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Topic: List of aircraft accidents

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Accident information - Search.com
A common misconception is that a gun can "go off" accidentally, where in truth, such gun accidents are extremely rare, and most gun injuries are caused by intentional acts that create the hazard of injury (i.e., pulling the trigger of a loaded gun).
An accident at work is defined as an external, sudden, unexpected, unintended, and violent event, during the execution of work or arising out of it, which causes damage to the health of or loss of the life of the employee (the insured).
A bicycle accident, an incident in which a bicycle ride goes wrong, can result in injury to the rider or another person in their path, and damage to the bicycle or nearby objects.
www.search.com /reference/Accident   (938 words)

 381st BGMA: Research Help
This document was generated shortly after the loss of the aircraft (usually within a day or so) and lists the crew roster, aircraft, and basic details of the loss including eye witness statements if they were available.
If the loss of the aircraft occurred over German territory, a German Kampf Flugzeuge USA [Battle Planes USA] document was prepared by the Luftwaffe concerning the location of the aircraft wreckage and fate of the crew.
An accident report can run from just a few pages to a half dozen or more pages and may even include photos of the accident.
www.381st.org /research.html   (1821 words)

 Aircraft Accidents: Method of Analysis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
An aircraft accident is an occurrence which takes place while an aircraft is being operated as such and as a result of which a person or persons are injured or killed, or the aircraft receives appreciable or.
In drawing up the aircraft accident analysis form and the accompanying definitions the committee had in mind the frequency rate of accidents from the various causes, the logical lines along which studies should be conducted, and the ease with which these studies can be made from this chart.
Accidents in which the damage to the engine or other major assembly was a cause and not a result are excluded from this category unless the remaining dam age warrants such.
www.iprr.org /LIB/1928paper.html   (4757 words)

 [No title]
Accidents which have not been acknowledged or verified from government sources are marked by an asterisk (*) and the source(s) of information provided.
The aircraft crashed in an inhabited area approximately 3,800 feet from the end of the runway, enveloping the nuclear weapon and its fissile core in flames which burned and smoldered for approximately four hours.
Although this accident is one of the best-known and well-documented nuclear weapons accidents, the presence of nuclear weapons onboard the Belknap and the Kennedy have never been publicly acknowledged by the Navy or Pentagon.
www.cdi.org /Issues/NukeAccidents/accidents.htm   (7185 words)

 Site Contents at the free Online Encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by airline
List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by location
List of accidents and incidents on commercial airliners grouped by year
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /index_186.html   (174 words)

 The oops list | thebulletin.org
The aircraft dropped rapidly, hit a row of trees, and came to rest in a planted field approximately 200 to 300 meters from the point of takeoff.
The May 1981 accident list expanded that total to 32, including 27 aircraft accidents, one loss of a submarine, three missile incidents, and one explosion at a storage facility.
Shortly after the accident, the air force stated that the weapon was not "nuclear capable" and abandoned attempts to recover it.
www.thebulletin.org /article.php?art_ofn=nd00hansen   (1630 words)

 MILNET: U.S. Nuclear Weapons Accidents - Mirror
In the case of an accident involving nuclear weapons, their presence may or may not be divulged at the time depending upon the possibility of public hazard or alarm.
The aircraft was carrying one weapon in ferry configuration in the bomb bay and one nculear capsule in carrying case in the crew compartment.
The aircraft was being refueled in preparation for a routine logistics mission when a fire occurred at the aft end of the refueling trailer.
www.milnet.com /cdiart.htm   (8360 words)

 KAPTON: Dangerous Aircraft Wiring
The dangers of aircraft electrical wiring in general and KAPTON in particular have been suppressed by the aircraft industry for decades because of the legal and economic ramifications to the industry were they to admit to the dangers of KAPTON and the fact that there is no cheap resolution to the problem.
Martin Aubury is one of a growing list of highly qualified aviation professionals committed to exposing a cover-up involving all sections of the aircraft industry (e.g.
Contributing to the cause of the accident was a deficiency in the design of the cargo door locking mechanisms, which made them susceptible to deformation, allowing the door to become unlatched after being properly latched and locked".
www.vision.net.au /~apaterson/aviation/aircraft_wiring.htm   (8822 words)

