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Topic: List of cities in Germany starting with XYZ

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 Other Information of- The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment).   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) was a regiment in the British Army.
On 23 April, 1968 the regiment was amalgamated with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (5th Ft.), The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers (6th.Ft) and the Lancashire Fusiliers (20th Ft) to form 3rd.Bn.
A "--" in the district column means that the town is an List of German urban districts, i.e.
the.royal.fusiliers.city.of.london.regiment.en.moneylist.info   (3594 words)

 [No title]
The list of achievements and legislation passed during his two terms is as long as it is impressive.
Germany promised to return to Mexico the land that had been taken by the United States for support in the war.
By 1967 public opinion in America was starting to shift away from supporting the war as the cost and the number of casualties increased.
www.angelfire.com /tx/sandersonAP/USPresidents.html   (15626 words)

 Index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
List of cities in Germany starting with H
List of cities in Germany starting with J
List of cities in Germany starting with N
www.freeglossary.com /i34j87.html   (184 words)

 [No title]
Recently, when I heard a NATO spokesman placidly and icily name the city of Kragujevac as a target, I shuddered because this city was a symbol of the Yugoslav nation's heroic confrontation with Hitler's occupation.
Germany and France wanted to share the militar= y command of NATO but the United States intended to keep its monopoly.
It has angered the Russians into further delaying their ratification of START II (already delayed in recent months by the U.S. bombing of Iraq in December and Clinton's endorsement of a Ballistic Defense System) and suspending cooperation with the West, including cooperation to avert a Y2K nuclear war.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/abolition-usa/archive/abolition-usa.199905   (15968 words)

 Additional critical remarks in regard to Witzman, Rips, and Rosenberg's "code"-related publications   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The "endpoint" of the remotest outskirts of city 1 is 60 miles from the nearest to it endpoint of the outskirts of city 2.
Also, whereas all cities in a country are objects of the same nature, in the case of ELS the pairs of ELS related by meaning have to be singled out to measure their "proximity." Hence, to define a single-valued criterion of "proximity" between related ELS is quite a complex task.
Even though the situation with the cities in a country is easier to handle than the case of conceptually related ELS in a text, we will, for the sake of an analogy, discuss an example similar to the situation with ELS in a text.
members.cox.net /mkarep/addrem.htm   (11318 words)

 Dictionary of Australian Biography F
Finniss was elected one of the representatives for the city of Adelaide and became the first premier and chief secretary of South Australia.
Flinders next went on the Reliance to Cape Town to obtain stock for the settlement, and as it was found on her return that the vessel was badly in need of repairs he had to remain on board, while Bass on 3 December 1797 went off on the voyage during which he discovered Bass Strait.
He started on 25 August and on his arrival the captain of the Rolla which was bound for China agreed to call at the island and take some of the survivors to Canton.
www.gutenberg.net.au /dictbiog/0-dict-biogF.html   (20683 words)

 Signifying Nothing: Tell 'em about it, Joe-Joe!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
If there's a second resolution, it will be proposed by an Axis of Weasels power (probably Germany) in order to stop the U.S. from appearing to act without their blessing, not because the “coalition of the willing” genuinely cares about getting one.
In other Iraq-related news, Ipse Dixit argues that France and Germany, if they want the U.N. Security Council to remain a credible force, need to move off their anti-war position, but they've backed themselves into a corner with their increasingly hardline rhetoric.
Whether it's simply a coincidental convergence of opinion or there's some dirty backroom dealing between France and Germany, it's pretty clear that this may be the end of NATO — and likely to be both counterproductive and in nobody's best interests.
blog.lordsutch.com /?month=200301   (7706 words)

