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Topic: List of Prime Ministers of Ireland

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  Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Prime Minister is appointed by the Sovereign, who is bound by constitutional convention to choose the individual most likely to command the support of the House of Commons (normally, the leader of the party with a majority in that body).
The title "Prime Minister", however, is not altogether a matter of convention, as in 1905 it was in a sense given official recognition when the "Prime Minister" was named in the "order of precedence," outranked, among non-royals, only by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and by the Lord Chancellor.
Whenever the office of Prime Minister falls vacant, the Sovereign is responsible for appointing the new incumbent; the appointment is formalised at a ceremony known as Kissing Hands.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Prime_Minister_of_the_United_Kingdom   (4917 words)

 List of Prime Ministers of Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list includes all prime ministers or heads of government of the 26 county state under each of its nomenclatures.
In the case of coalitions, the prime minister's party is stated first.
This list only refers to prime ministers of the twenty-six county states in Ireland, not Northern Ireland, for which there is a different list.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_Ireland   (313 words)

 Encyclopedia: President-of-Ireland
The Taoiseach is appointed upon the nomination of Dáil Éireann (the lower house of parliament), and the remainder of the cabinet upon the nomination of the Taoiseach.
Ministers are dimissed on the advice of the Taoiseach and the Taoiseach must, unless there is a dissolution of the Dáil, resign upon losing the confidence of the house.
The original text of the Constitution of Ireland, as adopted in 1937, in its controversial Articles 2 and 3, mentioned two geopolitical entities, a thirty-two county 'national territory' (i.e., the island of Ireland) and a twenty-six county 'state' formerly known as the Irish Free State (Articles 2 and 3 have since been amended).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/President_of_Ireland   (9818 words)

 Taoiseach - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Taoiseach is appointed by the President upon the nomination of Dáil Éireann (the lower house of parliament), and must, while he or she remains in office, enjoy the confidence of the Dáil.
The words Taoiseach and Tánaiste (the title of the deputy prime minister) are both from the Irish language and of ancient origin.
The modern position of Taoiseach was established by the 1937 Constitution of Ireland, to replace the position of President of the Executive Council of the 1922-1937 Irish Free State.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Taoiseach   (878 words)

 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
The Prime Minister's main responsibilities include setting the direction of the government, appointing members of the Cabinet, coordinating the activities of the Cabinet and government departments, participating in ceremonial occasions, and being the 'face' of the government in the UK and abroad.
The Prime Minister and the government must resign upon the passage of a vote of no confidence[?] or the loss of a vote of confidence[?], unless the defeated Prime Minister seeks a dissolution of parliament[?] which in theory the monarch may refuse but in practice never does.
The Prime Minister must also retain the support of his or her party's parliamentary delegation, and in a number of cases including that of Neville Chamberlain and Margaret Thatcher, a party will oust a Prime Minister who appears to be unpopular.
www.fastload.org /pr/Prime_Minister_of_the_United_Kingdom.html   (1153 words)

 Knowledge King - Taoiseach   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The office, whose title literally means The Chief or The Leader (though translated in the constitution as 'prime minister') was created in Bunreacht na hÉireann, the Irish constitutution adopted in 1937 and drafted by Eamon de Valera.
Under the 1922 Constitution drafted by Michael Collins, the title of prime minister was "President of the Executive Council".
He chooses ministers, who once approved by Dáil Éireann are appointed by the President of Ireland.
www.knowledgeking.net /encyclopedia/t/ta/taoiseach.html   (785 words)

 Encyclopedia: Southern-Ireland
Southern Ireland was the twenty-six county Irish state envisaged by the Government of Ireland Act 1920.
Partition, which was introduced in the Government of Ireland Act, was intended as a temporary solution to the problem, allowing Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland to be separately governed as regions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
Southern Ireland is sometimes used as an unofficial name for the Republic of Ireland or the earlier Irish Free State, especially in the English media.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Southern_Ireland   (2322 words)

 Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ06) - Pallone Calls on Prime Ministers Blair & Ahern to Fully Implement Good Friday ...
This legendary accord set out a framework that would allow Northern Ireland to govern itself and provide for a rule of law that was responsible to all people in the North of Ireland.
A small faction of individuals in Northern Ireland, many who are adamantly opposed to the Accords, are holding the future of the peace agreement hostage.
Prime Minister Blair and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern must bring all sides back to the table and reinstitute the Belfast Assembly.
www.house.gov /apps/list/press/nj06_pallone/pr_mar30_no_ireland.html   (870 words)

