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Topic: List of coding terms

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  NGDC/WDC MGG, Boulder-Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples original coding instructions
Use of codes is optional, the exact text equivalents may be substituted.
To determine texture, select the appropriate code from the ternary diagram above by plotting weight percentages of end-member textural elements, or choose from the codes list below.
Secondary Lithologic Composition for Interval - 1 digit code from same list as primary lithologic composition used for a second lithology that is common but lessser than the primary lithologic composition.
www.ngdc.noaa.gov /mgg/curator/curatorcoding.html   (1422 words)

  Code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In communications, a code is a rule for converting a piece of information (for example, a letter, word, or phrase) into another form or representation, not necessarily of the same type.
The use of data coding for data compression predates the computer era; an early example is the telegraph Morse code where more frequently-used characters have shorter representations.
In mathematics, a Gödel code was the basis for the proof of Gödel's incompleteness theorem.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Code   (691 words)

 Lists and strings
Syntactically, a list is denoted by square brackets with the terms separated by commas.
List predicates all follow a similar strategy--try something with the first element of a list, then recursively repeat the process on the rest of the list.
The recursive condition states that if list X is appended to list [TQ1], then the head of the new list is also H, and the tail of the new list is the result of appending X to the tail of the first list.
www.sis.pitt.edu /~logicp/group2/lists.html   (710 words)

 New Morphology Terms and Synonyms
Over 500 terms were added as new terms or synonyms to existing codes in the 8000-9580 range, and over 200 terms and synonyms were added to the leukemia and lymphoma section.
In the process of reorganizing the lymphomas and leukemias, a number of terms were moved to different codes or combined with other codes, but numbers were never re-used to avoid the potential confusion of multiple meanings over time for a single code.
This descriptor is intended to discourage the use of such a term for a new diagnosis when better diagnostic terms are available, yet to serve as a reference when such a diagnosis is noted during research using historical data.
training.seer.cancer.gov /module_icdo3/newterms_morphology.html   (663 words)

 BioMed Central | Full text | Automation of a problem list using natural language processing
This problem list serves the dual purpose of providing a brief, formal summary of the patient's illnesses and of acting as a tool for organizing the routine documentation of the physician's decision-making process and the plan for and results of care.
The problem list in a problem-oriented patient record also provides a context in which continuity of care is supported, preventing both redundant and peripheral actions [3].
Coding of medical problems may be achieved by manually assigning a code when the problem is entered, or by using NLP techniques to map free-text problem list entries with an appropriate code, as described below.
www.biomedcentral.com /1472-6947/5/30   (7543 words)

 Terms and Definitions
A list of items associated with a file or other object; the list contains the identities of users that are permitted access to the associated file; there is information (usually in the form of a set of bits) about the types of access (such as read, write or delete) permitted to the user.
A term for a separate bus from the processor to the second level cache (as opposed to the frontside bus connecting to the main memory).
Condition codes are also used in comparisons by combining condition codes in logical equation with possibilities such as less than or greater than for operands that are compared.
www-ece.engr.ucf.edu /~jza/glossary/terms.html   (20644 words)

The diagnostic code represents the reason why the patient is seeking services from the psychologist (i.e., depression), while the procedure code represents the service the psychologist is providing (i.e., psychotherapy).
The codes used for testing/assessment (96100-96117) are actually in a separate section of the CPT manual entitled, "Central Nervous System Assessments/Tests." Members often ask for a list of "just the psychology codes," rather than having to buy the entire CPT manual.
There are many codes in the book that members may not be aware of and thus, when only a limited list of codes is available to them, they try to "make the service fit the code." This type of erroneous coding can cause problems down the road if ever faced with an audit.
www.apa.org /practice/medcoding.html   (567 words)

 ArrayList (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
Constructs a list containing the elements of the specified collection, in the order they are returned by the collection's iterator.
Removes from this List all of the elements whose index is between fromIndex, inclusive and toIndex, exclusive.
Otherwise, a new array is allocated with the runtime type of the specified array and the size of this list.
java.sun.com /j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/util/ArrayList.html   (1451 words)

