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Topic: List of ancient Romans

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Ancient Rome
Roman Kingdom - 753 BC to 509 BC
Roman Republic - 509 BC to 27 BC
Roman Empire - 27 BC to 554 AD, year of the last attempt to reconquer the city of Rome (continues in the East as the Byzantine Empire
www.news-server.org /a/an/ancient_rome.html   (66 words)

 Ancient Roads of the Romans
From the ancient decrees of Augustus, we see that roads varied considerably in width depending on their function, importance, and the nature of the terrain, though Adam says there was no official criteria for road width (279).
In closing, it is most important to remember that the ancient Roman road consists of three layers: a bottom foundation layer, often of stone; a middle layer of somewhat softer material (such as sand or gravel); and a surface, or “metalling,” usually a gravel, sometimes paving stones.
The ingenuity and industry of the ancient Romans is apparent through their road construction; and only through their continued study and preservation will we come to fully understand the capabilities and limitations of the ancient Romans.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Academy/5769   (3645 words)

 [No title]
Serving in the Roman army under a general who was always perceived to be a potential threat to the Roman emperor Constantius II, and he hated the eunuchs of the imperial court who he said were always feeding the emperor's suspicions against this general.
Ancient Babylonian flood myth, in which the cause of the flood was that the noise of the overpopulated crowds of human beings was disturbing the gods.
Roman jurist of the early 3rd century, one of five whose opinions were made authoritative in the early fifth century by the later emperors Theodosius II and Valentinian.
www.well.com /user/aquarius/authlist.htm   (3717 words)

 ipedia.com: List of Ancient Rome-related topics Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
History - Ancient history - Ancient Rome This is a List of Ancient Rome-related topics, that aims to include aspects of both the Ancient Roman Republic and Roman Empire.
This is a List of Ancient Rome-related topics, that aims to include aspects of both the Ancient Roman Republic and Roman Empire.
An index of important figures in Ancient Rome can be found in List of ancient Romans.
www.ipedia.com /list_of_ancient_rome_related_topics.html   (164 words)

 Site Contents at the free Online Encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
List of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy
List of aircraft of the Israeli Air Force
List of archaic English words and their modern equivalents
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /index_187.html   (142 words)

An Exposition of Van Manen's Epistle to the Romans
Romans is one of the four letters of Paul known as the Hauptbriefe, which are universally accepted as authentic.
Prior to the time of writing Romans, therefore, Paul had already written Galatians, and 1 and 2 Corinthians, in addition to 1 Thessalonians (believed to be Paul's earliest extant epistle), and perhaps Philippians as well.
www.earlychristianwritings.com /romans.html   (496 words)

 Ancient Rome
The Roman Empire - This a is a simple site which includes information on the history of Rome, a timeline and a map.
Ancient Rome: Images and Pictures - This site is an added extra for those who want to include pictures in their research on various images of ancient Rome.
The Forum Romanum - The ancient Roman marketplace, or Forum, was the center for daily life for the city's citizens.
www.rock-hill.k12.sc.us /departments/research/ancient_rome.htm   (629 words)

 Antalya Hotels Guide Antalya Hotel List Online Reservation
Sungate Port Royal is in the historically fascinating area of ancient Antalya once owned by Romans and Ottomans in their turn.
Sun Beach Hotel Side is located at the sea shore in Side Ancient city center next to the charming aqua marine sea with admirable sandy beach.
Yali Hotel is in the ancient city of Side steeped in history and perched right on the sea.
www.icemtour.com /antalya_hotels_daily_tours_flight_tickets_car_rental_turkey.asp   (4584 words)

 USCCB - NAB - Romans 16
Paul endeavors through the long list of greetings (Romans 16:3-16, 21-23) to establish strong personal contact with congregations that he has not personally encountered before.
One ancient Greek manuscript and a number of ancient versions read the name "Julia." Most editors have interpreted it as a man's name, Junias.
It would be a great loss, he intimates, if their obedience, which is known to all (cf Romans 1:8), would be diluted.
www.usccb.org /nab/bible/romans/romans16.htm   (856 words)

 Romans: Topics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ancient Rome was a society very much like our own: pluralistic, violent, sexually fritzed, and hostile to Christianity.
This will be an in-depth study of Romans and the theological issues it raises, focusing both on Paul's theology and on the implications for Christians in modern America.
Below is the list of topics that may be covered.
www.mindspring.com /~skazmarek/romans   (121 words)

 Romans Verse-by-Verse | Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Furthermore, Romans 3:9, which begins this great arraignment, includes both Jews and Greeks as being “all under sin.” This, therefore, is a world-wide indictment.
This awful list of fourteen facts about the human race, quoted from the Old Testament Scriptures, describes, of course, humanity as it is by nature.
To understand Romans 3:12, we must conceive of a race of creatures turned out of God’s way, as really as are Satan’s angels, or the demons.
www.ccel.org /ccel/newell/romans.iv.html   (12599 words)

