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Topic: List of anarchist organizations

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Terrorist Exclusion List
This authority is known as the “Terrorist Exclusion List (TEL)” authority.
The Secretary of State is authorized to designate groups as TEL organizations in consultation with, or upon the request of the Attorney General.
Individual aliens providing support to or associated with TEL-designated organizations may be found “inadmissable” to the U.S., i.e., such aliens may be prevented from entering the U.S. or, if already in U.S. territory, may in certain circumstances be deported.
www.state.gov /s/ct/rls/fs/2004/32678.htm   (596 words)

  Anarchist Communists and Mass Organizations | NEFAC
In the process of the anarchist communist revolution, it is essential that the mass organizations can grow both operatively and politically in order that the masses may have the greatest possibility of expressing the strength and consciousness which is necessary for the very life of the anarchist communist revolutionary process.
Ideologism stops the mass organizations from carrying out the work of uniting the proletariat as exploited, and of their gradual growth through struggle, something which is necessary for the transition to anarchist communism.
It required a change from mass organizations with the aim of demanding concessions from the dominant central power to mass organizations which themselves constituted forms of power (or non-power, if one prefers) which were different from those of the exploiters, to the extent of suppressing the power (at least potentially).
nefac.net /node/18   (5593 words)

  Anarchist organisation - an oxymoron or not | libcom.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Many of these accepted, respectable institutions often have anarchists as part of their history, whether it was the AFL defense of the Haymarket Martyrs, the ACLU's formation in response to the repression of the IWW, workers and consumer cooperatives from early twentieth century to those of the 60s.
Anarchists do create formal political organizations based specifically upon their politics, and I will list them shortly, but first I will try to explain why the majority of anarchists in North America can be found outside of those organizations.
Anarchists sometimes have sought to use the electoral process as an opening for a forum of ideas, most notably in the early socialist parties, as well as the libertarians and greens, but the results are usually less than satisfactory and most anarchists eventually reject those organizational forms.
libcom.org /library/infosho-rant-anarchist-organisation   (1421 words)

 Anarchism - Article from FactBug.org - the fast Wikipedia mirror site
Similarly, anarchistic tendencies can be traced to the philosophers of Ancient Greece, such as Zeno, the founder of the Stoic philosophy, and Aristippus, who said that the wise should not give up their liberty to the state http://www.flcrayon.com/page.jsp/library/britt1910.html.
Anarchists also engage in building parallel structures and organizations, such as Food Not Bombs, radical labor unions, infoshop and radical social centers, new sets of schooling systems, media in various forms, organizing around housing and land issues, and work toward accountability with police and other institutions through such tools as consensus decision-making.
Anarchists believe that if they were to support a war they would be strengthening the state — indeed, Peter Kropotkin was alienated from other anarchists when he expressed support for the British in World War I.
www.factbug.org /cgi-bin/a.cgi?a=12   (7442 words)

 The Organise list statement
Organise is a private e-mail list created in 1995 by a number of active class struggle anarchists looking for a space to hold discussions that were open only to class struggle anarchists and where that space was not the property of any one organisation.
The need for organization implys that list members are active or aspiring members of either anarchist organizations, or organizations pursuing goals congruent with anarchism.
The list is also limited to those who do not have faith in political parties and the electoral system as meaningful instruments of social change, and who believe that reformism is a [bourgeoisie] tactic that has no place in radical thinking.
flag.blackened.net /revolt/orglist/statement.html   (672 words)

 Anarchism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Anarchists, (although generally against violence against people except in self-defense), have also been at the forefront of militant resistance against capital and the state, engaging in property destruction against various corporations, militant street battles with police, confronting neo-Nazi and far-right groups, and also having a strong militant presence at anti-globalization protests.
Many anarchists are critical of the fl bloc because some blocs have engaged in property destruction against multi-national corporations and have thus gotten a label as "violent", and "adventurists" from media and large scale liberal organizations.
Anarchists argue that pursuit of these ends do not justify the establishment of a state, and in fact many argue that the state is incompatible with those goals.
www.writen4u.com /public/Anarchism.asp   (6940 words)

 anarchism - Anarchopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Anarchists maintain that anarchy, the absence of rulers, is a viable form of social system and so work for the maximisation of individual liberty and social equality.
An Anarchist FAQ is written from the perspective of the traditional anarchist movement.
Anarchist Direct Actions: A Challenge for Law Enforcement (pdf) is an article from a law enforcement perspective that includes a look at tactics, philosophy and a history of the Anarchist movement in the United States.
eng.anarchopedia.org /anarchism   (1212 words)

