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Topic: List of U.S. state nicknames

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 List of city nicknames in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This partial list of city nicknames in the United States compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities are sometimes known by, officially and unofficially, to locals, outsiders or their tourism boards.
A separate list of city nicknames is also available; that list covers other countries as well as certain common types of nicknames such as birthplaces, self-proclaimed capitals, and comparative nicknames.
Space City - "Houston" one of the first words uttered on the moon by Neil Armstrong to NASA (Actually it was either "Contact Light" by Aldrin when the 67 inch dangling probes first touched the surface or "Okay" by Armstrong. /wiki/List_of_city_nicknames_in_the_United_States   (1355 words)

 List of British regional nicknames - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
As with most countries, the United Kingdom has many nicknames for residents of its cities and regions.
For example, residents of Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians or Scousers.
This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it. /wiki/List_of_British_regional_nicknames   (183 words)

 List of Lists
List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge
List of Chancellors of the University of Mississippi
List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population /encyclopedia/wikipedia/l/li/listoflists.html   (2023 words)

saint-gilles / sint-gillis (municipality, region of brussels-capital, belgium)
saint-josse-ten-noode / sint-joost-ten-noode (municipality, region of brussels-capital, belgium)
belize - colonial flags of british honduras /flag/flags/keywords.html   (1876 words)

 GIGO: words unreadable aloud
I haven't done the analysis, but I think that various web searches for "city nicknames" constitute about 40 percent of the visitors to this weblog and/or the pages that are the target of my "(my static site)" link over there on the right side of the page.
I still have a few updates to add to my list, but I suspect that the wikipedia one will be more and more definitive, compared to mine. /0100945/2003/10/29.html   (102 words)

 US State Nicknames
One of the oldest state nicknames (and that which appeasr on its licence plates) is the Keystone State, probably applied to Pennsylvania from the late 18th century (although the first official citation is from 1802, when at a rally Pennsylvania was toasted as "the keystone in the union").
The nicknames for Georgia these days are The Empire State of the South (originally used in the mid 19th century, but since then has been hotly disputed by Taxes), and the name that appears on licence plates, The Peach State (the peach being the official state fruit since 1995).
Facetious nicknames, like Divorce State have appeared (in this case, due to the rise of Reno and Las Vegas), but the state was more seriously known as Silverland (traced back to 1863, from the wealth of silver deposits). /encyc/statenicks.htm   (5934 words)

 Nickname - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia
In Viking societies, many people had nicknames heiti, viðrnefni or uppnefi which were used in addition to, or instead of their family names.
In some circumstances the giving of a nickname had a special status in Viking society in that it created a relationship between the name maker and the recipient of the nickname, to the extent that the creation of a nickname also often entailed a formal ceremony and an exchange of gifts.
For example, a person named "Harold" may be nicknamed "Fred" for no apparent reason, or a man who was named after a relative may ask his friends to call him "Chip" to avoid confusion. /n/ni/nickname.html   (458 words)

 Encyclopedia: List of U.S. Presidential nicknames
This is a list of nicknames of each President of the United States.
This is a list of U.S. Presidents by political occupation, i.
This is a list of U.S. Presidents by date of death. /encyclopedia/List-of-U.S.-Presidential-nicknames   (3516 words)

 Chicago, Illinois - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chicago's politics lean famously to the left compared to the rest of the Midwest, and it is often said that Chicago is the "East Coast" of the Midwest.
The Chicago Bulls of the NBA are arguably the most recognized basketball team in the world, thanks to the heroics of a player often cited as the best ever, Michael Jordan, who led the team to six NBA championships in eight seasons in the 1990s.
The Lyric Opera of Chicago was founded in 1954 and performs in the Civic Opera Building, which was built in 1929 on the east bank of the Chicago River and is the second-largest opera auditorium in North America, with 3,563 seats. /wiki/Chicago,_Illinois   (6639 words)

 City nicknames
I left three of these in the main list; Christchurch is Phil Pearson's fault, and the others came from a Google search to see if the nickname was too common for my tastes.
I have a vague recollection that it (and Edmonton) were the two "City of Champions"s on my original list.
"The Garden City" is an unusual one: there appear to be a number of cities with "Garden" as a part of their real names, which makes it a bit hard to sift out and locate the one(s) where it's just a nickname. /~landauer/lists/CityOf.html   (1280 words)

 Oakland City University
See live article   List of city nicknames This list of city nicknames compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities are sometimes known by, officially and unofficially, to locals, outsiders or their tourism boards.
The city was acquired from France by the United States under President Thomas Jefferson in 1803, as part of...
See live article   San Francisco, California The City and County of San Francisco (population 776,773), the fourth-largest city in the state of California, USA, is a consolidated city-county situated at the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula that forms San Francisco Bay. /college/Oakland+City+University   (1744 words) - Page2 - The List: Best nicknames
in hockey history
This man was able to move an entire city to riot, and the reverence he received at his passing -- from all hockey fans, but especially Quebecois, transcends the sport.
Pavel Bure's nickname, "The Russian Rocket," is the best nickname because it shows his nationality and his speed.
The name basically sums up all that he has done for the sport and for the communities that he has been involved in. /page2/s/list/hockey/nicknames/010608.html   (630 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How
This is a list of reference tables, similar to the collection of reference tables found at the back of almanacs, dictionaries and encyclopedias (or an index of them, if they're scattered throughout the work).
List of cities that have been the birthplace of a genre of music
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century /List_of_reference_tables   (1354 words)

