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Topic: List of anarchist musicians

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  anarchism and the arts - Anarchopedia
In the 1990s, anarchists were involved in the mail art movement, which can be described as "art which uses the postal service in some way." This is related to the involvement of many anarchists in the zine movement.
Indeed, many anarchists were introduced to the ideas of Anarchism through that symbolism and the anti-authoritarian sentiment which many punk songs expressed.
Carlo CarrĂ 's The Funeral of the Anarchist Galli
eng.anarchopedia.org /anarchism_and_the_arts   (1330 words)

 Vernon Richards Page / Vero Recchioni from the Daily Bleed's Anarchist Encyclopedia: A Gallery of Saints & Sinners; ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
She maintained an extensive correspondence with anarchists in Europe and South America and played a leading role in the anarchist movement in England.
The achievements of the Spanish anarchist movement resulted in a revival of activity amongst anarchists and considerable interest and sympathy in a broader part of the general public.
Born Vero Recchioni in Soho, Richards was the son of the Italian anarchist Ernidio Recchioni, who had escaped from what was then the prison island of Pantelleria in the 1890s, set up the famous Italian delicatessen King Bomba in Soho, and taken part in inter-war plots to assassinate Mussolini.
recollectionbooks.com /bleed/Encyclopedia/RichardsVernon.htm   (2103 words)

 High Zero 2002 Festival of Experimental Improvised Music
Musicians are selected for the depth of their imagination, their abilities in free improvisation, and their commitment to collaboration.
Awhirlwind of improvisational integrity, he is the founder of the new Harmonic Baltimore Festival which began this year at Morgan State University, and has a personal list of collaborations and recordings with an all-star list of jazz musicians (including Charles Gayle, Jackie Blake, Paul Murphy, Joel Flutterman, Brother Ah, and many many others).
Zummo's compositions are built on melodic and rhythmic fragments, which are presented as lists to like-minded musicians who then pursue ensemble at the boundaries of common and extended practice.
www.highzero.org /2002_site/the_musicians/index.htm   (3707 words)

 The APF Brigade Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
They were members of the cassette culture scene, and released a number of independently produced tapes promoting an anarchist message.
Although this group was notable for its disorderly style and musical experimentation, Xport's musical and songwriting skills brought some order to the group.
View a list of authors or edit this article.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/The_APF_Brigade   (281 words)

 Anarchism information - Search.com
Anarchists argue that pursuit of these ends does not justify the establishment of a state; many argue that the state is incompatible with those goals and the cause of chaos, violence, and war.
Anarchist People of Color, (or APOC), was created as a forum for non-Caucasian anarchists to express their thoughts about racial issues within the anarchist movement, particularly within the United States.
While many anarchists, however, dismiss that the personal prejudices of 19th century theorists influence the beliefs of present-day anarchists, others criticise modern anarchism for continuing to be eurocentric and reference the impact of anarchist thinkers like Proudhon on fascism through groups like Cercle Proudhon.
www.search.com /reference/Anarchism   (7617 words)

 High Zero 2003 Festival of Experimental Improvised Music
Most musicians have performed in the Red Room performance outside of the festival.
In the early 80's, he had his first experiences in the field of unexpected creative music and was influenced by groups from the POP progressive, the "rock in opposition" moment, and also of new folk (the Rakali - Shamàl).
What is most amazing about Baltimore's Catherine Pancake is the range of her work, which includes sophisticated experiments with film and sound that are so varied from piece to piece as to seem to be made by different people--yet all of an extremely high (even provocative) quality.
www.highzero.org /2003_site/the_musicians/index.htm   (3578 words)

 Plattsburgh State - Dr. Drew Waters
The debayashi (Large group of musicians at the rear of the stage) ensemble provides the main accompaniment to a nagauta.
The chorus is called "kimi," or lord, and the "cats," or musicians, are called "subjects." When Minoru acts as head of the chorus, he says he can manage the "cats" by a prolonging or shortening of sounds.
Early days in Reykjavik listening to her grandparents' jazz collection, her mother's rock records, her classical music education, the songs, sagas and poetry of Iceland, anarchist punk bands and arguments about art were all carried with her into the musical vibrancy of London's stylistic, ethnic and artistic mix.
faculty.plattsburgh.edu /andrew.waters/world_master_list.htm   (7745 words)

 [No title]
Bailey is enough of an anarchist to keep doing his own thing no matter what other players throw at him, and has big enough ears that he can comprehend mere simultanaety as interplay (or whatever).
An understandable error, since jazz musicians have been multicultural from the beginning, drawing inspiration from anywhere they could find it, their own mythical geographies as finely detailed as those of an Italo Calvino or a Jorge Luis Borges.
He possesses a style rich with a variety of vibrato and attack and the facility to push the horn to its limits with multi-octave jumps; and he draws from a full catalogue of buzzes, half-valve squeezes, and choked tones that mark the nexus where the blues and the 20th-century avant-garde meet unashamed.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/zorn-list/archive/v02.n339   (2954 words)

