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Topic: List of artillery by nation

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

The non-player nation must have a land border with the nation he is asked to go to war with or have merchantmen in the water to transport troops, or at the very least a port that is within a 4 sea zone distance of the potential enemy.
If your list behavoir is intentionally juvenile and appears to be conducted not for game play or discussion purposes, but rather just to devalue the utility of the list for other players and/or the moderator, this may warrant not a banning, but a cancellation of the players ability to post to the list.
nation may use a threat of war to cause the non player to end the war and move to the disfavorable box regarding the nation he is fighting. /war/1483/competition/1483rules.html

Artillery systems are flexible because they are able to shift the effects of their fire without moving their weapons, a consequence of their range.
The three artillery regiments of the division were deployed: the 76th Field Artillery (75-mm) on the western half of the sector, the 10th Field Artillery (75-mm) on the eastern half, and the 18th Field Artillery (155-mm), together with five French artillery batteries (75-mm, 105-mm, and 155-mm), in general support.
The attacker's artillery was required to suppress the defender's direct-fire systems, to cut the defender's wire entanglements that denied access to his trench lines, to destroy the defender's positions, to block relief by his reserves during an attack, and to neutralize the defender's artillery. /carl/resources/csi/csir_13/csir_13.asp

 WW1 PBEM rulebook v2.0
If artillery unit is attacked during the same turn from different location (other then it supports or attacks) then, after artillery unit ends supporting (attacking) fire for first round of combat, artillery must defend (by default) a territory it is in using defense value (if there are other units left).
For most nations cavalry were merged into infantry formations and were used primarily for scouting while artillery surmounted the throne as the main offensive weaponry of the war.
If the province where artillery is placed is attacked and no supporting infantry units exist in that province, then artillery unit defends at 1, but defends with defense value if there are still other friendly (other then artillery, AA guns and rockets) units in the same province. /war/1483/WW1game1/ww1rulebook.htm

 [TMP] "Smaller nation artillery equipment" Topic
Generally speaking, the French made note of the difficulty of using artillery in Spain and Portugal, and substituted the 8-pounder for the 12-pounder as it was too heavy and replacement draft horses were hard to come by.
Beware of what you see in US National and State parks.
Artillery units in outlying areas (New Orleans perhaps) might not have gotten the word, or, more likely, sometimes regulations/directives were ignored. /boards/

 List of artillery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a list by nation of origin, see also list of artillery by nation.
A list of the world's artillery, by type.
110 mm x 18 tube Light Artillery Rocket System (Germany) /wiki/List_of_artillery
NOW they come to their senses: The National Organization for Women's leaders, and even the woman who first assailed the decision of California prosecutors to charge Scott Peterson with the murder of his unborn son, have backed away from their stupid comments.
For the White House, the point of the exercise would be to propose a list of bright and articulate judges who are far more ideologically objectionable to the Democrats and their activist support groups than the president's current nominees.
That is, as a nation we're about to reduce spending on basic needs like education, health care and infrastructure by at least $100 billion, maybe more. /2003_04_01_hoystory_archive.html

 One Thousand Reasons: The List
One of the cited justifications for the war was the threat posed by an Iraqi nuclear weapons program.
One of the uglier aspects of the Bush administration's assault on women's reproductive rights is its concerted undermining of the United Nations Population Fund based on the false accusation that it supports coerced abortions in China.
In choosing to observe a "National Sanctity of Life Day," the president called attention to the fact that public complacency is the biggest threat to women's reproductive rights, abortion rights supporters said yesterday. /listB.php

 No list of solons coddling drug lords: narc chief - May 17, 2003
Several times Friday, the PDEA chief found himself having to dispute news reports that the agency had a list of lawmakers, including a senator, who were engaged in drug activities or were coddling drug traffickers.
THE PHILIPPINE Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) does not have a list of lawmakers who are coddling drug traffickers, undersecretary Anselmo Avenido Jr., PDEA director general, said in a radio interview Friday.
We have neither prepared a list nor submitted one to any committee or office," he said /brk/2003/may/17/brkpol_1-1.htm

