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Topic: List of compounds

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In the News (Thu 14 Feb 19)

  GreenFacts ToolBox
Compounds or physical factors assessed by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) are classified in four groups based on the existing scientific evidence for carcinogenicity.
List of agents evaluated as group 1 to date.
List of agents evaluated as group 3 to date.
www.greenfacts.org /glossary/toolboxes/iarc-classification.htm   (756 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Compounds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A compound is an area of land that is surrounded by fences, walls, or barbed wire and is used for a particular purpose, especially an area containing buildings and where the entry and exit of people is controlled.
An interval that is compound is an interval which exceeds or is wider than one octave, whereas a simple interval lies within one octave.
In geometry, a polyhedral compound is a polyhedron which is itself composed of several other polyhedra sharing a common centre, the three-dimensional analogs of polygonal compounds.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Compounds   (515 words)

 Organic compound - Information from Reference.com
An organic compound is any member of a large class of chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon and hydrogen; therefore, carbides, carbonates, carbon oxides and elementary carbon are not organic (see below for more on the definition controversy for this word).
The study of organic compounds is termed organic chemistry, and since it is a vast collection of chemicals (over half of all known chemical compounds), systems have been devised to classify organic compounds.
Generally speaking, organic compounds are often defined as those compounds which have carbon-hydrogen bonds, and inorganic compounds, those without.
www.reference.com /search?q=Organic+compound   (592 words)

 Organics Yo
For many compounds, samples are typically prepared by extracting the soil, sediment, or water sample with an organic solvent such as acetone or hexane; this solvent phase is then "cleaned up" by extraction into another organic solvent toremove interfering compounds.
The primary unit used for screening and identification of organic compounds is a Hewlett-Packard (HP) 5890 series GC equipped with a 5971 mass selective detector (MSD) and an electron capture detector (ECD).
Internal standards (spikes of similar non-analyte compounds) are routinely used to check efficiency of extraction and instrument performance in GC analysis; recoveries of such spikes should be >80% for high confidence in the resulting analysis.
www.uga.edu /lea/organics.html   (617 words)

  Science Fair Projects - List of compounds
The list is currently being split into three lists, List of inorganic compounds, List of organic compounds and List of biomolecules, which will supersede this list.
This list is not necessarily complete or up to date – if you see an article that should be here but isn't (or one that shouldn't be here but is), please update the page accordingly.
See also: organic compound, list of biomolecules, list of minerals, list of organic compounds, list of inorganic compounds, inorganic compounds by element, polyatomic ions, list of alloys, list of elements by name, List of pre-scientific substances.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/List_of_compounds   (446 words)

 DNV - Dealing with Ingredient List Requests
Often, the elements and compounds on the list are considered "irreplaceable" under present manufacturing technology, with no substitutes or new technologies on the horizon.
Ultimately, ingredients list requests are designed to encourage manufacturers to continuously reduce the toxicity of the materials they design into their products, and to improve their ability to recover and recycle such materials without a negative environmental impact.
Since most ingredient list requests originate from government, customer, and private label requirements in concert, prudent organizations should already be searching for alternatives to the items that frequently appear in these lists, and should be seeking to minimize related environmental objections whenever possible.
www.dnvcert.com /DNV/Certification1/Resources1/Articles/Environmental/DealingwithIngredientL   (2273 words)

 Pollutants and Pollutant-Risk-Groups Used In Risk Analysis
Because there are many compounds that are used to calculate toxic risk, it is often useful to group them together.
Currently, the compound list includes many of the important contributors to inhalation cancer risk, but more compounds will be included in the future, as necessary, to improve the risk estimates.
The first compound grouping consists solely of compression ignition diesel, which is the dominant risk producing component included in the current analysis.
www.arb.ca.gov /toxics/cti/hlthrisk/cncrinhl/pollutantgroups.htm   (438 words)

 Overview of the June 2007 Draft List of Chemicals | Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program | US EPA
EPA is seeking public comment on a draft list of 73 pesticide chemicals that was published in a June 2007 Federal Register Notice (PDF) (18 pp, 131K, About PDF).
Nothing in the approach for generating the initial list provides a basis to infer that any of the chemicals selected interfere with or are suspected to interfere with the endocrine systems of humans or other species.
EPA does not intend to permit chemicals on this list to bypass Tier 1 screening and move directly to Tier 2 testing without appropriate data to support such an action.
www.epa.gov /scipoly/oscpendo/pubs/prioritysetting/listfacts.htm   (834 words)

 Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory
The list of target compounds is now considered the complete list of compounds of interest for use in the air toxics emissions inventory.
All compounds listed in this table are to be included in each state's air toxics inventory and uploaded to the regional database of emissions data and estimates.
The pollutant list in the summary table is longer than the list in of 49 target compounds because many of the various dioxin/furan congeners are listed separately in the former table.
www.glc.org /air/protocol/proto3.html   (4002 words)

