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Topic: List of current USAF aircraft

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In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Washington Watch
He said the shift by USAF depots from their intended mission of maintenance to “remanufacturing of parts” will mean greater and greater cost of ownership for aircraft and decreasing aircraft availability as the airplanes must spend longer and longer periods in depot.
Current ISR and command and control aircraft do not offer adequate global coverage and lack the bandwidth to keep up with modern battlefield communications.
Current problems in military space programs will continue into the near future, said outgoing Undersecretary of the Air Force Peter B. Teets in March, because they were structured inadequately in the beginning.
www.afa.org /magazine/May2005/0505watch.asp   (2277 words)

  7th District American Legion of Wisconsin
The USAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on September 18, 1947.
The USAF later patrolled the skies of Northern and Southern Iraq after the war to protect minorities persecuted by the Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein.
USAF aircraft are used to provide support to Coalition and Iraqi forces in major operations to eliminate insurgent centers of activity and supply in north and west Iraq.
webpages.charter.net /wisconsinlegion-7thdistrict/USAF_History.htm   (2810 words)

  F-117 Nighthawk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Other modern aircraft also have old pre-'62 numbers like the B-52, C-130, and a number of lesser known aircraft, but the F-117 seems to be the only later aircraft to not use the new system.
The USAF has always been more proud of its fighters than its ground-attack aircraft, which are sometimes denigrated as "mud movers." Officials may have felt that they could more easily generate political and military support for the radical new aircraft if it were called a "fighter" rather than a bomber or attack plane.
USAF officials once considered putting AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles on the F-117 — pilots were even trained to fire them — but there is no evidence that AIM-9s have ever been loaded aboard.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/F-117_Nighthawk   (2448 words)

 Current Designations of U.S. Military Aircraft
Existing aircraft which used designations not compliant with the new system (all Navy and Marine Corps, many Army, and a few Air Force aircraft) were redesignated effectively on 18 September 1962 (see source [1] and article on Aircraft Redesignations in 1962).
Although the "Z" status prefix is still listed in the regulations, it is nowadays rarely used.
Current aerospace vehicle projects very rarely receive a designation before the actual prototype is under construction, and even if they do the "Z" prefix is often not applied.
www.designation-systems.net /usmilav/aircraft.html   (2286 words)

 List of current USAF aircraft   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Official USAF data on the operational models of the AC-130, focusing on the aircraft mission, features, history and general characteristics.
Although the USAF claims they have identified the members of the C130A aircraft lost on 11/24/69, their records show that no bones or teeth could be identified.
A current list of all known Ford Tri-Motor aircraft, their present locations and owners, and their flight status.
www.omniknow.com /common/wiki.php?in=en&term=List_of_current_USAF_aircraft   (951 words)

 Stealth aircraft Summary
Stealth aircraft such as the F-117 and B-2 bomber are not supersonic, they have no afterburners, and the exhaust nozzles are tuned for low noise rather than peak performance, making them difficult to detect via sound waves.
Whilst the first stealth aircraft may be said to include the Horten Ho 229 and the British Avro Vulcan strategic bomber, which had astonishingly small radar cross section in the 1960s, the first-generation of modern, purpose-designed stealth aircraft include the F-117 Nighthawk and the MBB Lamypridae [1].
Passive (multistatic) radars are known to detect stealth aircraft better than receivers connected to the transmitters (active or monostatic radars), since stealth technology reflects energy away from the transmitter's line of sight, effectively increasing the radar cross section (RCS) in other directions, which the passive radars monitor.
www.bookrags.com /Stealth_aircraft   (2704 words)

 F-117 Nighthawk information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
USAF officials once considered putting AIM-9 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles on the F-117 — pilots were even trained to fire them — but there is no evidence that AIM-9s have ever been loaded aboard.
Yet despite this, the F-117 is still very much an aircraft designed with technologies that were state of the art in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and as such, there has been a preliminary decision to retire the fleet in 2008.
List of military aircraft of the United States - List of current USAF aircraft - List of fighter aircraft - List of Lockheed aircraft
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/F-117_Nighthawk   (2135 words)

