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Topic: List of NGC objects

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In the News (Mon 22 Apr 19)

  Non-Messier NGC, IC, and other objects in this database
NGC 2547, Lacaille III.2, considerable cluster in Vela
NGC 3766, Lacaille III.7, considerable southern cluster in Centaurus
NGC 4833, southern globular in Musca, Lacaille I.4
www.seds.org /messier/xtra/ngc/ngc.html   (945 words)

 Project Observing List - NGC 3000 thru NGC 3999
Dreyer mentions this object is one of Common's "a cluster of 3 similar ones 15' N [of N3732].
Several other objects discovered by WH on the same sweep are generally 1 tmin of RA too far W. Not found by Bigourdan although Dreyer states in Scientific Papers "observed by Bigourdan, place correct." Not identified as N3848 in MCG (+02-30-023) or CGCG (068-046) and not listed in RC3.
The declination is listed as uncertain in the NGC although Dreyer gave a more accurate position (from Spitaler) for N3855 at 11h 41.6m +33d 37' (1950) and N3856 at 11h 41.8 +33d 37' in the Notes and Corrections section of the IC 1.
www.ngcic.org /pobslist/pol3.htm   (3693 words)

 Target Lists
This target list is a combination of the two Double Star lists complied by Alan Alder published by Sky and Telescope in January and July 2001.
This was a list of objects published by "Sky and Telescope" magazine a few years ago containing the best objects in the sky which are not included in the Messier catalog.
The list does not cover the more southerly objects, is selected from observations made with a 17.5 telescope and may be subject to refinement.
www.skymap.com /smp_target_lists.htm   (2409 words)

 ngc2403   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Galaxy classified as Sc This beautiful spiral galaxy is an outlying member of the M81 group of galaxies, and thus about 12 million light years distant.
NGC 2403 is among the more conspicuous Northern objects which Charles Messier missed when compiling his catalog.
This supernova was situated 36E, 100N of the galaxy's nucleus and reached mag 16.0 in its maximum.
www.intercom.net /user/shaffer/ngc_ic/ngc2403.html   (171 words)

 List of Nice Objects
They are listed by size in order to emphasize the idea that when imaging extended objects is necessary to try to get a significant sized image on the film or chip so as to make good use of the resolving power of the film or imager chip.
Objects at the end of this part of the list can now be imaged nicely on the larger SBIG chips or with a typical digital camera chip of 15 mm by 23 mm.
For the next set of objects which goes up to 29 arc minutes, the images are 15 mm with the 12" f10, 10 mm with the 10" f10 and 6.6 mm with the 10" f6.3.
www.mailbag.com /users/ragreiner/objects.html   (6592 words)

 The NGC on the Net
NGC 2000.0 is also available on paper or diskettes from Sky Publishing.
The codes used to describe the objects in the NGC catalog are extremely compact and extremely helpful.
The majority of objects in the deep sky database include the visual descriptions used by Johann Dreyer in his "New General Catalogue", published in 1888.
obs.nineplanets.org /ngc.html   (568 words)

 Software Bisque
Create a list of all NGC/IC objects that are of type nebulae, greater than 20 arc minutes in size, or show me all PGC galaxies that are greater than magnitude 15th and less than magnitude 18.
You are asking for (querying) all Messier objects of object type Spiral Galaxy showing the fields with RA and DEC for current epoch and the magnitude, and transit time.
By selecting these when you scroll down your list of targets the objects are centered for you and the information dialog is also shown.
www.bisque.com /tom/datawizard/datawizard.asp   (2019 words)

 Levy List of Objects
This is a catalog of objects that have caused me to stop, look, and wonder during my 40 years of comet hunting.
The asterisked objects, like 2, 14, 28, 36, 43, 45, and 58, and especially 37, 43, 78, 161 and 211, clearly "masquerade" as comets, especially when they are low in the sky, which is where I usually spot them.
Although the list is generally in chronological order of when I first spotted an object, many objects were added later for various reasons.
www.jarnac.org /levylist.htm   (365 words)

