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Topic: List of famous Slavs

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  World Budo Federation
But descendants of ancient Aryans - the Slavs, have preserved their secret methods of psychical and physical preparation of warriors, improving them within centuries, transferring them from mouth to mouth, from father to son.
In the feudal period the military-physical preparation of the Slavs was carried out mainly by means of various military, everyday life and religious games, entertainment and exercises.
Thus was born the technique of famous Slavic goydok, improved and used later by Zaporozhye Cossacks not only against cold steel, but also against fire-arms.
www.wbfbudofederation.com /worldbudo.php?sector=stylelist&task=detail&style_id=4   (1360 words)

 General Resources for Slavic Linguistics
There are, for example, sections on famous linguists and on each Slavic language with subsections for dialectology, the literary language, stylistics, etc. Use the detailed table of contents and the index of names and titles to find citations on the topic of interest.
There is still a chronological listing of all the congresses, but rather than grouping by subject of the congress, it begins by grouping congresses by their sponsoring bodies.
There is a list of sources used in the compilation of the dictionary at the beginning of the first volume and additional lists appear in various subsequent volumes as well.
www.library.uiuc.edu /spx/class/SubjectResources/SubSourGen/linggen.htm   (6206 words)

 Holistic Junction: Articles
According to Nadezhda Mandelshtam, wife of the famous Russian poet Osip who was killed on Stalin's orders, as a result of a terror campaign, - "Russian people were slightly unbalanced mentally - not exactly ill, but not normal either".
It is in the interest of the existing ruling elites in the Islamic countries to direct this ever present, simmering anger of the populus towards outsiders, such as Westerners or Jews.
The points listed above create a background of a quiet determination, burning anger, which at last had found an effective outlet and resolute conviction of one's own infallibility.
www.holisticjunction.com /displayarticle.cfm?ID=2672   (9486 words)

Winston Churchill's famous remark - which our readers should remember to always quote to any uppity and 'smelly' Hindu nationalist they may come across - that, "India is as much a country as the Equator".
The morally repugnant, Swastika-worshipping, Brahmin-caste dominated, BJP 'Hindu-nationalistic combine', currently the ruling elite in some Indian states and in the centre in New Delhi, resembles the horrible Europeon fascists of the 1930's more than it does the contemporary Muslim fundamentalists who are currently under the Western power's 'magnifying glass' and cross hairs.
This horrible law under which one is presumed guilty unless proved innocent gives unlimited powers to the most criminalized police in the world whose conduct during the recent Gujrat pogroms has been widely reported in the international media.
www.khalistan-affairs.org /main/k_calling/kc04032002.htm   (900 words)

 The Ultimate Slavery - American History Information Guide and Reference
When General Sherman led his famous march through the South to Atlanta and Savannah, hundreds of thousands of new 'freedmen' followed him in his wake, effectively rendering Sherman's army an army of liberation, in some part mitigating the devastation inflicted by it upon the regions of the South through which it passed.
Juneteenth (June 19, 1865) is celebrated in Texas and some other areas, and commemorates the date when news of the Emancipation Proclamation reached the last slaves at Galveston, TX, but slavery most likely persisted, officially or unofficially, in at least some of the aforementioned regions during the months leading up to December 1865.
In the 5th century, Saint Patrick, a former slave now famous as a missionary in Ireland, wrote that slavery ought to be abolished.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Slavery   (7961 words)

 The Magyars - DBA 107
Historically, the Magyars were nomadic light horse warriors famous for their use of powerful composite horsebows and horn-tipped arrows.
Emperor Leo VI the Wise (886-912 AD) noted that the Magyars "have a liking more for fighting at a distance, setting ambushes, encirclement of their enemy, simulated retreat and about-turning, and for the scattering of fighting formations." These are the classic tactics of a Light Horse army.
The DBA list, however, also reflects the composition of the settled Magyars of Hungary, a population with an increasingly agrarian lifestyle assimilated from their subject Slavs.
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba107.html   (1634 words)

