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Topic: List of cocktails

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  Mint/820 - About Us
Cocktails: Lucy is at the forefront of creating cocktails that incorporate fresh fruit and food into each drink and has been noted as one of the top mixologists in the country by Food and Wine January 2006 and by Bon Appetit (September 2004).
Consistently noted as one of the nation's top mixologists, Lucy Brennan is world renowned for her inventive cocktails that marry fresh ingredients and spirits.
The success of Mint and the incredible demand for Lucy's unique cocktails prompted her to open the 820 Lounge next door to Mint in spring 2003, with a mouthwatering list of over 40 of Lucy's custom cocktails including hot cocktails for the cold fall and winter months.
www.mintand820.com   (749 words)

  Arak Fakra Cocktails
A fairly strong cocktail to be prepared in a shaker.
Well-chilled and pronounced cocktail to be prepared in a blender.
This cocktail is strong: do not drink it twice unless you have a strong experience in drinking.
www.chateaufakra.com /FakraENG/ecocktails.htm   (1074 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A cocktail is a style of mixed drink made predominantly with a distilled beverage, such as vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, or tequila, mixed with another drink other than water.
Cocktails usually contain one or more types of liqueur, fruit, sauce, honey, milk or cream, spices, or other flavorings.
Cocktails may vary in their ingredients from bartender to bartender, and from region to region.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=List_of_cocktails   (698 words)

Cocktail Times - Drink and cooking recipes, advice for setting up a bar and making cocktails.
Cocktails - Net links, weekly features, cocktail recipes, chat, bulletin board, cocktail postcards, free screensavers and a newsletter - all cocktail related.
Cocktails and Dreams - Selection of cocktail recipes by category, including a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.
www.ability.org.uk /cocktails.html   (1224 words)

 List of cocktails - RecipeFacts   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Template:Wikibooks This is a partial list of cocktails.
Boilermaker or Jimmy and Guinney - A cocktail consisting of a shot of whiskey, or vodka, and a glass of beer.
Depth Charge - A cocktail in which a single shot of Everclear is lit on fire, immersed in to a glass of beer, and quickly drank.
www.recipeland.com:8080 /facts/List_of_cocktails   (476 words)

 List of Cocktails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Garnish with cocktail cherry, add two leaves of mint and a slice of lime.
Pour it in a martini glass and decorate with a green olive and the peel of a lemon.
Cocktail glass with salt-rim, in shaker: 4cl tequila, 2cl Triple Sec, 2cl lime juice, Ice.
www.free-ebooks.net /ebook/ebooks/ebooks%20for%20site/recipies%20&%20food%20&%20drink/43%20Great%20Cocktails.htm   (810 words)

 Bartender: Stocking for Alcoholic Drink Recipes, Cocktails, Bar Drinks from Bar.TV
A home bartender will almost certainly end up with more than three bottles in his or her bar, but to start, you shouldn't need much more, and the three-bottle rule holds true for grasping the basics of alcoholic drinks: bases, mixers, and accents.
Although gin cocktails are unmistakably gin cocktails, a Martini tastes nothing like a Rickey or Fizz, and you certainly wouldn't want it to.
The subsequent ingredients in cocktail recipes should be harmonious with it.
www.bartv.com /features/advise_trade_secrets_stocking.htm   (327 words)

 info: List_of_cocktails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil.
Cocktails with beer A distilled beverage mixed with beer.
VOYAGE charters - Standard Bar CocktailsBelow is a list of cocktails which will be served with appetizers during happy hour on board your yacht.
www.napoli-pizza.net /List_of_cocktails.html   (1645 words)

 Crown Royal Canadian Whisky cocktails: 20+ appetizing drink recipes.
Mix ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker, and rest until ice cold.
Add 1/2 oz dry vermouth in a chilled cocktail glass, and roll the vermouth around the glass and throw away the excess.
Strain into cocktail glass, and garnish with orange peel and maraschino cherry.
www.drinksmixer.com /cat/2264   (494 words)