 EWM Newsletter 4, 1997
Letters were sent to all mathematical institutes in Germany asking about the number of mathematicians on the faculty on specific positions, and the number of graduates and students in recent years (all data separately for women/men).
The good news are that the email-network in Germany has been further extended this year; spreading information on positions and special grant programs is the main activity on the net, and a lot of bilateral communication has taken place ``behind the scenes'', often in reaction to some distributed information.
Starting in the 1940s there was a sharp decline in actual numbers of women earning a Ph.D. in mathematics in the U.S.A..
www.math.helsinki.fi /EWM/news/news97.html   (11349 words)

 Master List - Finding Aids - RBSC - Princeton University Library - part 2
Master list is in two parts A to LM to Z
Though the starting point varies from place to place, it is generally considered to be the 17th century.
The bulk of the collection relates to the years, starting in 1925, he spent in China as bursar of Canton Christian College and contains photographs of students, faculty, friends, and views of the city, as well as scrapbooks of postcards and newspaper clippings recounting the general strike of 1925.
infoshare1.princeton.edu /rbsc2/aids/msslist/colls2.htm.back   (14966 words)

 Burningman : Movements
The lull in the protest movement since the start of the war, exactly as the population has turned against this disaster is more confusing than it should be and, I'd argue, related to a passive orientation towards the elections.
One place to start that discussion is by turning to an older feminist text, and a penetrating look directly at (some of) the everyday processes of New Left activism, The Tyranny of Structurelessness by Jo Freeman.
They are the only force in the city capable of literally shutting it all down, standing up the racist political structure that spits on working people -- and breaking the culture of passivity that is deeply entrenched not just in the union halls, but in the hearts of the masses of people.
burning.typepad.com /burningman/movements   (9982 words)

 Northeast Music: Archive 4
I want to stress that this list is not meant to be a definitive "best of," but rather a list of the CDs that I have enjoyed this past year and that I think that you might also like.
Fred hopes to join Robin when she returns to Germany in August 2005, especially since his mother was born in a town just a few miles from the concert site.
It started really small, with like three or four people who were really excited about the band.
www.geocities.com /nescene/arc0004.htm   (6296 words)

 Which Bible ?????
It lists the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, thirteen letters of the Apostle Paul, 1 and 2 John, the Revelation to John, Jude and an Apocalypse of Peter.
None of the translations are produced by anyone who is not an expert in the field of translating, and the merest glimpse at the amount of work involved in learning the tools of the translator's trade will testify to the fact that nobody embarks upon a translation for anything but the highest motives.
This must not obscure the fact, however, that the different renderings set out from different starting points, and are written by people who have different ideas as to what is the most important in the business of translating theses texts.
www.yeshuainternational.com /Which%20Bible.htm   (4545 words)

 MyDD :: Democrats Must Abandon the War on Terror
...to accomplish this reframing is to start telling the truth: the war on terror, the egotism, ethnocentrism, and nationalism that turned half of the country into a pack of mindless attack dogs, was itself the cause of terrorism in the first place.
Our entire economy (starting with the value of the currency) is premised on the idea -- which the whole world goes along with, for now -- that the United States is the world's leading power.
In the Christian tradition we have a powerful legacy of peacemaking: love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek, and the Good Samaratan are foundations to work from in fashioning a narrative that includes eliminating the causes of violence, not returning mindless violence for violence, and aiding and educating those you wish to make peace with.
www.mydd.com /story/2004/12/30/16138/652   (13349 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
When liberals in Germany expressed dire alarm at the rise of Hitler, they were called "conspiracy theorists" by nearly everyone.
Moreover, service providers would be forced to closely monitor every private communication, electronic mail message, public forum, mailing list, and file archive carried by or available on their network, a proposition which poses a substantial threat to the freedom of speech and privacy rights of all American citizens.
Arpanet started out as a pet project for the military, but had freedom from dictating beaurocratic whims.
archive.cpsr.net /cpsr/lists/listserv_archives/cyber-rights/950303   (14773 words)

