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Topic: List of comic creators

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Comic Book Resources - Daily Comic Book News, Reviews, Previews, Commentary and Message Boards
The art professional and comics novice Andrea Offerman talks with CBR News about fine art, her contribution to "Flight," Volume 4 and how two years of med school led her to life as an artist.
CBR regularly holds chats with comic creators from around the industry.
The New Comics List for comics shipping April 4th has been updated.
www.comicbookresources.com   (1634 words)

Comics (or, less commonly, sequential art) is a form of visual art consisting of images which are commonly combined with text, often in the form of speech balloons or image captions.
Most agree that animation, which creates the optical illusion of movement within a static physical frame, is a separate form, although ImageTexT, a peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on comics, accepts submissions relating to animation as well[4], and the third annual Conference on Comics at the University of Florida focused on comics and animation[5].
In the United States the term "comics" is sometimes used to describe the page of a newspaper upon which comic strips are found, and through this usage has also grown to be used as a definition for comic strips.
www.oobdoo.com /wikipedia/?title=Comic   (5580 words)

 List of comic creators - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, some creators of comic strips are also found here, as are some of the early innovators of the artform.
The list is sorted by the country of origin of the authors, although they may have published, or now be resident in other countries.
Ennis, Garth, creator of Preacher and Judge Dredd.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_comic_creators   (402 words)

 ipedia.com: Comic book Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Comic books grew out of earlier comic strips that had appeared in newspapers in the late 19th century.
The impact of Superman on comic books cannot be overstated, as within two years most comic book companies were publishing large lines of superhero titles, and Superman has gone on to become one of the most recognizable characters in western fiction.
Between 1970 and 1990, comic book prices rose sharply because of a combination of factors: a nationwide paper shortage, increasing production values, and the minimal profit incentive for stores to stock comic books (due to the small unit price of an individual comic book relative to a magazine).
www.ipedia.com /comic_book.html   (1707 words)

 Comic book   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The impact of Superman on comic cannot be overstated as within two years comic book companies were publishing large lines superhero titles and Superman has gone on become one of the most recognizable characters western fiction.
In 1954 they and other founded the Comics Code Authority and drafted the Comics Code intended (in their own words) as most stringent code in existence for any media." In fact the Code was carefully to exclude the sorts of comics that published and to drive the upstart competitor of business.
These comics were published independently the established comic book publishers and most the youth counterculture and drug culture of the time.
www.freeglossary.com /Comic_book   (1971 words)

 PopMatters Comics Feature | Too Big for the Room: The First Annual New York Comic Con
Comic book conventions aren't, as some people in the mainstream media would have you believe, a "nerd prom" or a "gathering of the geeks".
Popular comic creators such as Brian Michael Bendis, Brad Meltzer, and Jim Lee were tapped to attend, as well as guests from other media such as Milla Jovovich, Kevin Smith and WWE wrestler, Kane.
This included many comic vendors, who became virtual prisoners of the convention, not able to leave to have a smoke or get something to eat (that is, if they didn't want to stand in the long line for the food vendors in the convention room itself).
www.popmatters.com /comics/features/060406-comiccon.shtml   (1225 words)

 Comic Subversives' Storefront - Lulu.com
I assumed they were the creators of the same-named webcomic I regularly read (they were) and remembered that they've been selling tons of their Cyanide and Happiness book on our site.
Besides having a panel on electronic publishing there, he met with lots of authors and creators and talked with them about their projects, including Jared Sorensen, a soon to be Lulu author, and the creators of Dark Refuge.
The list was officially announced on March 8, and it has received quite a bit of attention, everywhere from blogs to traditional media.
www.lulu.com /comics   (4082 words)

 Isotope - the comic book lounge
This week the war of the big bank comic convention juggernauts has erupted with the pop-culture conventions battling it out to bring in as many A-List comic creators as possible and to stake their claim to late summer comic conventioneering domination.
I think part of the reason comics "settle" for the niche market is exactly due to that phenomenon-- that the subculture supporting it is used to being marginalized, and now that comics are cool, we want to make sure that "not just anyone" can be a comic fan now.
It's a comic I mention purely because it has one of my favorite stupid pun background jokes ever: One of the main characters is reading a comic at one point, and the comic has this cliched action hero with square jaw, and behind him, this giant angry bear with mouth open in anger.
www.isotopecomics.com /archive/2005_07_01_index.html   (16559 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on comics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Comics are a form of visual art that consist of a series of static images in a fixed sequence, usually to tell a story.
Comics are thought by some to be an art form, also known as sequential art, although whether they are an art form or are merely a medium in which sequential art is practised is still a matter of debate amongst creators, scholars and readers.
Comics artists will generally sketch a drawing in pencil before going over the drawing again in ink, using either a pen or a brush.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/comics   (3685 words)

