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Topic: List of famous Jews

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  Famous Jews and Famous Jewish People
Famous Jews Interactive is the result of a collaboration between a small group of volunteers over an 8-year period.
Jews founded Hollywood, and are today the dominant cultural influence in television, radio, cinema, journalism and theater in America and elsewhere.
Jews are over-represented in all forms of medicine, in all the professions, in every sport, in modeling and fashion, in law-enforcement and the military, in political sex scandals, in new-age religion...
famous.heebz.com   (1206 words)

 Oskar Schindler, rescuer of Jews during the Holocaust
When Schindler requested that those Jews who continued to work in his factory be moved into their own sub-camp near the plant "to save time in getting to the job," Goeth complied.
In this way, the 1,098 workers who had been written on Schindler`s list in connection with the removal avoided sharing the fate of the other 25,000 men, women and children of Plaszow who were sent without mercy to extermination in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, only 60 kilometers from Plaszow.
In 1933 nine million Jews lived in the 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Germany during the war.
auschwitz.dk /Schindler2.htm   (0 words)

  A Dialog about Anti-Semitism
Jews are not even allowed to partake the food and wine of gentiles and have kept their distance from the communities which they inhabited - maintaining tenaciously, through countless generations, their language, habits, creed, dress, and national ethos.
Globally, Jews are severely under-represented or not-existent in virtually all professions due to their demography (aging population, low birth-rates, unnatural deaths in wars and slaughters).
The Jews' ability and readiness to mobilize and act to further their plans is a matter of record and the source of the inordinate influence of their lobby organizations in Washington, for instance.
samvak.tripod.com /jews.html   (3568 words)

Jews are both a religion and (although arguably) an ethnicity.
The land was traversed by old-established trade routes[?] and possessed important harbors on the Gulf of Akaba[?] and on the Mediterranean coast, the latter exposing it to the influence of the Levantine[?] culture.
After 135, Jews were not allowed to enter the city of Jerusalem, although this ban must have been at least partially heaved, since at the destruction of the rebuilt city by the Persians in the 7th century, Jews are said to have lived there.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/je/Jews.html   (1785 words)

 Views about Jews
The Jews have survived not because they have observed a single standard of Judaism or established a doctrinal authority but because they have been flexible, pragmatic, and diverse while cultivating a sense of unity despite differences.
Foolishly, IMO, the Jews at that time relied on zeal more than on power to oppose the Romans so while they did surprisingly well in the short run, they eventually lost their territory and their theocratic structure and were exiled (again) into a reliance on a rabbinic network.
Jesus, to the Jews a man like other men, was idealized and made into a god as the Romans elevated their emperors to godhood.
www.dcn.davis.ca.us /~sander/personal/jews2.html   (2880 words)

 Famous Jews In Hollywood Famous Jews   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jews hiding in the bush We can't et other influential, famous, hollywood jews, such as: barbara streisand, mel brooks, woody allen, adolph zucker (paramount), carl laemmle (universal), louis b.
&jews run hollywood& - radio islam - Medved emphazises the point that, &the famous disneyanization, which was founded by walt and important industries gives the jews of hollywood a great deal of political power.
Famous jews interactive: home page This is an interactive list of famous jews.
www.hollywoodmaster.com /famous_jews_in_hollywood_famous_jews.html   (658 words)

 Famous, famous black americans, famous composers
The Famous 5 Foundation educates and inspires Canadians by celebrating women'sachievements, commemorating the Famous 5's courage, tenacity and conviction,.
Famous Links for Chemists (1995-2005) is an index of Chemistry resources on the WWW,this section covers biographies of chemists and scientists who made.
Famous You may vote for your favorites, andsee what the rest of the world thinks!.
www.security-deposit.net /famous.html   (813 words)