 New Classic Cocktails
My favorite cocktail books are the ones that do more then simply spout off an ingredient list for the recipes they present.
In New Classic Cocktails, Gary and Mardee really pull out the stops when sharing with their readers the specifics of the cocktails they list in their book.
Through extensive research and conversations with leading bartenders across the nation, they present 50 different cocktails that represent the cross section of where the modern cocktail has been, and is going.
www.drinkboy.com /Library/BookList/NewClassic.html   (197 words)

 Cocktail : UK > Cocktails Based On... > Select Cocktail Base.
Shows a list of cocktails based on vodka.
Shows a list of cocktails based on gin.
Shows a list of cocktails based on brandy.
www.cocktail.uk.com /db/Cocktails.asp   (48 words)

 Restaurants : Cocktails Information | ZoomInfo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Sopraffina specializes in serving fresh gourmet pizza, pasta, salads, focaccia sandwiches, antipasti and desserts to the huge market of urban professionals who are seeking a high...
Downcity Food & Cocktails is a Downtown Providence Rhode Island fine cuisine restaurant specializing in fine dining and catering for special events,weddings,formal dinners,meetings,banquets, corporate events,or special functions.
Cocktails Bar and Grill - Nashville's newest Martini and Music venue with live music, hot writers nights and karaoke on the weekends.
www.thezoomlist.com /restaurant/restaurants/cocktails.htm   (1244 words)

 White Russian - Homedistiller   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The White Russian is a sweet cocktail for many occasions.
It is the favourite drink of 'The Dude' in The Big Lebowski (where it is often jokingly called a "Caucasian"), and is also the name of a Kaizers Orchestra song (in Norwegian, "Kvite Russer").
Shake the mix in a cocktail shaker with a half-scoop of ice for about 15 seconds, and then pour through a strainer over three or four cubes of ice in an old-fashioned style glass.
homedistiller.org /mediawiki-1.6.8/index.php?title=White_Russian&redirect=no   (113 words)

 Cocktails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a list of cocktails that Dave has liked or found interesting.
Mix all the ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, shake and strain over ice into a tall glass.
This is adapted from a recipe given on the Absolut Vodka web site, but that recipe defines a ratio of 3/3/10 for vodka/midori/pineapple juice and also instructs to fill with soda water.
www.noaxs.net /cocktails.php   (298 words)

 MisterLUCKY: Cocktails
We did the bulk of our shopping early, found a swell Christmas tree, bought a case of decent champagne and we have a good supply of bulky sweaters.
Insipid music must be challenged, heavy, bland, starchy food is in need of salsa fresca, and eggnog should be replaced with a champagne cocktail.
A champagne cocktail cuts through all the heaviness of the season.
www.mrlucky.com /html/cocktails/champcocktail.htm   (268 words)

 The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
In addition to enjoying all the FAQs, you can create your own or add a new topic to an existing one (you'll have to be a registered user), adding your knowledge to that of other IMDb users.
For example, the IMDb FAQ for Vertigo includes questions about the plot as well as an extensive list of critics who liked the movie -- and those who didn't.
Take a look at our list to see which shows made the cut.
www.imdb.com   (648 words)

 Pitt study analyzes HIV drug cocktails   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A new clinical trial has found that one commonly prescribed triple-drug cocktail was more effective than another as a first-line treatment for HIV infection.
Researchers led by Dr. Sharon Riddler, of Pitt's School of Medicine, compared a triple-drug therapy comprising a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor called efavirenz and two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors, or NRTIs, with another combination that included the protease inhibitor lopinavir/ritonavir and two NRTIs.
Federal guidelines list those cocktails as preferred options for HIV treatment.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06225/713156-114.stm   (595 words)

 Cheers Cocktails - Frequnetly Asked Questions
Here is a list of questions that we at Cheers Cocktails are frequently asked.
The cost will vary depending on what type of drinks you wish to serve, the number of guests and how long you require the service.
At each function, we provide you with a list of popular cocktails and drinks.
www.cheerscocktails.com.au /html/faq.html   (555 words)

 .: evil jungle prince :.: Cocktails Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Anyway, I was playing around last night with iDRINK's cool functionality that allows a person to enter in all of one's available household liquor.
Once an inventory is completed, out pops a list of cocktails that can be prepared with them.
When my list done, I of course had no choice but to make this particular cocktail based on its name alone.
www.desertmodernism.com /blog/cocktails   (147 words)