 The Ancient Olympics
Later the Romans used the caestus, a weapon-like boxing glove, layered with iron and lead.
Ancient athletes used a thong to throw the javelin.
here for a list of ancient javelin images.
ablemedia.com /ctcweb/consortium/ancientolympics10.html   (490 words)

 Thousands of NAMES OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, SPORTSMEN, MOVIES, CHARACTERS for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child from ...
A great list of famous and notable Mexicans, including persons who are known to a large number of people and not based on the extent of their popularity.
A list of the Rulers of Númenor, a fictional realm by J. Tolkien.
A list of fictional ships, waterborne vessels that have been identified by name in works of fiction but do not really exist as such (oftentimes a real ship is used as a stage set, but the real name is not used).
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/famous.htm   (2159 words)

 Rich Hamper's Rome Resources Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Exploratio: Military and Political Intelligence in the Roman World from the Second Punic War to the Battle of Adrianople New York.
Daily Life in Ancient Rome; The People and the City at the Height of the Empire,.
ISBN: 0-684-80507-3 [a four volume reference of all things Greek and Roman, very comprehensive; appears to be out of print, but a lot of libraries carry it in their reference section.
home.comcast.net /~rthamper/Ancient_Rome/ancient_rome.htm   (1009 words)

 Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
Mithridates and The Roman Conquests in the East, 90-61 BCE, excerpts from Appian, Mithridatic Wars, 114-119, and Plutarch, Life of Lucullus.
A CAD recreation of the Roman fort at Colonia Ulpia Traiana.
A Roman Harvest Sacrifice, from Cato, On Agriculture 134, 160 BCE [At enteract.com]
www.fordham.edu /halsall/ancient/asbook09.html   (3375 words)

 Book List Recommendation - Ancient Roman Empire Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The books you list should not assume more than a basic university education, and they should not be especially hard to find sources.
I'll say that _A Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome_ by Adkins and Adkins is an excellent general survey of Roman civilization.
Also, for anyone interested in the serious study of Roman paganism, I recommend _The Gods of Ancient Rome_ by Robert Turcan.
www.unrv.com /forum/index.php?showtopic=694   (740 words)

 USCCB - NAB - Romans 8
Christian life is therefore the experience of a constant challenge to put to death the evil deeds of the body through life of the spirit (Romans 8:13).
On earth believers enjoy the firstfruits, i.e., the Spirit, as a guarantee of the total liberation of their bodies from the influence of the rebellious old self (Romans 8:23).
Since hostile spirits were associated with the planets and stars, Paul includes powers (Romans 8:38) in his list of malevolent forces.
www.usccb.org /nab/bible/romans/romans8.htm   (1575 words)

 Ancient Rome: Our Projects & Resources
This is part of a larger site on ancient coins Bearers of Meaning: A Collection of Ancient and Byzantine Coins which includes an extensive image library and annotations.
The Roman empire was often the prey of power-seeking generals and the lack of an inbred dynasty resulted in relatively few deranged emperors.
Each link in the list points to an image used in Professor Hugh Lester's courses Period and Style for Designers, I and II and covers a number of topics in the Ancient World including Egypt, Crete, Mycenea, Greece, Rome and Pompeii.
www.internet-at-work.com /hos_mcgrane/rome/eg_rome_intro.html   (3248 words)

 Ancient Romans   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Battlefield Academy: Romans vs Ancient BritonsTake the role of a Celtic chieftain and defend your hill fort from the Romans.
Ancient Rome and the History of the Ancient Romans.
of the legal principles and practices of the ancient Romans may be traced to the law of the...
ancient.thehomebasedbusinessdepot.com /1/ancient-romans.php   (517 words)

 Thousands of MEDIEVAL NAMES for your dog or pet from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This list reflects both traditional names that had been used for centuries and new names that were beginning to come into use.
Lists of masculine and feminine given names and bynames from 8th to 12th century Andalusia records.
List of names taken from a tax census of the city of Florence in 1427.
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/medievalnames.htm   (2389 words)

 Rediscover Ancient Egypt - Tehuti Research Foundation - T.R.F.
This fellowship was formed to facilitate the study and practices of the Egyptian Model of mysticism, commonly known as the Way of Ma-at.
T.R.F. is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promote, encourage, and facilitate the study of Ancient Egypt, in a purer form - as close to the original as possible.
Tehuti Research Foundation (T.R.F.) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the study of Ancient Egypt, in a purer form.
www.egypt-tehuti.org   (523 words)