 Truthseeker Musicians wanted!!!! : Melbourne Indymedia
I know this is not a musicians forum but i'm deperate to find passionate individuals who are prepared to go where the truth takes them...
Looking for musicians who feel that the world is in dire need of a WAKE UP call.
Listed below are the 10 latest comments of 1 posted about this article.
www.melbourne.indymedia.org /news/2006/10/128521.php   (214 words)

 From bad to wuss: 'Blender' lists rock wusses - Listen Up - USATODAY.com
I guess based on the list I have to question my manhood because the list contains (not all) some of my favorite easy listening (thought provocing)music of my generation, I mean come on JT he is timeless and he always had a message, Simon and Garfunkel..
If he or she were, they would have never dreamed of placing JT on such an absurd list in the company of such fluff acts.
This list was obviously written by someone who only considers high-decibel music to be of any consequence, or contain any soul, and that is, of course, absurd and juvenile.
blogs.usatoday.com /listenup/2006/07/from_bad_to_wus.html   (4360 words)

 Article 04
The anarchist movement is now at a crucial point.
are the musicians, wealthy and poor, known and unknown, that adopt the label of anarchist,
Is an anarchist someone who holds down a normal job and happens to read a lot of anarchist
blaseblase.tripod.com /list/article04.html   (1397 words)

 Top 10 Pantera Songs Of All Time Feature Interview At Blistering.com
But doing a Top 10 never seemed appropriate while Pantera was still a going concern and releasing albums strong enough to trouble the structural integrity of any previously compiled, ‘definitive’ catalog of the band’s shining moments.
It just felt like the musical chemistry of these four men was something you simply couldn’t replicate with other musicians, no matter how talented: proof that the whole, on rare occasions, could indeed be greater than the sum of its parts.
If rules are made to be broken, then a humble Top 10 list can certainly withstand a little verbal abuse.
www.blistering.com /fastpage/fpengine.php/link/1/templateid/8522/tempidx/5/menuid/3   (2005 words)

 Planet Ark : Musicians Finding New Ways to Get Out the Vote
Organizers and musicians say concerns over the war in Iraq and the economic and environmental policies of the Bush administration are responsible for the music community's increased involvement.
These Internet-savvy musicians have developed a multi-pronged approach that includes voter registration drives, fundraising efforts and personal expressions of support for candidates that are much more intense and focused than in previous elections.
ALL JOIN IN Musicians of all ages and genres are getting involved in campaign activities and fundraising.
www.planetark.org /dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/25709/story.htm   (1164 words)

 Socially Responsible Katrina Relief | Radical Reference
The guide includes as an appendix a nice list of "grassroots organizations offering charitable giving alternatives to the massive NGOs utilizing most of the contributions flooding their accounts for administrative costs," compiled with some of the same goals we have here.
The archives of the list are publically readable, and contain information on some interesting relief efforts.
Emergence Broadcast System is a New York-based anarchist project that is "bringing wireless communications to people in and around New Orleans, setting up mobile info-points where they can access internet, e-mail and make phone calls to friends and family." They can accept monetary donations.
radicalreference.info /altkatrinarelief   (1659 words)

 North American Anarchist Thought Since 1960   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
North American Anarchist Thought Since 1960 is a new anthology being compiled by Jason McQuinn and Chuck Munson.
We need your suggestions about which authors, artisists and musicians should be included in the book.
The most recent versions of the bibliography, author list and appendices are posted below.
www.northamericananarchist.org   (107 words)

 Dancing with the devil...a list of the ten worst dictators in the world
I am currently looking for any artists, musicians, or reporters who are interested in using this platform to gain exposure for themselves and help join in the revolution of consciousness taking place across the world now.
Parade, which placed Hu at No. 6 on the list, notes that more than 250,000 political dissidents are held in “reeducation-through-labor” camps in China.
It’s actually a pretty objective list… it’s not pentagon propoganda, since it names allies and advisaries.
hackmkultra.gnn.tv /blogs/12424/Dancing_with_the_devil_a_list_of_the_ten_worst_dictators_in_the_world   (1554 words)

 [Anarchy-list] Daily Sign: 7/14 WOODY GUTHRIE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
While off the Isle of Cyprus in a boat, I saw the head of Aphrodite afloat, and told her I’m an Anarchist and do not vote.
I am the one to call your bluff, and this is my climate." — Kenneth Patchen Miriam Patchen 86, a longtime Palo Alto resident and peace activist, dies, peacefully, at her home in Palo Alto, California, March 2000.
Her life was dedicated to peace and justice and to the writing and art of her husband, fellow anarchist and poet, Kenneth.
flag.blackened.net /pipermail/anarchy-list/2005-July/000948.html   (742 words)

 Goddard College | MFAW-VT, Visiting Writers Profiles
Below is a list of recent Visiting Writers in the Plainfield, VT residency.
She is a member of the Executive Board of P.E.N. Actively involved in anti-war, feminist and anti-nuclear movements, Ms.
Paley has been a member of the War Resisters' League, Resist, and Women's Pentagon Action, and was one of the founders of the Greenwich Village Peace Center in 1961; she regards herself as a "somewhat combative pacifist and cooperative anarchist." Ms.
www.goddard.edu /academic/VisitingWriterList.html   (4069 words)