 ComicList: New Comic Book Releases List - Category: Comic Previews by Ralf Haring
The new releases list is posted weekly every Tuesday at this web site, and is also available via email, RSS feed, and usenet.
Previews of DC Comics that will be published in October 2006, by Ralf Haring.
Comics priced in red can sometimes be prices as low as 80% off, which takes your net discount after the application of the HALLOWEEN 30% off codeword to an astounding 86% off!
comiclist.com /index.php?cat=23   (1351 words)

 More Comic Pros to Attend Hawthorne High Comic Convention - Silver Bullet Comics - comics news, comic book news, comics ...
Upon hearing about the high school students plans to raise funds for their art program with a benefit comic convention, comic industry creators have signed up to donate their time by appearing at this special show.
A listing of the times and locations of the events will be available in the program given out the day of the show.
Included is a complete list of comic creators attending the Hawthorne High Comic Convention May 8.
www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com /news/108377061416349.htm   (325 words)

 Writing Comic Books/Strips Links
The place for news of what is happening in the comic industry and an excellent place to find out new opportunities and illustrators to work with.
Virtually every company that publishes comics is listed here, with both mailing address and Internet web site (if they have one).
This site has a list of various comic creators and is a good place to find other creators (such as artists) to work with.
www.suite101.com /links.cfm/writing_comic_books_strips   (490 words)

 The CrossGen Creator Watch » 2005 » October   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Midtown Comics Times Square is located at 200 West 40th Street on the corner of Seventh Avenue in New York City.
DC Comics has issued a press release announcing that Jonah Hex #1 and #2, with art by Luke Ross, will be priced at $2.99 instead of the previously solicited price of $2.50.
DC Comics has issued a press release announcing that the entire issue of Wraithborn #1, with inks by Joe Weems, is available to read at Wraithborn.com.
www.cgcreators.net /2005/10   (571 words)

 ComicSpace - Frequently Asked Questions
User tags are a way for users to identify their connection to the comics industry.
I'm trying to keep the locations data as accurate and organized as possible, which means assembling a list of states/provinces for each country.
However, you and the user will not appear on each other's friends lists or be able to exchange private messages or comments unless the user befriends you.
comicspace.com /faq.php   (1033 words)

 World Famous Comics News Room: Daily Comic Book News, Comic Book Movie Updates & Graphic Novel Annoucements!
Based on Grillo-Marxuach's graphic novels for Viper Comics, which were illustrated by Les McClaine, "Middleman" centers on a twentysomething struggling artist recruited by a secret agency to fight comic book-type villains.
Still, DC Comics is rolling the dice on the Metal Men by putting the fate of the...
Comic book fans always want to see face-offs between characters from rival publishing companies, and the industry has been sating our interest for years.
www.worldfamouscomics.com /news   (1174 words)

 Resources for comic book writers and graphic novelists - Absolute Write Water Cooler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
When I was working in comics, they were thought of as the "red headed stepchild" of the creative world - glad to see they're entering the mainstream a little.
Though, I still maintain a mailing list for comic creators http://groups.yahoo.com/group/creating_comics/) and a related resource site (http://www.members.shaw.ca/creatingcomics/).
I'm the moderator of this new forum, and I've been compiling a list of Comic Writers' resources - offline - for the past few weeks (planning to post a sticky thread soon) and your website was one I starred, intending to post it near the top.
absolutewrite.com /forums/showthread.php?t=22140   (768 words)

 Buy Comics, Comic Store, Collectible Old Back Issue Comic Books For Sale
The Nostalgia Zone is really two comic shops in one location, in part of the comicbook store Tim at the Comic College has new comics for sale, come on down, subscribe to your favorites and purchase comics, new at Tim's comicshop and old at the Nostalgia Zone comic bookstore.
Then there are comics that count 12-pages one way, and 16-pages the other — closer investigation reveals what appears to be sliced-out pages in the “short” side of the book, but page-numbers and story-lines confirm that the book is complete.
When a dealer over-grades a comic to give it a bigger price “by Guide”, that is just plain wrong — I have always been a firm believer as a dealer in being brutally honest with the grade and then pricing the comic at what I want to get out of it.
www.nostalgiazone.com   (1758 words)

