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 Wilhelm List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In December 1952 List was released from prison because of ill health.
List was captured by the allies after the war and was charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Hostages Trial at Nuremberg.
Wilhelm List is handed the indictment in the Hostage Trial in 1947 /wiki/Wilhelm_List   (193 words)

 Civil list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The civil list is not the royals' salary as it is spent on the maintenance of their official offices and residences and the meeting of expenses associated with the performance of public duties.
In the United Kingdom the civil list is the payment that is given to immediate members of the royal family so as to perform their state duties and keep the Royal Households.
The Canadian civil list referred to the payment for all officials on the government payroll. /wiki/Civil_list   (424 words)

 Iraqi List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Iraqi List (Arabic: al-Qayimaal Iraqia) is a political party list in the Iraqi National Assembly election, 2005, consisting of mainly secular Shia.
In 2005 Iraqi election the Iraqi list received 13.82% of the votes, earning them 40 seats in the transitional National Assembly of Iraq.
Other members include the Council of Iraq's Notables, the Iraqi Democrats Movement, the Democratic National Awakening Party, the Loyalty to Iraq Grouping, and the Iraqi Independents Association all of which are much smaller. /wiki/Iraqi_List   (152 words)

 List comprehension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The earliest reference to the list comprehension notation is in Rod Burstall and John Darlington's description of their programming language, NPL from 1977, but already SETL had a similar construct.
Monad comprehension is a generalization of list comprehension to other monads in functional programming.
List comprehension is a programming language construct for list processing, analogous to the set-builder notation (set comprehension), that is, the mathematical notation such as the following: /wiki/List_comprehension   (857 words)

 Encyclopedia: Closed list
However, the candidates "at the water mark" of this specific party are in the position of either losing or winning their seat, depending on the specific total Closed list votes for this party.
"The water mark" defined as the number of seats a specific party can be expected to achieve, in reference to how the party produces their closed lists, that is, the few candidates who might or might not get a seat.
If voters have at least some influence then we speak of open list. /encyclopedia/Closed-list   (857 words)

 Skip list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Skip lists are also useful in parallel computing, where insertions can be done in different parts of the skip list in parallel without any global rebalancing of the data structure.
Basically, a skip list is an augmentation of an ordered linked list with additional forward links, added in a randomized way, so that a search in the list may quickly skip parts of the list (hence the name).
Skip lists do not provide the same absolute worst-case performance guarantees as more traditional balanced tree data structures, because it is always possible (though with very low probability) that the coin-flips used to build the skip list will produce a badly unbalanced structure. /wiki/Skip_list   (476 words)

 Linked list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Linked lists sometimes have a special dummy or sentinel node at the beginning and/or at the end of the list, which is not used to store data.
In computer science, a linked list is one of the fundamental data structures used in computer programming.
Linked lists are used as a building block for many other data structures, such as stacks, queues and their variations. /wiki/Linked_list   (5402 words)

 Adjacency list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In graph theory, an adjacency list is the representation of all edges or arcs in a graph as a list.
For a graph with a sparse adjacency matrix an adjacency list representation of the graph occupies less space, because it does not use any space to represent edges which are not present.
Using a naive linked list implementation on a 32-bit computer, an adjacency list for an undirected graph requires about 16e bytes of storage, where e is the number of edges. /wiki/Adjacency_list   (426 words)

 John List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The List case quickly became the most infamous in the history of the state of New Jersey and a nationwide manhunt was launched.
List is the basis for the elusive character of Keyser Soze in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects.
The original scene of the crime, the List home, burned to the ground under mysterious circumstances shortly after the murders. /wiki/John_List   (903 words)

 CIVIL LIST - LoveToKnow Article on CIVIL LIST
the civil list, freed from the expenses of the late king, was settled at 845,727.
A select committee of the House of Commons was appointed to consider the provisions of the civil list for the crown, and to report also on the question of grants for the honorable support and maintenance of Her Majesty the Queen and the members of the royal family.
With the regency the civil list was increased by 70,000 pet annum, and a special grant of 100,000 was settled on the prince regent. /C/CI/CIVIL_LIST.htm   (3646 words)