 Subject Listing for Aircraft safety - accident investigation and reports
While accident models are a way to organise data and set priorities in accident investigations, at the same time they may either act as a filter in the collection of data that narrows the investigation or they may expand the investigation forcing consideration of factors that are often omitted.
The task of the BFU is to investigate accidents and serious incidents to civil aircraft in Germany and to determine the causes of the occurrences.
"Aircraft accident" means an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft which takes place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight and until all such persons have disembarked, and in which any person suffers death or serious injury, or in which the aircraft receives substantial damage.
aerade.cranfield.ac.uk /subject-listing/tran11.html   (10509 words)

 Aviation Safety Postings - aircraft accidents
The NTSB determined the probable cause of the crash on landing of a FedEx MD-10 cargo aircraft in December 2003 was the first officer`s failure to properly apply crosswind landing techniques to align the airplane with the runway centerline and to properly arrest the airplanes descent rate before the airplane`s touchdown.
The New Zealand Accident Investigation Commission concluded that the October 3, 2003 crash of a Convair 580 was caused by icing.
The German accident investigation board BFU released the final report of their investigations regarding the July 1, 2002 collision between a Russian Tu-154 and a DHL Boeing 757 freighter.
www.planesimulation.com /newsfeed.htm   (4281 words)

 Kano - History of Aircraft Accidents
The aircraft was on final approach when it had an in flight collision with a Nigerian Air Force jet aircraft.
PROBABLE CAUSE: "The accident was the result of an error of judgement on the part of the captain, who, after sighting the runway lights, concentrated on keeping them in sight and failed to make adequate reference to his flight instruments.
In the darkness with no ground reference, the distant runway lights gave him insufficient guidance as to his height and angle of approach, and he was unaware that the aircraft had descended to ground level.
www.kanoonline.com /aircrafts_accidents.html   (588 words)

 Take a BrainSip
The term is also loosely applied to mean any undesirable outcome, even if it could have been avoided, such as getting injured by touching something sharp, hot, electrically live, ingesting poisons, or other injuries caused by lack of ordinary precautions.
Technically, "accidents" do not include incidents where someone is at fault, i.e., negligent: where someone fails to take reasonable precautions under the circumstances.
For example, a pharmacist negligently mixes the wrong chemicals and mislabels them for sale; a person ingesting the chemicals according to the label instructions has been "accidentally" poisoned, but the pharmacist's mistake was not accidental — it was negligent.
accident.brainsip.com   (675 words)

 FLY-UL.com - Bob Comperini's Ultralight And Sport Pilot Website
If you'd like to be added to this list, let me know.
To register your plane in the amateur-built or Light Sport experimental category, first, see the Amateur Built Aircraft Reference Page, from the FAA.
California Aircraft Wrecks (Very detailed list of aircraft accidents in California and other states)
www.fly-ul.com   (1829 words)

 Light aircraft accidents declining: CASA
And fatal accidents in light aircraft over the same time have been falling each year by an average of 5.7 per cent.
CASA said the accident rate over the same period for large public transport aircraft had averaged just 0.2 for every 100,000 hours of flying time.
An accident constitutes anything which causes damage to an aircraft, from as little as a dent from nudging a terminal to a crash.
news.ninemsn.com.au /article.aspx?id=25136   (496 words)

 aircraft accidents Resources
Accidents can happen to anyone at anytime and can have devastating results.
Aircraft Accidents Theodore Freeman Charles Bassett II Elliot See Clifton Williams, Jr.
Aircraft Accidents in Alaska The National Transportation Safety Board is supporting a three-year...
www.online-wahm.com /69/directory/aircraft-accidents.html   (283 words)

 U.S. Accidents by Aircraft Model
Inputs to this form will return accidents and serious incidents incidents involving aircraft that were involved in airline operations.
This would include accidents and serious incidents involving a U.S. registered airline aircraft anywhere in the world, and accidents and serious incidents occurring in the U.S. that involve airline aircraft registered outside of the U.S. The database covers the period from 1983 to the present.
These listings, and the accident and incident information associated with these listings, do no constitute the official records of the NTSB or the FAA.
www.airsafe.com /events/accbymod.htm   (169 words)

