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Topic: List of prisoners at ADX Florence

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In the News (Sun 27 May 18)

Prisoners are locked in their cells 22.5 hours a day, and all standard vocational educational and recreational activities are virtually nonexistent.
ADX Florence is designed so that one guard can control the movements of numerous prisoners in several cell blocks by way of electronic doors, cameras and audio equipment.
In a move reminiscent of the toxic water used to poison prisoners at Marion, the BOP picked an area of Florence that may be equally detrimental for the prisoners' health.
www-unix.oit.umass.edu /~kastor/walking-steel-95/ws-florence.html   (1649 words)

 [indymediapr] Feb. 4th Mission Against Terror
Florence is located in an area whose water, soil, and air is known to be contaminated with dangerous radiation levels from a nearby uranium milling plant.
While conditions vary from prison to prison, the goal of these units is always to cause spiritual, psychological, and physical breakdown of the prisoners.
Florence is the leader in a nationwide trend toward supermax prisons.
lists.indymedia.org /pipermail/cmi-pr/2006-January/0122-gl.html   (1634 words)

 Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Prisoners incarcerated as a result of non-politically motivated "crime" and became political while in prison are not Political Prisoners or Prisoners of War.
Prisoners who fall into this definition are then contacted to get permission to be placed on the list.
Not all Political Prisoners or Prisoner of War wish to be placed on prisoner support lists and the ABCF respects their decision.
www.abcf.net /abcf.asp?page=prisoners   (643 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on HACKED BY TURK-SOPHİA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
List of Prime Ministers of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (en)
List of Prime ministers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (en)
List of Professorships at the University of Cambridge (en)
www.blinkbits.com /wikifeeds/LI?from=35700   (758 words)

 BOP Pharmacy Program
The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the agency of the Department of Justice responsible for incarcerating federal felons.
Inmates are assigned to a particular prison according to their security classification, with prisoners with shorter sentences and lesser offenses placed in Federal Prison Camps, and those with the most severe offenses, longest sentences, and most notoriety incarcerated in U.S. Penitentiaries.
Prisoners here are either going through the trial process or awaiting sentencing from a federal judge.
www.hhs.gov /pharmacy/bop/boprx_program.htm   (819 words)

According to Bureau of Prisons policy, the high-risk inmates in Rudolph's unit are allowed visits and phone calls only from their lawyers and from a list of approved contacts often restricted to immediate family members.
When he first arrived at ADX in 2005, the inmates in his range were let out of their cells four or five times a week for indoor exercise and once a week for a break in the yard.
Prisons have been part of the landscape since before Colorado was a state--the Colorado Territorial prison dates back to the 19th century, and people are accustomed to the occasional disturbance or inmate escape.
www.freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1755762/posts   (3368 words)

 Cageprisoners.com - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay
The al-Qaeda inmates are kept in a separate area from other prisoners "partly because they have common needs particular to their faith, partly to ensure they cannot try to recruit others to their cause," explained one guard.
In addition to his prison issue white T-shirt, blue sweatpants and orange or blue deck shoes, he is also permitted to wear the traditional white kufi, or skullcap.
The colour scheme within the ADX is "pretty raw, pale army green, cement grey, off-white," said Gary Kalitolites, 44, a prison guard who quit the job last year.
www.cageprisoners.com /articles.php?id=17766   (1571 words)

 [No title]
We are part of the chain gang; a human chain of one and a half million prisoners that runs from the "evil and unnatural construction" (2) of impoverished communities to the evil, unnatural construction of children's prisons, penitentiaries, control units and death chambers.
Prisoners are required to demonstrate their readiness to function in a less restrictive environment by laboring for 26 cents an hour ("...to be treated in such a way as to exploit them to the highest possible extent at the lowest conceivable degree of expenditure.").
ADX guards say they are just doing their job, which they will gladly do for an annual entry level salary of $32,000-$50,000 with overtime.
www.prisonactivist.org /pipermail/prisonact-list/1996-August.txt   (20154 words)

 control Unit Prisons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Control units are supermax prisons that have been designed by government and prison authorities to control the thinking of prisoners, to determine what the prisoners will think about, through carefully contrived sensory deprivation tactics and by focusing the attention of prisoners on immediate concerns.
Therefore, isolation prisons were harshly criticized throughout the 1800’s, as a consequence of causing rampant mental illness in prisoners, and in 1913 solitary confinement was officially abolished.
Forcing prisoners to keep rotting trash in their cells and allowing the cleaning of cells weekly, at best, and then not providing such essential tools, like cleanser, creates a filthy environment.
www.anarchyinchains.com /ControlUnit.html   (2845 words)