 New England Music Scrapbook News #64
It seems likely it has something to do with interest in one or more of the contestants, so here is the list of Tuesday night bands: Fooled by April, the Brett Rosenberg Problem, Seemless, and Sugabomb.
The Northampton scene is truly amazing for a city its size, and Northampton is a big part of what makes New England's popular music community run.
Cities, towns, other placenames: Bangor Maine, Boston Massachusetts, Brattleboro Vermont, Burlington Vermont, Cambridge Massachusetts, Cape Cod, Hartford Connecticut, Manchester New Hampshire, New Haven Connecticut, Northampton Massachusetts, Pioneer Valley, Portland Maine, Portsmouth New Hampshire, Providence Rhode Island, Rutland Vermont, Somerville Massachusetts, Springfield Massachusetts, Worcester Massachusetts (Wormtown).
www.geocities.com /nemsnewz/news/0064.htm   (4523 words)

 [No title]
List by area NEWFILES.ARJ 11,295 30-Jun-93þ (360) New files(30 days) on The Richwood BBS, ARJ format RICHWOOD.TXT 1,357 27-Jul-92 (76) Contribution form for The Richwood BBS OFFLINE.ARJ 29,040 26-Mar-92 (70) List of offline files available here ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ DDS_FILE.ARJ 11,446 30-Jun-93þ (05) List of files in the DDS file areas.
PDN_FILE.ARJ 28,540 30-Jun-93þ (05) List of files in the PDN file areas.
SDN_FILE.ARJ 45,073 30-Jun-93þ (18) List of files in the SDN file areas.
www.textfiles.com /bbs/FILELISTS/allfiles.lst   (6534 words)

 The Perl Scripting Language
It is especially important to recognize the distinction between the singular context of scalars and the plural context of lists.
Since they are far too many to list here, you should take the time to browse through them using one of the numerous online resources available, such as the Perl manpages.
Below is a list of one-line (less than 80 chars) Perl commands that have been used to perform common tasks on the UNIX platform.
www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca /~cs219/CourseNotes/Perl/Compiled.html   (11495 words)

 RE: (police) Don't Stand '86(dance = mix)
What distresses me is that some members of this list have projected their dissatisfaction with the new single onto Sting as, perhaps, some kind of washed-up songwriter who ought to focus on organic farming.
What distresses me > is that some members of this list have projected their dissatisfaction > with the new single onto Sting as, perhaps, some kind of washed-up > songwriter who ought to focus on organic farming.
Not a LOT of relevance to the list, just that I'm really pleased to come across something like that, to further point out that yes, I am a Sting fan, and yes, I'm darn proud of it.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/police/archive/police.199908   (16065 words)

 National Clothesline September 1997
The second portion is an alphabetical listing of fabrics with wetcleaning guidelines and tips for each type.
Texcare organizers said that shifting the 1998 show from Germany to "the future-oriented market of East Asia" complies with the wishes of suppliers or laundry and drycleaning machine who claim to hold around 80 percent of the European market.
Upon start up for new facilities unless the training is an unreasonable burden due to unavailability of scheduled courses or testing facilities.
web.newsguy.com /natclo/9709.html   (20096 words)

 [IMC-Tech] Re: [IMC-Process] New IMC Process / Maritimes
It > > is to the credit of the participants of imc-process that it has created a > > worldwide communications list, helped set up a couple successful global > > irc meetings, and worked through a consensus on various global indymedia > > issues (imc-germany coming to mind).
For whatever shortcomings imc-process has, it is without > > doubt that tech collective members who wish to add a new IMC need to be > > cc:'ing these lists and keeping their actions transparent.
This is what > > was decided 2 weeks ago, and I think it also is pretty intuitive that > > those interested in advancing process would forward major actions like > > establishing a new IMC to the process list.
archives.lists.indymedia.org /imc-tech/2001-April/003367.html   (1218 words)

