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Topic: List of North Dakota rivers

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  World Almanac for Kids
NORTH DAKOTA, one of the West North Central states of the U.S., bounded on the N by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, on the E by Minnesota, on the S by South Dakota, and on the W by Montana.
The E plains are drained by the north-flowing Red River of the North and its tributaries—the Pembina, Forest, Goose, Maple, Sheyenne, and Wild Rice rivers.
North Dakota is one of the nation’s least urbanized states; in 1990 about 53% of all state residents lived in areas defined as urban and the rest lived in rural areas.
www.worldalmanacforkids.com /explore/states/northdakota.html   (3042 words)

 Red River of the North   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is called the Red River of the North in order to distinguish it from another Red River (a tributary of the Mississippi River that forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma).
It is formed at Wahpeton, North Dakota and Breckenridge, Minnesota by the confluence of the Bois de Sioux and Otter Rail rivers.
The Red River is one of the remnants of the ancient Lake Agassiz.
www.bidprobe.com /en/wikipedia/r/re/red_river_of_the_north.html   (212 words)

 Yellowstone River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Considered the principal tributary of the upper Missouri, the river and its tributaries drains a wide area stretching from the Rocky Mountains in the vicinity of the Yellowstone National Park across the mountains and high plains of southern Montana and northern Wyoming.
The river was explored in 1806 by William Clark during the return voyage of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the Clarks Fork of the river was named for him.
The Yellowstone River was an important artery of transportation for Native Americans as well as for white settlers by riverboat in the 19th century.
www.butte-silverbow.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Yellowstone_River   (446 words)

 Red River of the North - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the United States it is called the Red River of the North, to distinguish it from another Red River (a tributary of the Mississippi River that forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma).
It is formed at Wahpeton, North Dakota and Breckenridge, Minnesota by the confluence of the and rivers.
The Red River famously flooded in April 1997, causing $2 billion USD in damage to Grand Forks, North Dakota.
www.sterlingheights.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Red_River_of_the_North   (396 words)

 South Dakota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Its location is north central part of the country.
The landforms in South Dakota are Lakes, little grasslands, mountains, cliffs, and plateaus.
The South Dakota State flower is kind of hard to spell; it is the pasque flower.
www2.lhric.org /poCantico/usa/sd.htm   (559 words)

 CVO Menu - America's Volcanic Past - North Dakota
North Dakota lies within the Interior Plains, that vast region stretching from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians.
To the north and east of the escarpment lies the Central Lowlands Province, characterized by its glacially smoothed landscape.
The most widespread and spectacular badlands in North Dakota border the Little Missouri River, northward from the headwaters area in Wyoming, where they are developed in rocks as old as Cretaceous, to the point where the river flows into the Missouri River.
vulcan.wr.usgs.gov /LivingWith/VolcanicPast/Places/volcanic_past_north_dakota.html   (2071 words)

 North Dakota Horizons -- Horizons Magazine, gifts and more
North Dakota has a new symbol of its heritage gracing the U.S. Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. The dedication of the Sakakawea statue in October brought a crowd of North Dakotans, former North Dakotans and Washington officials to welcome this unique statue to the National Statuary Hall.
North Dakota formed a National Statuary Hall Commission in 1959 to select the person to be honored with the state’s first statue.
The name of Sakakawea was on the original list, and Congressman Earl Pomeroy championed the idea that a replica of her statue on the State Capitol Grounds in Bismarck be North Dakota’s other contribution to National Statuary Hall.
www.shopnd.com /ndhorizons/default.cfm?page=arc_winter03   (1563 words)

 Free State Project — Let's Talk About North Dakota
In the late 1800's, after North Dakota became a state in 1889, it benefitted from waves of immigrants from northern European countries that were spurred on by the new railroads (which at one time owned nearly 1/4 of North Dakota by virtue of being given the land by the federal government).
North Dakota is one of the top farming states in the U.S. It ranks #1 in production of barley and sunflower seeds, and #2 in wheat production (behind only Kansas).
In order to vote in a North Dakota election, a voter must be at least 18 years old on the day of the election, a U.S. citizen, a legal resident of the state, and must have lived in the voting precinct for at least 30 days preceding the day of the election.
www.freestateproject.org /archives/state_reports/northdakota1.php   (1474 words)

 List of North Dakota rivers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of rivers in the state of North Dakota in the United States.
Elm River, tributary of Red River of the North
Maple River, tributary of Elm River of South Dakota
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_North_Dakota_rivers   (70 words)

 Identification and Control of Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum plants were brought to North Dakota for flower gardens because of their striking color, ease of growth, winter hardiness, and lack of insect or disease problems (Figure 1).
Known purple loosestrife infestations in North Dakota are small and generally found in or downstream of urban areas.
Purple loosestrife was added to the North Dakota Noxious Weed List in 1996 and state law requires all plants to be removed to prevent this plant from becoming a major weed problem in the wetlands of the state.
www.ext.nodak.edu /extpubs/plantsci/weeds/w1132w.htm   (2238 words)