 United States Air Force information - Search.com
The USAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on September 18, 1947 from the United States Army.
USAF aircraft are used to provide support to Coalition and Iraqi forces in major operations to eliminate insurgent centers of activity and supply in north and west Iraq.
Currently, women wear the same utility uniforms as men; either the BDU or the flight suit, both of which come in unisex sizes.
www.search.com /reference/United_States_Air_Force   (4495 words)

 Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory (Home)
IAG provides information and consulting services to the travel and aviation industries, and covers aircraft manufacturers, airlines, airports, and ground transportation.
Aircraft Maintenance Connections is a site dedicated to aircraft maintenance news, information, products, and services.
Lucky Puppy Aviation is by a blogger with over 30 years experience in aviation who posts news, current events, history, trivia, and humor with an aviation theme.
www.thirtythousandfeet.com   (525 words)

 USAF High Frequency Global Communications System - The RadioReference Wiki
The USAF High Frequency Global Communications System is a worldwide network of 15 high-power HF stations providing command and control communications between ground agencies and US military aircraft and ships.
Aircraft responsible to a C2 agency for mission tracking/control should transmit an initial contact/departure report to a Global HF System station after takeoff.
Aircraft requiring DF support should advise the HFGCS station of the nature of the emergency, a bearing (steer) or a position (fix).
wiki.radioreference.com /index.php/USAF_High_Frequency_Global_Communications_System   (965 words)

 FLUG REVUE update: Week ending 25 March 2007
The second aircraft for Austria, AS002, was rolled out only a few days earlier and is now undergoing final checks before engine runs and the addition of Air Force colour scheme to the aircraft.
Currently, the Technical Department of the DRF (Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht e.V./German Air Rescue) is conducting maintenance for a major Portuguese client.
Due to difficulties with the production ramp-up of the EMBRAER 190 and EMBRAER 195 aircraft, especially those related to their wing assembly and supply chain delays, 37 aircraft were delivered in the last quarter of the year, and totaled 130 aircraft delivered in 2006.
www.flug-revue.rotor.com /FRweek1.htm   (7817 words)

 A Guide to United States Air Force Lineage and Honors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Each list shows only those components at the first subordinate echelon; the list does not show subordinate squadrons of an assigned or attached organization because these squadrons were not directly assigned.
Commander lists sometimes contain "unknown" as an entry, and in many of the commander lists, circa (c.) or some other indicators such as "by" a date are to be found.
USAF decoration used to recognize outstanding efforts and meritorious actions of USAF units and establishments in peace and war, the AFOUA was announced in Department of the Air Force General Orders No. 1 on 6 January 1954.
www.au.af.mil /au/afhra/rso/guide_usaf_lineage_honors.html   (5694 words)

 DefenseLink News Article: Unmanned Aircraft Key to Future Operations, General Says
Beginning with a discussion of the history of unmanned aircraft systems, or UASs, the general highlighted the circumstances that led to their further development.
The list of missions has expanded from the traditional reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition missions to 36 nontraditional applications, including digital mapping and day and night strike.
Current figures from the JAPCC indicate that 17 NATO nations have more than 25 operational models of aircraft, with more than 3,600 operational unmanned aircraft in NATO.
www.defenselink.mil /News/NewsArticle.aspx?ID=1730   (858 words)

 eBay - Product Info - eBay — Jane's USAF, Game and PC items on eBay.com.
USAF has awsome features and a variety of planes to choose from.
With Jane's USAF you feel as though you are really flying with the Air Force and you will find yourself sweating in the heat of the battle.
This sim today is now beating some of the most current sims thanks to a group that has taken the sim and made some terrific mods for it.
product.ebay.com /Janes-USAF_W0QQfvcsZ1453QQsoprZ7475   (635 words)

 Alderac Entertainment Group -- Stargate SG-1 RPG
As a member of the USAF under Stargate Command it is important to remember the USAF’s basic military training, which may seem inadequate to off-world situations, but is still the backbone of your training and those you call teammates and friends.
The ability to rapidly mobilize forces allows the USAF to position deployment forces at any time in place ensures that all threats are responded to quickly and with force.
PAFSC is the current AFSC held, whereas the DAFSC is the prior (and sometimes all priors are listed, especially when first assigned to a new command).
www.stargatesg1rpg.com /resources/usaf.html   (4028 words)

