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Topic: List of World War II theatres and campaigns

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  World War II - Wikipedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
World War II, also known as the Second World War, was a war fought from 1939 to 1945 in Europe and, during much of the 1930s and 1940s, in Asia.
World War II ravaged civilians more than any previous war and served as a backdrop for genocidal killings by Nazi Germany as well as several other mass slaughters of civilians which, although not technically genocide, were nevertheless significant.
Midway was the turning-point of the naval war in the Pacific theatre.
wikipedia.findthelinks.com /wo/World_War_II.html   (4398 words)

 World War II
World War II World War II was the most extensive and costly armed conflict in the history of the world, involving the great majority of the world's nations, being fought simultaneously in several major theatres, and costing approximately 55.5 million lives (see below).
The war was fought mainly between an alliance of the British Commonwealth, France, the United States, the Soviet Union, and China—collectively known as the Allies; and the Axis Powers, an alliance between Germany, Italy, and Japan.
The war also saw the re-emergence of the United States from its isolationism, the destruction and rebuilding of Germany and Japan into major industrial powers, the advent of the atomic bomb, and the emergence of the United States and the Soviet Union as global superpowers.
publicliterature.org /en/wikipedia/w/wo/world_war_ii.html   (3804 words)

 World War Ii information
World War II was the most extensive and costly armed conflict in the history of the world, involving the great majority of the world's nations, being fought simultaneously in several major theatres, and costing tens of millions of lives.
The war ended in Europe with the surrender of Germany on May 8, 1945, but continued in Asia and the Pacific until the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the subsequent Japanese surrender on September 2 1945.
Also, in order to prevent such devastating war from occurring again and to establish a lasting peace in Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community was born in 1951 (Treaty of Paris (1951)), which became the predecessor of the European Union.
www.tribute-to-heroes.com /world-war-ii.htm   (8546 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
World War II was the most extensive and costly armed conflict in the history of the world, involving the great majority of the world's nations, being fought simultaneously in several major theatres, and costing approximately 55.5 million lives.
The war was fought between two groups of powers: the alliance of the British Commonwealth, United States, Soviet Union, China, and the governments-in-exile of France, Poland, and other occupied European countries—collectively known as the Allies; and the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan and their allies —collectively known as the Axis.
Some of the most commonly mentioned causes include the aggressive rise of totalitarian ideologies, and, from a narrower perspective, war reparations demanded of Germany after World War I coupled with the effects of the Great Depression and the lack of raw materials in Japan.
www.irelandinformationguide.com /World_War_II   (3804 words)

 World War II - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Finland, where the Winter War became a focus of the world's interest in the absence of other hostilities.
World War I, the Western victors in the Second World War did not demand compensation from the defeated nations.
List of units using the B-26 Marauder during World War II
www.mtholyoke.edu /~eushrair/worldwartwo.htm   (3850 words)

 Wikinfo | World War II:Part 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Following the war, Allied soldiers discovered a number of concentration camps and other locations that had been used by the Nazis to imprison and exterminate an estimated 12 million people.
In an effort to discourage Japan's war efforts in China, the United States, United Kingdom, and the government in exile of the Netherlands (still in control of the oil-rich Dutch East Indies) stopped trading oil and steel (both war staples) with Japan.
In the military sphere, it seems World War II marked the coming of age of airpower, mostly at the expense of warships.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=World_War_II:Part_2   (2735 words)

 Best of History Web Sites: World War II History (WWII)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Second World War is a Spartacus Educational website and enables one to research individual people and events of the war in detail.
In Total War, eyewitnesses from Britain, Germany, Russia, Korea, Japan, and the United States tell the story of how millions of civilians participated and came to be legitimate targets in the Second World War.
Maps of World War II Maps of World War II provides an overview of WWII through a collection of maps that present the battles and campaigns fought in the various theatres of war.
www.besthistorysites.net /WWII.shtml   (3844 words)

 Strategy Informer: Strategy Channel: Game List
World at War: A World Divided still gives complete control over the production, research and military strategy for your side, but in this new updated version you’ll also be able to bring spies into the mix as well as neutral country diplomacy, variable political events and...
Theatre of War developed by 1C Company (creators of the award-winning IL-2 Sturmovik series and Pacific Fighters) is a real-time tactical strategy title depicting the most significant battles of World War II during 1939-1945.
War Front: Turning Point explores an alternate World War II, one in which Hitler is assassinated in the early days.
www.strategyinformer.com /pc/strategy/world-war-ii/headquarters.html   (1868 words)

This is a port from the World War II board game of the same name, developed by Timegate Studios and published by Atari.
Historical battles and campaigns are staged for you to bend history with, using a pretty standard gaming RTS engine.
Close Combat is a tactical wargame series set in the Second World War, developed by Atomic, a developer specialising in accurate war simulations, and published by Microsoft.
www.rakrent.com /rtsc/html/glist-ww2.htm   (1480 words)

 Major General Robert McClure
From then until the eve of World War II, he served in a variety of infantry and service-school assignments in China and the United States.
McClure continued his correspondence, consultations, and exhortations with the War Department continued, but it was not until the North Korean invasion of South Korea in June 1950 that his efforts bore fruit.
Because of his association with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II, McClure appreciated the potential of unconventional warfare, and he lobbied for, and received staff proponency for UW as well.
www.psywarrior.com /mcclure.html   (2961 words)

 Subject Listing for History of conflict - World War II
The exhibitions cover the Battle of the Atlantic during the World War Two, the Battles of Jutland and Gallipoli during the First World War, the campaign in Burma 1942-1945, Pearl Harbour, submarine development during the twentieth century, the Falklands conflict, the Spanish Civil War, teh Battle of Britain 1940 and the Korean War 1950-1953.
Highlights of the collection can be browsed by selecting subjects on war on land, war at sea, war in the air, war and peace, prisoners, civilians, commonwealth, truth and propaganda, and burial and remembrance.
The events section looks at key moments during World War Two experienced by Canadians including the eve of war; Canada's entry into the order of battle; key battles including D-Day, the Normandy and Italian campaigns, and the Invasion of Sicily; and the return to peace and VE Day.
aerade.cranfield.ac.uk /subject-listing/devise/histcon9.html   (3372 words)

 Battles of World War II
A series of intense raids directed against Great Britain by the German air force after the fall of France during World War II...
This site includes a complete list of Encyclopedia Britannica articles on D-Day and the Normandy Invasion and more...
Pictures, links, and much more in depth information on the major campaigns during World War II.
cybersleuth-kids.com /sleuth/History/Wars/World_War_II/Battles/index.htm   (211 words)

 Blitzkrieg II PC game demo - Gameworld Network.
This single-player demo for the upcoming World War II strategy game features three missions.
A completely new engine takes WWII into full 3D where players can command famous aces and units, strategically plan battles in multiple theatres, choose their reinforcements and use a wide range of new unit types such as aircraft and ships.
A combat flight simulator utilizing a variety of World War II vintage fighters and bombers - version 2.09.5.
downloads.gwn.com /downloads/file.php/id/6234/Blitzkrieg_II.html   (300 words)

 Royal Navy and World War 2
For the researcher or professional reader, "The War at Sea" will be invaluable.
British Aegean campaign, Battle for Italy, Battles for New Guinea and Solomons, US landings on Tarawa, 'Scharnhorst' sunk in Battle of North Cape, Burma campaign
Atlantic and Russian convoy battles, Air war on Germany, Anzio landings ('Shingle'), Indian Ocean operations, Battles of Cassino, Preparations for D-day
www.naval-history.net /NAVAL1939-45RN.htm   (485 words)

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