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Topic: List of aircraft engines

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  Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft & Components for sale by auction
This is a list of all lots in the "2810 - Gasoline Reciprocating Engines, Aircraft & Components" FSC category.
Please check with the appropriate government agency for a current list of prohibited countries.
The list of prohibited countries is subject to change at the discretion of the U.S. Government.
www.govliquidation.com /list/c7030/lna/1.html   (868 words)

  List of aircraft engines Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
List of World War II Luftwaffe aircraft engines
Listing of Available Aircraft Climbing Over 1,000 Jet and Turboprop Aircraft in Just Nine Months...
assembled a list of 25 engines that illustrates...
www.hallencyclopedia.com /topic/List_of_aircraft_engines.html   (145 words)

 Spray Technology and Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines
Fighter aircraft require engines that are half the size of current engines, with twice the thrust.
All aircraft engine companies are looking for high thrust, lightweight engines, and advanced commercial supersonic aircraft manufacturers are also addressing the issue of low NOx.
Engines for supersonic commercial aircraft must provide for doubling the size of the aircraft--as well as distance traveled without landing.
www.normanchigier.com /AircraftGasTurbineEngines.html   (308 words)

 Aircraft at AllExperts
Heliplanes are combination aircraft with both a rotor and wings; they can take off and land vertically, and hover, like a helicopter, but use their wings for high speed flight.
Examples of engine lift aircraft are rockets, and VTOL aircraft such as the Hawker-Siddeley Harrier.
The major distinction in aircraft usage is between military aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for military purposes (such as combat, patrolling, search and rescue, reconnaissance, transport, and training), and civil aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for non-military purposes.
en.allexperts.com /e/a/ai/aircraft.htm   (1952 words)

 Aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Heliplanes are combination aircraft with both a rotor and wings; they can take off and land vertically, and hover, like a helicopter, but use their wings for high speed flight.
With engine lift, the aircraft defeats gravity by use of vertical thrust.
The major distinction in aircraft usage is between military aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for military purposes (such as combat, patrolling, search and rescue, reconnaissance, transport, and training), and civil aviation, which includes all uses of aircraft for non-military purposes.
www.tocatch.info /en/Aircraft.htm   (1940 words)

 Site Contents at the free Online Encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
List of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy
List of aircraft of the Israeli Air Force
List of artists who died of drug-related causes
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /index_187.html   (142 words)

 Alternate aircraft engines for ultralights and light sport aircraft.
Aircraft Sales and parts manufactures of the Chinook, Beaver, and Summit power parachutes was also "down on the farm." At Sun N Fun they introduced the MZ series of ultralight aircraft engines.
The engines in the MZ series have been air and fan cooled - but the two new engines are liquid cooled.
But the engine was delayed for various reasons, and they lost one of their major supporters their U.S. distributor.
www.ultralightnews.com /airventure99/engines.htm   (464 words)

 OAD Shop Rate and Engines
Most engines in the light aircraft market were designed for a specific use on the ground and then altered, to be used in aircraft.
While the quality and design of the engine is of course important, after-sale support of the engine is of equal importance.
Engines are warranted for a full year plus a 3 year pro-rated crankshaft warranty.
www.oregonaircraftdesign.com /engines.html   (1939 words)

 List of aircraft manufacturers help – Wiki at Help.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a list of aircraft manufacturers sorted alphabetically by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)/common name.
Having an ICAO name does not mean that a manufacturer is still in operation today, just that some of the aircraft produced by that manufacturer are still flying.
List of aircraft by date and usage category
www.help.com /wiki/List_of_aircraft_manufacturers   (185 words)

 Tanis Aircraft Services - Recip Engines - Accessories
Engines that have run excessively rich may have fuel vapors in the oil sump.
The TANIS engine preheater warms the air in the engine causing it to expand and absorb moisture.
One of the major sources of condensation in the engine is the rocker box area.
www.tanisaircraft.com /accessories.html   (1139 words)

 Zephyr Aircraft Engines engine shop tour
Our engine overhauls are done not only to factory new tolerances but to the high test standards possible within economic practicality.
You are provided with a complete list of all reworked parts installed in your engine as well as all of the work orders and certification form vendor repairs or overhauls of such items as crankcases, crankshafts and fuel systems.
A complete list of the current compliance status of all airworthiness directives is included.
www.zephyrengines.com /about.html   (542 words)

 MZ engines
Initially, we saw a lot of potential with the engine because of the ideal weight, the HP and the economics of it.
When we started working with the engine, we were told by the manufacturer that the engines had been in Europe for over 6 years and that the MZ 202 R (which was the one most suited for our use) had 100's of hours on it.
As we worked more closely with the engine, we soon found that there were problems with the engine and all the engines that we had on our units had to come back at one given time, either for upgrades or repairs.
www.ultralightnews.ca /advisories1/mz_enginestr.htm   (886 words)