 List of NGC objects - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a list of NGC objects.
There were numerous misidentifications and errors in the cataloguing, so some objects have more than one NGC number.
A detailed list of NGC-objects can be found on de:Liste der NGC-Objekte (in German).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_NGC_objects   (102 words)

 NGC Review3
They may be used in conjunction with a star chart to find objects in the night sky, in a manner similar to using latitude and longitude on a map.
They had built-in databases to steer you to any object in the NGC or Messier catalogues, and could even identify an object if you were not sure what you were looking at.
The alignment procedure is identical to the JMI and Lumicon units, with the expanded list of 30 alignment stars being available.
www.jimsmobile.com /html_docs/ngc_review3.htm   (2538 words)

 List of Nice Objects
In order to extend the range of objects covered by a single telescope, imagers often choose the scope to be rather too long in focal length and then to shorten it with focal reducers.
Even with a limited group of object sizes it is apparent that the ideal focal length depends on the chip size and vice versa.
The object of these exercises is to point out that a first and important issue to consider is the focal length of the telescope you choose for imaging and its relationship to the chip size of your camera.
www.mapug-astronomy.net /ragreiner/objects.html   (6492 words)

 Arp Objects in Arp Sequence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This sequence groups similar objects together according to Dr. Arp's preliminary taxonomy, which is indicated in the list.
The table also lists the field of view (FOV) in arcminutes and orientation of the long axis of Arp's original photograph and the epoch 2000.0 Right Ascension and Declination of the brightest object, which may or may not be near the center of the field Dr. Arp selected.
Hickson numbers are used with priority over NGC where the Arp view is all or nearly all of a Hickson compact group, since the Arp nature of the view is due to the compact group quality of these objects.
members.aol.com /arpgalaxy/arpord.html   (251 words)

 NOVAC's Astronomy Challenge
Well, there are thousands of objects on different observing lists and catalogs.
The NOVAC advanced astro-challenge is a growing set of objects chosen by members for their difficulty and interest.
The hope is that this list will be viewed as a tutorial to those interested in developing skills.
www.novac.com /astro-challenge   (442 words)

 NGC/IC Galaxies on AAO Photographs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Most are of objects whose names do not appear in the image titles on the galaxies or on the
NGC 2443 - 07 36.3 -69 32 r Vol pL, vF, R, D with 42, D* inv M NGC 2442 Gx 07 36.4 -69 32 s Vol 6.0 11.
NGC 4305 Gx 12 22.1 +12 44 s Vir 2.2 12.6 vF, R NGC 4306 Gx 12 22.1 +12 47 s Vir 1.6 14.
www.aao.gov.au /AAO/images/general/galaxy_full_list.html   (1335 words)

 AAO Messier Objects   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The list below is a listing of Messier objects from photoghraphs taken using the Anglo-Australian Telescope, UK Schmidt Telescope and Isaac Newton Telescopes.
There are also images remastered from archived original plates taken at the Hale Telescope (the Crab nebula images), as well as one of the first colour piuctures taken with the Palomar Schmidt Telescope (M31, full view).
The list is meant as a guide only for those wishing to search by Messier object.
www.aao.gov.au /images/general/messier.html   (235 words)

 Urban Club - Deep Sky Objects List
There are actually two lists, this one for deep-sky objects, and another for double and variable stars.
All objects are listed in Right Ascension order so that you can view them as they rise in the East and set in the West.
Information provided on each deep-sky object includes: Catalog Number, Right Ascension, Declination, Magnitude, Messier Designation (if any), Type of Object, Size, Constellation, and what chart it is located on in both the Uranometria or Tirion's Sky Atlas 2000.
www.astroleague.org /al/obsclubs/urban/urbanld.html   (99 words)