 Fourth of July Celebrations Database
Towards evening several troops of horse, a corps of artillery, and a brigade of North Carolina forces, which was in town on its way to join the grand army, were drawn up in Second street and reviewed by Congress and the General Officers.
1795- A mock battle engagement with infantry, cavalry and artillery units occurs in Alexandria, Va.; in Boston, the cornerstone for the Massachusetts State House is laid by Paul Revere and Gov. Samuel Adams
After dinner a number of toasts were drank, all breaking independence, and a generous love of liberty, and commemorating the memories of those brave and worthy patriots who gallantly exposed their lives, and fell gloriously in defence [sic] of freedom and the righteous cause of their country. /heintze/fourth.htm

 The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Nation
A leader of the Indian National Lok Dal from Uttar Pradesh, Mr Harendra Singh Malik, led a farmers’ delegation and called on President A.P.J Abdul Kalam last evening, seeking his intervention to prevent distress sale of sugarcane arising out of the delay in commencing crushing operations by sugar mills in the state.
A leader of the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) from Uttar Pradesh, Mr Harendra Singh Malik, led a farmers’ delegation and called on President A.P.J Abdul Kalam last evening, seeking his intervention to prevent distress sale of sugarcane arising out of the delay in commencing crushing operations by sugar mills in the state.
Amid controversy over the authenticity of the encounter of special cell sleuths on Divali eve, the Delhi police today submitted a report to the National Human Rights Commission, maintaining that the shootout was real and the two persons who were gunned down were suspected terrorists of the Lashker-e-Toiba. /2002/20021114/nation.htm

 The Nation, 10/15/1885 - Burgoyne's Hanau Artillery
William L. Stone long ago translated and published several works by the Riedesels, and has since procured a copy of the Diary of G. Pausch, chief of the Hanau artillery during the Burgoyne campaign, which he found in the State Library at Cassel, France.
...Pauseh, chief of the Hanau artillery during the Bwgoyva campaign, which he found, in the State Library at Cassel...
A volume concerning the German auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War, by E.J. Lowell, was published last year. /Summaries/v041i1059_08.htm

 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
We knew that he had, as Colin Powell talked about in his presentation at the United Nations, an active procurement network to procure items, many of which, by the way, were on the prohibited list of the nuclear suppliers group.
It's called a "national intelligence estimate," and the overwhelming bulk of the evidence in there, not about a data point here or a data point there, but about what Saddam Hussein was doing, was that he had weapons of mass destruction.
The reporting that led to the National Intelligence Estimate, upon which I based my statements to you, that was produced a year ago now, the essence of which has since been declassified, that was the product of hundreds of people working over probably 20 years, back at least to the Osirak reactor in 1981. /static/npp/bush_admin_quotes.cfm

 Swedish Army
I fosterlandets tjänst : en studie i den svenska arméunderbefälskårens fackliga strävanden 1901-1922 = [In the nation's service : a study in military unionism among Swedish non-commissioned army officers 1901-1922] /s/sw/swedish_army_1.html Bay Area music shows of interest, esp. in San Francisco
The List PO Box 2451 Richmond, CA 94802 fax 510-237-4145 (NOTE: For e-mail, PLEASE no attachments or HTML) * recommendable shows a/a all ages $ will probably sell out @ pit warning ^ under 21 must pay more # no ins/outs Here is this week's list:
See the List Info page for URL's and numbers.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The List is e-mailed out each week. /underbelly/bands/thelist.html