 North Dakota Fisheries Investigations
In 1895, a "fish commissioner" position was established in North Dakota whose duties included propagating, transporting and stocking fish.
Barrett (1900) was the first to publish a North Dakota stocking event which involved lake trout fry in a stock pond near Oakes.
The objectives of this report are to provide a revised species list including discussion of native and introduced species, document the status of the various species, and identify factors (real or perceived) that have influenced the status of native species.
www.npwrc.usgs.gov /resource/fish/fshries/intro.htm   (761 words)

 Game and Fish Department, North Dakota | Small Game Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
North Dakota's 2005 small game and furbearer proclamation season structures, bag limits, and species restrictions are very similar to last year.
Nonresident full-time students living in North Dakota, who are attending a state or tribal college, or a private institution of higher education, may qualify for purchasing resident (non lottery) licenses.
Bottineau, Rolette, Cavalier, Pembina, and Walsh counties in North Dakota.
www.state.nd.us /gnf/licenses/smallgameguide.html   (4735 words)

 North Dakota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Mesozoic: North Dakota was hot and very dry during the Triassic, and shallow marine environments were common.
During the Cretaceous, North Dakota was either completely or partially covered by subtropical to temperate, shallow seas.
North Dakota Geological Survey Fossil Resource Program: Links to all varieties of information on North Dakota paleontology, including research papers, museums, and background information on the state's fossils.
www.paleoportal.org /time_space/state.php?state_id=37&period_id=8   (544 words)

 North Dakota Tornadoes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The earliest tornado in the season for North Dakota occurred on March 26th, 2003.
The latest tornado in the season for North Dakota occurred on November 1, 2000.
The most destructive tornado in North Dakota history occurred in Fargo during the evening of June 20, 1957.
www.crh.noaa.gov /bis/ndtornadoes.htm   (547 words)

 USGS Description of the Red River of North Dakota
The Red River of the North (Red River) begins at Wahpeton at the confluence of the Otter Tail River, which originates in east-central Minnesota, and the Bois de Sioux River, which originates in northeastern South Dakota.
The Red River forms the boundary between North Dakota and Minnesota and flows north into Canada, meandering for 394 miles, which is nearly double the straight-line distance.
The Red River flows north through this plain to Lake Winnipeg because, despite the plain being very flat, a difference in elevation exists along the route of the river, making the line between southeastern North Dakota and Lake Winnipeg slightly downhill.
nd.water.usgs.gov /canoeing/red/desc.html   (598 words)

 North Dakota Maps & Atlases
They show roads of all sizes, from interstates to local farm and ranch roads, and also locate rivers, creeks, lakes, railroads, airports, campgrounds, information centers, boat access areas, peaks, and more.
North Dakota is on one side, South Dakota on the reverse.
Both maps clearly distinguish all classes of roads; point-to-point mileages are indicated for primary and secondary highways.
www.mindbird.com /north_dakota_maps.htm   (328 words)

 North Dakota — Outdoor adventure   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This may surprise you, but North Dakotans are among the most avid golfers, with one of the highest numbers of golf courses per capita in the nation.
North Dakota’s lakes and rivers are well equipped with boat landings and great reasons to get out on the water (as if you need one) like world-class fishing.
North Dakota is widely considered a top birding destination, with more National Wildlife Refuges than any other state, and we top that off with dozens of state Wildlife Management Areas.
www.ndtourism.com /secondary/index.asp?choice=Outdoor+Adventure   (547 words)

 Urban Entomology [Ebeling Chap. 9 part 3] Pests Attacking Mand and His Pets
It is a tiny, burrowing flea, found in the tropical and subtropical regions of North and South America, the West Indies, and Africa.
It is reddish brown, and about 1 mm long, although the gravid female may become as large as a "small pea." The fertilized female slashes the skin with her mouthparts, then inserts her head and body until only the last 2 abdominal segments are exposed.
In North America, tick paralysis has been most common in the Pacific Northwest, where it had been known since the first decade of this century, and by 1954, 332 human cases had already been recorded.
www.entomology.ucr.edu /ebeling/ebel9-3.html   (19692 words)

 Research of Catholic Church and Ancestors - Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota
The geographic areas of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota are in the province of Saint Paul and Minneapolis consisting of Archdiocese of St.
Amen.: Kith and Kin at the Highland Cemetery in Lakeville, Dakota County, Minnesota - "...
List of Parishes in the Diocese of Saint Cloud
home.att.net /~Local_Catholic/CatholicUS-StPaul-MnaplsMN.htm   (5693 words)

 VCSU Macro-Invertebrate Lab   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This key is meant to aid the identification of aquatic insects found in North Dakota.
For river systems, the biomonitoring of aquatic invertebrates, such as insects, is recognized as an important tool for determining a rivers health and, with proper background data, identifying changes in that health.
For instance, if you go to a portion of the river and the main organisms collected are leeches, bloodworms, and certain types of snails, the water quality in that area is very poor.
www.waterbugkey.vcsu.edu   (556 words)