 Immigration to America
U.S Census Bureau: Region and Country or Area of Birth of the Foreign-Born Population - Table 4 shows the Region and Country or Area of Birth of the Foreign-Born Population, With Geographic Detail Shown in Decennial Census Publications of 1930 or Earlier: 1850 to 1930 and 1960 to 1990.
American Immigration - This page list reasons for immigration, who the immigrants were, peaks/waves of immigration, methods of transportation to America, and lots of other information organized by time periods of American history.
List of Famous Chinese Americans - List of famous Chinese Americans who have made significant contributions to the American culture or society artistically or scientifically, or have appeared in the news numerous times:
www.kn.pacbell.com /wired/fil/pages/listimmigratli.html   (823 words)

 sci.lang FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
The most famous isolate is Basque, spoken in northern Spain and southern France; it is apparently a survival from before the Indo-Europeanization of Europe.
The ConLang mailing list is devoted to the discussion of constructed and artificial languages for general communication; its FAQ is on the web at http://personalweb.sierra.net/~spynx/FAQ/index.html.
To subscribe, e-mail a message to listserv@brownvm.brown.edu consisting of the single line: subscribe conlang The AuxLang list is devoted to discussions of the merits and practicality of particular international auxiliary languages.
www.faqs.org /faqs/sci-lang-faq/index.html   (8460 words)

 Warhammer Historical Online Store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
But this prince, Vlad Tepes, is no ordinary man: he succeeds in driving the best-trained army in the world from his homeland, employing a scorched earth policy, along with ambushes, night attacks, and the tactics of fear he earns his bloody nickname “Vlad the Impaler,” and ensures his own immortality.
The lists will enable players to recreate battles for some of the greatest conflicts of the Age including The Hundred Years War, The War of the Roses, The Burgundian Wars, The Ottoman expansion, The Northern Crusades and The Wars in Eastern Europe.
Alexander the Great is one of the most famous names in history, and he led his armies to the ends of the earth and carved out an empire.
store.blpublishing.com /storefront/store.bl?do=Odd&odd=WHLayout&_do=List_Models&code=300521   (511 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Within its borders are a portion of the Alps mountains, the famous Rhine and Danube rivers, and the Black Forest.
There is a list of all Administrative Divisions of Germany.
The fairy tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are world famous and the Nibelungenlied, whose author is not known, is also a major contribution to German literature.
www.gamecheatz.net /games.php?title=Germany   (6738 words)

 The Rus - DBA 108
He was famous as a law giver and for his charity.
Missing from the list of enemies are the Caspian Sea Arabs of the Abbasid Caliphate and Alid Emirate, who can be represented somewhat questionably by the Arab Imperial (DBA 100) list.
The Early Slavs : Eastern Europe from the Initial Settlement to the Kievan Rus, by Pavel M. Dodlukhanov (Addison-Wesley, August 1996).
www.fanaticus.org /DBA/armies/dba108.html   (1311 words)

 America's Enemies' List: 70 names you need to remember
Earlier this month, seventy American citizens declared their opposition to the U.S. war effort by signing a statement entitled, "Not In Our Name: A Statement of Conscience." The letter was a declaration to the rest of the world that our enemies still have some reliable allies here in the states.
If you are in college, or you have a son or daughter who is, you might want to print this list, and watch to see how often these people's writings are assigned to unwitting students, who are taught to accept them as enlightened thinkers.
Abu-Jamal is a favorite cause of a large percentage of the people on this list, so it's important to take a minute to review his situation, and consider why so many activists who take up his cause are also agitating against the war on terrorism.
shinbone.home.att.net /enelist.htm   (7559 words)