 Iraqi National List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The most important part of the coalition is Iraqi National Accord of Iyad Allawi and the candidates and parties that made up the Iraqi List, the third most popular coalition in the January election, which captured 13.82% of the vote.
The Iraqi National List is a coalition of Iraqi political parties who ran in the December 2005 Iraqi elections and got 8.0% of the vote.
The Iraqi National List was meant to offer a secular, cross-community alternative - composed of both Sunnis and Shiites - to the religious Shiite United Iraqi Alliance and the Sunni Iraqi Accord Front. /wiki/Iraqi_National_List   (205 words)

 WISP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
North Texas WISP Directory – List of 90+ WISPs in North Texas.
Typically, the way that a WISP operates is to pull a large and usually expensive point to point connection to the center of the area they wish to service.
WISP Directory – a global directory of WISPs including WISP-related organizations and entities. /wiki/WISP   (492 words)

 Task list -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
Task lists are also usually associated somehow with a (A specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee) job.
A task list is a (A database containing an ordered array of items (names or topics)) list of (A specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee) tasks to do, such as chores or sections to be done in a project.
This is something that generally causes people (The relative prominence of a syllable or musical note (especially with regard to stress or pitch)) stress because they don't have enough (The continuum of experience in which events pass from the future through the present to the past) time to accomplish what is on the task list. /encyclopedia/t/ta/task_list.htm   (212 words)

 Open list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Open list describes any variant of party-list proportional representation where voters have at least some influence on the order in which a party's candidates are elected.
In Swedish elections, the 'most open' list is used, but a person needs to receive 5% of the party's votes (European_Parliament, Kommunfullmäktige and Landstingsfullmäktige) or 8% of the party's votes (Riksdag) for the personal vote to overrule the ordering on the party list.
The 'most open' list system is the one where the absolute amount of votes every candidate got fully determines the "order of election" (the list ranking only possibly serving as a 'tiebreaker'). /wiki/Open_list   (467 words)

 List of municipalities in Spain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of municipalities in Spain by province: /wiki/List_of_municipalities_in_Spain   (76 words)

 Municipalities of Sweden - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the middle of the 20th century several municipal reforms were implemented, which successively and drastically reduced their numbers to the current 290 municipalities (2004).
The Municipalities of Sweden (Kommuner) represent the local level of self government in Sweden.
Municipal communites have existed in Sweden for centuries. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Municipalities_of_Sweden   (407 words)

 Xor linked list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Xor linked lists are a curious use of the bitwise exclusive disjunction (XOR) operation to decrease storage requirements for doubly-linked lists.
Where it is still desirable to reduce the overhead of a linked list, unrolling provides a more practical approach (as well as other advantages, such as increasing cache performance and speeding random accesses).
When you traverse the list from left to right: supposing you are at B, you can take the address of the previous item, A, and XOR it with the value in the XOR field. /wiki/Xor_linked_list   (401 words)

 Friedrich List - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List also had theorised the stages of economic development through which the nations of the temperate zone, which are furnished with all the necessary conditions, naturally pass, in advancing to their normal economic state.
Though List's practical conclusions were different from those of Adam Müller (1779-1829), he was largely influenced not only by Hamilton but also by the general mode of thinking of that writer, and by his strictures on the doctrine of Adam Smith.
List seems to have taken a neutral view of Jews, and to have viewed them as economically useful. /wiki/Friedrich_List   (2819 words)

 Friedrich List
Friedrich List was a nationalist/romantic critic of economic theory and one of the forefathers of the German Historical School.
List argued that it was the government's responsibility to foster the "productive powers" of a nation and, once these were in place, then free trade could ensue, but not before.
List was a Professor at Tubingen and then a liberal member of the Württemburg legislature. /het/profiles/list.htm   (210 words)