 Prime Minister of Finland -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Prime Minister is appointed by the (The chief executive of a republic) President, who is (The chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government) Head of State.
The Parliament elects Prime Minister with ((elections) more than half of the votes) absolute majority (in a (A choice that is made by voting) voting without counter-candidate).
The previous 85 years full formal powers to appoint the Prime Minister and the rest of the Cabinet had been the privilege of the President, who for instance was free to diverge from principles of (Click link for more info and facts about Parliamentarism) Parliamentarism, although the ministers must enjoy the confidence of the Parliament.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/P/Pr/Prime_Minister_of_Finland.htm   (824 words)

 Britannia Government: Prime Ministers
He was probably called first minister while the title of prime minister was not officially recognized until 1905.
One list had William Pitt, the Elder as prime minister from 1766 to 1768 while another had the Duke of Grafton holding the office from 1766 to 1770.
In summarizing the careers of the prime ministers, we have tried to present a brief but accurate picture of the political lives of the men and woman who have assumed the position.
britannia.com /gov/primes   (496 words)

 List Of Prime Numbers To 400 on Almondnet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Prime numbers and their properties were first studied extensively by the ancient Greek mathematicians...
Prime numbers are those numbers (greater than 1) that cannot be divided by any number except themselves and...
Prime numbers can only be divided into integers (whole numbers) by the number1 and itself.
www.team-building-ideas.co.uk /teambuild/list_of_prime_numbers_to_400.html   (389 words)

 BBC - History - Prime Ministers Timeline   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
He was the first prime minister in the post-war period not to win his own mandate (be elected or re-elected by popular vote).
Branded the 'unknown prime minister' by his bitter political rival HH Asquith, Canadian-born Bonar Law is principally remembered for a single speech he made in 1922.
Liverpool is the second longest serving prime minister in British history (after Robert Walpole), winning four general elections and clinging on to power despite a massive stroke that incapacitated him for his last two years in office.
www.bbc.co.uk /history/state/monarchs_leaders/pm_and_pol_tl.shtml   (7214 words)

 [A-List] US imperialism: Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Dáil, Ireland's parliament, is set to focus on the use by US aircraft of the Shannon airbase in county Clare near Limerick.
But officials say Bertie Ahern, the prime minister, will highlight the importance of the wider US relationship to justify continued use of the civilian airfield.
The motion, which government lawyers were last night still drafting, is expected to emphasise that Ireland has for decades provided armed forces of the US and other countries the use of Shannon, and does not signify a shift in Ireland's neutrality.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/a-list/2003-March/024530.html   (462 words)

 List of Prime Ministers of France Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The president names the prime minister, presides over the cabinet, commands the armed forces, and concludes treaties.
In 2003, France's natural population growth (excluding immigration) was responsible for almost all the natural growth in European population: the population of the European Union increased by 216,000 inhabitants (without immigration), of which 211,000 was the increase in France's population alone, and 5,000 was the increase in all the other countries of the EU combined.
The Palace of Versailles is the prime tourist destination in France followed by the great Chateauchâteaux of the Loire Valley.
www.echostatic.com /List_of_Prime_Ministers_of_France.html   (3537 words)

 Prime Ministers in History
Indeed, in 1761 the concept of having one senior minister in charge of government was described as an 'odious' idea, denoting special royal favour and access.
We have listed the PMs in chronological order of the date they first took office, although it is worth noting that many men have taken on the role on several different occasions.
The biography for current PM Tony Blair can be found in the Prime Minister area of the site.
www.pm.gov.uk /output/page123.asp   (495 words)

 Corruption drives the system in Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Beaming at the camera, without an apparent care in the world, are the then 12 Prime ministers of the European Union, along with their foreign ministers.
The then Prime Ministers of Ireland, Greece, France, Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium have all been associated with charges of varying degrees of fraud, nepotism and political favouritism.
The fact that the majority of the ministers in the current cabinet served alongside those now being accused is being brushed aside.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/a_news/an23.html   (1699 words)

 [A-List] UK state: Northern Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
That organisation's history as the security apparatus for the colonies informed its approach to Northern Ireland: since the other colonies were steadily leaving the empire (at least formally), this one would remain, by any means necessary.
In line with the general disaffection with the ever more extreme and irrational Thatcher and her cohort, the punk Thatcherites, the British state apparatus came more and more under the control of "moderates", as evidenced most spectacularly in the putsch of 1990 when Thatcher was replaced by John Major.
Last night, the Northern Ireland Office told the Sunday Herald that the government now wanted to 'address the suffering of victims of violence as a necessary element of reconciliation.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/a-list/2003-May/025755.html   (1520 words)

 [A-List] UK state: Northern Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The two prime ministers spoke of significant progress being made, but there was no sense of celebration.
Almost uniquely in the politics of Northern Ireland, the usual unhelpful centrifugal forces may be outweighed by new centripetal factors.
Republican enthusiasm for the assembly has grown so much that, in one of the many political inversions of recent years, both Sinn Fein representatives and their grass roots are much keener to restore devolution than many Protestants and Unionists.
lists.econ.utah.edu /pipermail/a-list/2003-March/024140.html   (1222 words)