 BolsCocktails: the database with cocktails every bartender will enjoy
And we'll present to you a list of cocktails of your taste.
Not only can you find the most delicious cocktails on this website, you can also learn more about serving cocktails.
To view How to feel like a bartender you have to indicate if you are of legal drinking age in your respective country by selecting the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ button.
www.bolscocktails.com /bols_drinks/bartender.html   (207 words)

 MisterLUCKY: Cocktails
From throwing a cocktail to party to the famous Lucky 7 lists.
Guest bartender Tim ("Swanky") Glazner educates us all on the virtues of this relatively new drink and then goes on to offer an exciting new twist that is sure to win fans everywhere.
One of the few decent cocktails made with tequila.
www.mrlucky.com /html/b_cocktails.htm   (289 words)

 At BarLola, the setting delights but the tapas disappoint - The Boston Globe
You're at a restaurant, and when you sit down, you find on your table a list of cocktails with names like the Green Monster and the Beantown Martini, no wine list in sight.
But on a recent night at the new BarLola, a trio more than ready to be seduced by Spanish wine and nibbles finds itself faced instead with the Gold Digger and the Hot Tub.
At the surrounding tables, this sangria is all the rage; the patrons are polished 30-somethings who look as though they battled their share of Green Monsters as less-polished 20-somethings.
www.boston.com /ae/food/restaurants/articles/2005/09/30/at_barlola_the_setting_delights_but_the_tapas_disappoint?mode=PF   (619 words)

 La Pirogue Hotel Mauritius, online booking on mauritius-seychelles.com
In the evening as from 19h30, its offering is more sophisticated, with a focus on seafood and healthy stir-fries, grills and smoked dishes: smoked marlin with heart of palm, tandoori fresh-water prawns, grilled crayfish, prawn-and-chicken curry, and excellent desserts.
Located at the heart of the resort, next to Thatches, the main restaurant, the Blue Bar, with its blue-granite décor, electric-blue lighting, and tropical, contemporary blue cocktails, is the privileged core of the resort's nightlife and entertainment.
It is a great meeting-place for enjoying excellent health and well-being cocktails, vitamin-packed with 100% fruit or vegetable juices.
www.mauritius-seychelles.com /la-pirogue-hotel-mauritius.html   (2496 words)

 Food & Drink : 10 Autumn Cocktails : Fine Living
The crisp fall breeze may mean no more pool parties, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate the change in season.
Invite the gang over for a cocktail party or sip a mug of Hot Spiked Cider on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Taking advantage of the season's harvest, these drink recipes are perfect for any occasion.
www.fineliving.com /fine/entertaining/article/0,2498,FINE_22197_5061536,00.html   (105 words)

 American Football Cocktails - cocktail.com
Oftentimes, it's a tailgate party at the stadium, or donning team colors at a local sports bar.
We found some unusual cocktails in some fans' playbooks.
So show some team spirit and enjoy a potent taste of this all-American sport.
www.cocktail.com /season/2004/AmericanFootball.htm   (89 words)

 List of cocktails - Homedistiller   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This is a list of cocktails and Mixed Drinks.
Cocktail glasses, jiggers, champagne flutes, stemware, shakers, and more.
This page was last modified 14:43, 7 September 2006.
www.homedistiller.org /mediawiki-1.6.8/index.php/List_of_cocktails   (61 words)

 Champagne, Wine, & Sparkling Wine - Cocktails
Create these easy and stylish cocktails with champagne, sparkline wine, and/or wine.
Enjoy a bit of the last night's memories with this tasty cocktail, traditionally served at breakfast.
This classic cocktail uses a cube of sugar sprinkled with bitters, brandy, and champagne (or sparkling wine).
www.bellaonline.com /subjects/3984.asp   (176 words)

 Baked little ears - The Boston Globe
The Brookline Village restaurant Pomodoro is a cash-only affair, with two types each of red and white wine, a limited list of cocktails, and a menu that changes only twice a year.
But the absence of broad choice suits the customers who visit multiple times each week, says chef Frank van Overbeeke.
It's good and hearty, and if you have the cash on you, you too might return for dinner at Pomodoro more than once this week.
www.boston.com /ae/food/articles/2006/12/06/baked_little_ears   (235 words)

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