 BMW World - Engines
From the New Class, to the legendary E30 M3, to the new breed of VANOS and Valvetronic engines, here are some of BMW's fabulous 4-cylinder engines.
One of the most dominant engines in the '80s F1 turbo era was a 1.5 liter BMW engine.
Engine codes take the mystery out of those numbers.
www.bmwworld.com /engines/index.htm   (293 words)

 Amazon.com: Converting Auto Engines for Experimental Aircraft: Books: Richard Finch   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Just as car engines in sporting craft were at first ridiculed, then made to work-with a lot of dedicated and expensive development-well enough to completely dominate the market, they are slowly making inroads in the experimental aircraft field.
Aircraft engines are design mutants that have evolved to handle the thrust, precession, torsional resonance, and torque requirements of driving a heavy propeller pulling an aircraft not only in level flight but through all phases of flight including aerobatics.
The propeller provides the inertia provided by a flywheel on other engines, reflects severe loads to its driving member, and must be secured to the driving member as if the aircraft's continued flight depends on it, because it does.
www.amazon.com /Converting-Auto-Engines-Experimental-Aircraft/dp/0966145712   (1494 words)

 Featured Engines
The requirements were, aside from the weight issue, similar to those of aircraft—the engines needed to be compact, powerful, reliable and economical to operate.
The use of aircraft engines in tanks was not a new idea.
The engine developed 370 hp @ 2,850 crankshaft rpm and was used in the M3A4 (109) and M4A4 (7,499).
www.enginehistory.org /featured_engines.htm   (1200 words)

 SearchPrimes: Aircraft Engines
The term aircraft engine, for the purposes of this article,...
Aircraft engines operate at temperature, pressure, and speed extremes, and therefore need to...
the new generation engine for general aviation aircraft is a race to combine proven...
www.searchprimes.com /s/aircraft-engines.html   (125 words)

 List of aircraft - Gurupedia
List of military aircraft of the Soviet Union and the CIS
List of aircraft of the WW2 Luftwaffe (Germany, WW2)
List of aircraft of the RCAF - List of aircraft of the RCN (Canada)
www.gurupedia.com /l/li/list_of_aircraft.htm   (4803 words)

 Sonex -- The Sport Aircraft Reality Check!
A note about alternative engine choices: Although there may be other viable engine choices for Sonex Aircraft, LLC airframes, only approved engine installations have been engineered and tested by Sonex Aircraft, LLC, and have proven to offer outstanding, reliable performance without compromising the flight characteristics or useful load of the airframes.
The list of issues that should be considered include but are not limited to: Installation support (cowl, engine mount, cooling), installed weight, reliability, serviceability, impact on flight qualities and useful load of airframe, and availability/cost of insurance.
Sonex staff have been involved in the aircraft and engine business for over 30 years and we are constantly watching the engine market for emerging products.
www.sonexaircraft.com /engines/engines.html   (686 words)

 Aircraft Engines dynamically ballanced by Mena Aircraft Engines Rebuilding
Mena Aircraft Engines, Inc., located in Mena, Arkansas is a FAA Certified Repair Station #S9QR340N, specializing in custom aircraft engine overhauling.
All of our engines are overhauled to new limits and specifications, dynamically balanced, with either new or overhauld cylinders, and an impressive list of new parts.
Engine removal and installation is also available at Mena Aircraft Engines.
www.menaaircraftengines.com /html/photogallery.html   (312 words)

 Pilot Supplies, Avionics, and Homebuilt Aircraft Parts from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Co.
Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company carries everything a pilot could need, including pilot supplies and aircraft parts, always at the lowest prices.
Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft including the Lancair, Vans Aircraft, Cozy, Starduster and Europa, as well as factory built parts for Cessna, Piper, Beech, and Mooney.
For airplane parts and pilot supplies, Aircraft Spruce is the leading aviation supply house in the world.
www.aircraftspruce.ca /index.html   (166 words)

 Tower Hobbies' Easy RC—Aircraft Engines
Helicopter engines are designed specifically for the space, weight and power requirements of R/C helicopters...airplane engines are engineered for the same criteria, applied to fixed-wing aircraft.
R/C trainer planes are usually designed for.40-class 2-stroke glow engines, and often fly best with engines from the lower end of their recommended ranges — a.40 cubic inch engine will work fine with a “40 size” trainer.
Some aircraft engines feature crankshafts that are supported by bushings...others use ball bearings instead.
www.easyrc.com /engines/engines2.html   (771 words)

