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Topic: List of economists

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  The Living Wage: Survey of Labor Economists | EPI Study
A list of economists was obtained from the American Economic Association (AEA) and consisted of all AEA members who indicated that their primary or secondary area of expertise is labor economics.
Economists are also strongly opposed to using a family of three as the standard for setting minimum wage levels.
Only 7% of labor economists believe a living wage ordinance is a very efficient way to address the income needs of poor families, 24% think it is somewhat efficient, and 69% think it is not at all efficient.
www.epionline.org /study_detail.cfm?sid=13&group=lw   (400 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: List of economists
This is an alphabetical list of notable economists.
Korkut Boratav is a Turkish economist, born in 1935, Konya.
Stanley Engerman is an economist and economic historian at the University of Rochester.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/List-of-economists   (7321 words)

 2007 EPI Minimum Wage Survey of Labor Economists | EPI Study
Economists’ ratings of the efficiency of welfare and the EITC did not change between 2000 and 2007; the minimum wage question was not asked in 2000.
Labor economists were asked to estimate the effect a higher minimum wage (150% of the current level) and an expanded EITC would have on employment.
Economists are also strongly opposed to using a family of four as the standard for setting minimum wage levels.
www.epionline.org /study_detail.cfm?sid=107&group=mw   (761 words)

 Economist Jokes
Economist related joke: Definition: Policy Analyst is someone unethical enough to be a lawyer, impractical enough to be a theologian, and pedantic enough to be an economist.
One economist to make a model, one to run the regression, one to test the hypothesis, one to interpret the results, one to conclude how to screw it on, one grad student to screw it on, and five economists trying to fight off the dinosaurs trying to eat them.
The economists thought this would be a novel experience (none had ever been at a trial before, except as a defendent or an expert witness) and followed the judge into the courtroom.
netec.mcc.ac.uk /JokEc.html   (12337 words)

 The Debt Wolf at the Door - Council on Foreign Relations
Yet experience over the past 15 years suggests this danger is remote, thanks to the continued strong performance of the U.S. economy; to the breadth and depth of U.S. financial markets, which offer investors safety they won’t find elsewhere; and to the insatiable global demand for the dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency.
Blecker’s study is organized labor’s effort to belatedly inject the foreign debt into current policy debates and to argue for weakening the dollar now, among other things, to effect a soft landing next time the economy dips.
But when other economists have cried wolf too often and too early about the foreign debt, Washington has turned a deaf ear—perhaps understandably, given the lack of immediate economic impact—and Blecker is likely to share the same fate.
www.cfr.org /publication.html?id=3193   (948 words)

  Learn more about Economics in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Despite the extreme controversy surrounding larger economic issues, there is significant agreement among mainstream economists on the fundamentals of the subject, especially as reflected in microeconomics as opposed to macroeconomics.
Marxist economists, who were more influential a few decades ago, often feel that each era of history obeys its very own set of laws, and that contemporary economics can only be applied to industrialized societies.
One way economists deal with this is to qualify discussions of economic choice by noting that "all else being equal..." referring to moral or social factors that are supposedly held equivalent for all choices that one might make.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /e/ec/economics_1.html   (1841 words)

 Business: Economists' fears are like yours: oil prices, terror
Thirty-four percent of the economists surveyed said it was the No. 1 risk to the U.S. economy, up from 26 percent in March.
Top of the list in the summer of 2004 - an issue surely spurred on by President Bush's push for Social Security reform - was the growth of the elderly population and the lack of younger people to support them.
The latest survey shows that after the deficit (23 percent), the longer-term risks are now identified as education (21 percent), growth of the elderly (17 percent), health care (16 percent), energy issues (13 percent) and, finally, competitiveness at 4 percent.
www.sptimes.com /2006/08/28/Business/Economists__fears_are.shtml   (949 words)

  Economist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Economists are also employed in banking, finance, accountancy, commerce, marketing, and business administration.
Economics as a field of knowledge and an independent social science by its own right was born in the 18th century with Adam Smith, and since then it became a discipline with an increasing and definitive importance in modern societies.
The Nobel Prize in Economics is a prize awarded to economists each year for outstanding intellectual contributions in the field of economics.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Economists   (357 words)

 HES: CFP -- Economists and Art, Historically Considered
For many years economists have wrestled with how art should be considered from an economic point of view.
We invite proposals from economists, historians of economic thought, art historians and others, which promise to recover and place in perspective a range of the engagements between those in the two spheres, art and economics.
Listed below are a few topics that we know have been touched upon by economists, artists or art theorists.
www.eh.net /pipermail/hes/1997-March/004109.html   (1022 words)