 Egypt Antiquities and Ancient Egypt
Its history covers some five thousand years, and encompasses the origin of civilization, the rise of the Greeks and Romans, the establishment of the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, the colonial era when first France and then the English ruled the country, and finally, a return to independence.
In Egypt, we find ancient pyramids and giant columns supporting massive temples, but we can now find these architectural elements spread throughout the world.
Ancient Egypt Life Pharaonic Art Pharaonic Music Cultural Essays
touregypt.net /egyptantiquities   (699 words)

 University of Dallas - Clasiics Department Useful to Classicists
Two quirks: (a) place names are listed alphabetically sometimes under the nomen, sometimes under the cognomen--so you should use your browser's "find" window; (b) only the links in blue connect to biographies; for those in red, none are written yet.
ROMAN BRITAIN now includes three books: John Ward's The Roman Era in Britain, a general survey with many excellent illustrations (especially of jewelry, combs, keys, and similar objects); Thomas Codrington's Roman Roads in Britain, long the standard authority in its field; and a regional resource, George Witts's Archaeological Handbook of Gloucestershire.
ROMAN ATLAS [29 maps]: a collection of 19c maps covering most of the Roman world, some of them indexed with ancient and modern placenames, longitude and latitude (both modern and ancient according to Ptolemy), bibliographical refs, web links, etc.
www.udallas.edu /classics/useful.cfm   (5153 words)

You as students of Ancient Greek language and history have been subpoenaed to participate in the trial of all time.
A list of Roman recipes for dishes such as Patina de Piris and Aliter Dulcia.
A timeline for ancient Roman history from 753 BCE to 565 CE.
www.cumbavac.org /Ancient_Greeks_and_Romans.htm   (4350 words)

 Ancient & Classic Cultures - Homework Center - Multnomah County Library
This site provides information on ancient languages, such as the language family and pronunciation, as well as the written characters of any ancient language you can imagine.
Ancient calendars, the earliest clocks, and the revolution of timekeeping.
Discusses the ancient dynasties, the Imperial Period, and on to modern Chinese history.
www.multcolib.org /homework/anchsthc.html   (4255 words)

 eBay — uncleaned roman coin, roman coin and uncleaned ancient coin items on eBay.com. Find IT on eBay.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Ancient GOLD Byzantine Coin,JOHN II, Comnenus 1118 A.D
* Items that are listed in a currency other than U.S. dollars display the converted amount in italicized text.
Find gold panda coins or a silver panda, ancient roman, canadian gold maple leaf, silver maple leaf coin, south american coins, world gold coin and byzantine coins on eBay.
coins.listings.ebay.com /Coins-Ancient_W0QQsacatZ4733QQsocmdZListingItemList   (714 words)

 List of topics related to ancient Rome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For an overview of the subject, see ancient Rome.
For other articles not listed below, see Category:Ancient Rome and its subcategories.
The topics in this list cover the culture, society and history of the ancient Roman Republic and the classical unitary Roman Empire, including what is known as the Roman era.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Ancient_Rome-related_topics   (239 words)

 Thousands of ROMAN NAMES for your dog, horse, cat, pet or child from Chinaroad Lowchens of Australia-
List of Roman gods, goddesses and other beings not present in Greek mythology
Names of Romans or from Roman times that are shared by other, far more famous persons (or even Gods).
The Romans adopted most of these Greek gods and goddesses, but with new names.
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/romannames.htm   (493 words)

 Social Studies Resources for Grades 4-6
In this exhibition, the ancient Egyptians still speak to us through passages taken from their writings and through the many objects they left behind.
In 1964 in the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Moussa discovered a series of tombs with rock-cut passages in the escarpment facing the causeway that lead to the pyramid of Unas.
The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece).
my-ecoach.com /online/webresourcelist.php?rlid=6850   (2754 words)

 Roman Board Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Romans also played other games like the Greek games Petteia, Pente Grammai, the Eqyptian game Senet, the African (Libyan) game of Mancala and probably others like 'Five-in-a-Row' (here called Ludus Calculorum for lack of a better term).
The rules for these games are not all well understood, but are presented with proposed reconstructions of rules in the pages linked at the right.
This site is intended to introduce the joys of ancient board games to modern players and is not meant to be an all-inclusive work of scholarly research.
www.personal.psu.edu /users/w/x/wxk116/roma/rbgames.html   (155 words)

 [No title]
Summary: Philo of Byzantium, approximately 2000 years ago, compiled a list which ancient Romans considered to be the seven great man-made wonders of the world.
Techniques used by the British Museum to analyze the body are shown and evidence of a ritual killing is revealed.
Summary: Scholars discuss the unification of Europe under the Romans, the military structure and tactics that allowed them to conquer much of Western Europe, and the cultural and social aspects of Rome before the empire collapsed in 476 AD.
www.ccsu.edu /library/nadeau/videolist2001/Videoninehundred3.htm   (2551 words)

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