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Topic: List of conspiracy theories

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 Conspiracy theory
Conspiracy theories in general allege that some particular event — such as an assassination, a revolution, or even the failure of a product — resulted not solely from the visible action of overt political or market forces, but rather from covert manipulation.
But because routine conspiracy theories are often simply allegations of covert action, and because these tend to be based on little or no solid evidence, the expression "conspiracy theory" in common speech is used to refer to allegations of collusion that the speaker considers unproven, unlikely, or false.
Such conspiracies are crimes in most nations, and one can be prosecuted on the basis of conspiring to commit an illegal act or being part of a network that was engaged in doing so, or even, sometimes, for knowing about a conspiracy and failing to act to oppose it.
www.askfactmaster.com /Conspiracy_theories   (5427 words)

 Conspiracy theory - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The term "conspiracy theory" is used by scholars and in popular culture to identify a type of folklore similar to an urban legend, having certain regular features, especially an explanatory narrative which is constructed with certain naive methodological flaws.
The term conspiracy theory is itself the object of a type of conspiracy theory, which argues that those using the term are manipulating their audience to disregard the topic under discussion, either in a deliberate attempt to conceal the truth, or as dupes of more deliberate conspirators.
Conspiracies are a popular theme in several genres of fiction, notably thrillers and science fiction, primarily due to their dramatic potential: recasting complex or meaningless historical events into relatively simple morality plays, in which bad people are the cause of bad events, and good people face the relatively simple task of identifying and defeating them.
www.blackvault.com /wiki/index.php/Conspiracy_theories   (3804 words)

A conspiracy theory is a theory that defies common historical or current understanding of events, under the claim that those events are the result of manipulations by one or more secretive powers or conspiracies.
Such conspiracies are crimes in most nations, and one can be prosecuted on the basis of conspiring to commit an illegal act or being part of a network that was engaged in doing so.
For example, consider how one would prove the widely believed UFO conspiracy theory (in which aliens are said to have visited Earth), followed by the official denials (perhaps chiefly because the U.S. Government, or others, is hiding the evidence) that any such thing has happened.
www.findthelinks.com /theory/conspiracy_theories.htm   (1349 words)

 Armageddon Online - A list of many Conspiracy Theories
Conspiracy theories of this sort cast government agencies as pursuing vast technical powers in order to spy on people, control their minds, or otherwise suppress an alienated populace.
Other theories suggest that the virus escaped into the population at large by accident, or may have been deliberately unleashed as a means of population control or as an experiment in biological and/or psychological warfare.
Best-known among assassination conspiracy theories in the United States are those dealing with a rash of seemingly politically motivated deaths in the 1960s, notably those of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F.
www.armageddononline.org /conspiracy_list.php   (2665 words)

 Middle East Report 214: Regimes of (Un)Truth: Conspiracy Theory and the Transnationalization of the Algerian Civil War, ...
Conspiracy theories' legitimacy in Algeria derives largely from the tactical manipulation of knowledge and secrecy by the government and the military.
Such conspiracy theories operate by highlighting certain truisms--that the government and the military are closely related, or that the military benefits from a state of war--and then takes them to their logical extreme: The Algerian government is killing its own citizens.
Conspiracy narratives in Algeria should not be viewed as merely functional responses to the instability of the Algerian civil war, but rather as constituting a potent ingredient of the conflict itself.
www.merip.org /mer/mer214/214_silverstein.html   (2660 words)

 Conspiracy Theories
Fenster argues that conspiracy theories are a form of popular political interpretation and contends that understanding how they circulate through mass culture helps us better understand our society as a whole.
Fenster's progressive critique of conspiracy theories both recognizes the secrecy and inequities of power in contemporary politics and economics and works toward effective political engagement.
Probing conspiracy theory's tendencies toward scapegoating, racism, and fascism, as well as Hofstadter's centrist acceptance of a postwar American "consensus," he advocates what conspiracy theory wants but cannot articulate: a more inclusive, engaging political culture.
www.upress.umn.edu /Books/F/fenster_conspiracy.html   (516 words)

 ACL: Conspiracy Theories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
British experts on the conspiracy culture post their work at floodlight.org and they have compiled an interesting assortment of articles disproving every question Americans have asked in their Conspiracy Theory Index.
The British Center for Conspiracy Culture has many essays on "conspiracy culture." The British are publishing the definitive work (soon to become widely quoted by other British scholars), and just about everybody except the ACL is included in The Encylopedia of American Conspiracy Theories.
Today we are convinced the modern conspiracy theory label was manufactured by Fabian scholars to discredit anyone who has the audacity to question the basis for new U.S. or U.N. government laws and programs.
nord.twu.net /acl/conspiracy.html   (7562 words)

