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Topic: List of communities in Ontario

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  dawn ontario - disabled women 's network ontario : home page
In its on-going opposition to Bill 14, the Paralegal Society of Ontario (POS) emphasized the numerous concerns expressed by both paralegals and non-paralegals to the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.
During armed conflicts, violence against women is often used as a weapon of war, in order to dehumanize the women themselves, or to persecute the community to which they belong.
Ontario Court of Appeal rules that the province's refusal to fund therapy for autistic children older than five does not constitute age discrimination
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  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of communities in Ontario
Actons Corners is a community in eastern Ontario in the township of North Grenville in the County of Leeds and Grenville.
Addison is a community at the headwaters of the Elbe Creek in eastern Ontario.
Cat Lake is an Ojibwa community 180 km northwest of Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontario with a population as of 2003 of 465.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-communities-in-Ontario   (6686 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of cities in Canada
This is a list of communities in British Columbia, a province in Canada.
Communities of the Province of Ontario, Canada note: this is a list of communities, and are not necessarily organized municipalities.
Communities of the Province of Quebec, Canada See also: list of cantons in Quebec list of municipalities in Quebec list of parishes in Quebec list of villages in Quebec list of indian reserves in Quebec list of unorganized areas in Quebec Abercorn, Quebec Acton, Quebec Acton Vale, Quebec Aguanish, Quebec...
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List_of_cities_in_Canada/Ontario   (624 words)

  Talk:List of communities in Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carling, Ontario TP Carlow/Mayo, Ontario TP Casey, Ontario TP Casselman, Ontario VL
Lanark Highlands, Ontario TP Lansdowne House, Ontario S-E
Mattawan, Ontario TP Mattice-Val Côté, Ontario TP McDougall, Ontario TP McGarry, Ontario TP McKellar, Ontario TP McMurrich/Monteith, Ontario TP McNab/Braeside, Ontario TP Melancthon, Ontario TP Merrickville-Wolford, Ontario VL
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:List_of_communities_in_Ontario   (1498 words)

 List of Lists
List of Ceremonial counties of England by Population
List of Chancellors of the University of Cambridge
List of Chancellors of the University of Mississippi
www.starrepublic.org /encyclopedia/wikipedia/l/li/listoflists.html   (2023 words)

 List of communities in Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
note: this is a list of communities, and are not necessarily organized municipalities.
For a list of organized municipalites and other census subdivisions see list of census subdivisions in Ontario.
Maitland, Ontario, United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_communities_in_Ontario   (65 words)

 Ontario - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ontario is the most populous and second-largest in area of Canada's ten provinces.
Ontario is bounded on the north by Hudson Bay and James Bay, on the east by Quebec, on the west by Manitoba, and on the south by the American states of Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.
Point Pelee National Park is a peninsula in southwestern Ontario (near Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan) that extends into Lake Erie and is the part of Canada's mainland furthest south.
www.voyager.in /Ontario   (2611 words)

 WWW.LAWA.ORG/ONT - parking
Ontario International Airport's (ONT) noise management office - established in 1979 - addresses the noise concerns of communities surrounding the airport.
The noise coordinator works with the Ontario Airport Noise Advisory Committee, City of Ontario Part 150 Study committees, individual citizens, elected officials and appointed officials representing municipal, county, regional, state, and national agencies that have responsibility for control of airport noise.
ANMMS measures airport generated noise in the community, tracks and identifies aircraft within a 10-nautical mile (~11.5 statute mile) radius of the airport, and is used to help LAWA produce maps showing the noise impact area, as required by the State of California.
www.lawa.org /ont/ontNM.cfm   (948 words)

 Wikinfo | Ontario   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Most of the American border lies within the four Great Lakes on which Ontario has coastline: Lake Superior, Lake Huron (including Georgian Bay), Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario (from which the province takes its name); as well as the Saint Lawrence River.
Ontario's rivers make it rich in hydroelectric energy.
But it must be remembered that the Ontario Tories have a reputation for pulling off houdini acts, and it remains to be seen whether they can do it again.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Ontario   (1082 words)

 Ontario's oldest trees
When ages are extrapolated, a formula is used which is based on the growth rate of the core that you have but which accounts for faster growth in the center of trees where wood is missing.
These are Ontario's oldest known trees, a list of Ontario's biggest trees of each species can also be found online at The Honour Roll of Ontario Trees.
We are interested in currently living trees in Ontario, recently dead trees, and historic records of trees, which have been accurately aged using ring counts.
www.ancientforest.org /oldtrees.htm   (732 words)