 Qwika - similar:List_of_purported_cults
Religious organizations can be classified in many different ways, like organizational structure, teachings, source of inspiration, origins, their age, acceptance by society, intensity of controversy surrounding the organization, number of adherents etcetera.
A hate group is an organized group or movement that hate advocates, hostility or violence towards members of a race, ethnicity, religion, or other sector of society.
A group will be listed in a category as close to the top of the page as the definitions for the category allow.
www.qwika.com /rels/Talk:List_of_purported_cults   (1390 words)

 List of organizations - TheBestLinks.com - Lists of companies, International organization, Organization, List of ...
List of organizations - TheBestLinks.com - Lists of companies, International organization, Organization, List of political parties,...
List of organizations, Lists of companies, International organization...
This page is a list of lists of organizations and a list of otherwise unclassified organizations.
www.thebestlinks.com /List_of_organizations.html   (77 words)

 [No title]
Anarchist communists advocate an egalitarian society without markets or wages, based on the principle of "from each according to their ability, to each according to need." Decisions would be made through [[workers councils]] and assemblies.
By organizing industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old.''[http:/ /pdx.iww.org/preamble.html]Anarcho-syndicalism formed a new wave of anarchism in beginning in the 1890's and 1900's.
Anarchists argue that pursuit of these ends does not justify the establishment of a state, and in fact many argue that the state is incompatible with those goals.
www.cs.uni.edu /~okane/source/ISR/sss   (12857 words)

 Where to Donate: Grassroots/Low-income/People of Color-led Katrina Relief
LIFE LIST is a not-for-profit grassroots effort based in California which aims to connect displaced Hurricane Katrina victims with their loved ones.
A major part of the fund's strategy will be to provide baseline support to grassroots community organizations located in affected areas of LA and MS to enable them to regain operational capacity, believing they are most qualified to address the needs of their communities.
This list is gathered from organizations and community organizers around the country by the Sparkplug Foundation.
katrina.mayfirst.org   (7927 words)

 sociology - Anarchism
Similarly, anarchistic tendencies can be traced to the philosophers of Ancient Greece, such as Zeno, the founder of the Stoic philosophy, and Aristippus, who said that the wise should not give up their liberty to the state [2].
Recently, anarchists have been known for their involvement in protests against World Trade Organization and Group of Eight meetings, and the World Economic Forum; protests which are generally portrayed in mainstream media coverage as violent riots.
In the modern anarchist movement, eco-anarchists generally adhear to deep ecology, which is a world view that embraces biodiversity and sustainability.
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Anarchism   (7178 words)

 Anarchist Black Cross Network: Resistance is Global
An example of such a prisoner would be Ali Khalid Abdullah (anarchist prisoner serving time for action against community drug trafficking) or Fran Thompson (an activist imprisoned for killing a stalker).
they may have gone to prison for a "social crime" and became politicized to the conditions of society via their incarceration and are seeking to organize and educate themselves and/or their fellow prisoners.
Other groups offer support to all prisoners engaged in class war and do not adhere to standard definitions, maintaining that law and the "movement" have failed to adequately address political changes and repression in the last 10-15 years.
www.anarchistblackcross.org /support/prislist.html   (413 words)

 List of anarchist organizations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This list uses the word organization in its loosest sense.
It could be argued that some of the following groups would be better categorized as networks.
New York Metro Alliance of Anarchists (USA) [60]
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_anarchist_organizations   (116 words)

 Anarchist Theory FAQ Version 5.2
Anarchists of all varieties would reject this argument; sometimes claiming that the critic misunderstands their position, other times that the critic's assumptions are too pessimistic.
Leo Tolstoy, refer to themselves as "Christian anarchists." (Tolstoy avoided the term "anarchist," probably because of its association with violence and terrorism in the minds of contemporary Russians.) Drawing on the Gospels' themes of nonviolence and the equality of all human beings, these anarchists condemn government as contrary to Christian teaching.
The interpretation of "rulership," however, varies: left anarchists tend to see the employer-employee relationship as one of rulership, and anarcho-capitalists are often dubious of the claim that envisaged anarchists communes would be democratic and hence voluntary.
www.gmu.edu /departments/economics/bcaplan/anarfaq.htm   (17216 words)