 Gene Expression: Jews Archives
The wealth of Jews has meant that anti-Semitism has always lurked as a motivation for the far left, and was in fact historically called the socialism of fools.
An emerging wave of criticism of mass immigration in the mainstream media is in part due to 9/11 and in part due to the relaxation of Jews on the issue, as described by Steinlight.
As for antiracism, if Jews are pursuing a "group selection strategy" by promoting antiracist ideology (as Kevin MacDonald believes), it is backfiring on them when more than 88% of Jewish parents are ok with their children intermarrying, and "when not a word can be uttered about endogamy".
www.gnxp.com /MT2/archives/cat_jews.html   (9371 words)

 A History of the Jews, a list of expulsions for 2000 years
This notorious allegation that Jews murder non-Jews, especially Christians, in order to obtain blood for the Passover or other rituals is a complex of deliberate lies, trumped up accusations, and popular beliefs about the murder-lust of the Jews and their blood-thirstiness, based on the conception that Jews hate Christianity and mankind in general.
Thus the Jews dispensed with the reincarnation rites of the pagans.
With the shouts of "death" to the Jews still ringing in his ears from the Dreyfus Trial, Herzl became convinced that the only solution was the mass exodus of the Jews from their present places of residence to a territory of their own...
www.eretzyisroel.org /~jkatz/expulsions.html   (4920 words)

 Who exactly are the Jews? - Chabad Talk - Jewish Forum
The Jews people say that control the media, create technology that changes the direction of this planet, the Jews that are Famous, are in fact all EUROPEANS who by faith or religious conviction (culturally and ethnicity wise) are Jews.
Jews are thus a soul-race, a union of souls, to the exclusion of other nations.
Jews have lived in many lands since their exile from "Palestine" in 200 CE (the same thing as 200 AD).
www.chabadtalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=5569   (3925 words)

Jew is a term used to denote both followers of a religion and members of an ethnicity (adj.
Conservative Jews accept the validity of all Orthodox and Conservative conversions to Judaism; they are willing to accept the validity of individual Reform and Reconstructionist conversions if those cases are carried out in accord with Jewish law; however these are examined on a case by case basis.
After 135, Jews were not allowed to enter the city of Jerusalem, although this ban must have been at least partially lifted, since at the destruction of the rebuilt city by the Persians in the 7th century, Jews are said to have lived there.
www.gamesinathens.com /olympics/j/je/jew.shtml   (2545 words)

 List of Famous Jews - Music Sage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Famous Jews Interactive is the result of a collaboration between the Center for Ethnic Jewish Studies (CEJES), located in Ramat Aviv, Israel, and the Yahoodi volunteers.
The Gypsy wedding music of Bulgaria has been made famous by the likes of Yunakov and Papasov, but this ensemble is every bit their equal as they thunder through Gypsy music, crazy jazz and wild improvisations on accordion, tupan, percussion and guitar.
I checked on wikipedia talk:naming conventions and decided to rename them all list of X for consistency, findabiliy, linkability, etc. If you were fine with list of notable Jews, you should be fine with list of Jews- it's just a name change to fit in with conventions, not a dramatic repositioning in the market.
www.musicsage.org /topics/List-of-famous-Jews   (2331 words)

The land was traversed by old-established trade routes[?] and possessed important harbors on the Gulf of Akaba[?] and on the Mediterranean coast, the latter exposing it to the influence of the Levantine[?] culture.
After 135, Jews were not allowed to enter the city of Jerusalem, although this ban must have been at least partially heaved, since at the destruction of the rebuilt city by the Persians in the 7th century, Jews are said to have lived there.
These are Oriental Jews whose geographical and social isolation from the rest of the Jewish community allowed them to develop a liturgy and set of practices sufficiently distinct from other Oriental Jewish groups so as to be recognized as a different group.
www.findword.org /je/jew.html   (1958 words)

Many Sephardim live in France (most of its Jews), Eastern Europe and Central Asia (small numbers), and the USA (a very small number), but most are in Israel (about 50% of Israelis), where they have created their own large ethnic political party called Shas guided by their rabbis such as Ovadia Yosef.
Following the Spanish Inquisition, the Sephardic Jews were dispersed, some migrating mainly to Southern Europe, where they were assimilated into the Ashkenazi, others migrating to North Africa and the Middle East where they were assimilated into the Oriental Jews.
Ethnic Jews have stood at the basis of modern psychology, philosophy, socialism, capitalism and many important scientific and technological advances were first discovered by Jews.
www.findthelinks.com /history/Jews_2.htm   (623 words)