 List of prisoners at ADX Florence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of prisoners at ADX Florence, the United States supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado.
Raymond Oechsle, was incarcerated with Casso from 2001 to 2002 at ADX.
Mutulu Shakur, sentenced to 60 years for bank robbery, conspiracy and murder (during the robbery, a policeman and two guards were killed.) Stepfather of late rapper Tupac Shakur, brother of Assata Shakur.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_prisoners_at_ADX_Florence   (819 words)

 Should the DC snipers be sent to ADX Florence? - Atari Forums
They were caught, tried, found guilty, and are now being snt to the prison known colloquially as supermax, ADX Florence in Colorado.
They'll be sent to ADX this season apparently, then the hunt for the real snipers will begin and end when the younger one jumps off of Hoover Dam and they catch the one-armed man (who also shot OJ's wife and JFK).
Prisoners are allowed to read the papers, and can earn t.v.
www.ataricommunity.com /forums/showthread.php?t=525160   (1564 words)

 AskMen.com - Horrible prisons
Colorado, U.S. Description: ADX was designed to replace Alcatraz in 1963, and when it opened in 1994 it took imprisonment to a whole new level.
Oscar Lopez Rivera, a prisoner of war, states, "Isolation is perfected here, both in the structure of the cell and in the very limited communication.
Some prisons on this list are microcosms of larger problems in the country, others are created entirely to erase all hope, and still others are just festering sores that are immune to reform.
ca.askmen.com /toys/top_10_100/141d_top_10_list.html   (803 words)

Many of the prisoners and their supporters fasted on the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the April 4, 1980 arrests, as the campaign for their release convened vigils in Puerto Rico and throughout the U.S., including at the United Nations.
A substantial delegation of the prisoners' children and grandchildren held impactful, emotional meetings with representatives of the White House and the Department of Justice, calling on them to release their loved ones.
In a conciliatory gesture, the Spanish government transferred four Basque ETA political prisoners to prisons in the Basque region, where they could be closer to their families and communities.
www.leftcurve.org /LC23webPages/prprisoners.html   (6074 words)

 ADX Florence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
ADX Florence is a 490-bed facility that generally houses around 430 male prisoners divided into six security levels.
Part of the prison is a "stepdown" program, designed to encourage less antisocial behavior and eventually transfer prisoners out of the ADX and back to the Maximum Security population.
A Justice Department inquiry was initiated when an ADX inmate, Mohammed Salameh, was caught by Spanish authorities sending letters to a terror cell with links to suspects in the Madrid train bombings.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/ADX_Florence   (1312 words)

 ADX Florence | MetaFilter
Not that I plan on going to prison anytime soon, but imo, the supermax prisons sound a lot safer to be in (as a prisoner) than "general population".
So long as the prison environment is unsafe, it necessitates the continuation of behaviors which have brought them to prison in the first place.
UK prisons are supposedly nowhere near as bad as US prisons, several friends of mine who have served sentences have come away from prison ripped from weightlifting and exercise and one of them even got himself a degree.
www.metafilter.com /mefi/41195   (2084 words)