Saint Clement of Alexandria, Saint Jerome and Saint Thomas Aquinas state that it is he who translated Saint Paul’s famous Epistle to the Hebrews, written in the language of the Jerusalem Christians, into the admirable Greek which we presently possess as the only ancient version.
The Acts of the Apostles were written by the Evangelist as a sequel to his Gospel, bringing the history of the Church down to the first imprisonment of Saint Paul in Rome, in the year 64.
Having prayed, he went up even further along the Dniepr and reached a settlement of the Slavs, where Novgorod was built.
www.beliefnet.com /boards/message_list.asp?boardID=62525&discussionID=465728   (1180 words)

 The Early Centuries of the Greek Roman East
To this end Justinian had at his disposal the famous Historian Procopius who wrote, at the Emperor's command in the years 559-560, the famous panegyrical treatise "On the Buildings of the Emperor Justinian".
Most famous of these was St. Sophia (the Church of Holy Wisdom) rebuilt after a fire brought the old one down on January 13, 533.
Included in this list is John the Lydian, who wrote some autobiographical passages about the scholarly side of the government, and also a history of the Persian war.
www.greece.org /Romiosini/constple.html   (6837 words)

Since you uttered it, I'll follow up quickly: while you two are summarizing the relevance to the BC, can either of you recommend any good "general" history books that goes back say, 10,000 years, and traces history up to present day, with major personalities, accomplishments, etc? Some type of overview.
I often see references to famous historical personages (Hammurabi for example), or places (Tyrr - or whatever that city is off the coast of Lebannon or thereabouts) that I know the name of, but I don't know the historical significance of.
I often see references to famous historical > personages (Hammurabi for example), or places (Tyrr - or > whatever that city is off the coast of Lebannon or thereabouts) > that I know the name of, but I don't know the historical > significance of.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/glencook-fans/archive/v01.n134   (5656 words)

 [No title]
Inheriting Orthodoxy as afinished culture from Byzantium, the Eastern Slavs believed their task was now to beautify rather than to analyze the faith.
The East Slavs who were Christianized in the 10thcentury A.D. were neither Russians, Ukrainians, nor Belarusans, but the common ancestors ofthose three modern peoples.
That means, linguistically modern Russians are Slavs, but their genetical codes and behaviourist models vary considerabely within the nation and don't match any more with those ones of Ukrainians and other "more pure" Slavs.
www.pbs.org /netforum/static/faceofrussia/6.html   (5592 words)

 99.03.01: Immigration in the United States
That year Congress also began to expand its list of unacceptable immigrants beyond convicts and prostitutes to include such people as beggars, contract laborers, the insane, and unaccompanied minors.
Other German immigrants made their names famous in business, among them Eberhard Faber in pencil making, Joseph Steinway in piano manufacture and H. Heinz in the canning industry.
Ellis Island became the famous federal immigration station where the largest wave of immigration in history was processed.
www.yale.edu /ynhti/curriculum/units/1999/3/99.03.01.x.html   (8544 words)

 Slovakia and the Origin of Slavs - Little of Slavic History
Philologists and archaeologists theorize that the Slavs settled very early in the Carpathian Mountains or in the area of present-day Belarus.
The East Slavs settled along the Dnepr River in what is now Ukraine; then they spread northward to the northern Volga River valley, east of modern-day Moscow, and westward to the basins of the northern Dnestr and the western Bug rivers, in present-day Moldova and southern Ukraine.
Czechoslovakia's centralized political structure might have been well suited to a single nation-state, but it proved inadequate for a multinational state.
slavs.freeservers.com /Slovakia.html   (1099 words)

 Price List for Famous People   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Of course, an itemized list will be enclosed for you.
We will hand-select over $750 worth of great NH stamps and covers from this list for you.
Famous Armenians in MiniSheet format (not in Year Set) Tiny quantity printed.
www.worldstamps.com /pricelist.php?topic=53   (583 words)