 Chicago Company to Make Wizard World Debut
While UMI wields its considerable experience to tailor the positive content to fit the needs of its market, Michael and a team of experienced A-list comic creators have crafted a comic universe that will surpass the expectations of seasoned comic readers who may be skeptical of a faith-based series.
UMI’s recruiting of the best talent in the comic industry infuses _THE GUARDIAN LINE_ with the hip legitimacy necessary to connect with young readers and is in character with the company’s reputation for producing graphically superior, relevant content.
The comics will then be released bi-monthly for a total of six issues of each series per year.
comicbookbin.com /news906.html   (629 words)

 Around Comics - The Comic Book Podcast
We discuss what comics brought some us back to the hobby after taking some time away.
It's one of the hot button topics in comics today, and there's no question that trades have changed the way that a lot of comics are written and purchased.
We give brief summaries of the events that have shaped comics continuity good and bad for the last 20 years and look forward to the comic events to come.
www.aroundcomics.com   (1049 words)

 Comic Book Resources - CBR News - The Comic Wire
Mad Magazine is not the place you'd expect to see artwork from the likes of Frank Miller or Jim Lee, but maybe that's exactly what the editors of Mad Magazine were thinking when they signed up some of comics top talent to illustrate an upcoming issue of the long running satire magazine.
"When we received the script from writer Jeff Kruse we thought it would be a great idea to have it illustrated by legendary comic book artists," said MAD Editor John Ficarra in a release.
Smallville, Heroes, Hellboy, Spider-Man 3: October 24th Comic Reel Wrap
www.comicbookresources.com /news/printthis.cgi?id=3026   (488 words)

 Bamdad's Math Comics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
My name is Aaron Kirby with Universal Press Syndicate, the syndication company for comics such as Garfield, Cathy, Bizarro, Close to Home, Ziggy and more.
Your web site, is displaying comics by Universal Press Syndicate and Tribune Media creators without a contract to do so and therefore are in violation of copyright infringement.
Below is a list of comics which I found published on your site:
www.csun.edu /~hcmth014/comics.html   (136 words)

 ComicSpace - Sign Up
Home / Sign Up Fill out the form below to create a free ComicSpace.com user account.
Comic creators can host an unlimited number of comics under a single account.
ComicSpace is copyright © Josh Roberts 2006 - 2007.
comicspace.com /register.php   (93 words)

 List of Comic book Creators Starting with 'A'
List of Comic book Creators Starting with 'A' Login
List of Creators - 'A' Artists, writers, inkers and editors
Characters Teams Creators Story Arcs Locations Objects Concepts
www.comicvine.com /creators/&l=a   (102 words)

 onikimono - links for comics creators
secrets of writing comics: rules to live by
comic creator services (list of publishers soliciting work)
sequential tart threads: the cost of self publishing, reviews of printers, how to create a mini
www.onikimono.com /links   (143 words)

 Third Annual Stumptown Comics Fest - 2006
Here's a list of the artists and publishers who will be exhibiting at the Comics Fest.
Use the Table Number to find these exhibitors on the Table Map.
The reports are in on the Stumptown Comics Fest 2005!
www.stumptowncomics.com /exhibitors_list   (110 words)

 Azzarello list? - The Comic Bloc Forums
The Comic Bloc Forums > General Talk > Comic Announcements, Discussions, News and Rumors
Kandor Red is worth a million in prizes.
©2000-2006 Comic Bloc All characters and titles are © by their respective owners.
www.comicbloc.com /forums/showthread.php?t=9125   (270 words)

 Wizard Entertainment
Our list of comic creators in UNREAL with the legendary talents of the Romitas and Kuberts in attendence as well as our knock-out guest of honor Jim Lee.
There is a huge list of your favorite comic creators coming out from Marvel, DC, Top Cow and Aspen.
Submit your comic books to be graded by the CGC on-site!
www.wizarduniverse.com /conventions/philadelphia/WW20060526-con.cfm   (371 words)

 Search: creators
Use the filters to the left to help narrow your search
Covers and artwork at Comic Vine are considered fair use.
You will be returned to this page after you sign up.
www.comicvine.com /creators   (58 words)

 ARTIST NAME LIST: Alternative Comic Book Creators
This list is in alphabetical order by last name (when a last name is given).
Click on the name of the artist to see their photo.
"it could happen to you" and other fine multiple-choice comics
www.supersnail.com /comix_folk.html   (106 words)

 Rebelscum.com: Your Star Wars Toy News and Reference Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
I'll pass, but my kids would love it.
Dark Horse has updated their list of comic book creators who will be appearing in their booth (#2715) during Comic-Con.
Several Star Wars creators will be signing at the show on Friday, aka "Star Wars Day".
www.rebelscum.com /article.asp?i=52202   (75 words)

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