 Ireland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Though the Jewish population of Ireland was around 5000 during the 1940s, it declined after that, and those Jews who stayed in Dublin moved out of this area (Portobello) and into the suburbs.
The Battle Axe Landing had the coats of arms of the seven Prime Ministers who had already left office; that of the current one will be designed and added when she leaves.
County Offaly is 34% bog, and Ireland is 17% bog.
www.geocities.com /evelynleeper/ireland.htm   (18032 words)

 MORI - Rating British Prime Ministers
Neither of those surveys included Tony Blair (now in his seventh year as Prime Minister) and both were based on small samples.
In addition to asking to rate individual performance, respondents were asked to select up to three out of a list of 20 characteristics that they think are most needed for a Prime Minister to be judged successful.
Given the great deal of contemporary discussion and concern about politics and politicians, it is perhaps surprising that honesty is seen as the least required characteristic needed for a Prime Minister to be defined as successful.
www.mori.com /polls/2004/leeds.shtml   (875 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Today at PMQs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This morning's Downing Street briefing revealed that the prime minister would use PMQs to announce six "benchmarks", which Britain is proposing should be included in a new UN security council resolution on Iraq.
The prime minister says there will be, and the opposition fires back: "What is the government's position in light of a veto?"
Tony Wright, the Labour public administration committee chief, begins by praising the prime minister's efforts to go through the UN - always suspicious - before quoting a 1998 document from Bush administration personnel, including Paul Wolfowitz, saying that Iraq must be invaded.
politics.guardian.co.uk /commons/story/0,9061,912662,00.html   (1068 words)

 List of English people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a partial list of English people of note and of some notable individuals born there, alphabetically within categories:
William Pitt the Younger, (1759-1806), British prime minister
See also: List of people by nationality, List of Britons, List of Welsh people, List of Cornish people, List of Scots, UK topics
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Englishmen   (1146 words)

 Britannia Government: Prime Ministers - Henry John Temple Palmerston
Palmerston, an Irish peer, was a career politician with a long list of accomplishments have served in numerous capacities and within several governments before heading two of his own as prime minister.
As leader of his own government, Palmerston brought an end to the Crimean War and was successful in keeping India part of the Empire, quashing an attempted mutiny.
His ministry was ended by a one year Derby government, but he returned as prime minister in 1859 with Russell as foreign minister and Gladstone as chancellor of the Exchequer, a strong group.
www.britannia.com /gov/primes/prime34.html   (584 words)

 GuruNet — Content Map
List of Presidents of the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
List of Presidents of the Republic of Texas
List of Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda
www.gurunet.com /cm-dsid-2222-letter-1L-first-25051   (74 words)

 LLRX.com - Guide to Irish Law
From the late twelfth century, Ireland was increasingly governed by English common law and by 1800 Ireland was fully integrated into the United Kingdom by the Act of Union passed in that year.
In 1972 the Constitution was amended to recognise Ireland’s membership of the EEC (now the EU) and there have been similar amendments to recognise major new European Treaties such as the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997.
In Ireland this fee-paying service is branded as ‘Itelis’ and has an office attached to the Irish Times, contactable by e-mail at ghouston@irish-times.com.
www.llrx.com /features/irish.htm   (2184 words)

 Taoiseach   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Taoiseach (plural: Taoisigh) or, more formally, An Taoiseach, is the head of government or prime minister of the Republic of Ireland and the leader of the Irish cabinet
The words Taoiseach and Tánaiste (the title of the deputy prime minister) are both Irish Gaelic and of ancient origin.
Among the most famous ministerial dismissals have been those of Charles J. Haughey and Neil Blaney in 1970, Brian Lenihan in 1990 and Albert Reynolds, Padraig Flynn and Máire Geoghegan-Quinn in 1991.
www.sciencedaily.com /encyclopedia/taoiseach   (903 words)

 List of Presidents of Ireland Information - TextSheet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
List of Presidents of Ireland Information - TextSheet.com
You are here: Home » List of Presidents of Ireland
List of Governors-General of the Irish Free State
www.medbuster.com /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_presidents_of_ireland.html   (117 words)

 The Periphery of Francia: Spain, Britain, Eastern Europe, & Scandinavia
The conventional wisdom is that Prime Minister Aznar was blamed for this, because he had sided with the United States in the war on terror and sent Spanish troops to Iraq.
Unfortunately, Ireland was never politically unified enough to follow cultural and religious influence with political power, or to resist incursions from Danes or Normans, or ambitious English dynasties, when they came.
The story is that the Prime Ministership emerged because King George I of Hanover never did learn to speak English, while Sir Robert Walpole was one of the few people in Parliament who spoke German.
www.friesian.com /perifran.htm   (11236 words)

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