 The OSLUG Planet
Partying is easy: If you host, add your party to the list and let the world know that you are going to celebrate the new, exciting release of your favorite webbrowser.
A week of work, and the world already turns out to be entirely a village: Dan Mosedale, lead developer on the Lightning Project (= Mozilla Calendar as a Thunderbird extension) spent a year at the University of Karlsruhe studying Informatik (computer science) in the early 1990s.
As mentioned before, I started working at Mozilla recently, and the current project I am on happens to be written in PHP using the CakePHP web development framework.
lug.oregonstate.edu /planet   (3756 words)

 Wisconsin's International Resources --
High school sophomores or juniors enrolled in German as a foreign language are eligible to study in a school in Hessen, Germany, for three months in the spring, after first hosting a partner student from Germany during the fall semester in their home high school.
The Fulbright Memorial Fund (FMF) Teacher Program (see separate listing under Teacher Travel Exchange) is the reciprocal part of this program, for which any K—12 teacher or administrator can apply.
Organization members have chronicled the increasing numbers of Wisconsin sister city, sister state, sister university, sister county, sister school, and even sister chamber of commerce relationships.
www.dpi.state.wi.us /cal/ier20.html   (3596 words)

We have compiled this listing from numerous sources, so please excuse our not listing them all.
Please leave a comment and/or e-mail any member of this blog (their profiles or blogs contain their e-mail addresses) if you know of any rallies that are not listed or to update information on a listed rally.
Click on any letter to jump to the rallies under that letter; before the rally listings is a list of all cities that are hosting or have hosted rallies.
jblogosphere.blogspot.com   (2190 words)

 Ride of Silence 2006 FYI
city officials that cyclists have a legal right to the public roadways.
The ride is also a chance to show respect for those who have been
There was at least one starting point in each boro.
www.cyclingforums.com /showthread.php?p=2569769   (791 words)

 CocoaRadio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the last month, we've started seeing fruits of their decision a year ago to broaden their product line with Omni Dazzle.
As you may have heard, CocoaDevHouse is an un-conference for the people by the people that is now scheduled to start on April 21st in Amsterdam.
I say we start a "Cocoa Local" event in the spirit of SuperHappyDevHouse which has just past event #7 in the Bay Area.
www.cocoaradio.com   (6651 words)

 Whitney Weekday Request Campaign
By splitting up this list according to the alphabet and varying the letters everyday, we'll hit all of the states everyday without it being as obvious.
Most radio stations won't fulfill song requests that obviously come from outside their borders, so you should use an e-mail address that is more standard worldwide, such as a.com address.
WRVW (107.5 FM) - (615)737-9107; Vote for Whitney in the Interactive 8@8 if she is listed.
www.whitney-fan.com /vote.shtml   (1431 words)

In route, Winthrope preaches that the colony will be a city sitting on a hill, an example for all.
Lists the number of judges to be on the Supreme Court
Tweed controlled NY city, tried to build a court house for $250,000 but had spent almost $30 million due to corruption
www.angelfire.com /tx3/mccutcheon/u.s.history.html   (10743 words)

 Product Listing: Unknown Listing
TerraScan reads points directly from any ASCII XYZ text file, allows you to work in an open-source binary format for smaller file size and faster access and easily allows conversion between formats.
Sanborn's CitySets product line is a series of off-the-shelf digital datasets covering the core downtown areas of major cities across the United States.
CUTLAS, itself an Intelligent Transport System with an impressive pedigree, has been providing ITS interoperability and functions supporting Demand Management since starting key roles in two of the four government UTMC29 demonstrator projected in 1999.
ecat.giscafe.com /product_list.php   (6665 words)

 Notes for test 11
House of Burgesses started in Williamsburg, VA - near Jamestown.
IR started in Late 1700s in GB Samuel Slater - smuggled plans to US - built first factory - textile mill in RI NE Ideal site for factories
became a martyr for slavery when he was killed in a fire started by angry mob who burned down his printing press
www.palmahs.org /teachers/carnazzo/test-01-11.html   (13891 words)

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