 [No title]
Economists are also aware that even persistent trade imbalances are not necessarily a problem, and certainly that surpluses are not a sure sign of health or deficits one of weakness.
There are model-oriented economists, like Alan Blinder, who also write for a broader audience, and they don't put their equations in their books and articles; but the skeleton of the models that structure their thought is visible under the surface to those who know how to look.
No matter what economists do, we can be sure that ten years from now the talk shows and the op-ed pages will still be full of men and women who regard themselves as experts on the global economy, but do not know or want to know about comparative advantage.
web.mit.edu /krugman/www/ricardo.htm   (5984 words)

 Ruble, Russian Economy - Johnson's Russia List 2-21-03
Economists say rouble strength is blunting the competitive edge of Russian manufacturers and eroding profit margins of exporters but it could also pave the way for more investment if Russians use their spending power to upgrade old plants.
Economists say oil prices could plunge if the United States leads a successful campaign to topple Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the Gulf nation quickly resumes oil exports.
While oil prices stay strong, economists said the rouble would appreciate further, boosted by capital and current account inflows, and could rise up to 10 percent this year despite central bank resolve to contain gains to less than six percent.
www.cdi.org /russia/Johnson/7072-10.cfm   (778 words)

But since some economists died early or are still young, we have to take into account the number of years nY concerned, which is the number of years the economist has lived or is still living.
Dead economists get an IP of the negative number of years they are not alive anymore (with YD being the year he or she died).
The economist can also get one point subtracted from her or his utility, if convicted of having done something undeserving of a typical economist i.e., mean, illegal, discriminating or stupid.
www.theeconomistsquartet.org /paper.htm   (5118 words)

 ISA | Economists hand Bush laundry list
But the economists caution that the deficit is likely to be a persistent long-term problem and they don't expect the president to have as much success in dealing with the deficit as he will have in addressing other economic issues.
In the survey, the economists received a list of eight major economic problems facing Bush as he begins his second term and their task was to prioritize the list—sorting it to show which issues should get the most attention.
The economists were then asked to re-sort their lists to indicate the issues where they felt Bush would have the greatest success.
www.isa.org /Template.cfm?Section=InTech&template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=40085   (365 words)

 The Austrian Economists: A Reading List for Wannabe Economic Historians
When one realizes that economists are not even trained in the history of their own discipline anymore, it is not surprising to know that their knowledge of economic history is rather poor.
She sent me a reading list for PhD students who are interested in (economic) history and want to become economists who regard historical analysis as an essential companion.
That list is a bit light on modern economic history by economists.
austrianeconomists.typepad.com /weblog/2006/05/a_list_for_wann.html   (1257 words)

 List of management topics - Psychology Wiki
This is a list of articles on general management and strategic management topics.
The original article was at List of management topics.
The list of authors can be seen in the page history.
psychology.wikia.com /wiki/List_of_management_topics   (189 words)

 Distinguished Women Economists | Book Reviews | EH.Net
Each woman was chosen because her career as an economist has exemplified performance at a high level and has "advanced economics in meaningful ways" (xi).
Economists prolific enough to get included are invited to write their own entries.
In order to understand the contributions of women economists of the past who did not make it into the standard history of thought texts, Robert Dimand, Mary Ann Dimand and Evelyn Forget solicited biographical essays from eighty authors on the careers of 120 retired or dead women.
eh.net /bookreviews/library/0857   (911 words)

 Cato News Release - May 11, 2005
WASHINGTON -- More than four hundred-and-fifty of America's top economists, including Nobel laureates Milton Friedman, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott and Vernon Smith, are calling for the nation's troubled Social Security system to be reformed by giving workers the option of shifting all or part of their payroll taxes into privately invested accounts.
In ads sponsored by the Cato Institute in tomorrow's Roll Call newspaper and The Washington Times, the economists argue that America's Social Security system is facing a financial crisis because of its flawed pay-as-you-go structure.
The list of economists and their affiliations can be viewed at: http://www.cato.org/pressroom/economists.pdf
www.socialsecurity.org /press/releases/05-11-05r.html   (452 words)

 The Economists.
He is part of a school of economists who associate their views to those of Friedman's.
Though Hazlitt is better known as a journalist, I place him here among the economists: I think he might have been pleased with this placement.
Hutt was a "a classical liberal economist." He was to spend most all of his working life in South Africa.
www.blupete.com /Literature/Biographies/Philosophy/BiosEcon.htm   (1413 words)

 Swiss Economists Abroad
Economists from Switzerland are doing research all around the globe.
The network is open to economists who are from Switzerland or have strong ties to Switzerland, and are currently conducting research abroad at a university or research institution.
Establishment of a contact list of Swiss economists abroad containing basic information about their position, research interests and contact information.
swisseconomistsabroad.org   (152 words)