 Ontario - Psychology Central   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Further information: List of Ontario counties, and [[{{{2}}}]], and [[{{{3}}}]], and [[{{{4}}}]], and [[{{{5}}}]], and [[{{{6}}}]], and [[{{{7}}}]], and [[{{{8}}}]], and [[{{{9}}}]]
Tourism contributes heavily to the economy of Central Ontario, particularly in summer owing to the areas abundance of fresh water recereation and wilderness, but at other times of the year, hunting and snowmobiling among the out of high-season draws.
Bruce - Dufferin - Elgin - Essex - Frontenac - Grey - Haliburton - Hastings - Huron - Lambton - Lanark - Leeds and Grenville - Lennox and Addington - Middlesex - Northumberland - Perth - Peterborough - Prescott and Russell - Renfrew - Simcoe - Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry - Wellington
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Ontario   (3072 words)

 Green Ontario: Sprawl
Currently, municipal planning is governed by the Ontario Planning Act, which requires that municipalities prepare Official Plans to manage the development and growth within their boundaries.
The Land Use Planning Coalition is a new coalition of agriculture interests and naturalists that have joined together to provide a forum to express to the Province of Ontario the need for a comprehensive land use strategy for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).
The Ontario Environment Network has a Land Use Caucus that assists local and provincial groups in working together on land use issues.
www.greenontario.org /strategy/sprawl.html   (1399 words)

 burlington ontario
Burlington (2001 population 150,836) is located in the Golden Horseshoe, across the harbour from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
In 1873 Burlington was incorporated as a village, and it became a city in 1974.
Like most cities of its size in Ontario, manufacturing of various goods sustains Burlington's livelihood, but is proximity to Hamilton and Toronto means many residents commute to those cities.
www.fact-library.com /burlington__ontario.html   (168 words)

 Ontario Did You Mean ontario   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ontario has a population (January 1, 2005) of 12,449,502, representing approximately 37.9% of the total Canadian population (Ontarians) and an area of 1,076,395km² (415,598 sq.
Northern Ontario occupies 90 per cent of the surface area of the province; Southern Ontario contains 90 per cent of the population (see article Geography of Canada).
Ontario rivals the American state of Michigan in car production, assembling 2.696 million vehicles in 2004 (see Canada-United States Automotive Agreement).
www.did-you-mean.com /Ontario.html   (2237 words)

 Green Ontario   (Site not responding. Last check: )
There are over 400 municipalities in Ontario, as well as 500 local environmental groups, and thousands of other community-based or cultural organizations.
Ontario has thee major networks for community organizing around environment and health issues.
If you are looking for project ideas, here are some of the provincial organizations that run special campaigns and may have a list of community contacts.
www.greenontario.org /caction   (256 words)

 Essex County Ontario Online
Communities of the Province of Ontario; Canada - Essex County; Ontario - List of communities in Ontario...
Password (Forgot?) Rochester; Essex County; Ontario Census; 1901.
Password (Forgot?) Walkerville; Essex County; Ontario Census; 1901.
www.hbrio.com /Essex-Ontario   (387 words)

 All words on List of communities in Ontario
'''Communities of the Province of Ontario, Canada' note: this is a list of communities, and are not necessarily organized municipalities.
See also: List of other Canadian Cities, Towns & Villages by Province Ontario, List of communities in *
To-morrow morning, before the sparrow wake, Kaiser Barbarossa lived once, young and ruddy, and was not yet a is but a few miles to the right there, were this a deliberate about Stauffen, cares nothing.--We cannot fancy Friedrich the principal and only famous Town they pass this day.
www.allwords.org /li/list-of-communities-in-ontario.html   (353 words)

 Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands: Science and Conservation – Canadian Wildlife Service, Ontario Region
Determining the criteria to control regulation of water level and flow in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, is a challenge being addressed through a binational study launched in 2001 by the International Joint Commission (IJC).
Long-term reduction of water level extremes, particularly for Lake Ontario, may be playing a role in diminishing habitat diversity and thus the size of these bird populations.
In Ontario, the EHJV is a partnership of the federal government, the provincial government, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and Wildlife Habitat Canada.
www.on.ec.gc.ca /wildlife/factsheets/fs_coastal_wetlands-e.html   (5726 words)

 hamilton ontario
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is located on the western end of Lake Ontario.
List of Inductees into Canada's Walk of Fame
List of the 100 largest cities in Canada
www.fact-library.com /hamilton__ontario.html   (349 words)

 ipedia.com: List of cities in Canada Article   (Site not responding. Last check: )
More thorough lists are available by province; see the bottom of this page for links.
This listing includes the thirty most populous metropolitan areas in Canada (see [1] for numbers) and all of the provincial and territorial capitals.
See also list of the 100 largest cities in Canada and List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada
www.ipedia.com /list_of_cities_in_canada.html   (157 words)

