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Topic: List of famous Japanese Americans

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In the News (Wed 24 Jul 19)

  Brazil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spanning a vast area between central South America and the Atlantic Ocean, it is the easternmost country of the Americas and it borders Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French department of French Guiana.
It has more inhabitants than any other South American country, and hosts one of the largest megalopoles of the world, whereof the main cities are the country's two biggest ones; São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
The Japanese are the largest Asian minority in Brazil, and Japanese-Brazilians are the largest Japanese population outside of Japan (1.5 million).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brazil   (4475 words)

 Major Religions Ranked by Size
The list was created by the same people who collected and organized this database, in consultation with university professors of comparative religions and scholars from different religions.
A listing of doctrinally and organizationally meaningful divisions or denominational "branches" (such as Catholic, Eastern/Orthodox Christian, Sunni Islam, Shiite Islam, Evangelical Christian, Mahayana Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, etc.) would clearly be useful, but that is the subject of a different list: Major Branches of Major World Religions.
This list is based primarily on the degree of doctrinal/theological similarity among all the various sub-groups which belong to these classifications, and to a lesser extent based on diversity in practice, ritual and organization.
www.adherents.com /Religions_By_Adherents.html   (11821 words)

 History News Network
A major survey of American museums has found that many have not yet done significant research to determine whether works in their collections were looted during the Nazi era, despite a collective agreement seven years ago to make such work a priority.
The American Bar Association said Sunday that President Bush was flouting the Constitution and undermining the rule of law by claiming the power to disregard selected provisions of bills that he signed.
The list is a working tool by which the degree of degeneration of a building can be assessed and the necessary resources required to bring it back into good repair and beneficial use, established.
www.historynewsnetwork.com /roundup/41.html   (10284 words)

 Games Software Downloads - Windows File of the Day
A popular urban legend about pink lemonade is that it was first made when a circus owner could only find one source of water to make lemonade: that which the clowns used to wash off their make-up.
His 2851 ELO rating in the July 1999 FIDE rating list is the highest rating ever achieved.
Ranked first in the world for nearly all of the 20 years from 1985 to 2005, Kasparov was the last undisputed World Chess Champion from 1985 until 1993; and continued to be "classical" World Chess Champion (of the PCA and WCA) until his defeat by Vladimir Kramnik in 2000.
windows.fileoftheday.com /archives/cat_games.html   (15555 words)

 Globe Corner Bookstore Staff Picks
Hoping to improve her Chinese and broaden her cultural horizons, Rachel DeWoskin went to work for an American PR firm in China.
Before she knew it, she was not just exploring but making Chinese culture--as the sexy, aggressive, fearless Jexi, star of a wildly successful soap opera.
What it means to be an American, and what American can be, at the dawn of the 21st century.
www.globecorner.com /staffpicks.html   (2724 words)

 ReadWriteThink: Web Resources
This list was selected by the National Education Association, is posted on the TeachersFirst.com website, and recommends best books for kids grouped by age level.
Along with these areas, there is also a complete alphabetical list of all the different tales on the site.
The site also shows kids in other countries how life for Japanese schoolchildren is similar to or different from their own.
www.readwritethink.org /resources   (7264 words)

The Center at the Library of Congress was created by Congress in 1976 "to preserve and present American Folklife." The site encompasses all aspects of folklore and folklife from this country and around the world.
This Web site based on the PBS documentary of the same name captures the experiences of six Americans of Japanese ancestry who were confined as innocent children to internment camps by the U.S. government during World War II.
This Web site represents the Academy of American Poets which supports American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry.
www.artsedge.kennedy-center.org /teach/wlk.cfm   (5973 words)

 Stanley Kauffmann
He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism, the George Polk Award for Criticism, the Edwin Booth Award of the CUNY Graduate Center, the Telluride Film Festival Silver Medal, and, in 1995, the Outstanding Teacher Award from the Association for Theater in Higher Education.
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room is, alas, a classic American tale; The Interpreter is storytelling by committee.
Encyclopedia of Opera on Screen is an extraordinary compendium of riches both famous and obscure.
www.tnr.com /showBio.mhtml?pid=24&sa=1   (3100 words)

 Vintage Computer Festival
The Chip: How Two Americans Invented the Microchip and Launched a Revolution (
Telegraph: A History of Morse's Invention and Its Predecessors in the United States (
The Turk: The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine (
www.vintage.org /library.php   (2272 words)

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