on the Udaipur-Mavli Junction section of the Udaipur-Chittorgarh Railway, and on the 50-mile Branch from Mavli to Bari Sadri, in March 1997.
The Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society preserves the last remnant of the old Central Australia Railway and keeps alive the memory of South Australia's northern narrow gauge lines and their connection with Commonwealth Railways.
Melbourne is one of the world's great tram cities. /catalogue1.htm   (2960 words)

 Re: Victorian Closed Stations near Melbourne.
Geoff Lambert wrote: > David Langley wrote: > > >A recent discussion regarding Melbourne's second grade stations prompted > >someone to ask for a list of stations located within 100 km of > >Melbourne,............................
Never heard of Leather Products Siding but there may have been an industry situated on the Ardeer Siding somewhere that sent this type of product by rail?
Prev by thread: Re: Victorian Closed Stations near Melbourne. /ausrail/99may/msg00128.html   (284 words)

 daily news index s11 global action ( site)
MELBOURNE — Organisers of next week’s protests against the World Economic Forum have angrily rejected accusations that their opposition to “free trade” and corporate-driven globalisation is a new form of Western “protectionism” which will hurt the world’s poor.
MELBOURNE — Rumours of the reopening of Geelong prison, calls by the Police Association for reinforcements and sensationalism from some media outlets are “just increasing the likelihood of police grossly over-reacting to incidents at the blockade”, a spokesperson for the S11 Alliance said today.
David Glanz, of the Melbourne S11 Alliance, explains the objectives of the planned blockade of Crown Casino. /globalaction/s11/daily/index.shtml   (1568 words)

With the publication of the Bibliography of Railway Philately this seemed to be repetitious and superfluous.
For the most part the notes are concerned with postmarks used on the travelling post offices and at railway station offices, but other information is given where it is thought to be helpful.
R.M.S. (Railway Mail Service): This replaced the Travelling Post Office in 1881. /tonygoodbody/abbrev.htm   (2522 words)

 List of closed Melbourne railway stations
These former stations of the Melbourne railway system are now closed and areabandoned or have been demolished.
The information for many of the lines and stations on this list is incomplete.
Footscray late 1800s- two separate stations for the Williamstown and Sunbury lines were merged into thecurrent site /list-of-closed-melbourne-railway-stations-78270.html   (447 words) World Railway Historical Societies & Preservation
Railways of the Far South - History of the railways, mostly narrow gauge, in the far south of South America and in the islands of the South Atlantic
Railway Preservation Society of Ireland - Aims to preserve, maintain, and operate steam locomotives and historic carriages on the main line railways of Ireland; excursions operate from both Belfast and Dublin at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and regularly during the summer months
Shillingstone Station Project, The - Aims to restore the station to how it was in the early 1960s, incorporating a small museum and stretch of the former Somerset and Dorset Railway trackbed for the operation of standard gauge trains /Historical/World   (4609 words)

 RRSHS Library
II The Re-Use of Railway Stations in Ontario.
Railway Stations of Western Canada: An Architectural History.
Latta, Peter M. Old Railway Stations of the Maritimes. /Library/library.htm   (5029 words)

Melbourne airport is located about 25km north-west of the city along the Tullamarine Freeway.
The City Shuttle Bus: Skybus super shuttle is the official carrier from Melbourne airport to the center of Melbourne.
The average temperature in Melbourne in December is around 24 C (75 F); the minimum is around 14 C (57 F). /iw04/venue.html   (745 words)

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