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Topic: List of capitals in the United States

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 Fifty States of the United States
States and Capitals of the United States by J. Moreland
- The United States is often called a "nation of immigrants." It is varied and vast with a land mass ranked fourth of the world's nations and the third largest population.
States maintain law and order, protect property rights, regulate businesses, administer public education, provide welfare programs, build and maintain highways, and operate state parks, forest, and other state-owned lands. /50states.htm

 Fifty States of the United States
States and Capitals of the United States by J. Moreland
- The United States is often called a "nation of immigrants." It is varied and vast with a land mass ranked fourth of the world's nations and the third largest population.
States maintain law and order, protect property rights, regulate businesses, administer public education, provide welfare programs, build and maintain highways, and operate state parks, forest, and other state-owned lands. /50states.htm   (1610 words)

 List of U.S. state capitals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of United States state capitals:
List of current and former capital cities within the United States
Categories: Lists of cities in the United States /wiki/List_of_U.S._state_capitals   (107 words)

 U.S. state - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The separate state governments and the United States federal government share sovereignty, in that an "American" is a citizen both of the federal entity and of his or her state of residence.
A state of the United States (a U.S. state) is any one of the fifty states (four of which officially favor the term commonwealth) which, along with the District of Columbia, form the United States of America.
The states are required to give "full faith and credit" to the acts of each other's legislatures and courts, which is generally held to include the recognition of legal contracts, marriages, criminal judgments, and—at the time—slave status. /wiki/U.S._state   (2626 words)

 list of extinct states - Article and Reference from
The Kingdom of Hawaii was unified in 1810 under Kamehameha I, and was recognized by the United States as an independent nation from 1826 until January 17, 1893.
Regency of Carnaro in 1919 and Free State of Fiume in 1920, two short-lived states in the port city of Fiume/Rijeka proclaimed by Gabriele D'Annunzio.
United Provinces of Central America also known as United States of Central America-- independent 1823; fell apart into separate states in civil war 1838-1840. /encyclopedia/list-of-extinct-states   (2901 words)

 Department of Library Public Services
QL618.L57 1980, List of common and scientific names of fishes from the United States and Canada.
GA405.M64 1985, Map index to topographic quadrangles of the United States, 1882-1940.
G105.R66 1997, Placenames of the world: origins and meanings of the names for over 5000 natural features, countries, capitals, territories, cities. /library/dlps/rsrchguides/dept/html/shelfl.html   (7020 words)

 Capital Of Yemen : Middle East Facts
There are also: List of capitals and larger cities by country list of capitals of subnational entities list of historical national capitals   A Abidjan Ivory Coast (administrative) Abu Dhabi United...
See live article   List of capitals and larger cities by country List of national capitals in the world in alphabetical order of country: In the case that the capital is not the largest city, the third column gives the cities that are larger.
Substantial Yemeni communities exist in many countries of the world, including Yemen's immediate neighbors on the Arabian Peninsula, Indonesia, India, East Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. /39-Capital-Of-Yemen.html   (1038 words)

 Online Activities - Ocean Lakes ES
Southeast US states, capitals, and bodies of water.
Northeast US states, capitals, and bodies of water.
Use the keyboard arrow keys to nudge the states into their proper place. /OEA.htm   (406 words)

 Shaking Hands with Saddam Hussein
His December 1983 tour of regional capitals included Baghdad, where he was to establish "direct contact between an envoy of President Reagan and President Saddam Hussein," while emphasizing "his close relationship" with the president [Document 28].
In preparation for his second round of meetings with officials in Baghdad, Donald Rumsfeld asks for a list of the countries that the U.S. has approached in order to persuade them to cut off arms sales to Iran.
The State Department instructs the U.S. delegate to the United Nations to get the support of other Western missions for a motion of "no decision" regarding Iran's draft resolution condemning Iraq's use of chemical weapons. /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB82   (7873 words)

 List of capitals of subnational entities - Wikipedia
List of capitals of subnational entities covers currently the following states: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines (start), Poland, Russia (incomplete), Somalia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine (partial), United Kingdom, United States.
See also: List of national capitals, national capitals by country, list of subnational entities, list of cities
The capital gives the province its name, see Provinces of Thailand /li/List_of_capitals_of_subnational_entities.html   (112 words)

 The Nifty Fifty States
States and Capitals - Click on any one of the 50 state folders to get all kinds of information on each state such as maps, population, area, and links to further information on each state.
Great US maps - A great list of maps showing various types of informations about the United States.
How to Memorize the United States of America - This is another mnemonic device created by a teacher to help students memorize the different states in each region. /wired/fil/pages/listthe50sju.html   (1181 words)

 The Garífuna @
This year, for the first time, the United Nations gave to a group of endangered cultures the title Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity (referred to in the article as World Heritage cultures).
Check out the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s website, and learn more about what it means to be declared a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
“This declaration is of benefit to all countries where Garífuna people live, but it also implies a responsibility.” To see a list of all the endangered cultures named this year, go to the UNESCO website at intangible_heritage. /ngm/data/2001/09/01/html/ft_20010901.6.html   (1042 words)

 List of countries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is an alphabetical list of countries of the world, including both internationally recognized and generally unrecognized independent states, inhabited dependent territories, as well as areas of special sovereignty.
Virgin Islands (U.S.) - United States Virgin Islands (unincorporated organized territory of the United States, popularly known in its abbreviated terms as U.S. Virgin Islands)
The names of countries in the list are given in English and include both the short official names (e.g. /wiki/List_of_countries   (1749 words)