This web site is devoted to showing you why you should be an individualist anarchist and how you can subvert the system and help start the revolution for anarchy and individualism.
An important part of that building “alternative institutions,” radical organizations running in parallel with those in the normal society, providing similar functions, but doing so in a different way.
Individualist Anarchist Society, a student group at the University of California Berkeley up to the year 2000, which was in reality very anarcho-capitalist for most of its existence, but nevertheless did a lot to promote individualist anarchism as a general movement.
www.spaz.org /~dan/individualist-anarchist   (390 words)

The platform or platformism is a label used by anarchists who argue that in order to be effective we need to form organisations that agree theoretical and tactical unity; practise collective action and discipline and use federalism as the organisation structure on which they build.
The purpose of the list is to bring together anarchists who agree with the points both for the exchange of information but also in the hope that they will meet up with others on the list in their geographical region and engage in common work.
We identify ourselves as anarchists and with the 'Platformist' tradition within anarchism which includes groups and publications such as "The Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists", the "Friends of Durruti" and the "Manifesto of Libertarian Communism".
anarchism.ws /platform.html   (1552 words)

The result is a mere $100 annual premium, for coverage of a limited list of problems focusing mainly on injury and trauma.
But I know mutualists within the organization; and syndicalism is very much an outgrowth of Proudhon's mutualism and has a decidedly "petty bourgeois" background, according to Christopher Lasch.
Joined at the hip to Chomsky, and heavily invested in "parecon" (which is an absolute wet dream for anyone who wants to attend a hundred committee meetings to figure out whether to produce more toothpicks next year).
mutualist.org /id44.html   (3242 words)

 Connexions Annual: Resource and Reading List
The following is a short and selective resource list on issues addressed in the Connexions Annual.
This resource list was included with the 1994 edition of the Connexions Annual.
A calender designed to enable organizations to let the media know about their upcoming newsworthy events.
www.connexions.org /CxLibrary/docs/CxAnnual-ResourceList.htm   (2060 words)

 Anarchists: For a World without Bosses
Libcom.org - Libertarian news and community organizing resource Flag.flened.net: tons of anarchist resources and discussion, Spunk.org: more anarchist news and resources, Indymedia: independent media centers from around the world, Comprehensive list of anarchist organizations around the world
One would think that an organization championed in history for free speech would at least have a higher standard then the Republican Party.
It's dishonest and shouldn't be tolerated in by anarchists.
community.livejournal.com /anarchists   (2956 words)

 portland imc - newswire archive - page 305
IWW HALL 6th and E. This is a call out to all Anarchist Communists in the Portland area interested in organizing our movement towards revolutionary ends.
We will be discussing the formation of the Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists, as well as speak with guest Stanislav Versotsky from the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists.
This is the first official meeting of the Portland General Organizing Group, part of the soon to be official Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists.
portland.indymedia.org /en/newswire/archive305.shtml   (1882 words)

 List of Communist Organizations Operating in US.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This list is way too long, and terribly frightening.
Actually, didn't the DSA have a list of songs which basically glorify killing the "rich", such as "Red Revolution" sung to the tune of "Red Robin." The lyrics went: "When the Red Revolution brings its solution along, along, there'll be no more lootin' when we start shootin' that Wall Street throng.
Speaking of lists; Does anyone have the list of organizations sponsoring the so-called "peace" demontrations of Jan. 18 and 19?
www.freerepublic.com /focus/news/828445/posts   (2554 words)

 Bookmarks / Organizations - Anarchist People of Color   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
CSWA is the only organization in New York that brings together Chinese immigrant workers of all trades.
A project of the Democractic Socialists of America, the PMP organizes youth, students and the community to fight for-profit (privatized) prisons and end university divestment in companies profiting from prisons.
World Against Racism Foundation (WARF) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization building a memorial museum to honor the memory of those millions of persons who lives were stolen or irrevocably scarred by racism.
www.illegalvoices.org /connex/organizations_8.html   (2592 words)

 thoughtcrime ink :: links
If you're in Edmonton and want to get involved in social action projects and community building, these mailing lists are pretty swell.
Comprehensive and detailed events listing courtesy of Earth's General Store and Michael Kalmanovich.
Their events list is essential and the volunteering list is handy!
www.thoughtcrimeink.com /core.php/links/index   (226 words)

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