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Topic: List of famous Germans

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The German language and the feeling of "Germanhood" go back more than a thousand years, but the state now known as Germany was unified as a modern nation-state only in 1871, when the German Empire, dominated by the Kingdom of Prussia, was forged.
Germans also are mobile; millions travel abroad each year, most of their favourite destinations being at the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.
This is mainly due to a German government policy which basically grants an immigration ticket to anyone from the CIS and the Baltic states with Jewish heritage, and the fact that today's Germans are seen as significantly more accepting of Jews than many people in the ex-Soviet realm.
www.bidprobe.com /en/wikipedia/g/ge/germany_2.html   (3078 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The German language and the feeling of "Germanhood" go back more than a thousand years, but the state now known as Germany was unified as a modern nation-state only in 1871 in Versailles, when the German Empire, dominated by Prussia, was forged excluding Austria that was to remain a multi-ethnic empire for another 50 years.
The first Reich – known for much of its existence as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation – stemmed from the division of the Carolingian Empire in 843, and existed in varying forms until dissolved in 1806 as one of the consequences of the Napoleonic Wars.
The recent adoption of a common European currency and the general political and economic integration of Europe are thought to bring major changes to the German economy in the early 21st century.
www.online-encyclopedia.info /encyclopedia/g/ge/germany_2.html   (1562 words)

 Germany - the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
While the German language and the feeling of "Germanhood" go back more than athousand years, the state now known as Germany was unified as a modern nation-state only in 1871, when the German Empire, dominated by the Kingdom of Prussia, was forged.
The harsh peaceterms codified in the Treaty of Versailles causedresentment in the German population unprepared for the negative outcome.
The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe, and remains one of the most popular foreignlanguages taught worldwide, in Europe it is the second most popular language after English.
www.aaez.biz /?t=Germany   (3841 words)

 Talk:List of French people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, I think that generally speaking a list of famous French novelists will be of more interest than a list of famous French people born in any one particular decade.
It might be good to put a note on the page along the lines of "People famous for their work in more than one category are listed in all of them", so that people who might work on the page later know it's OK to have a person on the page twice.
I don't intend to remove any names from that list, even though some I think may not deserve to be there as their fame as you stated is no where near the fame of Voltaire of Napoleon, but I see not why the names I propose would be removed by you so casually.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:List_of_famous_French_people   (2111 words)

Jürgen_Trittin (from the German Greens) as the Minister of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, reached an agreement with energy companies on the gradual shut down of the country's nineteen nuclear power plants and a cessation of civil usage of nuclear_power by 2020.
9% of the population is not ethnically German.
In Art, there are several fine German painters such as the Renaissance artist Dürer, the romanticist Friedrich, the surrealist Ernst, the expressionist Marc, the conceptual artist Beuys or the neo expressionist Baselitz.
www.lilbooks.com /Germany   (4877 words)

 Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Germans continue to be concerned about a relatively high level of unemployment; however, they are generally unwilling to concede to labour concessions such as longer working hours.
The mostly admired German poets and authors are without doubt Goethe and Schiller, as well as Heine and, in the 20th century, Nobel prize winners Bertold Brecht and Günter Grass.
The German language was once the lingua franca of central, eastern and northern Europe, and in Europe it is the second most popular language after English.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/G/Germany.htm   (5026 words)

 Germany - FreeEncyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Even though the German language and the feeling of "Germanhood" go back many centuries, the region now known as Germany was only formally created in 1871, when the German Empire emerged from the northern part of the German Confederation, which was dominated by Prussia.
The war ended in 1918, and the German emperor was forced to abdicate.
In 1941, the Germans initiated the Holocaust, the highly organized mass murder of millions of Jews and others.
openproxy.ath.cx /ge/Germany.html   (1350 words)

The Holocaust was carried out throughout the areas Germany conquered, and included the use of special killing squads and extermination_camps in a massive and centrally-organized effort to murder every possible member of the populations targeted by the Nazis.
It is, however, important to remember that it is vital to the German economy to have a trade_surplus.
Some German states have banned Muslim teachers from wearing headscarves in class and all states have banned crosses from the classroom as well, generally by prohibiting the use of all religious symbols by teachers.
www.witwik.com /Germany   (5284 words)

