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Topic: List of U.S. state trees

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 List of trees of New Zealand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the early period of British colonisation, many New Zealand trees were known by names derived from the names of unrelated European trees, but more recently the trend has been to adopt the native Maori language names into English.
There are a wide variety of native trees, adapted to all the various micro- climates in New Zealand.
The native bush ( forest) ranges from the temperate rainforests of the West Coast, the alpine forests of the Southern Alps and Fiordland to the coastal forests of the Abel Tasman National Park and the Catlins. /wiki/Trees_of_New_Zealand

 List of famous trees - free-definition
The list includes individual trees located throughout the world, as well as trees from myths and trees from fiction.
Tree of Hippocrates, the Oriental plane under which Hippocrates is supposed to have taught, on the island of Kos, Greece.
It was the site of the 1797 Treaty of Big Tree between Robert Morris and the Seneca tribe to sell most of western New York, also known as The Holland Purchase. /List-of-famous-trees.html

 List of Trees for problem ID
List of Trees for problem ID From the list below, select the tree on which there is a problem you want to identify. /msue/imp/treelist.html

 Untitled Document
One of the tallest trees in the genus reaching 53 m in height, it is found scattered in lowland wet evergreen forest in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.
The trees are protected from cutting in Kalimantan because wild bees often build combs in the branches.
A large tree of semi-evergreen dipterocarp, evergreen and humid lowland forest that occurs on land which is at a premium for conversion to crops. /latenews/emergency/fire_1997/tree3.htm

 List of famous trees - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tree of Hippocrates, the Oriental plane under which Hippocrates is supposed to have taught, on the island of Kos, Greece.
Tree of Jesse, from which the Cross was made, in medieval Christian legend.
The Lone Pine, a Turkish Pine used as a landmark in the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli in the First World War. /wiki/List_of_famous_trees   (1140 words)

 San Leandro - Planting New Trees
The approved list has trees which have been selected to provide both the diversity to meet different property owners’ desires, are known to grow well in San Leandro, are pest resistant, are not likely to cause concrete damage, will survive with minimal care by the homeowner, and which do not require frequent pruning when mature.
See Tree Varieties for the list of trees from which to choose.
The property owner is responsible for watering, sweeping or raking leaves and flowers, and notifying the Section if something "doesn’t look right." Watering is usually required for the first three years. /sltreeplanting.html   (1140 words)

 Trees for Texas Landscapes by Dr. William C. Welch
Communities where many good trees have been established and more are being planted demonstrate a feeling of continuity with the past and an anticipation for the future.
But all too often, they may have only destroyed the trees or shrubs they have attempted to transplant because moving native trees from their natural environment requires special skills and equipment that the average homeowner does not have available.
After analyzing the growing conditions, the homeowner should select trees that will be long-lived, strong-wooded and as insect and disease-resistant as possible, as well as of an ultimate size that will be appropriate in the overall landscape development. /southerngarden/treestx.html   (1140 words)

 Redlands Public Trees
General information about the City's ornamental and palms trees is listed in grid format with their botanical and common names, height and canopy spread at maturity, parkway width minimums and speed of growth.
The City has an approved list of trees for use along streets and in parks.
Additional specific information is available on each tree including color photography of mature trees, leaves, bark, flowers and fruit. /newsletter/102004_Redlands_Trees.htm   (1140 words)

 Tree List
This is a list of trees to avoid and trees worth considering was compiled specifically for this region.
Trees planted in the spring and fall should be watered regularly, even during the winter, to keep the root zone moist.
Evergreen trees can be planted as soon as the weather turns cooler but deciduous trees should only be planted after they drop their leaves and become dormant. /Selection/List/list.htm   (1140 words)

 Symmetric Random Access List
The random-access list is traditionally implemented as a forest (a list of trees).
Traditional lists are the bread and butter of functional programmers, however for a few important operations they are not very efficient.
In fact the bounds for the random-access list can be shown to be better than this (see Okasaki's paper). /~jwalker/ra-list   (1140 words)