 SART- Coding List Maintenance
These maintenance forms can also be accessed from the employee form by double-clicking on the relevant drop-down coding list presented.
Where required these can be allocated by organisation, so that a common code list can be used, or just the ones that apply to particular organisations.
The coding list for sickness absence causes can be viewed but not updated.
www.iom-world.org /sicknessabsence/tu11.htm   (120 words)

 CSS - Unordered List Styles (UL)
Bullet lists in HTML come in two varieties: Ordered Lists (in which each line begins with a number or letter) and Unordered Lists (in which each line begins with the same bullet shape or image).
There are several ways to format the style of your lists but they all use the same basic set of instructions.
The simplest way to format your lists is to define a style which applies to all lists in the page.
www.mediacollege.com /internet/css/ul-list.html   (356 words)

 DataCompression.info - Arithmetic Coding   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Arithmetic coding is a method of encoding data using a variable number of bits.
In this particular case, A and B are a compressor and decompressor that use arithmetic coding.
A concise explanation of Arithmetic Coding by Arturo Campos.
datacompression.info /ArithmeticCoding.shtml   (2613 words)

 LISTSERV list owner's manual
The list owner decides whether digests are available or not, the frequency at which they are issued and the day of week or time of day when the digest should be distributed.
List topics provide a way to run a mailing list (preferably moderated) where several sub-topics are being discussed in parallel but some subscribers are only interested in a subset of the topics.
The list owner may execute a PUT operation with this keyword defined in the header as long as the values for the keyword are not changed.
www.nau.edu /~its/listserv/keyword.html   (12578 words)

 HCPCS Coding Questions
The CPT-4 is a uniform coding system consisting of descriptive terms and identifying codes that are used primarily to identify medical services and procedures furnished by physicians and other health care professionals.
Level II of the HCPCS is a standardized coding system that is used primarily to identify products, supplies, and services not included in the CPT-4 codes, such as ambulance services and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) when used outside a physician's office.
Coding questions regarding the use of Level II HCPCS codes related to durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and other supplies: Suppliers should check with the statistical analysis durable medical equipment carrier (SADMERC) under contract to CMS.
www.cms.hhs.gov /MedHCPCSGenInfo/20_HCPCS_Coding_Questions.asp   (586 words)

 A List Apart: Articles: Enhance Usability by Highlighting Search Terms
Using your site’s cascading style sheets, you then highlight these terms using background colors, font weights, or different voices (depending on the target medium) so that they are more apparent to the user.
There are probably a million and one different ways that the code could be improved (we’ve already started on a fully object-oriented version ourselves), and any comments are welcome.
We’ve released this code under the GNU General Public Licence, so you’re welcome to port the code to other scripting languages and do with it what you will.
www.alistapart.com /articles/searchhighlight   (1635 words)

 Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Some terms with a leading variable, such as n-way, m-dimensional, or p-branching, are under k-.
You may find terms dealing with hardware, the computer industry, slang, etc., in the Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing or in A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms.
Data Structures and Algorithms is a wonderful site with illustrations, explanations, analysis, and code taking the student from arrays and lists through trees, graphs, and intractable problems.
www.nist.gov /dads/terms.html   (686 words)

 Coding for list item in Oracle developer - Oracle Forum
Coding for list item in Oracle developer - Oracle Forum
I have got two list items.i want to add list elements from one list item to another.i have got a button between these two list items to add the elements.
One condition is after every move the control must be placed in the first element of list1 and last element of list2.
www.thescripts.com /forum/thread550434.html   (175 words)