 Famous and Infamous Germans from Russia
This web-list includes famous Germans born in Russia or famous descendants of Germans from Russia.
Astronaut Gemar was an invited speaker at the Germans from Russia Historical Society Convention in 1991.
It is believed that she is a descendant of Germans from Russia.
www-personal.umich.edu /~steeles/gerrus   (2085 words)

 List of Germans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Friedrich III (1831-1888), German Emperor and King of Prussia (1888)
Wilhelm I (1797-1888), German Emperor (1871-1888) and King of Prussia (1861-1888)
Karl Dönitz, (1891-1980), chief of the German marine, briefly Hitler's successor
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_Germans   (1343 words)

 Oakleys Sunglasses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Let's be tolerant: This list is factual, NPOV and probably can't be found anywhere else.
List of left-handed people...all right, sometimes students might be working on a paper on the topic of left-handedness.
List of famous Germans (or other country)...fine, occasionally one might want to check if Kafka was indeed Czech.
www.blownspeakers.com /pages3/62/oakleys-sunglasses.html   (972 words)

 Germans from Russia Resource Links
List of German Town Genealogy Books - An Ortsippenbuch (literal translation: area + clan + book) is a book dealing with the genealogy of an entire German village or town.
BDO (Beresan District Odessa) The BDO mailing list is for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Beresan Colonies which were made up of Germans who immigrated to Russia, beginning in the first decade of the 19th century, at the request of Alexander I, Tsar of Russia.
A mailing list for those interested in Germans from Russia research and family research oriented specifically to the Glueckstal Colonies of Bergdorf, Glueckstal, Kassel, and Neudorf and their daughter colonies.
www.rollintl.com /roll/links.htm   (3205 words)

 Internet Public Library: Europe
The German collection on the IPL is a list of sites relating to Germany.
The collection covers German literature and history by time period, as well as culture, geography, and some travel information.
Sites may be in English, German, or both, and the language of the site is noted in the annotation.
www.ipl.org /div/subject/browse/rci30.00.00   (855 words)

 Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Germany is a democratic federal parliamentary state, made up of 16 federal states (Länder), which in certain spheres act independently of the Federation.
The German Revolution of 1918–1919 ended the Monarchy
German troops (with red berets in the front row) are part of the EUFOR peace-keeping force in Bosnia and Herzegovina
www.apawn.com /search.php?title=Germany   (5004 words)

 Ramblings | Get your NCAA tournament swerve on   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Look, the fact remains that there are four pointy-hatted mustachioed Germans in my NCAA pool, and they don't speak a single damn word of English.
Because I truly have nothing better to do with my sad little life than upkeep a fictional NCAA pool using pictures of Germans who will send me angry German e-mails when they notice I have stolen their photos off their website.
On a similar note, I can't believe this website doesn't mention Hitler on its list of famous Germans.
www.dailyramblings.com /ramblings/700.php   (423 words)

 Berühmte Leute aus deutschsprachigen Ländern - Famous People from German-speaking Countries
Here is a list of some people you could choose from.
Hyde Flippo's A-Z list of Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss - See also his list at About German.
The German Corner's alphabetical list of biographies of significant German-Americans
www.mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au /la/lote/german/links/topics/famous.htm   (533 words)

 Country: Germany | eThemes | eMINTS
See a live view from a Webcam, listen to the country's national anthem, learn some basic German words, and follow the instructions for German recipes.
Browse through this list of famous Austrians, Germans, and Swiss including Bach, Beethoven, Steffi Graf, and more.
This is a quiz about the German flag and includes an illustration for students to color.
www.emints.org /ethemes/resources/S00000909.shtml   (578 words)

 Internet Public Library: Social Life & Customs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This website was created by the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. The site contains articles on such topics as fashion, media, sports, religion, and food.
The MTV Germany site covers the latest music news and releases and lists the top 100 hits in Germany.
The listing for each school has a link to their homepage, a link for contact information about the school, and in some cases a link to the school?s newspaper.
www.ipl.org:3000 /div/subject/browse/rci30.30.20   (249 words)

 BBC - GCSE Bitesize - SOS Teacher German writing - famous Germans
I have to write about a famous living German person but I can’t think of anybody interesting that my friends aren’t doing.
Could you please give me a list of some famous Germans and what I might say about them.
It seems strange when there are other German speaking countries.
www.bbc.co.uk /schools/gcsebitesize/sosteacher/german/61973.shtml   (439 words)

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