 Engines-List Archive Browser
The engine was > > overhauled 3 years ago and has been at constant temp and humidity since > > (in > > my basement workshop).
The engine was > >> > overhauled 3 years ago and has been at constant temp and humidity since > >> > (in > >> > my basement workshop).
The engine >> >> > was >> >> > overhauled 3 years ago and has been at constant temp and humidity > since >> >> > (in >> >> > my basement workshop).
www.matronics.com /archives/archive-get.cgi?Engines-Archive.digest.vol-an   (14736 words)

 KRnet Internet List
The KRnet list archive site is a list of all email messages posted in the last few years, listed chronologically.
There is an alternative aircraft engine list devoted to the use of VW and 1/2 VW engines, as well as other automotive and motorcycle engines, in aircraft.
Corvair (Aircraft Engine) Authority, P.O. Box 290802, Port Orange, FL 32129.
www.krnet.org   (1810 words)

 G&N Aircraft - GNX Engines
Engines Include: Unison Ignition Systems (Mags, Harness, and Spark Plugs), Lamar 12 Volt starter, Lycoming Fuel Pump, and Precision Airmotive Carburetor or “SilverHawk” Fuel Injection System.
A complete listing of all our GNX engines is available to download in Adobe Acrobat® pdf file format.
Click HERE to download/open/save the complete list of GNX engines (filename is: "gnx engines.pdf" and the file size is small, about 150kb).
www.gnaircraft.com /gnx.htm   (187 words)

 [No title]
Cylinders: Bore: 105mm Stroke: 115mm Capacity: 12 l Compression: 6.4 to 1 Length: 1585mm Width: 600mm Length: 970mm Weight: 315kg Power: 465hp at MSL Revolutions: 3100rpm Consumption: SFC: 0.45 lb/hp/hr Usage: As 411, Argus The As 411 was similar to the As 410, but geared at 0.572 with rpm increased to 3300.
It was sixteen-cylinder inverted V engine, similar in size to the DB 603.
DB 630, Daimler-Benz A 36-cylinder double-W engine, with a capacity of 89l.
www.ibiblio.org /pub/academic/history/marshall/military/airforce/engines.txt   (4523 words)

 Aircraft Engines & Equipment
Listed below are the current classified advertisements published in
JT8D-15 four engines available for sale, either as-removed or fresh from shop visit.
PW121 two engines (sn: 120098 and 120998) and RGB (sn: 120097) available for immediate sale.
www.airtrading.com /equip.htm   (108 words)

 SpeedNews: Engines & APUs Availability Page
Listed in this section are the three most comprehensive online databases of available aircraft engines and APUs in the industry.
It is free to list engines and APUs on these pages and free to browse the entire list.
These listings are separate and distinct from the current
www.speednews.com /engines/index.shtml   (69 words)

 Engines Books from Aircraft Spruce
This is a compilation of the "Contact" magazine articles written by Mick Myal on conversion of auto engines.
The ONLY book in the world that fully explains the benefits of turbocharging piston engines.
Used by most aircraft and auto factory engineering departments as THE sourcebook for designing turbo systems.
www.aircraftspruce.com /menus/bv/books_engines.html   (127 words)

 CorvAircraft Info Page
The CorvAircraft list is devoted to the construction and use of Corvair engines for use in homebuilt experimental aircraft.
To post a message to all the list members, send email to corvaircraft@mylist.net.
This is a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to non-members.
mylist.net /listinfo/corvaircraft   (260 words)

 The Standard - China's Business Newspaper
An original list of hundreds of exports that would be more closely regulated - including aircraft parts, computer chips and machine tools - has now been shortened to only 46 items, according to a revised draft of the proposed regulations.
Concerned that China is using US civilian technology to expand its military know-how, the Bush administration last year floated plans to limit technology sales to China by requiring special licenses to export some items, background checks on customers and broader oversight of transactions.
The scaling back is a partial concession to exporters such as Intel and Boeing, which opposed the original proposal because they rely on Asia as a growth engine for sales and have invested heavily in assembly, research and testing operations in China.
www.thestandard.com.hk /news_detail.asp?pp_cat=5&art_id=18150&sid=7825974&con_type=1   (416 words)

 Engines from Aircraft Spruce
As the exclusive distributor for One Design aerobatic aircraft kits, Aircraft Spruce is an authorized Lycoming factory distributor for the One Design/DR-109 engine.
Hirth aircraft engines, built in Germany, utilize some of the worlds most advanced powerplant technology in their new two-stroke engine designs.
P/N 08-00724 Every engine is subject to moisture build up and internal rust formation when not flown regularly.
www.aircraftspruce.com /menus/ep/engines.html   (281 words)

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