 Learn more about List of reference tables in the online encyclopedia.
List of law schools in the United States
List of committees of the United States Senate
List of mean centers of U.S. population during the 20th century /l/li/list_of_reference_tables.html   (1071 words)

 82.05.05: Countries of South America
For more than a hundred years Argentina has been second only to the United States in the hopes of the landless and jobless for a piece of the pie.
Whichever way you use it, the main objective should be to compare and contrast the countries of South America with each other or with the United States.
Lastly, a condensed history of each country is added to give each student an idea of the effects of past situations which led to the conditions which exist in each country today. /ynhti/curriculum/units/1982/5/82.05.05.x.html   (3198 words)

 Anthro.Net: Demography
Global Statistics - country profiles (provinces and main cities) to the highest mountains in the world, to a list of all countries in the world with their capitals, surface area and population
FedStats - More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public.
Native American Navigator - an interface for geographical, historical, topical and keyword-based student inquiry on topics related to Native American history and culture in the United States. /ericjw1/population.html   (875 words)

 Languages and DBT
A Spanish book in the United States would be produced using the English/American table, with Spanish as a Secondary language.
Be careful with this list if you are producing a work in a foreign language, such as a textbook on Spanish to be used in the United States.
Information about secondary languages available in other tables can be found when pressing the F1 Help key when reviewing the Translation Table menu (found in the DBT Document Menu). /nations.asp   (665 words)

 Subject: United States of America
Gather the information by asking the class as a group what they know about the United States of America, states in particular, and what the capitals of some of the states are.
Objectives: To use language arts skills to write the assigned report in correct format, social studies skills will also be utilized by researching and discovering the information of states and their capitals.
Social Studies skills will be incorporated with the students showing what they have learned, and what famous people from the states all have in common to make them important. /~caprice/tip.htm   (665 words)

 Capital - All About All findings
Capitalism in the nineteenth century As the nineteenth century began, the United Kingdom was locked in a struggle with Napoleonic France that did much to define the terms for institutional developments, capitalist and otherwise, in the remainder of the century.
The seven capital virtues oppose the seven capital sins and are not to be confused with the "cardinal virtues" of Catholic lore.
Municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (Redirected from List of municipalities of Brussels-Capital Region) /search/Capital   (665 words) of countries by population
Only the 191 United Nations member states, plus the Republic of China and the Vatican City are numbered; other territories are included for purposes of comparison.
List of countries and capitals in native languages
This is a list of sovereign states and other territories by population. /browse/wiki/List_of_countries_by_population   (474 words)

 Women's Peace Mission to European Capitals, 1915, Introduction
Their work encouraged the creation of a non-partisan international organization, the League of Nations (founded in 1920) and the United Nations (founded in 1945).
These documents follow the two separate journeys that Jane Addams (with Alice Hamilton) and Emily Balch undertook in visiting the capitals of the nations at war in 1915.
They and other delegates from the International Congress of Women saw beyond national boundaries and demanded peace-- out of respect for the dignity of the individual, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or economic background. /hague/intro.htm   (873 words)

 North Korea and the United States: Declassified Documents from Reagan to Clinton
As summarized in the analysis, Pyongyang’s “counterproductive” actions are seen as driven by a combination of historical and personal factors: the regime’s belief that in international relations compromise equals capitulation, as well as by Kim Il-Sung’s and his son Kim Chong-Il’s perception of foreign pressures as personal tests of their legitimacy.
Second is the challenge of coordinating national positions among the U.S. and its partners, highlighted by the apparent split between Washington and Seoul on the legitimacy of Pyongyang’s desire for a civilian nuclear energy program.
The fascinating argument put forward by Stapleton Roy, long-time State Department Asia hand, that took issue with the image of North Korea’s leaders as illogical and unpredictable. /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB164   (3261 words)

Lists of capitals: by name, by country (with also the largest city), by continent and country
For example, if the President of the United States leans on Congress very hard to pass a proposal that it might not have passed without the President's attention, he is said to have spent some political capital.
Historically, it was also the place where the various economic forms of capital were concentrated for easier protection - the origin of the use of the term in economics. /en/wikipedia/c/ca/capital.html   (250 words)

 Articles - List of United States-related topics
List of state capitals and former capital cities in the United States
List of state legislatures of the United States
Abortion in the United States - Acting President of the United States - African American - /articles/List_of_United_States-related_topics   (250 words)

 List of United States-related topics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of state capitals and former capital cities in the United States
List of ships of the United States Navy (See several sublists therein.)
List of colleges and universities in the United States (See several sublists therein.) /wiki/List_of_United_States-related_topics   (250 words)

 Web Sites & Descriptions
You'll be sure to return to 50 states of the United States with its capital city data and information links.
The State Flags Game and the State Capitals Game are places where your students can sharpen their knowledge of the states.
The official site of the State of Alabama includes a video and audio message from the Governor, general state information, and even a link to a great picture of the Hale-Bopp comet over the state capital. /edres/ccenter/states/websites.shtml   (1386 words)

 United States - Facts and Statistics (Reference)
A chart listing the U.S. states by order of entry into the Union, year settled, and number of U.S. Representatives.
A chart listing the nicknames of U.S. state residents.
A chart listing the length of the U.S. coastline by state. /usa/demography/2383.html   (136 words)

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