 Brute Force: Ground Weapons - Artillery
An exploration into the remarkably effective artillery field of military ground weaponry, one of the most powerful weapons in the history of war.
This Oscar winner's got all kinds of action on his horizon; after taking on a rogue jet in the bomber flick Stealth, Jamie Foxx leads a platoon of Marines in Jarhead and navigates the careers of a rising girl group in the screen musical, Dreamgirls.
Explore the evolution of the cannon from the early muzzle loaders to the computer-controlled long range guns of Desert Storm. /m/brute_force_ground_weapons_artillery - U.S. troop casualties through December
Raphael Davis, 24, Tutwiler, Miss.; killed when his vehicle was hit by an explosive in Tampa; assigned to B Company, 223rd Engineer Battalion, Army National Guard, Calhoun City, Miss.
Bates' body was recovered and his status changed to deceased on Dec. 23; assigned to the 135th Military Police Company, Army National Guard, Brookpark, Ohio.
Christopher Holland, 26, Brunswick, Ga.; killed in an ambush in Baghdad; assigned to Battery A, 4th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Armored Division, Smith Barracks, Germany. /news/world/2003-08-31-coalition-toll_x.htm

 IW Nation - The OFFICIAL Infinity Ward Forums -> Custom maps list
My list here is to be sure of authorship and to possibly stir up finishing some and or converting others to UO.
IW Nation - The OFFICIAL Infinity Ward Forums _ Call of Duty Editing _ Call of Duty Mapping
Arkov (2 maps w/wo Artillery) - T Bag /Forums/index.php?showtopic=11059

 List of Related HomePages for 6th Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery (1960s to Present)
Battery A, 4th Battalion, 60th Artillery : Service to our Nation in the Republic of Vietnam during a time of great need.
List of Related HomePages for 6th Battalion, 32nd Field Artillery (1960s to Present)
Marvin Starcher : Click here to type.I joined the BN at Fort Lewis, Washington in 1966. /HomePage/UnitPageListHomePages/1,13491,102143,00.html

 Battlefield Nation :: View topic - Towed Artillery
The meaning of my post is a simple reflection of history as it might have been had the majority in my country and other Allied nations been more pacifist and isolationist.
The act authorized the president to transfer arms or any other defense materials for which Congress appropriated money to "the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States." Britain, the Soviet Union, China, Brazil, and many other countries received weapons under this law.
The Lend-Lease Act of March 11, 1941, was the principal means for providing U.S. military aid to foreign nations during World War II. /forums/viewtopic.php?t=17330

 List of artillery by nation - Art History Online Reference and Guide
List of artillery by nation - Your Art History Reference Guide!
List of artillery by nation - Art History Online Reference and Guide /art_history/List_of_artillery_by_nation

 The 6/14 Arty Homepage
There were several batteries of artillery under LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, some quad-mount anti-aircraft guns in a ground defense role, M-48 tanks, and reinforcing companies of Civilian Indigenous Defense Group (CIDG) strikers from the camps at Dak Pek and Mang Buk.
This means that you are more likely to be shot and killed in our Nation's Capitol, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, than you are in Iraq.
Command of all U.S. Artillery forces physically located at Ben Het was assigned to LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, who was the current commander of 6th Battalion 14th Artillery

 Jeff Quinton - Backcountry Conservative: Who Served?
Kos is the only prominent blogger (the others listed are Glenn Reynolds, Wonkette, Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall) listed who has served in the military.
I think he's in the Washington National Guard, but his brigade(?) is assigned to the Army in Najaf at the moment.
Wallace, U.S. Army: 1971-1976; TX Army National Guard: 1976-1981; Airborne/Ranger. /archives/001545.html

 The List (updated 7/31/2005)
Sep 9, 1996: Search the past three years of The List!
Here's what the symbols at the end of each listing mean:
Please send Steve mail if you have questions or corrections related to the list content. /punk/the-list
WASHINGTON (AP) - Awaiting the president, Scouts hoped his third attempt to attend this year's ill-fated national jamboree would turn out better than earlier appearances canceled at the last minute. -- Benefiting the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard
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 List of artillery -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
For a list by nation of origin, see also (Click link for more info and facts about list of artillery by nation) list of artillery by nation.
A list of the world's (Large but transportable armament) artillery, by type.
List of artillery -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article /encyclopedia/l/li/list_of_artillery.htm   (8128 words)

 List of artillery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For a list by nation of origin, see also list of artillery by nation.
A list of the world's artillery, by type.
Note that internal links may not be exact. /wiki/List_of_artillery   (159 words)

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