 System and method of automatically generating chemical compounds with desired properties - Patent 5574656
Also, compounds in a chemical library are traditionally screened (for the purpose of identifying new lead compounds) using a combination of empirical science and chemical intuition.
Greater and greater diversity has often been achieved in combinatorial chemical libraries by using larger and larger compounds (that is, compounds having a greater number of variable subunits, such as pentameric compounds instead of tetrameric compounds in the case of polypeptides).
Preferably, the directed diversity library 208 for compounds of type 1206 is assembled by the Chemical Synthesis Robot 112 using well known solid phase methods and is released as mixtures of 10 compounds per well in a 96 well format in accordance with the robotic synthesis instructions 204 received from the Synthesis Protocol Generator 104.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5574656.html   (11268 words)

 Apparatus and method for multiple synthesis of organic compounds on polymer support - Patent 5614608
The system of claim 6 where said compound that is to be coupled is an amino acid for the synthesis of a peptide.
Advantageously, this novel timing protocol provides the flexibility of readily adding desired compounds to the list of compounds to be synthesized, changing the order in which the compounds are synthesized, or deleting previously entered compounds.
It should be understood that prior to initiating the synthesis of each compound, various parameter variables must be specified, in the synthetic protocol of each desired peptide synthesis, including the kind and amount of solvent or reagents to be dispensed, and the length of time of the corresponding washing steps and/or reaction steps.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5614608.html   (6354 words)

 DuPont Crop Protection - Overall Process - University Compounds BioAssay Submittal System
DuPont selects compounds which are of interest and notifies you.
DuPont tests the compounds to determine their activity potential and need for follow-up.
Compounds listed must be available in quantities of 20 micromoles and be at least 90% “pure” in relation to the structure proposed.
www.dupont.com /ag/universitycompounds/process.html   (388 words)

 LINGUIST List 4.567: Compounds, Russian, ARTFL, Mandarin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The problem is seen in English compounds like _lion-hunter_ which seem related to _hunt lions_ but whose modifier(adjunct, complement, specifier)-head order is just the reverse of the phrase.
I predict that if a language is compelled by default modifier position to locate the compound modifier in that position normally occupied by the affix if the derivation were not compound, affixation will be forced by the head-application default to an internal position (_mothers-in-law_) or to be omitted (_pick-pocket_).
This variation in noun compound affixation, in other words, is predicted by the default order of the single adjunct modifying a noun in a NP: A + N in English, N + A in French.
www.ling.ed.ac.uk /linguist/issues/4/4-567.html   (657 words)

 SynFine Research - List of Compounds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Listing is of examples of Certified Analytical Standards and Metabolites that SynFine Research is capable of.
Should you be looking for a compound not listed or an analogue of a compound listed herein, please contact us.
Compounds protected by valid Canadian Letters Patent(s) can strictly be provided for Research and Development purposes.
www.synfine.com /index/13.html   (140 words)

 Compounds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ionic compounds are composed of positively and negatively charged ions and are held together by electrostatic attractions.
Compounds that contain the hydrogen ion are acids, which we will discuss separately.
Cu S is copper(I) sulphide because, for the compound to be neutral, the copper ion must have a charge of 1+ for two of them to balance the charge of the sulphide ion, 2-.
www.chemprofessor.com /cmpds.htm   (1658 words)

 List of inorganic compounds - an introduction - Citizendium
List of inorganic compounds - an introduction - Citizendium
This list is not necessarily complete or up to date – if you see an article that should be here but isn't (or one that shouldn't be here but is), please update the page accordingly.
See also: inorganic compounds by element, list of compounds, list of organic compounds, organic compound, list of biomolecules, list of minerals, polyatomic ions, list of elements by name, List of alchemical substances.
en.citizendium.org /wiki/List_of_inorganic_compounds   (785 words)

 Medicines, caffeine and antibacterial soap among contaminants found in American streams
Although concentrations of most of the compounds were low, typically much less than one part per billion, previous research has shown that exposure to levels even lower than reported in this survey can illicit deleterious effects in aquatic species.
The 95 chemicals were picked on the basis of estimates about the quantities used, toxicity, potential hormone activity, suspected persistence in the environment and the availability of reference standards and an analytical method, says USGS research hydrologist Dana Kolpin, Ph.D., who headed the national study.
Rounding out the list of most frequently detected compounds were the insect repellant DEET, triclosan, the active ingredient in antimicrobial soaps and detergents, a flame retardant (tri(2-chloroethyl) phosphate) and a detergent breakdown product with endocrine disruptive properties (4-nonylphenol).
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2002-03/acs-mca031102.php   (494 words)

 StainsFile - Diazo compounds
Diazo compounds are derived from a primary arylamine.
The formation of diazo compounds depends upon the replacement of three hydrogen atoms of the salt of an aryl primary amine by nitrogen from nitrous acid to form the so-called diazonium salts."
Strictly speaking, diazo compounds are not dyes, but dye precursors.
stainsfile.info /StainsFile/dyes/class/clsdiazm.htm   (414 words)