 RedOrbit - Science - Conspiracy!Conspiracy - Tales From at Home and Abroad
The rich and powerful threw the "conspiracy theory" slur to muddy the water, but in the Winebox Affair there really was a conspiracy - - even if the chief exposer, Winston Peters, probably did overplay his hand and there was no high- level attempt to pervert the course of justice or laws broken.
The most alarming theory is that Paul White, the Auckland computer dealer who ignited the affair when he bought some Citibank floppy disks and who later died in a car accident, was murdered.
In 2001, the conspiracy was dragged out of the shadows when documentary-maker John Earnshaw sued the Ministry of Defence for lost opportunity, arguing that the military stopped him searching for the planes.
www.redorbit.com /news/science/387328/conspiracyconspiracy__tales_from_at_home_and_abroad/index.html?source=r_science   (2165 words)

 Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture - PowerBookSearch!
The "conspiracy" tag can be used to delegitimize others' opinions, as when the allegations that the CIA helped bring crack into East L.A. were written off as part of the African-American community's supposed susceptibility to conspiracy.
But Fenster also notes that conspiracy theory serves a useful purpose as a balm to the politically alienated segments of society, and he optimistically interprets the popular pursuit of uncovering the hidden mechanics of power as evidence of a latent populism waiting to harnessed.
Fenster notes that conspiracy theory serves a useful purpose as a balm to the politically alienated segments of society.
www.powerbooksearch.com /booksearch081663243X.html   (1041 words)

 Albright's joke joins growing list of Bush theories - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Conspiracy theories continued to sprout among Democrats yesterday in the wake of the capture of Saddam Hussein.
Earlier, Howard Dean, the former governor of Vermont, the presumed leader of the Democratic presidential candidates, spoke of "a theory," which he later said he didn't believe, that President Bush had prior knowledge of the September 11 attacks and did not take steps to prevent them.
One Democratic consultant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said his e-mail box is "filled daily with conspiracy theories" about supposed Bush administration plots.
www.washtimes.com /national/20031217-115113-2173r.htm   (905 words)

 Amazon.com: Selling Fear: Conspiracy Theories and End-Times Paranoia: Books: Gregory S. Camp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Throughout its history, America has been exposed to a multitude of chilling theories about "what's really going on behind the scenes." Many believe that the world economy and its political and social systems are controlled by a few sinister men belonging to secret organizations that seek to rule the earth.
A host of Christian teachers have tapped into conspiracy theories to design their own end times scenarios.
In Selling Fear, historian Gregory Camp offers a sane examination of conspiracy theories that have cropped up over the years and exposes the false teachings and assumptions that have instilled fear in the uninformed.
www.amazon.com /Selling-Fear-Conspiracy-Theories-End-Times/dp/0801057213   (1315 words)

 AlterNet: Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002
Among the theories about the administration's real reasons for bombing and occupying Afghanistan, the one with the most traction argues that Afghanistan provides the best real estate for an oil and natural gas pipeline.
Also high on the possible planted evidence list is a spiritual manifesto for the Al Qaeda kamikaze pilots, which, to journalist Robert Fisk, sounds an awful lot like it was written by a God-fearing Christian.
Hijacker Oddities I. Little-observed in the fine print of the FBI rap sheet on the September 11 hijackers was a clumsily phrased disclaimer admitting that the Bureau's document wasn't, ahem, necessarily a final draft (with note: "It should be noted that attempts to confirm the true identities of these individuals are still under way").
www.alternet.org /story.html?StoryID=14873   (2924 words)

 CBC News: the fifth estate: Conspiracy Theories - The Speculation
On it were various words and phrases, including "World Trade Center" and "Pentagon." They insisted that it was a list of 9/11 targets that Vreeland had uncovered and been trying to warn the authorities about.
His book "The Big Lie" was a bestseller in Europe and lays out a conspiracy theory which challenges the official version of the September 11th attack on the Pentagon.
But many of these theories are based, at least in part, on legitimate questions that have remained unanswered since September 11th.
www.cbc.ca /fifth/conspiracytheories/speculation.html   (673 words)

 Amazon.com: Secrets, Plots & Hidden Agendas: What You Don't Know About Conspiracy Theories: Books: Paul T. Coughlin   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The author, apparently himself a devout Christian, comes out squarely against these theories, feeling they create much fear and hopelessness among believers and are therefore contrary to the teachings of Christ, if not his apostles.
This is not a book on conspiracy theories in general.
Rather, it focuses almost exclusively on variations of a particular type of religiously-driven conspiracy theory, that type formed by a far right segment of Protestant fundamentalism, those Christians who are overconcerned with end-times apocalyptic tribulation predictions which they believe may occur within the decade.
www.amazon.com /Secrets-Plots-Hidden-Agendas-Conspiracy/dp/0830816240   (1494 words)

 Steve Scroggins - A conspiracy to squelch conspiracy theories?
Though I'm skeptical about most, there are so many conspiracy theories, it's hard to avoid believing a few.
One theory holds that the press colludes to convince you that there are no conspiracies and that the number you believe reflects your degree of paranoia.
O.J. Simpson, as one of the astronauts, was a victim of this conspiracy, too.
www.fortunecity.com /meltingpot/harrow/505/Conspiracies.htm   (602 words)