Woody plants may be trees with one or several trunks and branching occurring well above ground, or shrubs with no significant trunk, and branching occurring near ground surface.
The fossilized remains of angiosperm roots, stems and branches may be locally abundant in lake and inshore sedimentary rocks from the Mesozoic and Caenozoic eras.
Perennial vascular plants may be either evergreen, and keep their leaves all year round, or deciduous and lose their leaves for part of the year. /encyclopedia/p/pl/plant.html   (1140 words)

 Sri Lanka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Sri Lanka dry-zone dry evergreen forests are a tropical dry broadleaf forest ecoregion, which, like the neighboring East Deccan dry evergreen forests of India's Coromandel Coast, is characterized by evergreen trees, rather than the dry-season deciduous trees that predominate in most other tropical dry broadleaf forests.
These forests have been largely cleared for agriculture, timber or grazing, and many of the dry evergreen forests have been degraded to thorn scrub, savanna, or thickets.
The northern and eastern portions of the island are considerably drier, lying in the rain shadow of the central highlands. /wiki/Sri_Lanka   (1140 words)

 Family Tree - Adoption Encyclopedia
Each family member's genetic ancestry tree is another reality that should merit discussion; for example, the genetic ancestry of the mother and her parents and relatives is completely different from the genetic ancestry of the father and his parents and extended family.
Family trees are routinely assigned as a project to schoolchildren.
The child will not be as likely to be disturbed by the exercise if adults explain why he belongs on the family tree, namely via the legal and socially approved action of adoption. /entry/family-tree/134/1.html   (308 words)

 Family tree - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A family tree is generally the totality of one's ancestors, or more specifically, a chart used in genealogy to show the family connections between individuals, consisting of the individuals' names (usually accompanied by dates, and often also places and occupations) connected by various types of line representing marriages, extra-marital unions, and progeniture.
For a particularly complex example of a family tree, see family tree of the Greek gods.
WikiTree.Org - freely-edited family tree of all human beings. /wiki/Family_tree   (169 words)

 Some notes on the "25 trees experiment"
Indeed, the odds are about 50% that all 25 trees of Rips' list appear as an ELS with some skip in GT, so that by itself is uninteresting.
Also, he listed the grape vine under GPN, not under @NB (which is the name of its fruit).
Verse 9 reads: "And from the earth G-d caused to grow every tree that was pleasing to the sight and good for food, and the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil". /~bdm/dilugim/trees.html   (169 words)

 Coyote Creek List of Trees
A long list of medicinal uses, primarily involving external application of the astringent tea made from twigs and bark.
Our trees are small; approximately 2’ - 4’ in 1 gal.
Small, rangy understory tree with ovarl dciduous leaves and fragrant, threadlike yellow flowers along bare branches in early winter. /trees.html   (169 words)

 Trees of the world - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Trees of the world (please add to list in alphabetical order) /wiki/Trees_of_the_world   (169 words)

It invests trees in the early spring and eats between the layers of the leaf causing them to turn brown and drop off early.
Common Tree and Shrub-- Pests -- Bagworms -- Iris Borer...How to control It -- Boxelder Bugs -- Elm Leaf Beetle -- Borers of Shade Trees and Ornamental Plants -- Pine Moths -- Gypsy Moths -- Bagworms.
Repairing Storm damage To Trees Many shade and ornamental trees are damaged throughout the year by windstorms, ice and snow accumulations, lightning or other mechanical sources (automobiles, vandalism, etc.). /~kawski/mastergardener/trees.htm   (169 words)

 a list of trees
touched by love, tourist hotel, tower records, a list of trees, the typographic experiment /alistoftrees.html   (169 words)

 State Tree and Flower
However, because the climate in Washington won't allow us to grow all of the state trees, we have substituted trees for some of the states.
All of the state trees, except the Hawaii state tree, are native to the state in which they are designated.
Many of the state flowers are from other parts of the world and were chosen because of their beauty or importance, not because they represent the natural flora of the state they represent. /Gardens/collections/statetreeflower.html   (169 words)

 Lesson Plan
Guide students to list all the things they may need to know to identify trees in their neighborhood.
Discuss the hypothesis that different types of trees may be found in each of the different regions.
Student will produce a field guide of trees around their school, home, and/or community. /GarrettT/lesson.htm   (169 words)