 Atari Graphics and Arcade Game Design-Chapter 2
Display list interrupts are often used to change the colors in the color registers over part of a screen or to change between character sets midway down the screen.
Display lists are easy to view if there are at least four lines of text 0; but viewing display lists for full screen graphics modes, and especially custom graphics modes, can be a problem without a printer.
The memory pointers to the top of the display list are shadowed at locations 560, 561 decimal in low byte, high byte order. /agagd/chapter2.php   (210 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of football teams
Main article: List of football clubs in Finland The Republic of Finland (Finnish: Suomen tasavalta, Swedish: Republiken Finland) is a Nordic country in northeastern Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea to the southwest, the Gulf of Finland to the southeast and the Gulf of Bothnia to the west.
Main article: List of football clubs in Argentina Argentina is a country in southern South America, situated between the Andes in the west and the southern Atlantic Ocean in the east.
Main article: List of football clubs in Belgium The Kingdom of Belgium (Dutch: Koninkrijk België, French: Royaume de Belgique, German: Königreich Belgien) is a country in Western Europe, bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, France, and the North Sea. /encyclopedia/List-of-football-teams   (210 words)

 Skip List
The exploration is an implementation of a skip list. /cgc/jdsl/explorations/skiplist   (9 words)

 Serebella: Index - List of Seventh-day Adventist hospitals to List of Skyscrapers
List of Seventh-day Adventist hospitals to List of Skyscrapers
Serebella: Index - List of Seventh-day Adventist hospitals to List of Skyscrapers /encyclopedia/level2.php?start1=260000&start2=1400   (9 words)

 Knowledge King - List of municipalities in Estonia
This is a list of the municipalities (vallad, singular - vald) of Estonia.
Knowledge King - List of municipalities in Estonia /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_municipalities_in_estonia.html   (33 words)

 List MP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Because list MPs gain their positions by virtue of being on a party list, rather than by winning votes personally, some contend that the party, not the MP, is the rightful "owner" of the seat.
A list MP is a Member of Parliament (MP) who is elected from a party list rather than from a geographical constituency.
In the latter case, Awatere Huata's former party went to the Supreme Court to expel her from Parliament. /wiki/List_MP   (33 words)

 Mailing list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At least two quite different types of mailing lists can be defined: the first one is closer to the literal sense, where a "mailing list" of people is used as a recipient for newsletters, periodicals or advertising.
A mailing list is a collection of names and addresses used by an individual or an organization to send material to multiple recipients.
LISTSERV is the first software created for the management of mailing lists /wiki/Mailing_list   (325 words)

Friedrich List was one of the earliest and severest critics of the Classical School of Economics, the tradition from the Physiocrats and Adam Smith.
List is generally known as a proponent of a protective, nationalist economic policy and of railroad construction, in the early 19th century.
List was, perhaps, too much of a free trader, often showing too much faith in the withering away of necessary public regulation, being at the bottom of his heart a liberalist emotionally and politically. /artprof/listlaw.html   (6934 words)

 Interstate highway - SmartyBrain Encyclopedia and Dictionary
Interstate 238 near Oakland, California is one of two exceptions to the numbering scheme, as no Interstate 38 exists (this number exists because Interstate 238 replaced a segment of California Highway 238 and changing the number would have split the California Highway in two segments.
The Interstate shield is not to be confused with the similar-shaped green shield for a business route or loop, which gives access to and from a business district without meeting the specifications for Interstate highways.
In 1974, the maximum speed limit allowed on interstate highways (along with all others in the country) was reduced to 55 mph (89 km/h) as a gasoline conservation measure in response to the 1973 energy crisis. /index.php/Interstate_highway   (1486 words)

 Python: List Comprehensions
The interesting thing is that we first build a list of non-prime numbers, using a single list comprehension, then use another list comprehension to get the "inverse" of the list, which are prime numbers.
When you can use both, then it is often preferable to use a list comprehension, because this is more efficient and easier to read, most of the time.
You cannot use list comprehensions when the construction rule is too complicated to be expressed with "for" and "if" statements, or if the construction rule can change dynamically at runtime. /~olli/Python/list_comprehensions.hawk   (462 words)

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