 Institute for Anarchist Studies - Brand: An Italian Anarchist and His Dream
Young Enrico met his first anarchists and at fourteen was arrested for the first time, for selling anarchist newspapers.
I immediately became active in the anarchist movement, in the Spanish and Road to Freedom Groups on Twenty-Third Street and in an Italian group in Brooklyn, the Circolo Volontà.
They knew he was an anarchist because his Spanish journalism had fallen into the hands of the consuls in Barcelona and Marseilles, and they were out to get him.
www.anarchist-studies.org /article/articleprint/46/-1/7   (9761 words)

 Building A Revolutionary Anarchist People Of Color Movement! | NEFAC
I have been to several anarchist / anti authoritarian conferences and meetings, and as anyone involved with the movement can imagine, they were inundated with straight white men.
Many people brought the point of whether the label 'anarchist' is essential in helping people to understand their own self-empowerment.
The first ever Anarchist People Of Color Conference was rushed in such a short amount of time but has definitely given birth to a new revolutionary anarchist struggle that will bear fruit in due time.
www.nefac.net /node/777   (2237 words)

 [No title]
Anarchist Hotline: 535-5731 "Events Listing for activities" (s:2/92) * Friends on the Lubicon 485 Ridelle Ave.
(s:ID 91) * Anarchist Coil P.O. Box 30658 GR-10033 Athens "The Anarchist Coils's aim is to contribute to and co-ordinate with those groups in the anarchist movement who seek social intervention in specific social sectors that experience domination and exploitation.
Anarchist bookstore and contact for the Anarchist Federation Stockholm (s:c 4/92) * NordNet Huvudskaersvaegen 13, nb S-12154 Stockholm Tel: +46-8-600-0331 Fax: +46-8-600-0443 e-mail: support@pns.apc.org Progressive computer network (s:PN 4/92) * Info Hornsg.
www.etext.org /Politics/Resources/radical.address.list   (8648 words)

 [No title]
Address List for radical organizers 15 October 1992 This list was put together to help radical activists establish contacts and to be used as a handy reference.
This list is available by FTP from ftp.css.itd.umich.edu /poli.
National information office of the Anarchist Federation, Contacts with Green Federation or Dariusz Tkaczyk Miedzyblokowa 14A m.10 41-713 Ruda Slaska Especially punk/hard core music, distribution of tapes, records, magazines, T-shirts, organizing concerts, publication of music etc.; also punk/h.c.
artofhacking.com /IET/POLITICS/LEFTLIST.TXT   (8674 words)

 Kropotkin: Appeal to the Young
Addressed to young men and women preparing to enter the professions, An Appeal to the Young was first published in 1880 in Kropotkin's paper, La Revolte, and was soon thereafter issued as a pamphlet.
An American edition was brought out by Charles H. Kerr in 1899, in the wake of the great Anarchist's first U.S. speaking tour; his Memoirs of a Revolutionist was also published (by Houghton-Mifflin) that year.
You poets, painters, sculptors, musicians, if you understand your true mission and the very interests of art itself, come with us.
dwardmac.pitzer.edu /anarchist_archives/kropotkin/appealtoyoung.html   (5628 words)

 Kill The Musicians, MP3 Album Music Download at eMusic
For example, the first several tracks of Kill the Musicians document Screeching Weasel before their first break-up, featuring a more aggressive, skate-punk sound somewhat lacking in production.
Not to the point that the songs are unlistenable; they just don't compare to the clear recordings and snotty pop-punk the band is known for.
But regardless of what this band's most appealing era is, Kill the Musicians would be the compilation needed to help fulfill one's goal of owning everything Screeching Weasel has ever put out.
www.emusic.com /album/10863/10863652.html   (306 words)

 The Complete Musician's Ring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
If you are a serious musician, this is the ring for you.
THe website of Dave Adrian, an all round musician singer songwriter producer, from a dylanesque seventies folk rock own style, but with a difference, to contemporary hip hop, film soundtracks, classical, etc...
In Ireland's Lagan Valley, a group of singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians have formed the Lisburn Songwriters' Circle.
m.webring.com /hub?ring=musicians   (2109 words)

 Riotfolk - making folk a threat again
Click here for a list of all of our upcoming shows.
We are an anti-profit mutual-aid collective of radical artists and musicians.
Israeli anarchists blockade a busy street in Tel Aviv with razor wire from the seperation fence.
www.riotfolk.org   (558 words)

 TSL-CART. Powerful PHP shopping cart software
Even for more established independent movies, The Shot List is still a valuable stream of exposure and income with little to no effort on your part at all.
Once your submission is approved, it goes live in the catalog listed in the genre(s) you specify.
The HDVF has been established to bring these two together by giving futurist writers, producers and directors the opportunity to showcase their talents utilizing equipment they can financially afford, while still producing creative stories and ideas that will leave the audience in standing and ovation.
www.theshotlist.com /provider   (2246 words)

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