 AIChE - Project #851
Many such compounds are unstable at their critical temperature; thus, new rapid methods of measurement are required.
Thus, to measure critical properties of an unstable compound, a small sample in a rapid heating device, with fast temperature and pressure sensors, is needed.
Results Expected: Measurements on about 7 compounds each year (this is an average; some compound measurements are attempted, but the measurements can’t be made for a variety of reasons).
www.aiche.org /TechnicalSocieties/DIPPR/Projects/851.aspx   (692 words)

 List of compounds Encyclopedia
The original list from this page has been split into the following three lists, as the number of compounds became too long.
List of organic compounds, compounds with a C-H bond
List of biomolecules • List of inorganic compounds • List of organic compounds • Periodic table
www.hallencyclopedia.com /topic/List_of_compounds.html   (170 words)

 Chiral Compounds – Web Listings
Compounds, such as CHFClBr, that contain a single stereocenter are the simplest to understand.
Nonracemic Chiral Compounds from Mixtures of Biomass and Hydrogen...
Asymmetric automultiplication of chiral compounds by asymmetric autocatalysis is realized for the first time where a chiral product acts as a chiral...
www.business.com /directory/chemicals/fine_and_specialty_chemicals/chiral_compounds/weblistings.asp   (396 words)

 Oregon Medical Press - Find Products   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A smaller number of additional compounds are discussed in the book, but only in passing.
Some of the 36 compounds are readily available from many manufacturers in this concentrated form, other compounds are available from only a few manufacturers, and still others are not yet available commercially as concentrated extracts.
A general listing of manufacturers and suppliers is provided at the bottom of this page.
www.ompress.com /main-products.htm   (1269 words)

 Bodybuilding.com - Legal Muscle - Update On Prohormones: Our New Steroid Law!
The law adds 26 new steroid compounds to the previous list of substances that are legally defined as "anabolic steroids" and classified as Schedule III controlled substances.
However, under the old law, in order for a compound to qualify as an anabolic steroid, the Attorney General was required to prove that the compound had anabolic properties.
Compounds that had been erroneously listed twice, under alternate names, are now listed only once (reducing by correction the original list of 27 compounds to 23).
www.bodybuilding.com /fun/legalmuscle7.htm   (1218 words)

 Compounds WebQuest
Select a compound, conduct research, and choose a method for sharing this information with the rest of the class.
In particular, chemistry is the study of elements (substances containing only one kind of atom) and the compounds (substances containing combined elements) they form.
Research general information on bonding, writing names and formulas for compounds, writing and balancing equations, and chemical reactions using the internet links provided; use your study guide to ensure that you are locating all of the information you will need.
hs.n-polk.k12.ia.us /departments/media/compounds.html   (580 words)

 New Reporting Procedures for AB2588 Fcailities   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Report emissions for each individual mercury compound on form TAC.  Do not double count the same emissions.  Emissions from individual species with the same TAC code are added together on form TACS or TACS-O to calculate the family total emissions.
Report emissions for each individual selenium compound on form TAC.  Do not double count the same emissions.  Emissions from individual species with the same TAC code are added together on form TACS or TACS-O to calculate the family total emissions.
Report emissions for each individual sulfur compound on form TAC.  Do not double count the same emissions.  Emissions from individual species with the same TAC code are added together on form TACS or TACS-O to calculate the family total emissions.
www.ecotek.com /aqmd/ab2588_list_of_toxic_substances.htm   (863 words)

 List of inorganic compounds - Information at Halfvalue.com
Organic compounds, minerals and chemical elements are not included on this list.
There is also an alternative listing related to this page, inorganic compounds by element (presently under construction), as well as Category:Chemical compounds by element.
Whilst most compounds are referred to by their IUPAC systematic names (following IUPAC nomenclature), "traditional" names have also been kept where they are in wide use or of significant historical interest.
www.halfvalue.com /wiki.jsp?topic=List_of_inorganic_compounds   (950 words)

 ES&T Online News: EPA releases list of endocrine-disrupter candidates
In mid-June, the U.S. EPA released its much-anticipated draft list of compounds to screen for endocrine disruption.
The long-overdue list, which should have been completed in 1999, includes known and suspected endocrine disrupters, and all substances are pesticides selected because of their potential for human exposure and their high production volumes.
But she adds that “the whole thing is a waste.” Colborn and many others who participated in EPA’s decadelong process to select compounds and create a testing protocol for endocrine disrupters are disappointed in the choices EPA has made on assays and other issues and in the compounds that didn’t make the list.
pubs.acs.org /subscribe/journals/esthag-w/2007/july/policy/nl_endocrine.html   (707 words)

 List of compounds - Definition, explanation
As of June 1st, 2005, there are still a few biomolecules to be found in list of organic compounds.
Clicking on an element brings up a list of general properties and data, and information on its discovery, history, uses, geologic occurrence and abundance, compounds, and chemical isolation.
Listing of artists who are focused on miniatures: Food, accessories, furniture, dolls and anything miniature.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/l/li/list_of_compounds.php   (428 words)

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