 Rigorous Intuition: The Top of My Head
The two dominant methods of dealing with inexplicable human events are the conspiracy theory (illicit control by identified or unidentified agency) and the coincidence theory (no control at all – simple random event).
"Conspiracies" which from every rational point of view damned sure seem to exist and which are just too statistically improbable to be assigned to coincidence MAY IN FACT be attributable to “the collective mind theory”.
At least with “conspiracy theory” SOMEONE is in charge, and with “coincidence theory” we can say it’s all in the odds.
rigorousintuition.blogspot.com /2005/10/top-of-my-head.html   (11161 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on conspiracy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Share your wisdom on conspiracy by "blinking" bits you like OR "sharing" bits you know.
*As a legal term, a conspiracy is an agreement of two or more people to commit a crime: see conspiracy (crime), or to accomplish a legal end through illegal actions: see conspiracy (civil).
*Conspiracy theory, a theory that defies common historical or current understanding of events, under the claim that those events are the result of manipulations by one or more secretive powers.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/conspiracy   (469 words)

 Conspiracy Theories
There are more conspiracy theories on the JFK assassination than you can count.
This section takes a broad historical approach to conspiracy theories by providing original articles from various periods and summaries of recent books that survey the theories.
I have listed several pieces of physical evidence that are violated by Files's story, and others have discussed other aspects of his story.
karws.gso.uri.edu /JFK/Conspiracy_theories/Conspiracy_Theories.html   (652 words)

 Stormwarning's Counterterrorism: The Stupidity of Conspiracy Theories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Of all of the downright asinine things to deal with is the latest of the conspiracy theories that Charlie Sheen is running around spouting.
A spirited debunking of Charlie Sheen is provided by Moonage in his post, "Charlie Sheen revisits the 911 Conspiracy theory" but this is such a stupid topic, and so much press type is being consumed by it, I want to comment separately.
PM examines the evidence and consults the experts to refute the most persistent conspiracy theories of September 11.
moonagewebdream.blogs.com /storms_counter_terrorism/2006/03/the_stupidity_o.html   (2367 words)

 [No title]
I originally posted this to a few friends on a forum, using information from a list just like this created after the 2000 election.
The list was carried by the St. Petersburg Times and the Economist, amongst others.
The IQ data was originally attributed to the book "IQ and the Wealth of Nations", though I checked and couldn't find them in the current edition, I had posted saying such at the bottom of the table.
chrisevans3d.com /files/iq.htm   (600 words)

 Simpsons/South Park Conspiracy Theories!
Here are many conspiracy theories that I personally have thought up!
This list of conspiracy theories will be updated frequently!
I think this is substantial evidence that their is a government conspiracy behind the creation of both "Barneys"!!!!
members.tripod.com /~SocAlex/index-7.html   (218 words)

 Conspiracy Theories - All About Conspiracy Theories
This is a widely visited resource about Conspiracy Theories.
I first became interested in Conspiracy Theories in 2001.
To join our Conspiracy Theories announcement list, please enter your name and email address into the box below and click on the "Go" button.
www.threeworldwars.com /f/conspiracy-theories.htm   (377 words)

 September 11 Resources
All links are validated by the Link Manager before they are added to the list.
URLs related to the U.S. war with Afghanistan in the wake of the terrorist attacks of 11 Sept 2001.
Conspiracy Theories related to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001.
www.u.arizona.edu /ic/humanities/september11/pages   (479 words)

 Cable Forum - Conspiracy theories
Come on, lets have a list of conspiracy theories.
I also heard the same theory about Glenn Miller (look at http://www.glennmillerorchestra.com if you haven't heard of him)...
Having just removed my ribbon, a current one has to be the US government staging the 9/11 attacks in order to gain control of the world's oil.
www.cableforum.co.uk /board/printthread.php?t=2712   (438 words)

 Conspiracy Theories   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present moment be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible.
She is another example in an endless list of Jew’s who are actively engaged in the destruction of Christian moral values.
Conspiracy theorists allege that the IRS is a mere branch of the Federal Reserve System and is not a Federal agency at all.
www.freeamerican.com /conspiracytheories.htm   (13769 words)

 Cynical-C Blog: Top 10 Wackiest Conspiracy Theories
Like most conspiracy theories, falsification of Icke's hypotheses is nearly impossible, but Icke continues to sell books and give speaking engagements based on concepts ranging from the New Age to his political opinions.
There is a book that Jon Ronson wrote called "Them: Adventures With Extremists" which I've read and "Men Who Stare at Goats" which I haven't.
But he does all kind of writing about conspiracy theories, very entertainingly too.
www.cynical-c.com /archives/004385.html   (216 words)

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