It doesn't matter to the town of Florence that it's living from the fat of the suffering and misery of the prisoners being warehoused in the gulags.
The second reason is that prison policy in the USA is based on hatred and fear and used by politicians, social engineers and prison bureaucrats who foment and implement it.
To show how powerful the prison industry is, a reporter in California pointed out that 12 years ago the jailers' union, prison bureaucrats of the prison industry would go to Sacramento to lobby the politicians, but in 1994 the roles had been reversed.
netdial.caribe.net /~nazysant/_nazysant/libertad.html   (7903 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Political Prisoners in the US - alphabetical listing United States Penitentiary - Hazelton Box 2000 Bruceton Mills, West Virginia 26525 This page is maintained by the Prison Activist Resource Center.
ADX Florence: Information from Answers.com The ADX Florence facility from the outside.
Prisoners Georgia State Prison 2164 Ga Highway 147 Reidsville, Georgia 30499 Birthday: Georgia drug ring of which he was a member In November 1991
cssdaynews98.jouncetypica.org   (259 words)

 OIG Evaluation and Inspections Report I-2006-009
As of June 2006, 21.1 percent of inmates were foreign citizens of Spanish-speaking countries, 6.0 percent were listed as foreign citizens of other countries (non-Spanish-speaking) or unknown citizenship, and 31.5 percent of the inmate population was of Hispanic ethnicity (whether U.S. citizens or foreign citizens).
That there is a substantial risk that a prisoner’s communications or contacts with persons could result in death or serious bodily injury to persons, or substantial damage to property that would entail the risk of death or serious bodily injury to persons.
Restricted correspondence is general correspondence that is limited to a list of authorized correspondents, such as the inmate’s immediate family.
www.usdoj.gov /oig/reports/BOP/e0609/back.htm   (4579 words)

 USP Florence-ADX - Prison Talk
Phone time is limited at ADX FLorence and visits are non-contact visits (if you can even get approved) via a telephone with glass window between you.
It is basically an entire prison which is one giant segregated housing unit.
Inmates are placed at ADX Florence when they've gotten in trouble in a penitentiary or if they are considered very high security (spies, Unibomber, etc.) However, the folks I know who have lived there have reported that, while it is very isolating, they are not physically treated badly - it is very stressful mentally.
www.prisontalk.com /forums/showthread.php?t=48771   (1551 words)

— The ADX is one of four federal prisons in Florence, Colorado
Florence ADMAX (Blog: Into the Weeds, Sept. 6, 2006)
Supermax Prison - The Alcatraz of the Rockies
www.supermaxed.com /Federal-SM-Page.htm   (488 words)

 Terror Tidings: The Blind Sheikh is Sick and Prince Turki Flies
Heard on the local news that he is at the Federal Prison Health Center in Springfield, Missouri.
Yeah, it must be hard to get bomb making materials in prison.
In my eyes, that means they're doing their job and punishing these animals as completely as they can.
freerepublic.com /focus/f-news/1755674/posts   (1851 words)

 Big Picture » Blog Archive » GTMO goes high-tech
En realite, je crois que ca ressemble beaucoup a une prison de haute securite toute a fait normale ici.
Traditional proximity-social relation theory is refined to enable directional predictability of acquaintance patterns through use of the concepts “shared required paths” and “domains of acquaintance.” The second part studied whether these new prisoner acquaintances evolved into more meaningful relationships such as friendship and rooming groups over the remaining years of prison life.
Groucho: Par un etude sur la liste j’ai fait un seule regarde sur un prisonniers–et j’ai decouvert que il etait la dedans pour “Oplan Bojinka”.
clesnes.blog.lemonde.fr /2006/12/09/gtmo-goes-high-tech   (12186 words)

 excerpts. : October 2005 - Posts
Ok, and I'll raise you the non-obvious, putting aside the 1949 Greeley, CO/Sayyid Qutb/Muslim Brotherhood connection (Greeley; Qutb; Zawahiri; OBL) and the list of prisoners at the ADX Florence, CO supermax prison (Ramzi Yousef, for one; his uncle, KSM; OBL) .
James D. Williams (alias  Samuel McClane) - CO Attorney General Announces 69 Year Sentence for "Fuqra" Defendant, March 2001 (jailed, still in prison)
There's a great list of Colorado ski area placemarks (no overlays, just points) on the keyhole bbs posted by "Beaon" here.
blog.chinoy.com /archive/2005/10.aspx   (1376 words)

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