 Java theory and practice: Concurrent collections classes
The race conditions illustrated in Listing 1 often make it necessary to hold the single collection lock for much longer than it takes to execute a single operation.
to store a list of listeners, as long as the list remains mutable and may be accessed by multiple threads, you must either lock the entire list during iteration or clone it before iteration, both of which have a significant cost.
It is not necessary to clone the list before iteration or lock it during iteration because the copy of the list that the iterator sees will not change.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/java/library/j-jtp07233.html   (1917 words)

 Higher Education Publications, Inc. - Database, Publisher Typesetting
Any re-use of a rented list will be charged at the original cost of the list.
HEP lists are not to be reproduced or duplicated in any manner.
HEP liability for any damages or loss sustained by the purchaser through the use of this list shall be limited to the cost of this list.
www.hepinc.com /maillist.htm   (304 words)

 A List Apart: Articles: Back to Basics
The software may be able to code for you, but it cannot read your mind, and it certainly can’t read the minds of your client or your intended audience.
In the longer term, but along the same lines, the savvy and dreams of the generation now in secondary school will be felt in the marketplace.
The NCSA Beginner’s Guide To HTML: In terms of breadth, this resource hasn’t much to offer, but it’s at the top of the list because it does the best job of any resource I’ve found when it comes time to understand how the web works at the page level.
www.alistapart.com /articles/basics   (2804 words)

 IHDG Terms and Conditions of Use
Such collective terms and conditions may not be altered, supplemented, or amended except by a written agreement signed by you and us.
Any attempt to alter, supplement or amend such collective terms and conditions or to enter an order for products or services which are subject to additional or altered terms and conditions shall be null and void, unless otherwise agreed to in a written agreement signed by you and us.
If any part of these Terms of Use is held invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in a manner consistent with applicable law to reflect, as nearly as possible, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.
www.ihdg.net /disclaimer/terms_use.asp   (4859 words)

 LISP Tutorial 1: Basic LISP Programming
List is also a recursive data structure: its definition is recursive.
Lists containing other lists as members are difficult to understand for beginners.
However, one may use lists to approximate sets, although the performance of such implementation is not the greatest.
www.cs.sfu.ca /CC/310/pwfong/Lisp/1/tutorial1.html   (3096 words)

 Using Linked List in C#   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Source Code: LinkedListInCS.zip 7 KB What we going to make is a linked list.
Yeah I know there is a class which does the same as a linked list called ArrayList, but we (as a diehard C# programmer) want absolute control and knowledge of what we use.
It isnt hard to make a linked list and I guess most programmers are already familiar with linked lists.
www.c-sharpcorner.com /Code/2003/June/UsingLinkedListInCS.asp   (293 words)

 Meetup Terms of Service Agreement - Meetup.com
All amended terms shall automatically be effective to existing users 30 days after they are initially posted on our website, and effective immediately to users registering after amendments are posted.
You may view a list of cities and countries where meetings occur on our website (at http://www.meetup.com/locale).
Coupon codes have no cash value, are not retroactive, and unless specified, are non-transferable and expire within 30 days of date of issue.
www.meetup.com /terms   (4655 words)

 Advanta Coding Solutions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Once enabled, Advanta Coding and Reimbursement Solutions will provide the latest medical coding, billing and healthcare related news from around the world.
My 16 years of in office experience “on the front line” makes me very knowledgeable about aspects of obtaining accurate patient and insurance demographics, developing adequate intake forms, making solid financial arrangements and the skills of pursuing the highest reimbursement allowed from insurance companies.
On average, Advanta Coding Solutions clients realize a 30% increase in their collections rate, and a 20% increase in overall profitability.
advantacoding.com   (186 words)

 Terms and Definitions with Implementation Links
We also list all entries by type, for instance, whether it is an algorithm, a definition, a problem, or a data structure, and entries by area, for instance, graphs, trees, sorting, etc.
If terms are missing or you can add or correct definitions, please contact me by email (paul.fl@nist.gov) or by other means.
Gray code: binary-to-Gray and Gray-to-binary conversion (C) with history, references, and application to genetic algorithms.
nist.gov /dads/termsImpl.html   (3443 words)

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