 29 trees added to protected species list
Twenty-nine trees considered rare or facing over-exploitation have been added to a national list of protected species, the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry said on Tuesday.
Also retained on the list was the marula tree, widely used to produce beauty products and a well-known brand of liqueur.
The camel thorn remained on the list despite its current abundance because of its wide-spread use for commercial firewood, Van der Merwe said. /zones/sundaytimesNEW/newsst/newsst1095164192.aspx   (169 words)

 Heritage Trees of Portland: Home Page
Th is ordinance calls for the City Forester to annually prepare a list of trees that - because of their age, size, type, historical association or horticultural value - are of special importance to the City.
Of those, 132 are public trees (on the right-of-way, in parks, on a public golf course, or on public school property) and 123 are private.
The Heritage Tree ordinance became part of the Portland City code on May 19, 1993, and the first Heritage Trees were designated in 1994. /urbanforestry   (169 words)

 Meetings - Red Hook Village Green Committee
He has requested a list of trees that are under service wires as well.
Committee should get from David Seymour a list of the 5 landscapers that will receive a request for a bid on the Village Hal Landscape project and let David know if additional landscapers should be added to the list.
Organize a workday to prune last year's trees, mulch trees, and remove dead trees. /villagegreen/meetings/todo.htm   (169 words)

 Global Tree Campaign
Appendices to the book, papers on the application of IUCN Red List Categories to tree species, the sustainable use of trees and a summary of the results of four international workshops may also be accessed below.
The UNEP-WCMC Trees Database and World List of Threatened Trees (1998) are the main products of a three-year project on the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Trees, funded by the Government of the Netherlands.
Through this beautiful, accessible publication, we aim to highlight threats to unique and valuable tree species, and identify species and areas of outstanding conservation importance. /trees/Background/intro.htm   (169 words)

 Jewel Mailing List Tape Trees
A Tape Tree on this list is a system utilized to distribute hard to get music of Jewel (or other artists, as in the Future Folklore series), be it live recordings or cuts from promotional releases and/or interviews.
Each tree as it's own peculiarities dependant upon the tape to be treed, the person running the tree and or the size of the tree.
The basic structure for a tape tree that it is a co-operative effort among many subscribers to this list. /jewel/tapetree.htm   (169 words)

 Friends of Trees -- Programs
Our Neighborhood Trees program trains three key sets of volunteers: neighborhood coordinators, who organize street and yard tree plantings in their neighborhoods; crew leaders, who guide other volunteers in planting the trees; and summer tree care volunteers, who make sure the newly planted trees are cared for during the first summer after planting.
Selections are made from a list of trees appropriate to the size of the parking strip, based on whether there are overhead wires.
If you live in Portland and wish to plant a tree yourself instead of participating in a Friends of Trees planting event, please note that all street trees must be permitted through Portland Parks and Recreation Urban Forestry before being planted. /programs/neighborhood.php   (169 words)

 Deciduous Trees
References given to a particular tree concerning growth rate, ultimate size, hardiness zones, pest and disease problems, etc. are judged in relation to the climate of the Southeastern U.S. Heat tolerance is a factor which needs to be considered for trees in the South.
Many of the large trees that exist on the campus were here before the inception of the university.
The majority of trees on the UAH campus have been planted since 1987. /admin/Fac/grounds/DECTREES.htm   (169 words)

The following list of trees have been determined to be acceptable as planted on easements.
3) Trees must be planted at least ten (10) feet from driveways or other intersecting paths.
Residents are permitted to plant a tree on the easement in front of their home. /info/2.htm   (169 words)

 Potential Replacement Trees
The Cork Oak ( Quercus suber), which is on the City's list of trees for 6-8 ft planting strips, is a slow grower.
One of the largest deciduous trees I've seen in Berkeley is the Zelkova in the courtyard of the First Church of Christ Science (the Maybeck church) on Dwight Way between Bowditch and College.
The chance of these trees getting the disease is zero." Zelkovas are, however, highly susceptible to the elm leaf beetle. /Fresno_elms/replacement_trees.html   (169 words)

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