 Harvard Economist Is First Woman To Win Prestigious Award
Some say it is more difficult for an economist to win the Clark Medal than the Nobel Prize because the Clark Medal is given to just one person every two years, whereas the Nobel Prize can be given to several people at once and is awarded annually.
Economists do their most important work during their 30s, making it difficult for women professors who want to have children.
The Clark Medal itself might add to the pressure because it is given to a promising economist under the age of 40.
newsblaze.com /story/20070502110610tsop.nb/topstory.html   (922 words)

Most of the writings on the individual economists webpages, Schools of Thought, and under "Essays and Surveys" were composed by ourselves (mostly Gonçalo Fonseca).
Note that not all of the references listed here are history of economic thought texts in the proper sense of the term.
Eckhard Schultz's Hall of Economists: Eucken, Kalecki, Keynes, Kondratieff, Leontief, List, Malthus, Marshall, Menger, Ricardo, Ropke, Schmoller, Schumpeter, Sombart, Stackelberg.
cepa.newschool.edu /het/references.htm   (2574 words)

 Learn more about List of accounting topics in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Learn more about List of accounting topics in the online encyclopedia.
This is a list of topics which are relevant to Accountancy.
If you click on related changes, you will see the list of all recent edits to this page as well as edits to all pages to which this page linkslist of accounting topics
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /l/li/list_of_accounting_topics.html   (170 words)

 Article - Opinion - More fuel against Prop. 87
A tag cloud is a visual list of key terms associated with a piece of content.
The initiative on the November ballot would increase oil taxes $200 million to $380 million a year to pay for alternative-energy research that would benefit private parties, some of whom are sponsoring the initiative.
Economists in the group who might be known to Register readers as some of our editorial page sources include William R. Allen of UCLA, Herbert London of the Hudson Institute, Adrian Moore and Robert W. Poole Jr.
www.ocregister.com /ocregister/opinion/editorials/article_1326103.php   (577 words)

 List of economists   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Economists are scholars conducting research in the of economics.
In _The National System of Political Economy_, Friedrich List advocates an economic policy of nationalism based on the philosophy of protectionism.
List argues that protectionism can lead to greater national economic benefit and argues against the system...
www.freeglossary.com /Economists   (330 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some list of economists">economists suggest that this tactic goes beyond symbolism and is actually a response to commodified, controlled, or devalued lives, as the suicide bombers apparently consider family prestige and financial compensation from the community as compensation for their own lives.
More recently, some Green list of economists">economists have suggested a form of money based on ecological yield.
As natural capital yields nature's services, investing in it via environmental finance would give one the right to receive the yield as benefit.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/l/list-of-economists.htm   (125 words)

 Econoday - Short Take   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Economists use the employment report to predict a variety of data such as industrial production, personal income and GDP.
This corresponds to economists’ consensus forecast of a 15,000 drop for the month.
Predicting nonfarm payrolls would be easy if economists simply had to look at claims and the ISM employment index.
www.nasdaq.com /econoday/reports/US/EN/New_York/resource_shorttake/year/2002/weekly/23/index.html   (665 words)

 Query: Economists on "The Sorry State of Economics"
But, imo, lists such as this are places to exchange information and ideas to help along research - not to either do or present the details of that research.
But I have no indication that the critical edge of the arguments which are at issue (mostly from the last 25 years or so) would be significantly blunted by further examination of the intellectual cultural or social context.
Tony, you are right, lists of names per se are not interesting.
www.eh.net /pipermail/hes/1997-September/005923.html   (792 words)

 John A
List, John A. "Using Hicksian Surplus Measures to Examine Consistency of Individual Preferences: Evidence from a Field Experiment," Scandinavian Journal of Economics, (2005), forthcoming.
List, John A. “The Nature and Extent of Discrimination in the Marketplace: Evidence from the Field,” Quarterly Journal of Economics (2004), 119(1): pp.
Millimet, Daniel and List, John A. "The Case of the Missing Pollution Haven Hypothesis," Journal of Regulatory Economics, (2004), 26(3), 239-262.
www.arec.umd.edu /jlist/jlistp.htm   (1573 words)

 Economists Slam McCarthy Software Patent Directive Proposal
A group of economists from Europe and US specialising in patent questions have published a letter to members of the European Parliament calling them to reject the proposal, accompanied by an analytical paper which casts severe doubts on the reasoning behind the directive and on the methods employed by its proponents.
economists expressing dismay at the economic reasoning in McCarthy's report and calling on MEPs to reject the CEC directive proposal.
A group of economists who study patent questions criticise the rationale with which Arlene McCarthy MEP and the European Commission's Internal Market Directorate their proposals for a European Directive "on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions".
swpat.ffii.org /neues/03/ekon0820/index.en.html   (980 words)

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