 The Visiting Nurse Association Air Show presents the USAF T-6 East Coast Demonstration Team   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He is currently assigned as an F-16 instructor pilot and flight examiner with the 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw Air Force Base, S.C. Major Hickman was born March 20, 1972 in Oak Park, IL.
For easy and accurate control of the aircraft during high G-force combat maneuvers, a side stick controller is used instead of the conventional center-mounted stick.
USAF F-16 multi-mission fighters were deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm, where more sorties were flown than with any other aircraft.
www.stuartairshow.com /usaf_f16.html   (1045 words)

 The U.S. Air Force and Operations Other Than War
The amount of time the USAF devotes to such operations has exploded from almost zero during the last few years of the Cold War to a level that has been consuming almost 10 percent of USAF flight hours in the mid-1990s.
The number of aircraft needed to enforce no-fly zones could therefore be significantly reduced, and optempo for all affected units could be eased.
While these are difficult times for initiating new programs, the USAF should find that a relatively small investment in some MOOTW-specific technologies will pay large dividends by adding critical MOOTW tasks to the list of USAF competencies and by minimizing the number of general-purpose forces involved in MOOTW.
www.rand.org /publications/RB/RB48   (1206 words)

 "Missing" USAF/DOD Aircraft Designations
However, the "YFC" prefix (cargo aircraft converted to a prototype interceptor) is very unusual, and (together with the 1996 time frame and the "4 engines") strongly suggests that YFC-36A was temporarily reserved for what became the YAL-1A "Airborne Laser" aircraft.
The USAF aircraft serial 59-5926 is listed as a "Bell H-36", but otherwise no information whatsoever is available about the three projects or the associated helicopters.
However, USAF Headquarters did not approve the request, stating that a specific designation for the target would not be necessary at such an early stage of the program.
www.designation-systems.net /usmilav/missing-mds.html   (6320 words)

 Reply to Popular Mechanics re 9/11
In other words, in response to a request for assistance from a civil authority, such as the FAA, that "component" of the military to which the request is directed may respond immediately with appropriate action, such as scrambling a jet fighter (or diverting one already in the air) for the purpose of interception.
Apart from the general question of normal procedures for the detection of hijacked and/or threatening aircraft over the continental US (discussed in the reply to Claim #2 above) there is the specific question of normal procedures for the defense of the airspace surrounding the WTC complex.
It has been reported that at least one USAF F-16 fighter jet was close to the plane when it fell from the sky.
www.serendipity.li /wot/pop_mech/reply_to_popular_mechanics.htm   (16873 words)

 Links - Aeroplane Magazine - History in the Air
Aircraft Walkaround Centre: www.aircraftwalkaround.com 2500+ photos covering 150+ aircraft from early flight to the present day.
Australian Military Aircraft Serials and Aircraft History: http://adf-serials.com/ - a complete list of aircraft operated by the ADF for the Australian military aviation enthusiast.
Chilton Aircraft Co: www.nerou.pfanet.co.uk A history of the Chilton Aeroplane Company, it's aircraft and their Mikron and Carden Ford engines plus details of owners, builders and current locations.
www.aeroplanemonthly.com /links   (2086 words)

 Aviation Museum: United States Air Force Museum
Approximately 25 aircraft, including the Museum's collection of Presidential aircraft, are exhibited in two hangars on the historic Wright Field flight line, about one mile from the main Museum building.
It is set up to protect aircraft recently restored by the Museum and to prevent further deterioration of aircraft awaiting restoration.
I have been to the USAF Museum many times with my father; LT Col.Perry A. Schreffler USAF ret., from the 1960's till the early 1990's; who with my mother are now interened at Arlington National Cemetary.
aeroweb.brooklyn.cuny.edu /museums/oh/usafm.htm   (1277 words)