 Lists of Jews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of Jewish Members of the National Academy of Sciences the United States
List of Jewish Fellows of the Royal Society majority from the United Kingdom
List of British Jewish scientists the United Kingdom
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_famous_Jews   (170 words)

 Famous Jews and Jewish People
One measure of the success of the Jews is the fame that some members of this ethnic group have acquired in religion, finances, science, and the arts.
Sometimes the term "Hebrews" is used to distinguish the Jews that lived before the birth of Jesus from Jews that lived afterward.
The commandments are a list of religious and moral imperatives which, according to religious tradition, were written by God and given to Moses on Mount Sinai in the form of two stone tablets.
www.scientificpsychic.com /search/famous-jews.html   (0 words)

 Bible: Ten Commandments list
By the way, Jews have more than Ten Commandments (if your mother’s mother is Jewish click here for details).
But because of isolation between the Jewish Religion and the world in general, for centuries few have heard about the 7 Laws for non-Jews (Jews have their own 613 Laws and more responsibilities).
So it's just happened to be that ancient Jews received through Moses the knowledge of what G-d wants all mankind to do.
www.bible-commandments.com   (0 words)

 Shanghai's amazing Jewish community
This small Jewish circle was affected in the early 1900s by a second wave of immigration that brought Russian Jews fleeing the pogroms (campaigns of repression) and, later, the Russian Revolution.
German and Austrian Jews, the largest group, were considered stateless refugees, and were confined to Hongkou ghetto in 1943.
By 1953, 440 Jews remained in Shanghai, and the number fell to 84 by 1958.
www.gluckman.com /ShanghaiJewsChina.html   (3265 words)

 Lviv - Lvov - Lwow - Lemberg. Famous people - biographies, links, photos.
My hometown has given rise to many more famous people, notable in literature, arts, sciences, philosophy and so on than would be expected for a city of such modest size and population.
There is a list of more than 80 titles at amazon.com Click on this link to browse them.
Most famous for his contributions to axiology, or theory of values and for his theory of objects.
www.lvov.us /famous-people   (2463 words)

 Famous, famous love poems, the famous   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Famous Arthur's family andfriends share their favorite books and offer trading cards and coloring pages.
Famous The Famous 5 Foundation educates and inspires Canadians by celebrating women'sachievements, commemorating the Famous 5's courage, tenacity and conviction,.
Famous Each hall of fame is governed by its own board and has its own selection criteria.
www.cational-journal.com /famous.html   (785 words)

 cars - Talk:Jew
Some people might similarly say that "the modern Jews are not the real Jewish people," but this is similar nonsense that flies in the face of several thousand years of continuous Jewish history, and is an attempt to use language and catagories to impose a reality that is not the case.
So long as Jews lived in their ghettos, they were allowed to collect their own taxes, run their own courts, and otherwise behave as citizens of a landless and distinctly second-class Jewish nation.
In 1995, a group of Jews of color from the United States and abroad met in Chicago to form the Alliance of Black Jews, estimating fl Jews in the United States to number about 200,000, or about three percent of the American Jewish population.
www.carluvers.com /cars/Talk:Jew   (15527 words)

 Jew   (Site not responding. Last check: )
According to the Talmud, the word Israelite refers to somebody who is Jewish but doesn't necessarily practice Judaism as a religion.
The Talmud states, "An Israelite even though he has sinned is still an Israelite." In this usage, the distinction isn't made between Jew and Israelite and they are both called Jew.
When the Seleucid king IV Epiphanes">Antiochus IV Epiphanes, supported by hellenized Jews, attempted to rededicate the Jewish temple to Zeus, the orthodox Jews revolted under the leadership of the Maccabees and created an independent Jewish kingdom known as the Hasmonaean Dynasty[?] which lasted from 165 BCE to 63 BCE.
www.termsdefined.net /je/jew.html   (1918 words)