 Aircraft accidents | Samizdata.net
It is also makes me aware that the skies over southern Britain, for example, are crammed with aircraft and it is still amazing that not more accidents occur than is the case.
There may be lots of gaps between the aircraft from the point of view of a car driver, but airliners go rather fast, and can't turn corners very quickly.
The density and proximity of traffic is regulated by rules that cover everything from the number of aircraft a given controller can handle to the spacing required to allow for wake turbulence, and too many other factors to list (even if I knew them all, which I don't).
www.samizdata.net /blog/archives/007926.html   (1879 words)

 Liability - Homebuilt Aircraft Accidents
The NTSB determined that a "probable cause" of the accident was the pilot's diversion of attention from the operation of the aircraft.
The NTSB also identified as causal "factors" in the accident two errors by the original homebuilder: (1) the decision to locate an unmarked fuel selector handle in a hard-to-access position; and (2) a decision place unmarked and uncalibrated fuel quantity sight gages in the cockpit.
The "51% rule," as it is known, is a requirement of the FAA to ensure that the aircraft is in fact amateur-built.
www.aviationlawcorp.com /content/liabhomeblt.html   (5468 words)

 Safety of Nuclear Power Reactors - appendix
LPG and oil accidents with less than 300 fatalities, and coal mine accidents with less than 100 fatalities are generally not shown unless recent.
In Australia 281 coal miners have been killed in 18 major disasters since 1902, and there have been 112 deaths in NSW mines since 1979, though the Australian coal mining industry is considered the safest in the world.
(The well publicised accident at Tokai-mura, Japan, in 1999 was at a fuel preparation plant for experimental reactors, and killed two people from radiation exposure.
www.uic.com.au /nip14app.htm   (884 words)

 Light Aircraft Accidents Reconstruction@(800) 683-9847   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A seasoned aircraft accident investigator with particular experience in light Aircraft accidents:
Thoroughly versed in written accident investigation reports and accident analysis, with consideration of such factors and influences as aviation weather conditions, pre-flight planning and aircraft maintenance
Experienced in Aircraft accident investigations in helicopter, single and multi-engine aircraft in:
www.freereferral.com /res_rrh.htm   (192 words)

 List of Aircraft destroyed in Accidents
See where you can find video footage of aircraft that were written off in accidents
The video was taken before the aircraft was involved in the accident
This Aircraft crashed with Fine Air in Mia.
www.justplanes.com /Crash.html   (224 words)

 Roger Clarke's I.T. & Public Safety
Dramatic instances include effluent wrongly emitted from a plant into a river, which may affect people and animal- and plant-life anywhere downstream; and people who live in close proximity to plants and installations whose operations are heavily dependent on computer-based systems, such as chemical factories and power-plants, and airports.
However some such risks are not geographically constrained, since faulty automatic pilots can contribute to the escape of fuel or cargo into shipping lanes, and can bring an aircraft down anywhere.
Peter Ladkin's list of aircraft accidents in which software error was implicated
www.anu.edu.au /people/Roger.Clarke/SOS/ITPubSafe.html   (558 words)

 Landings: Pages: databases, aircraft sales, planning, weather, pilot supplies, more...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Landings: Pages: databases, aircraft sales, planning, weather, pilot supplies, more...
If you are seeing this message please send email to: landings at landings.com.
Please include information on your browser, and the frequency of use of Landings.com
www.landings.com /_landings/pages/search.html   (36 words)

 submit aviation top ranking list aviation top 100 AVIATION TOP 100 RANKING LIST Hitlist hitlist HITLIST WINGS OF ...
You can find info about aircraft, order of battles, nose- & tailart, aerobatic teams, trip reports, the European airshow calendar, aviation links and wallpapers!
A website for people interested in aviation and photography, different albums are representing photographs taken by myself worldwide, visitors of my website can view and rating the various photographs.
Aircraft Photographs and Air Displays by Roger Whitcomb
xp-office.de /Autorankpro   (454 words)

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