 NGC Objects 3600 to 7840   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The spiral galaxy to the left of center is NGC5850.
Walter Baade was unable to observe the Galactic center itself due to obscuring dust, but he found regions of less obscuration close to the heart of the Milky Way, including “Baade’s window,” which is centered around NGC 6528 (left) and NGC 6522 (right) in Sagittarius.
From top to bottom the objects are respectively, NGC6726 (large nebulosity around a bright star), NGC6729 (small red nebulosity), and IC4812 (nebulosity around the bright star in the lower right hand corner).
www.3towers.com /ngcB.htm   (319 words)

 The RASC's Finest N.G.C. Objects List
The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) has published this list in their yearly Observer's Handbook which is edited by Roy L. Bishop.
The Finest N.G.C. Objects List was compiled by Alan Dyer; it is arranged sorted by seasons and constellations.
NGC Con Type R.A. Dec m_v Size Remarks
www.seds.org /messier/xtra/similar/rasc-ngc.html   (466 words)

 ASP: NGC Images on the Net
The ASP would like to thank Al Stern for his hard work in the re-establishment of these lists of astronomical images.
Many of these images are copyrighted, so please don't reproduce them without asking the original source.
Set of Messier objects (56 pictures on one screen and related text)
www.astrosociety.org /resources/ngc.html   (96 words)

 Constellation drawings V6
This is very nice when you want to see what the end result of the query will be since nearly all objects show with an actual photo taken from the Palomar Sky Survey.
To the right of TakeImage there is a drop down list of other commands.
Your script can then open the file and read the object's coordinates, slew the scope, @Focus the camera, take the image, switch filters, etc. Although Orchestrate is a bit limited in what it can do it is extremely straight forward and often times the simplest way to get the job done!
www.bisque.com /tom/datawizard/datawizard.htm   (1317 words)

 Beyond the Messier List   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Orion Telescope and Binocular Center's DeepMap 600 (110 of these objects are Messiers; another 100 or so are double, multiple, variable, or "colored" stars; which are, of course, deep-sky objects too).
Alan Dyer's "The Finest N.G.C. Objects" offers observers 110 excellent objects beyond the Messiers; they are sorted by season, and contain a short description of each object.
If this list was prepared from photographs of deep-sky objects (which is what many suspect), it should not be pawned off to visual observers!
members.aol.com /anonglxy/beyond.htm   (588 words)

 GCO NGC Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
See the file 00Index for a list of available images and a brief description of a few of them.
NGC Image links at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
As Steve collected the files, he naturally stored them on his own ftp server at GCO in Australia and kindly made them available to the Net.
astro.nineplanets.org /gco/intro.html   (410 words)

 Education World® : Site Reviews: The Constellations
Most of the constellation text areas include a graphic of the stars and their position in the sky.
The table page also provides links to the Messier list, the NGC objects table, and the mythic name list.
Viewers also have access to the Messier objects, and to all NGC objects that are mentioned at the site.
www.educationworld.com /awards/past/r0298-04.shtml   (256 words)

 The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Halifax Centre
Mini Messier Observing List "Deep Sky" for beginners (pdf)
The National RASC Observing Page, including Messier List, Finest NGC objects, and much more.
The RASC Halifax Centre has its own observatory in a dark-sky location near Saint Croix, just off Highway 101 between Halifax and Windsor.
halifax.rasc.ca /observing.html   (221 words)

 ASP List of NGC Images - Old Location   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The ASP list of NGC images has moved.
If the above link doesn't work, it's probably because your Internet service provider has not yet updated its list of domain names.
For the time being, use the alternative link to the ASP list of NGC images.
www.physics.sfsu.edu /asp/ngc.html   (53 words)

 The NGC Objects
Once you click onto a particular link use the "Find" feature of
your browser to locate the NGC object on that page.
All files associated with The Constellations web page are
www.dibonsmith.com /ngc.htm   (43 words)

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