 Pope Pius XII and the Jews - Sacred Heart University
Rabbi Dalin concludes his article affirming that "Pius XII was not Hitler's Pope, but the closest Jews had come to having a papal supporter, and at the moment when it mattered most." His article is reprinted with permission here.
But Jews, whatever their feelings about the Catholic Church, have a duty to reject any attempt to usurp the Holocaust and use it for partisan purposes in such a debate—particularly when the attempt disparages the testimony of Holocaust survivors and spreads to inappropriate figures the condemnation that belongs to Hitler and the Nazis.
The fate of Italian Jews has become a major topic of Pius's critics, the failure of Catholicism at its home supposedly demonstrating the hypocrisy of any modern papal claim to moral authority.
www.sacredheart.edu /pages/3541_pope_pius_xii_and_the_jews.cfm   (3897 words)

 Jewish People - Define
Ethnic Jews include both "Observant Jews", meaning those who practice the Biblical and Rabbinic laws, known as the mitzvot, and those who, while not practicing Judaism as a religion, still identify themselves as Jews in a cultural or ethnic sense.
The most common view, among English speakers, is that the Middle English word "Jew" is from the Old French qiu, earlier juieu, from the Latin iudeus from the Greek corresponding to the Hebrew y'hudi, ultimately from Judah, a member of the Twelve Tribes of the Children of Israel i.e.
He or she is from that moment onward required to keep the laws of Judaism; according to classical Jewish theology, a convert will get an additional heavenly reward for doing so, yet can incur heavenly punishment if he or she fails to keep them.
www.milechai.com /judaism/jewish-people.html   (3409 words)

 Jews and Baseball
For the most part, that meant that immigrant Jews who had arrived on these shores as underdogs despised by the ruling elites in the new land as well as the old tended to identify with unsuccessful teams.
For Tiger fans, as well as Jews everywhere, the exploits of the Bronx-born Greenberg were a rare source of pride during the worst period in Jewish history.
The list of famous Jewish fans who have chosen to identify more with excellence than failure is long, and includes famous singers and Yankee rooters like Richard Tucker and Robert Merrill.
www.jewishsports.com /reflections/baseball_jews.htm   (1333 words)

 World Religions Religion Statistics Geography Church Statistics
Famous and influential: Adherents.com also has detailed lists of influential and famous adherents of over 100 different religious groups (famous Methodists, famous Jews, famous Catholics, famous Zoroastrians, famous Jehovah's Witnesses, famous Theosophists, etc.), and lists of prominent people (actors, politicians, authors, U.S. presidents, artists, musicians, Supreme Court justices, film directors, etc.) classified by religious affiliation.
Knowledge of the source of the statistics, as well as further knowledge of the particulars of a cultural, religious or regional group are necessary for an adequate understanding of the sociological implication of this type of data.
There are faith groups, churches and philosophies which are NOT listed here, especially smaller groups outside the U.S. Broad philosophies and movements not defined by organized religious bodies are, of course, more difficult to obtain statistics for.
www.adherents.com   (0 words)

 HeraldNet - Jews embrace Sandler's ditty   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Jews are certainly a minority in the Puget Sound.
A study last year by the Jewish Federation estimated there were 38,000 Jews in the greater Seattle area.
Hanukkah is a relatively minor holiday for Jews, although it's turned into a Jewish answer to Christmas with children often getting gifts.
www.heraldnet.com /Stories/02/12/4/16181601.cfm   (574 words)

 Judaism 101: Who Is a Jew?
In common speech, the word "Jew" is used to refer to all of the physical and spiritual descendants of Jacob/Israel, as well as to the patriarchs Abraham and Isaac and their wives, and the word "Judaism" is used to refer to their beliefs.
A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism.
First, traditional Judaism maintains that a person is a Jew if his mother is a Jew, regardless of who his father is. The liberal movements, on the other hand, consider a person to be Jewish if either of his parents was Jewish and the child was raised Jewish.
www.jewfaq.org /whoisjew.htm   (1759 words)

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