 Women with DisAbilities Online community - DisAbled Women's Network Ontario
This is in consideration of members who subscribe to the list with digest delivery mode, for members who use voice output software and for those who need to print each email.
This is a courtesy to other list members who may wish to respond to you personally.
Their source is often difficult to ascertain or may have disavowed the effort and their intended recipients are unlikely to get the message or a reliable signature count.
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 Casey Family History
It is believed that they first settled in the German area of Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada (the area where their son, Charles, met his wife).
On January 6, 1882, Noah Thede married Mary Wahl of Saugeen Township, Ontario, Cananda.
On March 4, 1894, Henry Thede married Catharine Koenig of Ayton, Ontario (born 1873).
www.rcasey.net /master/thehein.htm   (3968 words)

 Cyndi's List - Canada - Alberta
List of available publications on geographical names including policy documents and manuals, gazetteers, glossaries, newsletters and brochures.
Map and Listing of placename locations via section, township and range by which the placename can be found in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Western Ontario.
The displayed list of results indicates which of the many databases has a possible match, as well as suggestions to help you refine your search.
www.cyndislist.com /alberta.htm   (3189 words)

 PostYourProperty.com is a free property posting listing service for owners and agents, advertise residential, ...
Linda Isle is a private guard gated community with private beach, clubhouse, and tennis.
For each housing tract, there is a list of home builders and contractors.
If you are a seller, you will be provided with a customized marketing and advertising listing campaign report complete with sales comps, free home valuation, market analysis, past sales, title insurance information, and mls inventory.
www.postyourproperty.com   (807 words)

 Job List: 45 Jobs in Kingston, Ontario (page 2 of 3) - MedHunters
Company: Kingston General Hospital – Live and work in one of Canada's most historic communities, for a hospital affiliated with one of Canada's most reputable universities.
Description: (Posted 01 Feb 2007) Primary Function: Under the direction of the Director of Diagnostic Ultra-sound or the Co-director of the ADCL, the technologist will be responsible for the day-to-day ultra-sound scanning of patients using a variety of medical ultrasound equipment.
Parks, lakes, rugged wilderness, and urban sprawl – Ontario is a vast province, which houses Canada's capital, its largest city, and some of its most remote towns.
www.medhunters.com /queryResult/jobQuery/kingstonOnCan/page2.html   (1615 words)

 A Plains-Ontario Loop, Part II -- A Bicycle Camping Trip Travelogue
With one exception, all of the cyclists I later met had made the same decision, and that one cyclist confirmed the heavy truck traffic and poor road width on 17.
The other great eating treat in Ontario is the fresh bread, always in a paper sack, which even the small groceries have, so I was eating a loaf here when I was joined by another traveler.
Northern Ontario is still wild and beautiful and has changed less than any other area in the last 30 years.
www.kenkifer.com /bikepages/touring/plains2.htm   (8522 words)

 Canada - Ontario - Retirement Communities and Retirement Homes On The Retirement Net   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Retirement Net is the most comprehensive resource of premier retirement communities throughout the world featuring site built homes, manufactured homes, assisted living facilities, planned active retirement communities and various retirement properties worldwide.
Imagine a quiet nature oriented community with friends.Meneset is a 240 home community with the potential for 300 homes.
One of Ontario's premier retirement communities, Port 32's setting is so picture-perfect that tour buses passing through the Bobcaygeon area often include the community in their itinerary.
www.retirenet.com /regions/canada-ontario   (423 words)

 OMAFRA Organizations - The List!
With no JavaScript, "The List" will allow you to search for organizations but you will not be able to print reports or generate mailing lables.
Enter the world of provincially based associations dealing with rural communities, and the entire agriculture and food industry in Ontario.
This information is provided as a public service, but we cannot guarantee that the information is current or accurate.
www.omafra.on.ca /scripts/english/rural/thelist   (153 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Brampton is a city in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario.
The population for Brampton in 2002 is 351,646, and it is estimated that by the year 2021, the city population will almost have doubled to 600,000 people.
However, neighbouring communities not part of Peel have also been massively affected by the city's sudden spurt.
www.askmytutor.co.uk /b/br/brampton__ontario.html   (605 words)

 Zurich, Ontario - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Zurich is a village in southwestern Ontario, Canada, in the Municipality of Bluewater in the County of Huron.
 This Western Ontario geographical article is a stub.
This page was last modified 17:33, 25 December 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Zurich,_Ontario   (70 words)

 CBC.ca - The Greatest Canadian - Top 100 - 11 to 100
Leader of the Red River and Northwest Rebellions and founder of Manitoba, Riel was twice elected to the House of Commons but was prevented from taking his seat.
Displaying an early love of learning, she went on to become an established author, lecturer, filmmaker and the best-known member of the Bahai community.
Born in Sarnia, Ontario, he started dreaming early, when he joined the Holiday Inn golf club at the age of 8.
www.cbc.ca /greatest/greatcanadians   (4388 words)

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