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Topic: List of Royal Air Force aircraft squadrons

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Royal Air Force - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
The Air Force Board (AFB) is the management board of the RAF and consists of the Commanders-in-Chief of the Commands, together with several other high ranking officers.
RAF squadrons are somewhat analogous to the regiments of the British army, in that they have histories and traditions going back to their formation, regardless of where they are currently based, which aircraft they are operating, etc. They can be awarded standards and battle honours for meritorious service.
Aircraft in development or soon to be deployed include the Airbus A400M, of which 25 are to be used to replace the remaining Hercules C-130Ks.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Royal_Air_Force   (3746 words)

 Royal Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Royal Air Force (often abbreviated to RAF) is the air force of the United Kingdom.
The Royal Flying Corps was formed by Royal Warrant on May 13 1912 superseding the Air Battalion of the Royal Engineers.
The end of the RAF presence in east of Asia came in 1971 when the Far East Air Force was disbanded on October 31.
www.freeglossary.com /Royal_Air_Force   (1502 words)

 Royal Air Force   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
During the conflict the Royal Air Force lost 792 planes and the Luftwaffe 1,389.
Air Chief Marshal Charles Portal and the new head of Bomber Command, Arthur Harris, developed the policy of area bombing (known in Germany as terror bombing) where entire cities and towns were targeted.
Defence against air attacks required the production of thousands of anti-aircraft guns, the stockpiling of tremendous quantities of ammunition over the country, and holding in readiness hundreds of thousands of soldiers, who in addition had to stay in position by their guns, often totally inactive, for months at a time.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWraf.htm   (7422 words)

 Building and Commanding Expeditionary Units   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Organizing the units of the 16th ASETF was an iterative process, as was the buildup of forces in the theater.
All other aircraft south of the Alps but not at Aviano were attached to the 16th AEW (headquartered at Aviano), an expeditionary wing already operating in support of the Stabilization Force in Bosnia.
The aircraft deployed north of the Alps (primarily tankers and reconnaissance aircraft) were attached to the 100th Air Refueling Wing at Royal Air Force Base Mildenhall, United Kingdom, and then designated as the 100th AEW.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/apj/apj00/spr00/brady.htm   (4896 words)

 7th District American Legion of Wisconsin
In 1941, the Army Air Corps became the U.S. Army Air Force and the GHQ Air Force was redesignated the Air Force Combat Command.
The forces were later criticised for attacking civilian targets in Belgrade, including a strike on the civilian television station, and a later attack which destroyed the Chinese Embassy.
Air Force personnel assigned to honor guard duties wear, for dress occasions, a modified version of the standard service dress uniform, but with silver trim on the sleeves and trousers, with the addition of medals, sword belt, and a silver shoulder cord.
webpages.charter.net /wisconsinlegion-7thdistrict/USAF_History.htm   (2810 words)

 Emirates Uniforce Virtual   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Combat aircraft, trainers and transports are controlled jointly and four of the states have aircraft operated as royal flights.
The air force is split into a western and central air command based in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, respectively.
Central command's assets are all at Mindht and are divided between a light attack squadron equipped with Hawks, a transport squadron, a helicopter squadron, a flying school and the Dubai Royal Flight.
www.emirates-va.org /uaf   (506 words)

 To Protect An Air Base . . .   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The problem arises as to what those Air Force personnel who are not charged specifically with guarding the base or have no aircraft to service do when the base is under ground attack.
Air Force units use the Army's basic techniques to defend against threat Levels I and II "inside the wire." These techniques are taught to Air Force security police by the Army at Fort Dix, New Jersey, where all airmen with a security police Air Force specialty code (AFSC) are given basic and advanced individual training.
MP units are assigned missions according to priorities established, so air bases would be close to the head of the list of critical installations defended by military police.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/apj/apj89/bell.html   (5651 words)

It was in 1998 when I had the initial idea to compile a list all the aircraft of the RAAF that had crashed.
At the end of each aircraft chapter there was a summary of the aircraft’s serial numbers that showed the fate of each individual aircraft.
Like all Air Forces the RAAF has suffered its share of casualties, some of whom are remembered very quickly but many are not.
www.adf-serials.com /aircrew   (905 words)

The RAF Ensign dates from 1920, after the Royal Flying Corps (Army) and the Royal Naval Air Service were amalgamated to form an independent air arm.
In 1968, this color was replaced by an new one with Elizabeth II's cypher and the Tudor crown substituted for the previous Imperial crown.
Squadron Commanders actually in command of squadrons also have a rank flag incorporating the squadron number.
tmg110.tripod.com /british4.htm   (387 words)

 The Royal Air Force - Squadron Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The squadron is the basic fighting unit of the Royal Air Force.
Although the shape and composition will vary depending of their role, squadrons are generally organised in a similar way.
Strength of the RAF links to a list of current RAF units and their strengths.
www.raf.mod.uk /squadrons/index.html   (183 words)

 India plans air force boost among major challenges   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Indian Air Force (IAF) faces a crisis of depleting assets over the next decade, threatening its expanding operational challenges that include conventional and nuclear warfare, regional power projection and energy security and domestic counter-insurgency operations.
To transform itself from a tactical, status-quo force into a strategic one, to meet extended challenges, the IAF plans by 2025 to operate 35 combat and some nine support squadrons, including one comprising six Ilyushin Il-78 air-to-air refuellers bought in 2001 for INR8 billion to provide its fighters with enhanced endurance.
The air chief also insists that maintaining numerical superiority in fighters is a priority for the IAF since "enhanced technological capability can never adequately make up for numbers".
www.janes.com /defence/air_forces/news/jdw/jdw050803_1_n.shtml   (429 words)