 KFYR TV North Dakota's NBC News Leader   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The federal government says more than one-third of the nation's lakes and nearly one-fourth of its rivers contain fish that may be contaminated with mercury, dioxin, PCB's and pesticides.
The EPA has released a list of advisories issued by states that are focused on recreational and sport fishing, and not on deep-sea commercial fishing.
The fish consumption advisory posted on the North Dakota Health Department's Web site says quote "mercury is one contaminant present in fish from North Dakota's lakes and rivers" unquote.
www.kfyrtv.com /showNews.asp?whatStory=3118   (176 words)

 North Dakota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
There are 5 honorary North Dakotans in Moorhead, MN and Sidney, MT and they are listed to the right of the state total but not in the overall percent of resident North Dakotans.
Driving through the north end of Lake Alice, where there was still snow in the ditches and on the north side of shelterbelts, I saw one Great Blue Heron as the only egret/heron there, and I did not see any ibis.
Hi, I stopped by the North Fargo Sewage Lagoons this afternoon and saw a swan that was either an early and lonely Tundra or a Trumpeter.
www.birdingonthe.net /mailinglists/NDAK.html   (9876 words)

 Dakota Center Hub For A Better North and South Dakota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
North Dakota is a beautiful foundation of Life.
The Capital of this captivating State is Bismarck which resides very close to the Center of North Dakota.
Dakota Center, Is Your Networking Hub for the Community Bismarck, Burleigh, Morton County, ND.
dakotacenter.com   (589 words)

 Willow Bend Books - Genealogy Reference Material   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Reprint of Hixson Atlas with county maps showing township/range numbers and the state as it was in the early 1930s.
This map from our Centennial collection is helpful to those seeking to locate the forts, buttes, small settlements and railroad lines in the region....
Contains 2 18x24 maps: 1) Dakota (Northern Part) 1880-81 is helpful in seeking the forts, buttes, small settlements and railroad lines in the region.
www.willowbend.net /search.asp?SearchState=North+Dakota   (209 words)

 The Tertiary in North Dakota   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Most of North Dakota was above sea level during the Tertiary.
Volcanoes were erupting to the north and west, and huge quantities of volcanic ash were blown by wind or carried by rivers into the state.
These ash deposits became layers of bentonite clay that were interbedded with the river and lake deposits derived from the erosion of the rising Rocky Mountains.
www.paleoportal.org /time_space/state.php?state_id=37&period_id=8   (203 words)

 GORP - Sheyenne National Grassland, Custer National Forest
A large complex of beaver ponds occurs near the Sheyenne River, and the area is managed as a Research Natural Area because of the unique environment created by the ponds.
The elm-basswood forest type found associated with the Sheyenne River on the grassland is the most westerly extension of what is most normally found only in the eastern United States.
To mitigate the consequences of the 'dust bowl' conditions on the land and its residents, the Sheyenne River Land Utilization Project was established in 1935 under the AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Administration), and a resettlement plan for the area was completed that same year.
gorp.away.com /gorp/resource/us_national_forest/mt/gra3_cus.htm   (1147 words)

 BWO - States - North Dakota
History of the town of Elgin, North Dakota, commentary of what happened year by year from pre 1910 to 1985.
"In the Beginning..........Hebron, North Dakota 1876-1912." Compiled by Jane Berg and Kathy Elmer, copyright 1978, Jane Berg-Kathy Elmer.
A short biography of the residents of Mountrail County, North Dakota, dating from 1900 to 1979.
www.rootsweb.com /~bwo/ndakota.html   (1049 words)

 North Dakota — Legendary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
North Dakota is home to many wonderful and challenging golf courses that have drawn the attention of major golf magazines.
Among the most prominent, but certainly not the only great courses in the state, are The Links of North Dakota near Ray and Williston; Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck, Edgewood Golf Course in Fargo and King’s Walk, an Arnold Palmer signature course in Grand Forks.
The newest addition to this list is Bully Pulpit Golf Course located in the beautiful Badlands at Medora.
ndtourism.com /secondary/viewArticle.asp?ID=104&Outdoor+...   (312 words)

 North Dakota Water Quality Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The North Dakota Department of Health, Division of Water Quality monitors water bodies in the state through the Surface Water Program.
If it is determined that a water body is impaired, the water body is included in the ND 303(d) List which lists impaired water bodies along with their specific pollutants which have caused the impairment.
Please review this list if you would like to know if a water body in your area is impaired.
www.health.state.nd.us /wq/Storm/StormWaterHome.htm   (497 words)

 Delv.co.uk: list of north dakota fishing websites in the UK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Delv.co.uk: list of north dakota fishing websites in the UK Viewing Results for "list of north dakota fishing" - Showing 1 - 1
Find list of north dakota fishing and more at Lycos Search.
Read about list of north dakota fishing in the free online encyclopedia and dictionary.
www.michael-jackson.org.uk /jacko/list_of_north_dakota_fishing.html   (154 words)

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