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Topic: List of dragons in fantasy fiction

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In the News (Fri 21 Sep 18)

  List of dragons in fantasy fiction
List of dragons in fantasy fiction is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
The female dragon represents harsh weather and is the destroyer of crops, the hater of mankind, and is locked in a never ending battle with her brother.
It it is theorized that western dragons have descended from Roman dragons.
www.experiencefestival.com /list_of_dragons_in_fantasy_fiction   (1001 words)

 Spartanburg SC | GoUpstate.com | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Though a winged creature, the dragon is generally to be found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of earth.
The dragon of the modern period is typically depicted as a huge fire-breathing, scaly and horned dinosaur-like creature, with leathery wings, with four legs and a long muscular tail.
The typical dragon protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure and is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it, but dragons can be written into a story in as many ways as a human character.
www.goupstate.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=European_dragon   (2138 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of campaign settings
Several of the listed settings are literary and media settings for which RPG material has been produced under license.
This is a list of fictional universes, organized by genre and by sub-genre.
Lists about role-playing games The flexibility of the Dungeons and Dragons rules means that Dungeon Masters are free to create their own fantasy campaign settings.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-campaign-settings   (4103 words)

  European dragon information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Though a winged creature, the dragon is generally to be found in its underground lair, a cave that identifies it as an ancient creature of earth, like the mythic serpent, that was a source of temptation even in Eden.
The dragon of the modern period is typically depicted as a huge fire-breathing, scaly and horned dinosaur-like creature, with leathery wings, with four legs and a long muscular tail.
The female dragon represents harsh weather and is the destroyer of crops, the hater of mankind, and is locked in a never ending battle with her brother.
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/European_dragon   (2041 words)

 The SF Site: Fantasy Masterworks Reviews Archive
Fantasy Masterworks is a series of classics that deserve to be in print and kept there rather than languishing as OP titles.
He began writing fantasy and supernatural stories set in his native continent, such as 'The Phantom Rickshaw' and 'The Strange Ride of Morrowbie Jukes', and his most famous weird story is 'The Mark of the Beast' (1890), about a man cursed to transform into a were-leopard.
The opposite faction regards fantasy as a joyous necessity, one that allows certain writers to explore parts of existence unavailable to a pedestrian strolling the avenues of Paris, be it the one in Tennessee or in France.
www.sfsite.com /lists/orion05.htm   (913 words)

 Thousands of FANTASY NAMES - fairy, gnomes, elves, goblins, mystical, magic demons, vampires, witches, dragons, beasts, ...
A list of the Rulers of Númenor, a fictional realm by J. Tolkien.
List of names and descriptions of sundry creatures, some of which are illustrated
A list of characters that have appeared in a fighting capacity (ie.
www.lowchensaustralia.com /names/fantasylinks.htm   (2176 words)

 Scholar's Blog: Dragons and Turtles: Myth and Fantasy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Dragons in fantasy literature come in a variety of shapes, types and personalities, much as they do in myth.
Dragons are generally accepted are typically depicted as huge lizards, that are larger than elephants and possessing horns.
Eastern dragons tend to be more snake-like as well, although possessing front and rear legs as does Smaug when drawn by Tolkien.
scholar-blog.blogspot.com /2005/07/dragons-and-turtles-myth-and-fantasy.html   (721 words)

 European dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In European folklore, a dragon is a serpentine legendary creature.
The typical dragon protects a cavern or castle filled with gold and treasure and is often associated with a great hero who tries to slay it, but dragons can be written into a story in as many ways as a human character.
Roman dragons evolved from serpentine Greek ones, combined with the dragons of the Near East, in the mix that characterized the hybrid Greek/Eastern Hellenistic culture.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_dragon   (2083 words)

 Thalia's Links for Fantasy Bards
The Stumpers list is mostly for reference librarians (and others performing such duties) asking for help with questions.
List compiled with the help of Dan Goodman and the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy email workshop, sf-and-f@speakeasy.org.
Writing Science Fiction -- the titles are a little hard to read against the background -- try with images off.
members.tripod.com /~AmusedMuse/fantasyw.html   (661 words)

Dragons are winged beings portrayed in the ancient mythologies of most cultures.
Dragons deserve a category all their own because they are beasts found all over the world.
In Christian symbology, a dragon is seen defeated by the archangel Michael, whereas in myths and fairy tales dragons are killed and slain by the hero of the story.
www.cdli.ca /CITE/dragons.htm   (2556 words)

 The only epic fantasy website on the net
Epic Fantasy is a subgenre of fantasy and very similar to high-fantasy where a seemingly average person undergoes many trials and ordeals which develop him or her into a hero capable of feats needed to thwart challenges of an epic scale.
Archetypes in Fantasy Writing by Marilyn Peake -Archetypes are an important part of the human experience and an integral part of fantasy fiction.
To be good epic fantasy a novel or series has to swing at these questions of our existence with a big sword or a two fisted axe; or even rain down upon them the fury of a lightning storm.
www.epic-fantasy.com   (3131 words)