 Georgia Fast Facts and Trivia
The City of Savanna was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic.
Thomasville is known as the City of Roses.
Historic Saint Marys Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation. /facts/georgia.htm   (944 words)

 City Nicknames
nicknames compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities are sometimes known by, officially...
nicknames compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities are sometimes known by.....
City at No 23 in the series derived their nickname from the famous Lincoln Imp, a medieval sculpture which adorns Lincoln Cathedral and was swiftly... /city_nicknames.html   (297 words)

 Toponymy: Encyclopedia topic
List of city nicknames (List of city nicknames: this partial list of city nicknames compiles the aliases, sobriquets and slogans that cities...
List of European cities with alternative names (List of European cities with alternative names: more facts about this subject)
List of toponyms (List of toponyms: this is a list of toponyms, followed by the name of the place it is derived from.... /reference/toponymy   (734 words)

 whitebait in the city: paris
So it’s that time of year when some serious listing begins (for a really mental take on this--in the best sense--check Woebot’s beautiful scans of his top 100 records when they are successfully loaded).
And he then found this fascinating wikipedia page which list city nicknames.
His definition of a ‘city film’ is one where the urban setting or environment takes on the status of an actor, or becomes a key point of meditation. /whitebait/paris   (1532 words)

 USA city, community mottos, nicknames, slogans
What cities or communities are associated with these mottos, slogans, nicknames or where is the "home of_?" Find out by clicking on the link that intrigues you.
Be sure to mention the name of the city and state and include the slogan.
The word, “the” is not used as the first word in a motto or nickname. /mottos.htm   (130 words)

 Site Contents at the free Online Encyclopedia.
List of collective nouns for fish, invertebrates, and plants
List of collective nouns for objects and concepts
List of collective nouns for reptiles and amphibians /index_189.html   (141 words)

 Thousands of PLACE NAMES for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia -
A list of cities in the Czech Republic
A list of all countries and areas in the world in alphabetical order, with the official names and alternative names, in English, French and Spanish as well as local names of the countries.
List of formerly used country names and name changes of countries, dependencies, geographical and other regions of particular geopolitical interest. /names/placenames.htm   (1724 words)

 New York City
List of Manhattan neighborhoods The Bronx (Bronx County, pop.
Short-distance rail, primarily for commuters from the suburbs, is operated by New Jersey Transit, the MTA (serving Long Island, Connecticut and regions in New York north of the city as the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad), and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which also operates regional bus terminals.
Manhattan's Madison Avenue is synonymous with the American advertising industry, while Seventh Avenue is nicknamed "fashion avenue" as it serves as an important center for the fashion industry.   (7901 words)

In formal competition, pre-compiled official word lists are used (usually compiled from combinations of several college dictionaries), along with an official dictionary for backup.
o List of all registered North American Scrabble clubs
In the case where the play of a single tile formed words in each direction, one of the words is arbitrarily chosen to serve as the main word for purposes of notation.   (17714 words)

 The Coming Storm
Despite a volley of lawsuits, the incorrect list was still in operation in last November's mid-terms, raising all sorts of questions about what other states might now do with their own voter rolls.
One of the conditions states have to fulfil to receive federal funding for the new voting machines, meanwhile, is a consolidation of voter rolls at state rather than county level.
This article was published October 13, 2003 by the British newspaper lndependent/UK, under the title "All the President's Votes?" Although it is almost a year old, it is the best roundup we've seen yet on the reality of electronic voting machines. /~iguana/archives/2004_09/20040901.html   (4513 words)

 Regiments of the British Army: Overview
Snapshots of the British Army, in the form of rolls of regiments at various periods in the Army's history, serve to illustrate the evolving continuity and heritage of the regimental system that has been described as both the envy and puzzlement of the rest of the world.
By 1702 a sense of seniority and precedence across the three establishments was beginning to evolve as Parliament, ever suspicious of the Army, forced major cuts after every war or crisis, and the regiments sought a claim to survival based on seniority.
Two regiments commanded by colonels Howard were distinguished as the Buff Howards and the Green Howards from the colour of their facings, and the units eventually came to be officially known as The Buffs and The Green Howards. /regiments/uk/lists/bargts.htm   (4006 words)

 List of U.S. state mottos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A separate list of U.S. state slogans is also available, as well as a list of U.S. state nicknames.
Here is a list of state mottos for the states of the United States.
To promote tourism, states also establish state slogans, which are unofficial and change more often than state mottos. /wiki/List_of_U.S._state_mottos   (202 words)

 List of U.S. state nicknames - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of U.S. state nicknames: (official state nicknames in bold)
This page was last modified 08:12, 20 March 2006. /wiki/List_of_U.S._state_nicknames   (59 words)

Under State law, handgun sellers are required to forward copies of purchaser statements by registered or certified mail to the chief of police of the municipality or the sheriff of the county where the seller is a resident, and to the director of public safety.
State laws that qualified under these alternatives required that before any licensee completed the transfer of a handgun to a non-licensee, a government official verified that possession of a handgun by the transferee would not be a violation of law.
State law forbids the possession of a handgun by a person who is under the age of 18 (except in limited circumstances), a convicted felon or a fugitive from justice. /bjs/pub/ascii/ssprfs99.txt   (17398 words)

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