 Sea Vee Models - Reference List - Producers of fine 1/1250 scale metal waterline miniatures
Below is a listing of Seavee models, and is intended to be a collectors reference.
The SV range concerns mainly Royal Navy and RFA subjects, SVM are merchant ships, and SVX are all other military ships or ships in their service not included in the above 2- Thus SVX models are of mostly post war USN and MSC ships,and a small number of modern Italian Navy ships.
In addition, we have made several "limited edition" models, which have no official Seavee number - these are noted at the end of the listing.
www.seaveemodels.com /reflist   (284 words)

 [No title]
If you want to have an order shipped to an address other than what is listed on your credit card account, simply use the phone number on the back of your credit card to contact your card issuer and ask them to add your recipient’s address as an ‘alternate billing address’.
A list of manufacturers who permit end-users to contact them directly for returns can be found here.
The manufacturer also always has a better chance of identifying (and potentially resolving) any conflicts with other equipment, etc. A list of manufacturers who permit end-users to contact them directly for returns can be found here.
www.san-diego-golf-tee-times.com /faq.html   (8110 words)

 Rutan Aircraft Designs
The legendary designer of this “aircraft of the future,” known as the Beech Model 2000 Starship, was the unconventional Elbert L. "Burt" Rutan.
In 1972, he joined Bede Aircraft as its director of development at the Bede Test Center in Newton, Kansas, noted for fiberglass V-tail kit airplanes, such as the BD-5, and the BD-5J “pocket rocket” mini-jet aircraft, made famous in a 1983 James Bond movie.
Aluminum mesh embedded into the skin shielded the Starship's electronics by permitting electric current to flow through the body to a point where the charge exited the aircraft, with only minor cosmetic damage at the actual lightning strike point.
www.centennialofflight.gov /essay/GENERAL_AVIATION/rutan/GA15.htm   (1156 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The list of scams perpetrated by the new breed of high-tech criminals, ranging from airline ticket reservation fraud to the reprogramming of the chips inside mobile phones, is growing daily.
For example, between 1982 and 1987, some 22 US servicemen died in five separate crashes of the USAF's sophisticated Blackhawk helicopter before the problem was traced to its computer- based 'fly-by-wire' system (Forester and Morrison 1990).
A recent report by the Times Mirror group concluded that the current under-30s generation in the US - despite the benefits of a higher standard of living, better education, information technology, etc - "knows less, cares less and reads newspapers less than any generation in the past five decades" (Zoglin 1990).
www.eff.org /effector/effect04.02   (4024 words)

 Airdisaster.Com Forums - USAF waste spending
In our current operations in Iraq, the Air Force's procurement choices have left it searching for missions to prove its relevance.
Yet purchasing that gold-plated piece of junk means that we could afford still fewer aircraft in the future - we could be swarmed by other countries with lower-tech, affordable planes, just as the Indians did it.
A no-nonsense ground-attack aircraft to replace that splendid killing machine, the A-10.
www.airdisaster.com /forums/showthread.php?t=71169&goto=nextoldest   (996 words)

 The Visiting Nurse Association Air Show presents the USAF AETC T-6A West Coast Demonstration Team   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The aircraft is fully aerobatic and features a pressurized cockpit with an anti-G system, ejection seat and an advanced avionics package with sunlight-readable liquid crystal displays.
This is the Air Force’s newest training platform; currently, the most advanced primary trainer ever flown by the Air Force.
Produced by Raytheon Aircraft, the T-6A Texan II is a military trainer version of Raytheon's Beech/Pilatus PC-9 Mk II.
www.stuartairshow.com /usaf_t6.html   (712 words)

 McDonnell F-101 Voodoo Interceptor / Reconnaissance Aircraft - Military and Civilian Aircraft
Canadian squadrons would also be equipped with the effective Voodoo for their own use and the system would be fielding up high in the Northwest to protect against airspace incursions from high-level long-range Soviet bombers.
Sorry, but there is no current media file to display for this aircraft.
MilitaryFactory.com is a reference website delivering information on military aircraft, tanks, armor, artillery, guns, small arms, battlefield munitions, battles, generals, politicians, special forces and more through informative text and (in most cases) full-color photographs.
www.militaryfactory.com /aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=73   (545 words)

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