 Amazon.com: Aircraft of the Royal Air Force Since 1918: Books: Owen Thetford   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
This book provides a comprehensive guide to every aircraft ever used by the RAF since the establishment in April 1918 to the present day, ranging from the Snipe and Bristol Fighter of World War I and the 1920s, to the Tornado and Eurofighter 2000 of modern times.
The major RAF aircraft are supplemented by a lengthy appendix covering all miscellaneous types, from the Airspeed Courier to the EH 101 helicopter.
VA Certificate for US Air Force Veterans — We send complimentary certificate of eligibility forms to US Air Force veterans to purchase a VA home.
www.amazon.com /Aircraft-Royal-Force-Since-1918/dp/0851778658   (750 words)

 British Air Transport Auxiliary
This site is dedicated to the memory of the American women flyers who volunteered to ferry aircraft for the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in wartime Great Britain, from 1942-45.
This "Legion of the Air," as it came to be known, performed a vital function in delivering planes from factories to squadrons, shuttling planes back for repairs, and providing transportation and communications in wartime Britain.
This project is an initiative of Ann Wood-Kelly, herself a former ATA pilot, and is the result of her desire to keep the flame alive for the first women to fly military aircraft.
www.airtransportaux.org   (457 words)

 Campaigns Hall of Fame: Icefire
The choice of the La-5FN was obvious as the aircraft represented the peak of VVS fighter aircraft at the time.
Leading the 2nd TAF into battle is the squadrons of 122 Wing including No. 3, No. 56, and No. 486 squadrons flying the newest Allied fighter: the Tempest Mark V. Take the battle to the Luftwaffe in the final months of World War II in Europe.
In the summer of 1943, the Royal New Zealand Air Force was asked to join the Americans in the defense of the island of Guadalcanal.
www.airwarfare.com /Sims/FB/fb_campaigns_icefire.htm   (1265 words)

 The Royal Air Force - Downloads Section   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Royal Air Force produces a number of publications each year which are available free of charge to the public.
Presenting the Royal Air Force - 88 pages colour - An overview of the Royal Air Force today.
Produced by Director Defence Studies (Royal Air Force), Directorate Air Staff, Ministry of Defence, London, the book is available by writing to:
www.raf.mod.uk /downloads/publications.html   (194 words)

 Military A/C
It is devoted to the history of the Avro Shackleton long-range maritime patrol aircraft.
This is a ring devoted to the many aspects of the Israeli Air Force.
This is the home page of the Ark Royal III Historical web site, devoted to one of the Royal Navy's most famous WWII fighting ships, the aircraft-carrier H.M.S. Ark Royal III.
www.pafw.com /military1.htm   (445 words)

 Aircraft Carriers of the World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Aircraft Carriers of the World WebRing is dedicated to promoting aircraft carrier related websites and keeping the memory of these grand "ladies" of the sea alive.
The History of this World War II Aircraft Carrier, its Crew, Squadron's, Aircraft and Locations on the First Commissions 1944 - 1946.
Covers British and Commonwealth FAA and naval aviation history, with 1000 pages about Royal Navy squadron units, aircraft, aircraft carriers, museums, research and veteran memorial honour rolls.
t.webring.com /hub?ring=carriers   (898 words)

 MILAIRPIX.COM Topsites List  ( Members : 63 )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Hydro aircrafts and amphibians mainly due to their operating qualities which compare favorably with traditional aviation means, may become inexpensive and reliable transport facilities first of all in island and off-shore zones, and also in areas with great reserves of natural and artificial reservoirs.
The expenses for equipment and maintenance are much lower as compared with those for building a land airdrome with concrete runway providing the operation of aircraft equipment.
AWTI Decimomannu Air Base, one of the biggest airbase in Europe with ACMI and Air to Ground ranges.
www.milairpix.com /topsite/index.php?id=37   (1066 words)

This 50-page collection of color photos of the squadron's F-104s and Tornados in action is accompanied by a special chapter on some of the many other aircraft visiting Jever AB over the years.
The book also covers Jever Air Base's previous occupants from the Royal Air Force.
This 64-page bilingual volume covers the entire history of the second Naval Air Wing from 1958, when MFG 2 received its first Hawker Sea Hawks, through to 2005 and the unit's disbandment.
www.lindenhillimports.com /airdoc.htm   (1016 words)

 List of Website Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Documents can only be accessed from the page in which listed.
Royal Air Force Squadrons that took part in the Battle of Britain
www.battleofbritain.net /contents-index.html   (662 words)

 List of Royal Air Force aircraft squadrons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
17 Royal Auxiliary Air Force Squadrons Series 1
237 Squadron RAF (was No. 1 Squadron Royal Rhodesian Air Force)
C G Jefford, RAF Squadrons, 1st edition 1988; 2nd edition 2001, Airlife Publishing, Shropshire UK, ISBN 1-85310-053-6.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Royal_Air_Force_aircraft_squadrons   (361 words)

 RDAF Air to Air Gunnery for F-16 SQUADRONS - Aircraftbargains Forums
Good Evening i am a aircraft spotter here in England and i also build models of RDAF aircraft but finding info on RDAF aircraft is a little difficult sometimes but i get buy.
Iwas wondering if anybody could help me out with a question regarding the air to air gunnery training for f-16 squadrons of the RDAF.
Do the f-16s carry a towed gunnery dart or is it carried out by civilian aircraft and where is it carried out and does any body have any pictures of this been carried out...
www.aircraftbargains.com /forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=3110   (170 words)

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