 Recommended Fantasy Authors List - Part 1/5
From: Amy Sheldon Newsgroups: alt.fan.eddings, rec.arts.sf.written Subject: Recommended Fantasy Authors List - Part 1/5 Date: 19 Dec 1998 14:02:09 GMT Message-ID: Summary: Listing of fantasy authors recommended by readers of the alt.fan.eddings newsgroup.
The List has maintained ONE of its original attributes - all of the participants share a fondness for the fantasy of David Eddings.
The listing will indicate if the titles are part of an on-going series or a limited series (trilogies, tetralogies, and the like), and if the books within the series stand alone.
www.faqs.org /faqs/fantasy/recommended-authors/part1   (2327 words)

 Dragons in Children's Literature Links
The Library lists fantasy books with ratings by Hrach and cover illustrations.
The Dragon's Tower gives descriptions of famous dragons, dragon types and related monsters, with illustrations.
Pages claim that dragons don't really like to eat people, that they have been slandered and abused by humans who associated them with evil since the writing of the Bible.
www.ferrum.edu /thanlon/dragons/links.htm   (605 words)

 WFY: Dragons, a Booklist
A tale of archetypal heroes and sweeping adventures, of dragons and princes and evil wizards, this is epic fantasy as only Stephen King could envision it.
Fifteen-year-old Kara is summoned by King Orrik, who believes she has the power to call down the dragons that have been plundering his realm, and she is caught up in the fierce rivalry between Orrik and his jealous brother Rog.
As the last of the dragon eggs, laid long ago, begin to hatch, Lyf becomes a reluctant friend who tries to save both the dragon mothers and their newly born children from their enemies.
www.wiredforyouth.com /books/index.cfm?booklist=dragons   (631 words)

 Adult Booklists: Speculative Fiction: Science-Fiction and Fantasy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Also: Science Fiction and Fantasy 2002, with 24 titles published in 2002, and Science Fiction and Fantasy 2003, with 22 titles published in 2003.
List of a dozen science-fiction or fantasy writers from Greg Bear to Ian Watson, with brief info about their backgrounds and their series/books.
"Lists mainstream science fiction and fantasy novels, short stories and movies (speculative fiction) which contain references specifically to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and to Mormonism in general." Noted that most of the authors of works on this list are not Mormons.
www.waterborolibrary.org /bklistsf.htm   (2795 words)

 News from Author Bryan Davis
Raising Dragons is the number three best-selling book for young adults in the January list, and Tears of a Dragon is number seven.
Here is a link for the list: http://www.cbaonline.org/TrackingLists/yck.jsp?w=t  When the list changes (around the twentieth of January), that link might lead to an updated list.
Young people crave the adventure and excitement of fantasy literature, and parents want them to be safe while they fly away on these adventures in their minds.
www.dragonsinourmidst.com /dec2005.htm   (771 words)

 Fantasy Reading List - FCPL
This list is divided into the older, classic authors who had an influence on the genre, and those who are still producing valuable work today.
Since some fantasy is classified as regular fiction, and some is in science fiction, check both sections of the library, and don't forget to check the New Books section of the library for the latest by the Current Stars.
She has begun a new series, the Sharing Knife, which is also fantasy, so it seems as if she is in the genre to stay.
www.fairfaxcounty.gov /library/reading/adult/fantasy.htm   (1577 words)

 Fantasy Art
Fantasy, Furry and Mythos Art by Rebecca Kemp
Fantasy, Furry and Mythos Art by Rebecca Kemp fantasy art, furry, anthro, cthulhu mythos
After the kids implored me to draw with them, this is what came to mind.
www.shawnolson.net /topics/Fantasy_Art   (70 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Literature: Genres: Fantasy: Magazines and E-zines   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Deep Magic: The E-zine of High Fantasy and Science Fiction - Presents works of original short fantasy and science fiction in a free, download only.pdf format.
Fantasy and Science Fiction - Stories as well as contests, news and reviews covering the genres of fantasy and science fiction.
Forgotten Fantasy - Original stories and poetry of science fiction, fantasy and horror.
dmoz.org /Arts/Literature/Genres/Fantasy/Magazines_and_E-zines   (330 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: Free eBooks, eBooks for Palm, PocketPC, PC, & Mac
Tarma was the sole survivor of her clan, bound on a fatal quest for vengeance, when she encountered the sorceress Kethry.
Bruna Alton was not content with either of the traditional roles open to women--marriage or life in a Tower--so she found another path for her life.
Three valuable dragon eggs have been purchased from the Ottoman Empire, and Laurence and Temeraire must detour to Istanbul to escort the precious cargo back to England.
www.fictionwise.com /ebooks/FantasyeBooks.htm   (1725 words)

 Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration Arts
- Science fiction and fantasy art from the worlds of Erik Christopher Omtvedt, featuring fantastic creatures of myth and lore.
- Fantasy, science fiction, and adventure illustrations from books, video and other games, as well as tutorials for traditional and digital media.
- Science fiction and fantasy images by the artist, including works from Warhammer 40,000, Warcry, Warlord: Saga of the Storm, and Legend of the Five Rings.
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Arts/Illustration/Science_Fiction_and_Fantasy   (1007 words)

 Amazon.com: Dragons & dreams: A collection of new fantasy and science fiction stories: Books: Jane Yolen,Charles G. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These anthologists, veterans all, have assembled a varied collection of 10 original stories, most of them gentle fantasies with a welcome touch of humor and imagination.
Grade 5-9 A sampling of fantasy and science fiction stories by top-flight authors.
The editors state that their goal is to stir "a sense of wonder"to give a hint of the "(im-)possible" in these ten original stories of fabulous happenings past, present and future.
www.amazon.com /Dragons-dreams-collection-fantasy-science/dp/0060267925   (818 words)

 Category:Lists of fictional characters information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
List of mythical and religious beings appearing in fictional context
List of characters from The Sopranos in the DiMeo Crime Family
List of characters from The Sopranos in the Lupertazzi Crime Family
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/Category:Lists_of_fictional_characters   (419 words)

Links to all of my original science fiction, fantasy, horror, and thriller stories that I've had published through the years.
Fantasy Philes is a list of books from the Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre.
Fantasy art, poetry, stories and humor, mostly based on Lord of the Rings, though not all.
g.webring.com /hub?ring=silmacil   (1026 words)

 Dungeons & Dragons Online : Daily MMO News for Dungeons & Dragons Online for PC at MMORPG.COM
The property is under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro.
His fiction is sure to engage and entertain our players in the months to come,” said Jeffrey Anderson, president and CEO of Turbine, Inc. “We are delighted to be working with him.”
A long-time fantasy devotee and game designer, Keith Baker’s breakthrough occurred when he entered a contest in 2002 held by Wizards of the Coast, maker of the DUNGEONS and DRAGONS roleplaying game and a subsidiary of Hasbro.
mmorpg.com /gamelist.cfm?loadNews=5152&fp=1280,1024,1146673362843,20...   (426 words)

 Amazon.com: SENDING OF DRAGONS, A (Laurel-Leaf Fantasy): Books: Jane Yolen   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After spending the Dark-After in Heart's Blood, Jakkin's dead dragon who was killed protecting Jakkin and Akki, Jakkin and Akki can see with the eyes of dragons and spend the Dark-After outside without freezing.
Heart's Bloods young dragons are trying to help Jakkin and Akki, but they must stay outside the caves or they could be slaughtered, too.
And now, Jakkin has found a beautiful red dragon who could be Heart's Blood sisters, her mind patterns and looks are the same.
www.amazon.com /SENDING-DRAGONS-Laurel-Leaf-Fantasy-Yolen/dp/0440203090   (809 words)

 Fantasy/Sci-Fi Books Links   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The fiction sections features readers fiction, you can submit work and recieve feedback and comments on it.
Basically its for fantasy readers to get together and discuss the books they are reading.
The 'rules' are clearly listed and it's easy to become a member.
www.suite101.com /links.cfm/fantasy_and_sf   (728 words)

 Hoagies' Hot Topics Reading List: Science Fiction and Fantasy
You'll never read funnier science fiction; Adams is a master of intelligent satire, barbed wit, and comedic dialogue...
Glory road - Heinlein's one true fantasy novel, Glory Road is as much fun today as when he wrote it...
Great quartets of fantasy, most featuring the same terrific female and male lead characters as they grow...
www.hoagiesgifted.org /scifi_fantasy.htm   (2790 words)

 Bards of Thalia, Creative Muse: Fantasy & SF Directory of Books and Poems
All of the pages in this directory were created by Anitra Freeman (under the influence of Thalia) but some are in other domains, because Thalia is very inspiring and Anitra is very manic.
This Fantasy Ring site is owned by Thalia, Muse of Comedy.
This Science Fiction Novel Webring site is owned by Thalia, Muse of Comedy.
members.tripod.com /AmusedMuse/fantasy.html   (147 words)

 Amherst College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club
We provide a forum for students to share and explore their interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, films, activities and games.
We're having Dining with Dragons as usual at 6 on Saturday in the Terrace Rooms downstairs in Val.
It is a group activity that relates to fantasy fiction, something that is probably attractive to people on the SFFC mailing list, and is spearheaded by several people related to the SFFC, hence it's announced with other SFFC events.
www.amherst.edu /~sffc   (385 words)

 Amazon.ca: Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual III: Books: Wizards of the Coast
There will also be details on how to include any creature in a Forgotten Realms© or Eberron campaign.
The Guide to DandD: A list by J.
Subjects > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Gaming > Dungeons & Dragons > General
www.amazon.ca /Dungeons-Dragons-Monster-Manual-III/dp/0786934301/ref=pd_sim_b_3/702-2368436-2995262?ie=UTF8   (455 words)

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