 [No title]
All I ask of electronic subscribers is that they not RE-forward my columns until on or after the embargo date which appears at the top of each, and that (should they then choose to do so) they copy the columns in their entirety, preserving the original attribution.
The Vinsends list is maintained by Alan Wendt in Colorado, who may be reached directly at alan@ezlink.com.
NEITHER HOLY NOR ROMAN The crusade to export MTV, Democracy, and the cultural hegemony of Hollywood to the four corners of the earth is, for some, a holy crusade, albeit a purely secular one.
www.xmission.com /pub/lists/roc/archive/v02.n315   (3357 words)

 New Page 4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The southwest of the country is mountainous, containing the highest point of the Balkan Peninsula, peak Musala at 2,925 m, and the range of the Balkan mountains runs west-east through the middle of the country, north of the famous Rose Valley.
Hill country and plains are found in the southeast, along the Black Sea coast in the east, and along Bulgaria's main river, the Danube in the north.
Of the remaining 2.0%, 0.9% are distributed among some forty smaller minorities, the most numerous of which are the Armenians, Russians, Vlachs, Crimean Tatars, Karakachans, Macedonian Slavs and Jews; the people who have not declared their ethnicity are 1.1% of the total population.
koz.vianet.ca /boshis32.htm   (1735 words)

 [No title]
Hi June, As a relative "lurker" who has followed this list for a while, I would have expected you to be used to this type of behavior from a Greek consulate!
Greetings to all: I have a question: first, every once in a while there will be a posting on this list re: upcoming conferences, which are either one or two days away or announcements of finalized/organized conferences.
There are some on the list who can better speak re: Linguistic Minorities in Canada, and how Canada has tried to better "serve" ITS citizens who speak/practice, etc. language/s other than English.
maillists.uci.edu /mailman/public/mgsa-l/2003-January.txt   (17400 words)

 [No title]
The stories presented are used to discuss with children ideas about friendship, manners, and scientific truths, which they can apply to their own lives.
This unit is a comparative study of the conditions that lured the Italians, Slavs and African Americans to the industrialized urban centers of the United States.
However, activities listed for parents such as helping students limit TV to having dinner or breakfast together can be adapted for any grade level, K-5.
www.yale.edu /ynhti/curriculum/referencelists/elementary/SocialStudies.html   (11477 words)

 Humanities wish list - Building resources program
The Auraria librarians, with the help of faculty and students, have identified the following needed resources which would be valuable in supporting learning, teaching and research on the Auraria campus.
The most famous early modern text on witches and witch hunting.
European history has usually focussed on the urban elite and the middle classes, but before World War II more than half of the entire population of the continent was composed of rural peasants occupying a territory stretching from the Black Sea to the Baltic, forming a natural barrier between East and West.
library.auraria.edu /doit/contribute/wishlisthumanities.html   (1116 words)

 [No title]
The following information may be of interest to members of the list: A number of fellowships are available to support research in the extensive Modern Greek library collection in the U. of Cincinnati.
If you are on this list and wish to be removed, please >>>send >>> > > an email with "unsubscribe" written in the subject field to >>> > > mailinglist@heartheworld.org.
From the extreme Left to the extreme Right, dozens of efimerides (newspapers) and filadika (rags) are clear examples of the famous capacity of Greeks to offer their opinions on every possible subject (including yours truly).
maillists.uci.edu /mailman/public/mgsa-l/2002-March.txt   (17110 words)

 International Third World Studies Journal and Review: Conces: Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir of Books
In so doing, they followed the example from Yugoslavia where, in 1991, the Catholic (Croatian) Slavs exercised their right to be separate from the Orthodox (Serbian) Slavs.
Like the famous Russian dolls, every majority has its corresponding minority, and this formula will only bring peace, harmony and tranquillity to society, when every individual is an independent nation state consisting of only one person!
If differences remained, however, and if, therefore, there were still a number of options to choose from, the consensors would again draw up a short list of options to reflect the debate, and all would then proceed to a vote.
www.unomaha.edu /itwsjr/ThirdXV/EmersonMajoritarianims.15.htm   (5102 words)

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